Louie Giglio – Sometimes Silence is Loud

 width=And I have to agree with Louie Giglio, because this article below SCREAMS Contemplative Spirituality.

Not once is Jesus Christ the Son of God mentioned in this article.  Not once is repentance of sin mentioned in this article.  Not once is even salvation mentioned.  Just silence *ssshhhhhhh, not a sound*.

What is mentioned is:  silence, breath, contemplation, candlelit night walks, an eerie sense of anticipation, the presence and otherness of God that hung thick in the air, the scene was a little unnerving to onlookers, the idea was birthed out of a desire to see spiritual awakening, creating purpose in life, launching waves of renewal, fostering unity, breathing hope and carrying the vision to people everywhere, emotions sensed and hearts processed, that God’s greatness reflects in every facet of their lives.

Well… that’s Mysticism for you in a nutshell.

[Emphasis Added by DTW]


By Louie Giglio,   Date:  4/7/2005

Sometimes silence is louder than words, more powerful than any sound. That was certainly the case as over 11,000 college-aged young people converged on the corner of Fifth and Broadway in downtown Nashville on a January night in early 2005. Having exited fourteen smaller Community Group settings across the city, they walked in quiet contemplation as they returned to enter a candlelit late night worship gathering in the arena at the Gaylord Entertainment Center. I had encouraged them earlier in the night to return to the Gaylord without a sound, something that seemed problematic and unrealistic to some, but a challenge and unique opportunity the students eagerly embraced….

Considering the staggering grace and power of the cross of Christ, a hushed throng began to appear from every direction, filling the streets with an eerie sense of anticipation and reverence. Within minutes a crowd had gathered outside the main entrance to the arena, filling the wide esplanade and spilling over into the streets for blocks.

Officers on horseback looked on with stunned expressions. Bands in many of Nashville’s famed Broadway Street country bars ceased playing as partygoers curiously emptied into the streets to witness the rare and peculiar sight. Restaurant patrons did the same, leaving their meals to walk out among the quiet masses and investigate the silence.

Some students kneeled as they waited for the Arena doors to open. Others stood without uttering a sound, hands lifted in adoration and prayer. A sense of the presence and otherness of God hung thick in the air. And for a moment the heart of the city stood still.

I still heard onlookers and facility staffers talking about it days later. “We’ve seen twenty year olds party hard and crank up the volume,” one hotel employee commented, “but we’ve never seen kids this age that quiet before. It was incredibly cool and a little unnerving all at the same time.”

Such comments were not uncommon at Passion 05, a gathering of 18-25 year olds from all fifty states and several foreign nations that our Passion team hosted to usher in the New Year. The students and their leaders had descended on Nashville as a part of the Passion Movement for four days of worship, prayer and teaching centered on the greatness of God and His invitation to live for what is ultimate: His glory and His fame.

Birthed out of a desire to see spiritual awakening come to the 16 million college students in America, Passion emerged in 1996 as Shelley (my wife), myself and a small team set out to call this collegiate generation to a purpose in life much bigger than themselves. Inspired by a clear vision of what could be, we set our sites on Passion’s inaugural conference in January 1997. That gathering brought 2,000 students to Austin, TX, launching a wave of renewal that has reached campuses and churches around the world.

Rooted in the confession of Isaiah 26:8-Yes Lord, walking in the way of Your truth we wait eagerly for You, for Your name and renown are the desire of our souls-the Passion movement is forging a “268 Generation,” a generation living for His renown.

Widely known for OneDay gatherings in 2000 and 2003 that together united over 60,000 college students for solemn days of prayer and consecration, (we intentionally didn’t use the passion name on these gatherings to emphasize the unity they were designed to foster), we have had the humbling opportunity to be face to face with over half a million students during our Passion journey. Beyond that, God has impacted countless others through Passion Worship Projects and video/teaching resources that have carried the vision to people everywhere.

Recently, we were excited to host historic college-targeted Passion gatherings in the heart of Boston and New York City, breathing hope and encouragement in two of the nation’s collegiate hubs, two metro areas that combined are home to over 1.3 million college students. Offering free events made both outings huge steps of faith for us, but capacity crowds in Boston’s historic Orpheum Theater and Broadway’s Beacon Theater united the largest groups of college-aged people for worship in the recent history of both cities.

