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Televangelist James Robison Praising Catholic Priest

Because we are living in the last days (and boy are we in the last days), we are seeing more and more ‘Evangelists’ like James Robison turning to Rome, and speaking a message that Pentecostals, Protestants, et al need to come...

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Jesus appears in Nigeria – AUGUST 2010

Christ’s apparition attracts thousands The following article which describes an apparition of Jesus that supposedly took place in a Catholic church in Nigeria recently – Jesus warned that “false appearances” would be taking place as one of the signs of the last days. (Matthew...

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Vatican II and The New Evangelization World Wide Take Over

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Allah is a Translation for God?

Catholic church wants permission to call God ‘Allah’ December 15, 2009 –  from The Baltimore Sun: Lawyers for the Roman Catholic Church have urged a court in Malaysia to let Christians use “Allah” as a translation for God and overturn a government ban...

Pope John Paul II regularly carried out mortification of the flesh, according to Polish nuns – © 2009 Associated Newspapers Ltd 9

Pope Mortified that he was found practicing Mortification

So why DID Pope John Paul II whip himself? By Peter Stanford Last updated at 9:40 AM on 24th November 2009 The image is as arresting as it is intriguing. Pope John Paul II, who died in 2005, regularly used...

No Liberation from Resurrecting Liberation Theology 0

No Liberation from Resurrecting Liberation Theology

The feeling of cold chills that come over me when I read this, it’s just not one bit liberating. Resurrecting Liberation Theology – by Mark D. Tooley The 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s collapse ought to prompt leftist churchmen to apologize...