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Angus Buchan, Benny Hinn and God TV

Angus Buchan, Benny Hinn, and God TV I recently read an article written by Prof. Johan Malan in which he expresses his concerns about Angus Buchan. He says, amongst other things, the following in his article “Spiritual Deception, Revival and Angus...

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Benny Hinn and the Neanderthal Man

The FACTs in plain sight Benny Hinn, the word evolution is defined as, “1. gradual development. 2. development of species from earlier forms, as an explanation of origins” (The Oxford Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus, Oxford University Press, 1997, p. 262)....

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Benny Hinn – Miracle Service in Durban – 13 Mar 2010

The Afrikaans version of the cartoon below, is different from the English version.  Did they censor it so as to not offend their readers?  Do they think English people can handle the truth and Afrikaans people can’t?  Or what?  I’m confused…

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Benny Hinn – God Never Called Me to Verify. I’m Not a Doctor

Comments by DTW in Green Pastor Benny Hinn: Charlatan or Man of God? Friday, October 09, 2009 By Lauren Green – © FOX News Network Pastor Benny Hinn is being investigated by the Senate Finance Committee and was recently denied...

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Benny Hinn Denied

This is very interesting article.  It shows us that religion (possibly those classified as Christian) are no longer tolerable.  A new points-based system in the UK has been put in place to combat “extremism and prevent teachers of religious hate” entering the country....