January 2005 found us in the heart of Nashville, returning to our four-day conference roots and hosting a gathering with teaching from Beth Moore, John Piper (and myself) and the music of, among others, Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall, David Crowder Band and Matt Redman, artist/worshippers who have carried the heartbeat of Passion from the beginning. In large group settings in the Arena, Community Groups and smaller Family Groups (where each student could process what God was doing in their hearts), Passion 05 centered on the simple message of God’s goodness and glory-and His invitation to us to find joy in Him and our ultimate purpose in knowing and reflecting His greatness in every facet of our lives.

The conviction, emotion and surrender we sensed at Passion 05 are powerfully captured on the latest CD, PASSION: HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD. From the pulsing opening anthem from the David Crowder Band, “There Is No One Like You,” where over 11,000 voices echo the opening line, immediately jolting the listener with the raucous tone of much of Passion 05, to the raw and potent stripped down hymn classic “It Is Well With My Soul” from Shane and Shane that closes the 13 song disc, HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD, tells the story of a generation united for His renown.

The CD is amazing and God-breathed, and I can’t wait for the whole world to experience its power. But at the end of the day our loudest anthem might be the silence of that January night, and the echo of lives that reflect His glory.

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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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  1. Elmarie A says:

    Koos wrote:

    Don’t forget that God put us on earth to do the good works that He prepared for us.

    Wrong Koos God created man to worship Him read your Bible please!

  2. disillusioned says:

    what do you think about evangelists who don’t care about the salvation of their own families?

  3. disillusioned

    What do you mean? Is the family member rebellious and does not want to know about Jesus and it seems as though the evangelist does not care, or does the evangelist himself really not care about his family in general or is his ministry more important than his family? Lastly, it’s not up to the evangelist to save his family. He can do as much as he can, the rest is on each individual to turn to Jesus or not. Anyhow, can you explain in more detail.

  4. disillusioned says:

    My friend told me she was excited to meet this guy in her family who is supposedly this wonderful pastor and he was just not friendly at all. None of her family goes to church and they are mostly unsaved. She was amazed that he made no attempt talk to anyone he didn’t already know well. I felt the same way when I met the pastor of this large church I’ve been going to. He’s so charismatic in the pulpit but didn’t seem interested in meeting me at all. I’m not trying to judge, I am a fairly new christian and I’m trying to learn. I am trying to read the Bible and let the holy spirit help me to discern. There is just something that doesn’t seem right and somehow I ended up on this site. I have no idea of what contemplative prayer is, and I’m probably out of my element here.

  5. dissillusioned

    We live in a terrible world were there is a good possibility that 9 out of 10 people you meet will be mean, nasty, self righteous, etc… oh and I’m just talking about the ones who call themselves Christians. No really, this is not a joke. Do not be disillusioned, I know it’s difficult, but you are going to have to get used to it because it’s only going to get worse and worse and worse. We are living in the very end times, we are so close to the start of the tribulation that it’s not even funny. Now listen to me, and this is important. You need to stop worrying about these men who call themselves pastors, they are bloated men made rich off your money who actually really don’t care about your salvation. The only one who cares about you is Jesus, the other person who cares about this situation is YOU. You ain’t gonna learn the truth from the church you go to that is for sure, their sermons are worldly with no substance. You need MEAT, and the only way you are gonna get that is to study the Word of God yourself. Now this is what I said to someone yesterday…

    “Regarding reading material. Stick to reading your bible. If you wanna learn the fun way, throw yourself into the deep end. Put your bible on the table, get a pencil and a eraser and a note book, or do it on a pc, either way. Then when you go to websites and they tell you about things and give scripture, open your bible and go and read the verse they give, THEN – read the entire passage around that verse and see what that verse REALLY means. That way you will learn very quickly who is lying to you 🙂 As you go of course you will learn more and more and ask more and more questions. Those questions, go and look for the answers on the internet and let the Holy Spirit guide you the ENTIRE way. If you think there is something wrong, it’s because the Holy Spirit is warning you that there is definitely something wrong. That is the best crash course in Holy Spirit Bible Learning there is 🙂 Yes, it’s gonna take you a long time, but if you have the desire (because the Holy Spirit in your life is pushing you to WANT to do this) then you are gonna love every minute of it. Make sense? That is how I learnt when I got saved and believe me it was not that long ago.”

    You say you dunno what contemplative prayer is, well learn, it’s that simple. If you want to protect yourself and have the Holy Spirit open your eyes to what has been going on around you then you will take control of your life now by the power of Jesus Christ and stop relying on others to help you. Others are only going to show you the wrong way.

