Andrew Strom – The NEW but Quite OLD Apostamation and Refopostasy


Andrew Strom – The NEW but Quite OLD Apostamation and Refopostasy

So Todd Bentley managed to single handedly show the world what a revival should not look like.  According to the Andrew Strom’s of the world, how to tell what a genuine Christian looks like all comes down to the look and feel of the performance.  Suit or clown suit? Exciting or somber?  Crusades or well digging?  Titles or no titles? Megachurch or little community church?  Is this thinking sanity or insanity?

This leads me to this newsletter sent out by Andrew Strom from  Read it and weep if you can.  Andrew Strom, you are truly trying very hard to persuade the world you are one of the ‘good guys’.  But many do see through you.


Warning to the “Apostles”

by Andrew Strom – 25 February 2010

An Open Letter to Peter Wagner, Dutch Sheets & Other “Apostles”.

I recently received a report of a new “Apostolic Network” headed
up by Dutch Sheets which held a gathering in Florida last week to
“carve up” territories for it’s ‘apostles’, etc. I need to put in writing
what I believe the Lord would say to these men.

But first I need to remind us all of something. On June 23rd, 2008,
a group of “apostles and prophets” under Peter Wagner’s headship
stood on a stage in Lakeland at the Todd Bentley revival – to lay
on hands and commission him, etc. But it was far more than that.
Peter Wagner called it an “apostolic alignment.” He made the
following statement before all the TV cameras and all the people:

“I take the apostolic authority that God has given me and I decree
to Todd Bentley:
-Your power will increase.
-Your authority will increase.
-Your favor will increase.
-Your influence will increase.
-Your revelation will increase.
I also decree that:
-A new supernatural strength will flow through this ministry.
-A new life force will penetrate this move of God…”

Onlookers might have thought that Wagner was ‘prophesying’ the
above statements. But actually what he felt he was doing was
“decreeing” these things over Todd – since he was the ‘head
apostle’.  In a letter the following day, Wagner called this a
“groundbreaking event” and stated that, “We are now in a place
in what I see as the Second Apostolic Age…” (In other words,
a “new era” of real apostles).

So how did that work out for you, Peter? Well, literally within
weeks we found out that many of the “miracles” at Lakeland had
no foundation, and then Todd Bentley’s wife separated from him
apparently over an affair he was having – and the entire ‘revival’ fell
to pieces in the worst way possible. That’s how it worked out.

All the big Charismatic leaders that had stood on that stage hardly
knew what to do with themselves – they were so embarrassed.
And none more so than Peter Wagner – after making an “Apostolic
decree” like that. -Probably the most colossal disaster of his life.

So who pulled the rug out from under your “apostolic alignment”,
Peter? I need to tell you that there are two responsible parties.
One is ‘yourself’ – clearly. And the second is GOD – because He
is now pitted against you and your so-called “apostles”. He is the
one who did this to you.

You and your friends have presumed to an office and a place over
the Body that is simply not yours, and God is in the process of
taking you ‘apostles’ down – and all your “networks” with you.

Dutch Sheets – can I ask you please, what gives you the right to
carve up the Body of Christ in North America and parcel it out like
McDonalds franchises to all your buddies so they can be ‘apostles’
over their own “territory”? Do you have any idea what you are
playing with? Don’t you know that if your buddies are not real New
Testament Apostles then all they are doing is painting huge
targets on themselves and begging for the judgment of God?

How dare you treat the Body of Christ like a piece of Real Estate
that you can carve up for your own aggrandizement?   [Emphasis added]

[DTW  note:  What exactly is a REAL New Testament Apostle?  I have never heard of anything like this before.  The Apostles commissioned by Jesus Christ the Son of God Himself to go out and preach the gospel and write down God’s Word were the LAST Apostles.  During the time of the REAL Apostles,  Paul actually spoke about the super apostles who had crept up out of the woodwork who presumed to be greater than the REAL Apostles of the Bible.

So unless there is a new set of Christ commissioned Apostles roaming the earth writing a new bible, I would have say this is a NEW revelation.  Because this is not in scripture.]

