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Shakespeare-abuses - Riekert Botha 2

Riekert Botha: Noise versus Authority

Riekert Botha’s William Shakespeare Abuses Noise vs Authority – The reason for writing this article is to show how biblical discernment is being ravaged big time in our day and age. Christians who, in obedience to Christ Jesus’ command, sincerely...

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Riekert Botha’s True Message

Riekert Botha’s True Message – It must be said again that Riekert Botha has the knack to say the most magnanimously superb and celestially inspired words imaginable. No true Christian will disagree that the authority of the Son is non-negotiable....

Riekert Botha - Wegraping 13

Riekert Botha – “Ek Gaan om vir Julle n Plek te Berei”

Inleiding: Lofsange aan Botha Een van Riekert Botha se nuutste YouTube videos oor die Wegraping “115 Vita Dei Woordskool: Ek gaan om vir julle plek te berei” word groot lof toegeswaai op sy Facebook. Dalene Nel Soos altyd net die...