  6. disillusioned says:

    Thanks. I’ve been doing just that and I’ve already learned so much I even found my pastor on the internet. I’m sad that I’ve ignored those little warning signs for so long. The last 2 Bible studies I’ve done have been Beth Moore. I knew something wasn’t right, but it didn’t occur to me to go to the internet. Now I know. I’m diving in. We’re not going back to the church of shiny happy people. Thanks for your sound advice. I’m starting to realize that disillusionment is really caring about the wrong things.

  7. disillustioned

    Phew, ok. Good. lol. Any questions, just shout. Yay!

  8. Shane says:

    Although I hear your heart in this Deb, and you woul rather be totally sure than risk ‘deviating to the left or to the right’ I do feel that perhaps you are overcautious.

    We are called to be watchmen on the wall and you have done so by raising a potential concern but having listened to Louis’ talks I find nothing deceptive but rather I see a man awe struck by a God he can’t box into man made parameters and daring to ‘walk out on the water’.

    As you said there may come a time when he walks to far but we have to trust that our overwhelmingy awesome Lord and Saviour has what it takes to correct his son in time.

    Let’s not let the world steal Biblical words like contemplation and meditation from us – they are used in the Bible as times of being awe struck by His Majesty… followed by time of joyful abandon in Him!

    Lets both meditate silently and reverently on Jesus and His Word but also sing our joy at his love and mercy from the roof tops… He’s not scared by silence or noise – He created both 🙂

  9. Shane

    It’s apparent you have NO ideas what Contemplative spirituality is. If you do not understand what Contemplative Spirituality is, then I suggest you make it a task to find out, for your OWN SOUL’S SAFETY.

    Louie Giglio was mentored by John Piper who has just recently become best friends with Rick Warren (Mr. Ecumenical). Mark Driscoll is also on board with John Piper who is very much into mysticism, meditation. Breathing techniques etc, which Louie Giglio writes about in his book Breath.

    Make sure you REALLY do understand WHICH type of meditation they are promoting. Plain simple prayer or contemplative meditation.

    I’ve studied, read his books and I listened to his associate pastors preach and I know for a FACT that YOU think too highly of these men you call pastors…. I call them deceivers.

  10. College kids feeling passion for conference

    By Steve Almasy, CNN

    The Passion conference is more than just a huge gathering of college-age kids, organizers say. the recent Atlanta conference was a call for the next generation to make Jesus a focal point in their lives and to share that passion with others, they said.

    “Church was never meant to be an island of self-indulgence, but a missional community of Jesus-followers so in love with Him that they can do nothing else but carry His name to the world,” pastor Louie Giglio said in an e-mail this week.

    The event drew more than 22,000 students to the Georgia capital’s convention center and to Philips Arena. It was even more successful than Giglio had hoped for.

    “It is truly inspiring to see a generation that is so hungry for an authentic encounter with Jesus … one that exchanges consumer-driven Christ for Christ-centered obedience,” said Giglio.

    One of the main spots at the conference, a convention floor full of booths for 10 carefully selected charities that the Passion movement works with throughout the year. The call went out to the college kids to spend time at the exhibits and find one that moved them.

    On a Monday night, the third of a four-day event, thousands of kids dressed in t-shirts and jeans weaved their way through the exhibits. They took brochures and enthusiastically chatted as volunteers explained what each cause was about.

    The stereotype is that college kids never have much money, but these kids dug deep. Some even brought in containers filled with money they had raised or saved.

    Some donated what little money they had, some brought material goods, many gave from there hearts, officials said. Every charitable goal was surpassed, not by a little but by a lot.

    The goal was to raise $500,000 for the charities, but after the conference, Do Something Now, the fundraising campaign of the Passion Conferences, announced that it had raised $1.1 million for Compassion International, Hope International, Haiti Transformed, International Justice Mission, Bibles Unbound, World Made Flesh, Joint Aid Management, Cure International, Living Water International, and the Atlanta Mission and City of Refuge (kids brought socks and towels for the homeless).

    Giglio says it is compelling to see 18- to 22-year-olds giving to the causes that matter most.

    “The fact that 22,000 university-aged young people would journey to Atlanta and gather for the name of Jesus is staggering in and of itself,” he wrote. “But the fact that, as a result of His grace in their lives, they would pool their resources to the tune of $1.1 million to fund 10 local and global causes signifies a massive shift.”