Because of men like you, God is about to judge the leadership
of the church. Do they call themselves an “apostle”? Well, God
is going to put them to the test. If they are not the real thing, they
make themselves His ‘enemy’ because they are blocking His
real Reformation
. Every self-proclaimed “apostle and prophet” is
about to be put to the test. Oh, you call your group an “Apostolic
Council of Elders” or something similar? Expect God to come
calling, and if you are not the real thing, expect Him to take you
down. The Lord God is coming to take back His church with great
violence. And you guys are standing directly in His way.  [Emphasis added]

[DTW note:   Real Reformation?  What is that exactly?  You speak about counterfeit revivals on your website and your speak about false prophets and apostles.  Now you are saying there is a REAL Reformation taking place with REAL Apostles;  and the way to spot the difference from a fake apostle and a real apostle is how long it takes for their revival to collapse?  Hmmmm.  Ok let’s give you the benefit of the doubt for 30 seconds…]

I’ve heard that one of these big “apostles” in Canada once told his
network that their “apostle-ness” would be judged by the ‘noses
and nickels’ that they represented. (In other words, their “numbers”
and their reaping of money). Hmmmm. If I didn’t know better, I
would call those the words of a hireling and a wolf.

As Lee Grady wrote about this ‘Apostle-Mania’:
“In some circles apostles demanded total allegiance from the
leaders who were “under” them. Some required a policy of “tithing
up,” creating a monstrous organizational structure similar to a
spiritual Amway. So-called apostles with huge “downlines” made
exorbitant amounts of money. One leader even offered pastors the
opportunity to become “spiritual sons” by contributing $1,000 a
month to his ministry.”

And yet here is what the TRUE apostle Paul wrote: “I think that
God has set forth us the apostles
, as it were appointed to
death… we both hunger, and thirst, and are naked, and are
buffeted, and have no certain dwellingplace… we are made as the
filth of the world, and are the offscouring of all things…” (1 Cor 4:9-13).
  [Emphasis added]

[DTW note:   Ok 30 seconds are up.  Here you apply 1 Corinthians 4:9-13 that Paul was writing to the REAL Apostles at the time who were the LAST left on the scene, appointed to death:- beaten, broken, imprisoned, tortured, murdered, with no where to live, were made the filth of the world. God used them mightily – commissioned to write the Bible for the whole world to be able to read 2000+ years later.  Here you have taken words meant for the REAL Apostles and applied it to yourself and those you now consider REAL apostles. Unbelievalbe!!]

Now THAT is true apostleship. Tell me, Mr. Modern Apostle, do
you match up to the New Testament apostles? If not, what on
earth do you think God is going to do to you if you claim that title falsely?
[Emphasis added]

[DTW note:   Having nothing to eat, being tortured, murdered and hated, etc.,  is NOT true discipleship or what makes a ‘real’ apostle for that matter.  The REAL Apostles were REAL Apostles for ONE simple FACT.  God knew their hearts and they were RIGHTEOUS GENUINE MEN OF GOD and they had been commissioned by Jesus Christ HIMSELF.]

I believe that many true Apostles, when they do arise, will simply
REFUSE to carry such titles in any way. They will “minimize”
, not exalt themselves. That is the heart of a true leader of God[Emphasis added]

[DTW note:  Yeah ‘minimal’ always has that effect on people. Minimal = True.  Yeah, I can see how that would make people think they are now really hearing the truth and the dude with less clothing is the ‘real’ apostle. Not.]

In closing, let me again warn those who have titled themselves
“apostle” or ‘prophet’ in the modern church. God is coming to
“clean house” and if you are not the real deal, expect Him to start
with you.
It is as simple as that. You need to repent urgently of
your utter presumption. You have been warned.  [Emphasis added]

[DTW note:  So the only warning you are giving out is to those who have titled themselves Apostles and Prophets in the ‘modern’ church but are clearly false based on the ‘outcomes’ of their revivals.  Like poor Todd’s circus tent roof falling in on him, literally.  But you, at the same time hint, that there are REAL Apostles rising…AFTER the REAL Apostles that Paul spoke of in 1 Corinthians 4:9-13 who were the LAST).

You preach the new age Christian gospel of Transformation.  The ‘new Reformation’ you are referring too is the one where Pentecostalism and Roman Catholicism finally see eye to eye or find some real common ground. In fact it’s already happened, and you know it.  Just a few more people to plant around the world and Africa and the job will be complete. You still go around taking the earth for Christ – Dominionist though and through. 

