Zuma and Ray McCauley want a Moral Code for South Africa

Jacob Zuma Ray McCauleyNow this is interesting.  President Zuma and Ray McCauley want a moral code for South Africa.  Has he forgotten that the Word of God contains every instruction for living a Christian life but ONLY thought Jesus Christ the Son of God and ONLY through the conviction of the Holy Spirit?

I suppose Ray McCauley also forgot he has been divorced twice and Zuma is a polygamist.

I know what this moral code will not contain:    It will not contain the gospel of Jesus Christ, but a man made moral code which will never succeed due to mankind’s inherent wickedness.

I have a solution to this moral dilemma that South Africa faces.  It’s called Jesus Christ the Son of God and the 10 commandments 


Ray McCauley, ANC links to morality debate

by Liesl Peyper – 2010-02-25 – News24

Cape Town – The debate about a moral code for South Africa which was initiated by President Jacob Zuma will probably be driven by an interfaith group with strong ties to the ANC, but in which none of the country’s foremost religious forums are represented.

In church circles this development has been labelled a serious danger to relations between church and state.

Die Burger heard from a reliable source on Wednesday that the National Interfaith Leadership Council (NILC), which was convened last year by pastor Ray McCauley of the Rhema church, may be asked to co-ordinate Zuma’s proposed discussions on morality.

The NILC was established in July last year as an organisation consisting of over 20 senior leaders from various religious groups, but upon closer inspection it appears as if none of the foremost religious forums – such as the South African Council of Churches (SACC), the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) or the Jewish Board of Deputies – were approached to join the NILC.

A reliable source who spoke on condition of anonymity told Die Burger that the NILC is essentially a virtual organisation which pretends to be a body which speaks on behalf of all religious orientations.

“But this is not the case. Some of the biggest churches – for instance the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) in Polokwane – are not part of the NILC.”

Last year, after it became known that the NILC had met with Zuma, the SACC said in a statement that they had not been approached about the assembly of the NILC.

“It would appear as if the NILC is duplicating the work of the National Religious Leaders’ Forum (NRLF).”

Strong affiliation

Die Burger was told by a reliable source that the NILC was established precisely because the SACC did not agree to requests by the ANC to become an alliance partner of the governing party.

Furthermore, it seems the NILC does have a strong affiliation with the ANC.

The Mail & Guardian earlier reported that the ANC chief whip, Mathole Motshekga, and two other ANC MPs – Ebrahim Rasool, former premier of the Western Cape, and pastor Ntabiseng Khunou, an ANC MP from the Free State – are members of the NILC. Khunou is also the organisation’s official spokesperson.

Earlier this month the NILC stood up for Zuma when it became known that he has an illegitimate child. The organisation asked in a statement that South Africans “forgive” Zuma and “move on”.

Die Burger has also established that the NILC’s media releases are issued by Motshekga’s office.

Meanwhile, the interfaith organisations who spoke to Die Burger said they welcome the debate on morality, on condition that it isn’t politically motivated.

Motshekga said it is not for him to say who should lead the debate about a moral code. “It’s the president’s decision.”

When asked whether he feels the NILC should lead the debate, he answered: “Since the NILC is a civil organisation, I can’t see why it shouldn’t be involved.”

The Presidency could not be reach for comment.

– Die Burger

Source:   McCauley, ANC links to morality debate


Zuma’s new God squad wants liberal laws to go

by MANDY ROSSOUW |  Sep 11 2009 07:00 |  Mail and Guardian

The National Interfaith Leadership Council, formed by Rhema church leader Ray McCauley and closely associated with President Jacob Zuma, flew its conservative colours this week, saying that it wants to revisit laws legalising abortion and same-sex marriages.

Last week the council (NILC) entered the debate about the ­Judicial Service Commission’s decision to drop its investigation into Western Cape Judge President John ­Hlophe. It attacked the challenge to the JSC by Freedom Under Law, chaired by former Constitutional Court judge Johann Kriegler, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s support for it, saying it could “only serve to further erode the integrity of the judiciary and undermine the confidence of the people in it”.

“For us, the ruling signified closure on this sad chapter and paved the way for the judiciary to heal and move forward,” the NILC said.

Nthabiseng Khunou, an ANC MP and member of the NILC secretariat, told the Mail & Guardian that the council would “play a role” in revisiting legislation legalising abortion and gay marriage.

Khunou, a pastor, said the laws were very unpopular in South Africa’s churches: “I know most churches want them abolished, so the reason for NILC is to give a voice to people who don’t have it.”

Khunou revealed that the NILC had recently discussed the possibility that South Africa might legalise prostitution, “saying: why has the church been so quiet about it? We must play our role here.”

Interviewed this week McCauley, the council’s national convener, denied any formal links between the organisation and the ANC.

But at least four members of the 20-odd group of religious leaders are ANC MPs, including heavyweights such as ANC chief whip Mathole Motshekga and former Western Cape premier Ebrahim Rasool.

McCauley insisted the group was open to other political parties. But no religious leaders who support opposition parties have joined.

Source:    http://www.mg.co.za/article/2009-09-11-zumas-new-god-squad-wants-liberal-laws-to-go


See here for more info:   South African Council of Churches:   SACC SEEKS PATH OF RELIGIOUS UNITY, MUTUAL RESPECT



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3 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    I phoned the Presidential office and thank goodness I did. If it was not for me making that phone call our president Jacob Zuma, would have ended up with 16 wives in the very near future.

    Very early in our discussion it became clear to me that the whole problem is purely because our President misunderstood his wedding vows.
    He thought it meant:

    Four better, Four worse, Four richer and Four poorer.

    So you can all relax. He now understands that he doesn’t have to have 16 wives!!.

  2. Jean


    That reminds me of the exact problem the world has when it comes to understanding the Word of God. If you just read it any way you want too you can understand it any way you want too.

    So it’s not that the New Age Christian gospel does away with the bible, it actually uses the Bible to find similar sounding ideas that match other religious ideas.

    I wonder how Ray McCauley interprets ‘taking a shower’ vs ‘abstaining from sex’ regarding protecting oneself from HIV.


    please canyou tell me about the man how married ray and his secound wife together named pastor charles lehman or leuman that developed priest king theory that is a false teaching according to vision magazine article

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