    Students got to hear from pastor John Piper, who returned from an eight-month leave of absence, Francis Chan, and Beth Moore. The students sat intently, many taking notes, writing down the references to scripture passages. Afterward, they left, so moved barely a word was uttered.

    They also were treated to warm up music from Chris Tomlin and his fellow artists on the sixstepsrecords label. The resulting live album (yet to be titled) will be released March 8. Last year’s CD went to No. 1 on the Christian charts and featured the radio single “Our God.”

    A second Passion event is scheduled for April 1 in Fort Worth, Texas. Tickets are still available, a spokesperson said. http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2011/01/11/college-kids-feeling-passion-for-conference/


    Students got to hear from John Piper who was out during those 8 months making best friends with Rick Warren who is NOW doing this: http://www.discerningtheworld.com/2011/01/12/rick-warren-a-new-age-prescription-for-your-health/ WARNING!!!

  11. Jenn says:

    I understand what contemplative spirituality is. However, I’m not sure why you feel the above mentioned article is supporting that just because it states that they walked in quiet contemplation. The definition of contemplation is involving or given to deep silent prayer or religious meditation. David spoke of meditation often in Psalms. It was also mentioned in Genisis, and Joshua. Meditation on God is not a bad thing. It’s when the focus is off God that there is a need for concern. Just the use of contemplation does not make the above an example of contemplative spirituality. The Passion conference’s purpose is to assist college aged students who feel that they are called to do missions or ministry. Perhaps the article didn’t mention salvation because the audience were of those already saved and preparing to go out unto the world to spread God’s word.

    Can you provide me with some examples in which Louis Giglio has taught something that didn’t line up with the word? I’m open to hearing about it and not discrediting your argument other than that you haven’t really provided any proof of misleading. I’m a youth pastor, and if there is something that is proven wrong in his teaching- I would certainly like to steer my children away from him. I just like to have proof that his teaching is not that of what the Bible teaches.

  12. Vickie Wall says:

    Louie Giglio is a tremendous man of God. There is no way that God is NOT in his teaching. Jesus may not be mentioned in this article, but I would venture to say He WAS mentioned in the message that was given in to the students the night he is describing. Watch “Indescribable”, the series of videos. Then tell me Giglio doesn’t present the Gospel.
    It is so wrong for one part of the Body of Christ to try and demean another part. The Bible warns against this very thing and Satan takes great delight watching it happen.

  13. Vickie Wall says:

    Deborah (Discerning the World) wrote:


    It’s apparent you have NO ideas what Contemplative spirituality is. If you do not understand what Contemplative Spirituality is, then I suggest you make it a task to find out, for your OWN SOUL’S SAFETY.

    Louie Giglio was mentored by John Piper who has just recently become best friends with Rick Warren (Mr. Ecumenical). Mark Driscoll is also on board with John Piper who is very much into mysticism, meditation. Breathing techniques etc, which Louie Giglio writes about in his book Breath.

    Make sure you REALLY do understand WHICH type of meditation they are promoting. Plain simple prayer or contemplative meditation.

    I’ve studied, read his books and I listened to his associate pastors preach and I know for a FACT that YOU think too highly of these men you call pastors…. I call them deceivers.

  14. Vickie Wall says:

    Wow. I just took the time to really read some of these comments. You actually ask, “Which Christ?”. I mean, is there more than ONE??? If as much time was spent feeding His sheep as was spent here bashing fellow Christians, revival might actually take place.
    I find no redeeming qualities on this site – other than those comments in defense of those you are judging, there is nothing here that is edifying the Body of Christ; therefore, I am leaving also. I pray that you have an encounter with God that will fill your heart with love and discernment. Amen.

  15. Vickie

    >> Wow. I just took the time to really read some of these comments. You actually ask, “Which Christ?”. I mean, is there more than ONE???

    Yes, go read your bible. It’s mentioned all over the NT. In fact do yourself a favour and see if you can find 2 scriptures telling us there are more than ONE Christ and list them here.