The difference between the old way of doing things with lights, cameras and loads of action, and raking in tons of cash has been replaced with the new way of doing things – the less inconspicuous way.  Instead of crusades, you go in small groups, sleeves rolled up getting down in the trenches with the people.

It’s changed from a one man ‘Benny Hinn’ crusade to a mass movement of hundreds of thousands of ‘missionaries’ that have been ‘purpose’-fully trained and planted, to go on a mission to spread the new age Christian gospel.  And a fine job they are doing.

I’ve come up with the words Apostamation and Refopostasy as the new, real, words for the ‘old’ counterfeit revival that’s been replaced by the ‘new’ counterfeit reformation during a time when there is NO revival or real reformation of any kind ONLY an APOSTASY]

God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.


All righty then, so Andrew Strom

Was:  Apostolic and Prophetic Revivalist (APAR),  

Now:  Real Apostolic and Prophetic Transformation and Reformation eeerrr ‘Revivalist’?  (RAPTReeerrrR) 

Please note I only noticed my acronym kinda spelt the name of a species of dinosaur after I finished the article. 

See related posts below for “We Do Not Play ‘Sloshed in the Spirit’ Anymore”  to see the excellent discernment skills of Lee Grady who used to edit Charisma Magazine owned by Stephan Strang; an Apostle within C. Peter Wagner’s regiment.   And the article:  “Blasphemous Prophecy at Todd Bentley’s Ritual Ceremony”.

All this missional stuff is a race against time.  Satan knows it’s the end so he has sent out his henchman by the millions.  It makes no difference what movement of Christianity you come from.  The ending all lands up at the same place – where mankind tries to usurp Jesus Christ and takes dominion of the earth for himself. 

What was the Azusa Street Revival became the Pensacola Revival and then the Toronto Blessing and then Lakeland with Todd Bentley, etc, etc, etc.  In Wales there was The Welsh Revival in 1904/5 spearheaded by Evan John Roberts (1878-1951) who then co-authored the spiritual warfare book ‘War of the Saints’ with Jessie Penn-Lewis (1861-1927).  Here in South Africa were revivals started by Andrew Murray (1828-1917), John G Lake (1870-1935) who arrived in South Africa in 1908, and even William Branham (1909-1965) who came to South Africa and set of another revival in 1951.  Then came Angus Buchan and his Faith Like Potatoes revival and his Mighty Men Conferences (based on the Promise Keepers movement in the USA of 1990’s).  And all the while, running in parallel, was Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven way doing things which started back in 1995. 

The Purpose Driven model is nothing but Postmodernism under another name.  And the idea is NOT new and has been proposed by MANY over the last 100 years or so – it just so happens that Rick Warren got the message just right to capture the worlds imagination.  It grew rapidly and has now supposedly overtaken the show and tell revivals of yesteryear.

ALL THIS and MORE is part and parcel of the Word of Faith movement merging with the Apostolic and Prophetic  movement; both of these ‘movements’ by the way are part of the Latter Rain movement.  And this is now merging with the Ecumenical ‘New Reformation’ movement in preparation of the coming false Christ.

It’s a BIG JOKE.  One false movement replaced by another, running in parallel with another, supposedly against one another, merging with each other.  False teachers exposing false teachers.  It’s just a big boiling pot – everything is being mixed together and no one knows what genuine Christianity is anymore.

Just imagine a big river called Rome with streams breaking off and merging elsewhere and flowing back into the same big river AND THIS INCLUDES ALL the other big major religions of the world.  And somewhere in all of this mess is a tiny little river of born again Christians, waking up to what is going on through the working of the Holy Spirit IN their lives.  They currently are jumping out of this river, running to the Word of God to escape the coming flood.


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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

17 Responses

  1. Burning Lamp says:

    You said: It’s a BIG JOKE. One false movement replaced by another, running in parallel with another, supposedly against one another, merging with each other. False teachers exposing false teachers. It’s just a big boiling pot – everything is being mixed together and no one knows what genuine Christianity is anymore.

    Deborah, you nailed it. Andrew Strom is an example of a half-cleansed temple, not purging the leaven, leaving in a portion to let it grow. I hope Andrew heeds your exhortation and comes clean. Half-truths are more dangerous than lies.

    One thing I did wonder about – Lee Grady – has he come clean or does he still have one foot in the wrong camp? According to their website he is still affiliated with Charisma Rag Mag and your article indicated otherwise.

