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Emergent Mysticism – Part 3

Emergent Mysticism: A biblical appraisal of the Mosaic Congress – Mosaic Church (4-5 Sept. 2009) – Part 3 Session 2: “Transfiguration: Up and down the mountain” by Trevor Hudson. On the second page of their very smart and glossy programme...

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Emergent Mysticism – Part 1

Emergent Mysticism: A Biblical Appraisal of the Mosaic Congress held at the Mosaic Church (4 – 5 Sept. 2009) The usual suspects spoke at the Mosaic Congress namely;  Ron Martoia (USA), Stephan Joubert, Johan Geyser, Trevor Hudson, Gavin Sklar-Chik, Gys...

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Mark Driscoll’s RESURGENCE and EMERGENCE with Catholicism

Well well Mark Driscoll, what do we have here… How to Practice Meditative Prayer Winfield Bevins   Acts 29 Pastor – Church of the Outer Banks In Hebrew thought, to meditate upon the Scriptures is to quietly repeat them, giving oneself...