  16. Robbie says:

    C’mon Vickie,

    “indescribable” endorses Evolution and that makes it a fairy tail. – long ago and far away and big bang and all…


  17. Jason says:

    @Robbie: No indescribable doesn’t endorse evolution and a big bang, in fact Louie takes the mickey of that whole theory, he says “yes there was probably a big bang, light travelling out of God’s mouth and suns and stars and planets probably CREATED a big bang” (laughing as he said it)((from my memory not re-watched)), he also reads from the historical narrative of the bible about what happened which is a lot more than many pastors, in fact one of Ken Ham’s loudest objectors about Creation is a Baptist pastor who believes in evolution, so it is not fair to say Louie endorses evolution in Indescribable when in fact you are wrong.
    Also I absolutely think that this whole article is unfair and wrong, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest what you are saying, in fact if we are to judge things by their fruit then you are wrong simply on the basis of the fruit which is produced by this passion movement which is observable by all.

  18. Starlight says:

    “indescribable” endorses Evolution and that makes it a fairy tail. – long ago and far away and big bang and all…


    Robby, how is the above statement of yours possible? I understand what Deborah wrote to Shane in the comments above but please explain your statement above so we all can understand. I’ve watched this movie and the sequel “how great is our God” and never ever picked up any endorsement of evolution.

  19. Robbie says:

    Starlight, Jason

    right in the beginning of the DVD…

    He says, “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth… some call it a big bang and I am ok with that too. And that is no knock on science because we are all on the same path here”

    I call that endorsement followed by a lie in one sentence…

    Jason, you missed a sentence when he said “I am ok with that”

  20. Robbie says:

    Don’t you think if he said… – “and all this was done in 4 days” – the greatness of God would be understood even better?..

  21. Robbie says:


    Php 2:6
    Bible – (Jesus) Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:

    Louie – (Jesus) who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped,

    Does these two mean the same thing?

  22. Louis Giglio says: >> He says, “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth… some call it a big bang and I am ok with that too. And that is no knock on science because we are all on the same path here

    Ouch, well that spells outs TWO issues.

    1) He believes in EVOLUTION
    2) He believes is only one path where the bible speaks about 2 paths – the narrow and the BROAD.

  23. Jasen Hatten says:

    Just out of curiosity, have you ever wondered what the relationship between God and Adam and Eve was like? Genesis 3:8 says: And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden. When Jesus Christ returns and establishes His Kingdom forever, will He remain distant from us? Why were we created with 5 senses? Sight, Hearing, Smelling, Taste and Touch. Is it wrong to believe that God wants us to experience Him fully? Why would the Word become flesh? He walked among people. He was seen and heard and touched by so many. Why do we as human beings respond and crave the hug or kiss of a loved one? We were created in the image of God. Sin messed up our relationship with God creating a separation. That is why we often hide from the presence of God. When we are cleansed from our sin, should we still hide from the face of God. I want to experience God like Moses did, like Enoch did, like Daniel did, like Isaiah did, like Adam did. These prophets saw the Lord. Is it wrong to want to see God face to face? I don’t want to hide from God, I want to run to Him. Because of Jesus Christ, I can approach the throne of God, boldly and confidently and worship at His feet! I want to be like Moses and say, “Show me Your glory, Lord.” All of those men were criticized by others for their insatiable desire to know God intimately! And I don’t care if people look at me and call me a fool for wanting to have an intimate relationship with God. To talk with Him as a close friend would – to be named a friend of God!

  24. Greg Verrier says:

    [deleted – insults not welcome]

  25. jill marr says:

    Please tell me something of Louie Giglio’s that isn’t biblical. So far your argument is pretty weak. Blue and red lights and astounding pictures of nature are materials of a false prophet? C’mon. If these help people worship and respond to God, that’s not evil. Most importantly, I have yet to hear Louie say something that could not be backed up by Scripture.

  26. jill marr

    Read the comments section. And see if you can figure it out.

  27. Ruth says:

    Deborah – Remember Saul on the road to Damascus… the Lord stopped Him dead in his tracks and ask “Why are you persecuting Me..” Saul was sincerely defending what he knew to be the truth, but he failed to recognise what was from the Lord! Lets be active in serving HIM, keeping our eyes on HIM – with no distraction! That’s my one and only comment on this site!

  28. Ruth

    My but you are blind to the truth. Why does the Holy Spirit not warn you? Or is He warning you and you are refusing to listen? This is the latest on Louie Giglio and his clan of false teachers. They are full blown teaching contemplative meditation to children. I think you need to focus your eyes on Jesus Christ of the bible, because currently they are focused on something else.
    Beth Moore, John Piper leads the Youth into Lectio Divina at Louie Giglio Passion’s Conference 2012

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