  2. Burning Lamp

    Nope, he is a master of disguises. He resigned from Charisma as editor to persue other things like releasing a book or something. I read that from a news letter or twitter post he sent out the other day. Maybe he is still affiliated with Charisma, but just resigned as the editor.

  3. Peter H says:

    My first pastor told me, “if you look for Jesus you will find Him, if you look for the Devil, you will find Him too!” Why do you people heap curses on your own head by “having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof”. Just as the pharisees in Jesus day could not believe you too cannot believe that the God of the Bible is still alive and working in the hearts of men. You should pause for just a little moment in your madness and consider if you just might be fighting against God! Consider the good counsel of Gamaliel who cautioned the scribes about standing against the moving of the Holy Spirit. So my advice is… Stop looking for the Devil and start ernestly seeking Jesus, and lo and behold,!! if you seek him with all your heart, you will be found of Him and he will pour out His spirit upon your flesh and bring new life to you!! Amen

  4. Peter

    Seeing that you did not address your comment to anyone I will assume you meant Andrew: Andrew needs to pause for a moment in his madness. In fact ceasing would be the better option.

  5. Derek says:

    Keep on contending for the faith !!! I post your link on many of my You Tube videos. We are in the apostasy that the Bible speaks about, yet everyone in the Latter Day Rain camp keeps calling it a revival, spiritual discernment is dead. God Bless from Canada.


  6. Louise Rector says:

    I just left a church, (July 2010), that “eased” in false Apostolic Reformation teachings. Everyone seemed to just sit there and let these false teachings go over their heads. NO DISCERNMENT OR BIBLE STUDYING WHATSOEVER, apparently, as they didn’t pick up on it, or they just didn’t care, as they would follow the PASTOR, no matter WHERE he took them. I spoke up TWICE, (once at a ladies meeting and again the next night at a prayer meeting), to warn them that this “MOVE” is not of God. People were quiet, (some had admitted to me they had concerns), and the pastor actually admitted that “LOTS of things that go on at these meetings are not of God”, YET, he continued on with his and the churches plans to go to the July 22nd, 2010 meeting, with Dutch Sheets, Ken Malone, and Henderson in Pensacola, Florida. HE is suppose to be the “protector” of the sheep. I loved these people in the church, and realized that maybe I loved them a little to much,(more than God), as I too, would have followed the Pastor anywhere, (until God ‘awakened’ me), but PRAISE GOD, he literally DROVE ME out of that church, after I warned them. I knew that I knew, even before they went to this meeting, that they would not stand on the Word, but
    would go the POPULAR route, (and the signs and wonders route), even tho they would be taking a stand against God. Poor “dumb” sheep…..the WOLVES are moving ever closer to destroy them. I warned them….I am at PEACE, but am totally COMMITTED to warn other people of God about this end time “revival.” I am passing out literature, PRAYING against these false prophets and Apostles, and just KNOW that in the end, all these false men will be destroyed of God….and sadly, ALL who follow after them. May God wake up his people before it is to late.

  7. Elmarie A says:

    Louise Rector

    Thank you for sharing with us. Stand strong and hold fast to what is good. The truth will prevail. John 3:21 May God guide and strengthen you for contending for the faith. We can only watch and pray and stay awake with our little lamps of oil filled all the time. 1 Corinthians 16:13 and Matthew 25:4 and also 1 Timothy 1:19

  8. Louise

    Thank God you used your brain that God gave you to listen to the Holy Spirit. It’s incredibly sad that the percentage of people who get out of this rubbish is like 1% maybe less. I’ve been told I have the gift of discernment – I once agreed. Now I disagree, WHY? Because ALL born again Christians have the gift of discernment because of the Holy Spirit that abides in us. To say one person has discernment and another born again Christian not is to take away from the Holy Spirit.

    Thought I would just add that 🙂

  9. Apostle Eric vonAnderseck says:

    Eric von Anderseck (leader of cult) – Comment removed due to extreme nature of false teaching – See this article for more info:

  10. Let's be fair says:

    While I agree with exposing false teachers, I also believe it is important that we are only dealing with things that are said in context, and that we are not reading something into someone’s teaching that isn’t explicitly stated.

    This does not mean that I agree with everything Andrew Strom teaches.

    Rather, let us deal with the points being said here. I don’t think that Andrew Strom is suggesting that there are real modern day apostles of any kind. Instead, he seems to be writing against the very idea of modern day apostles. He’s not claiming to be one himself.

    Read it again.

    The New Testament apostles that he is referring to ARE the biblical apostles that are found in the New Testament. This can be seen from the quote he gave of Paul saying he and the apostles he knew were the last.

    Andrew is saying that IF you claim to be an apostle, you’d better be real. However, since there are no modern day apostles, you’re not really going to be real.

    I am all for apologetics, but if we are to do good apologetics, we must make sure that we are representing what someone is actually teaching.

    This is the essence of what Andrew Strom is saying — there are no modern day apostles, thus anyone who claims to be one is false.

    As for reformation, what he argues for in other places is for holiness and repentance and salvation.

    This is not my endorsement of Andrew Strom. However, we need to be fair when critiquing someone’s words.

  11. Let's be fair says:

    The Apostates from Second 8th Week ministries are still around 🙁

    I encountered one several years ago on Myspace. Her name was JoAnne Cremer. It seems that she has left that “ministry” and started her own since then.

    It is a dangerous cult. One of my online friends got sucked into that teaching. 🙁

    I’m not even calling them false teachers. They are beyond that — I’m calling them Apostates. They use the books of Enoch (I think there are three of them) to teach that there is a third covenant, they teach people to rely on angels, and then they teach a gnostic/mystic/Eastern view of god. They teach that after people die, they kind of get absorbed into a pantheistic god. It’s kind of New Ageish as well.

    Very, very false.

    They prey on new Christians, like my online friend was.

  12. Daniel Russell says:

    Concerning Peter Wagner’s decree regarding Todd Bentley, it proved conspicuously prophetic, elevating Todd to the criteria condusive of true Apostleship in but a few weeks…. relegated to last place, as it were appointed to death… hungery,thirsty, shamed, naked, buffeted, having no certain dwellingplace, made as the filth of the world…and some nod and smile… for the wrong reasons….God Knows we are made of dust and Knows what He is doing! Amen

  13. Daniel

    >> and some nod and smile… for the wrong reasons

    The guy is a false teacher through and through, and still is.

  14. Martin Horan says:

    Thanks Deborah,you’ve done it yet again!
    I think I’m fairly objective but that guy had me taken in it the start–till your comments were inserted. At first, I went past the first two or three. Then I went back and read a couple to realize what this guy was doing.
    I just wish that the people I know who are into so many iffy things would get on this site.
    Even so, people often want to be deceived and even when the truth is pointed out to them plainly and simply, they prefer the falsehood. (Sigh.)

  15. Daniel Russell says:

    The enemy does not obey the commandment of the Lord, God’s people are under His command, not mans’, His movements, revivals are not generated by the commandments of others, so under whose command are they, is it Jesus or is it not Jesus, who is the source. The commandment is Love, God & neighbor, without which it profits nothing. It is the measure. If it’s not that, it’s none of His. Above all else and every Name of God, God IS LOVE! The world would have us use their measure, Satan would have us use His. Who do you believe in? Is it Jesus only, is it the cross and the Power of His Resurrection, the Power of His Salvation by His Grace and Mercy only?, or is it the curse and condemnation of the Law of sin and death. Both are real, One Way to Salvation, Truth & Life, every other way to death for if live by the law, will be judged and die by the law. What Spirit?, when one is reprimanded, hated and despised for Living and preaching Jesus, Love and Grace only by those that profess Christ and live in law. Why the contention, Christ is not divided. They look to the Law of Moses, which is Perfect, given of God Who Is Perfect…the 10 commandments, none of which is able to keep the first and greatest commandment for a single day much less the second which is like unto the first, how shall their righteousness be more than filthy rags, but solely the Righteousness of Christ Who cleansed us from all unrighteousness, all sin, for we are all sinners saved by Grace alone every second from here to eternity and sin can’t dwell with God, a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump, bringing death to the gate. There is nothing else and no mixing. One God, One Spirit, One Salvation though many people, many Spirits, all in One accord, as One flesh, everything physical is paralleled in the Spiritual, which begs the $64,000.00 question, why, for what purpose did God Create man????….we are the Bride of Christ, invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb, ie. His Spiritual wife!!!! and all His creation is made for us, it is about Him and He is about us. We are born of the flesh and born again of the Spirit, immaculately conceived! So then, who shall we chose in this valley of decision? Blessing or cursing, Life or death? What are we married into? whose bride shall we be? Christ laid down His Life for his Bride, and no greater Love hath any man than this. And preordained before the foundations of the world were set in place, all henceforth of His Plan, including unleashing Satan in the Garden that man would be deceived and eat of the Knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil when Jesus, the Tree of Life was in the midst and available, God pulled a fast one, His hands are clean, lest any say You created this mess, very cunning, this God we serve….how Jesus put the Law in an impossible position, fulfilling he Law of the Knowledge of Good and evil and breaking it’s power over us who are in Christ Jesus, redeeming us, yet not destroying the law to those that would not eat of Him, His fruit, wherein all our sins, the sins of the whole world were placed on Him, that the Law demanded the wages of sin had to be paid which is death, He had to be put to death….but for this One Man Jesus, Who Knew no sin, Who had no sin, of the billions of men that are all sinners….by it’s own admonition, it was illegal that this man be put to death, and the law fell, being weak and Christ being stronger than Law, the grave could not hold Him, the Power of His Resurrection that we are joined into and the veil of the Temple was rent in twain!! For God So Loved the world He Gave His Only begotten greater Power than this in Heaven and earth, and not willing that any should perish…if the bar got any lower, it would be on the ground…our God, He Is An Awesome God!.. Surely He hath taught us to Love One another…fundamentally, the foundation, the root, chase and core that stands for eternity, ye shall KNOW THEM by their LOVE, the Power of the cross of Christ, of His Precious Blood, without which NO MAN can enter Heaven…it reaches to the ends of the earth, even to them that never heard of a Saviour, never heard of a cross, of born again, though not yet transformed, it reaches, and many be there that did in Love unto the least of these, they did it unto Christ they never heard of, for the Gospel is not without Purpose, a means to and end, a Way where there is no way, direction, destination & the Product is Love, without which are nothing, though sell all you have and give to the poor, though have Faith to move mountains and speak in tongues of men and angels, for there is a flip side, many there be in that day that say have we not done all these wonderful things in Thy Name, and He Will Say, depart from ME, ye workers of iniquity, I Knew you Not! Serious stuff! We better get it Right! Few sheep and many goats, wheat and tares together…His sheep Know His Voice, the Voice of Love, beyond all Powers and Satan believes and trembles! And His Chosen people, Israel, whose eyes are blinded for our sakes, that we be graphed in, realizing the Promise of Abraham first in the physical dimension of time that God is no beholden to, Being Spirit, all is history and the record already written, but one thing only is needful, that your name is Written in the Lambs Book of Life, so we have measures to discern, some obvious, others not so obvious in Evangelistic circles, for there is a bottom line Satan cannot cross, the cross of Christ, what and all that it is, who do you Love? , no matter all the lies and deceptions of the enemy, He can’t walk that line, he seeks to devour such, to kill, steal and destroy. He is a mimic and not yet stripped of power. If Satan has power to heal the physical body, to enact the Acts of the Apostles which are of God, to do many supernatural manifestations, why should we be skeptical? Jesus Said, whether it be easier to Say take up thy bed and walk or thy sins be forgiven thee…..take up thy bed and walk! They said we know this man is a sinner…whether He be a sinner or no, I know not, but this I know, whereas I was blind, now I can see! John the Baptist wanted confirmation, is He the One and Jesus sent Word, tell him of the miracles, the deaf hear, the blind see. It’s all the finished work of the cross, nothing was just God Spoke and presto…it was all 100% backed up, including all His works of Creation, sins forgiven, healing, etc. all paid for and Satan is a thief. Satan does not cast out Satan and his infiltration into the church is not new, but all the more rampant as a sign of the times, his time is short, the rapture is right at the door and the Second Coming of Christ just around the corner. Heaven and earth, all things will pass away, but the Word of God will stand forever and it is not a book, it is Jesus Christ who dwelt among us and now in us, we are the Body of Christ, we shall never die! Amen.

  16. Kalev says:

    I had some online contact with Andrew Strom in the past and would never do that again. If you do not fully agree with him, well, according to the way he replied to some of my questions, “shame on you” attitude and implied I was of the camp of the anti-Christ.

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