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Benny Hinn

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Pastor Benny Hinn: Charlatan or Man of God?

Friday, October 09, 2009
By Lauren Green – © FOX News Network

Pastor Benny Hinn is being investigated by the Senate Finance Committee and was recently denied entry into the United Kingdom. The press has been bad, he says, because the media doesn’t understand him.

But the Texas-based faith healer, whose “Holy Spirit Miracle Crusades” pack sports arenas across the United States, is fielding questions about his controversies nonetheless. He says he needs to voice his concerns over the land of his birth, Israel, and the threat to it posed by a nuclear Iran – which he talks about in his new book “Blood in the Sand.” [DTW:  Benny Hinn is a ‘charismatic’ Roman Catholic and has never denied this ungodly religion.  He is also using the Israel saga to his advantage supposedly based on Biblical teaching.  However near the end of this Fox New article Benny says:  “On one hand, you’ve got the Jewish people saying, ‘God gave us this land.’ You’ve got on the other hand Arabs saying, ‘God gave us this land,’ what they believe the Koran says.  “So it’s a very deep spiritual problem … and only God can solve it.”  Yet if Benny knew the Bible he would know how this is all going to end – as ALREADY prophesied in scripture, so saying “only God can solve it” again shows his ignorance and biblical illiteracy. And last but not least which God is he referring?  Benny Hinn is a proven false prophet and charlatan and this is what the bible says about people like this: 

Titus 1:16

16 They profess to know God, but they deny him by their works. They are detestable, disobedient, unfit for any good work.

“[The media] are never going to paint me as I want to be painted,” Hinnsaid in an exclusiveinterview. “But, really, it doesn’t matter as long as people give me the chance to talk.”

And talking he is … about the finance probe, his lavish lifestyle and accusations that his faith healings are fake because he offers no documentation or verification that he has, in fact, helped the blind see and the crippled walk.

“They question me on why I don’t verify,” Hinn says. “I answer, ‘God never called me to verify. I’m not a doctor.'”

Testing the Spirits:

1 John 1-6

1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God;  3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world. 4 You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. 5 They are from the world; therefore they speak as from the world, and the world listens to them.  6 We are from God; he who knows God listens to us; he who is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

Revelation 2:2

2 ‘I know your deeds and your toil and perseverance, and that you cannot tolerate evil men, and you put to the test those who call themselves apostles, and they are not, and you found them to be false;

He says that after a tabloid news show aired an exposé on his worldwide Benny Hinn Ministries, he tried to make changes. The exposé reported that though thousands of people attending Hinn’s religious gatherings said they were healed, the ministry couldn’t prove they suffered from any infirmities in the first place, or that they actually had been miraculously healed.  [DTW:  I think Benny Hinn needs to contact Todd Bentley who held the Floria Lakeland revival on how to handle this situation.  “Make a run for it, take a few months off, change your strategy, then come back restored”, Todd would say.]

So, Hinn says, his ministry created a department to handle verifications and follow up on the “miracles.”  [DTW:  Sure they did. Where did they get their names from?  Credit Card slips?]

“It was chaotic. It was a mess,” he says. “The staff would call and people would be mad and say, ‘Why are you questioning that I was lying up there?'”  [DTW:  Because AT THE TIME they so strongly believed through a fake spiritual manifestation that they were healed, only to get home and find they weren’t.  Or they did lie and refuse to admit it, leaving poor Benny in the lurch.  Why would anyone do that?  Is he saying that these are nasty christians who refuse to help him in his time of need after he healed them.  Hmmmm, say no more.]

“Then we would call the doctors. They wouldn’t talk to us most of the time … so it didn’t work.”  [DTW:  Most of the time?  So what were the conclusions of the conversations on the other occasions when Doctors did speak to them?]

Last week Hinn was denied entry into the U.K. for a three-day rally at which, according to his Web site, thousands of evangelical Christians planned to hear him. New immigration rules that crack down on religious extremism required him to present a special certificate of sponsorship, which he didn’t have.

Hinn claims several Christian ministers before him also were denied entry, but his expulsion made headlines because he’s a well-known, charismatic pastor who preaches a prosperity gospel. Give generously to God, he preaches, and God will give even more generously in return. [DTW:  What Benny means is that he is a god and you need to give to him after spins tales of healings, slays you with a demonic spirit and plays on sick peoples emotions.]

Hinn has reaped great benefits from that philosophy.

Benny Hinn Ministries doesn’t publish its finances, but one report estimated it takes in $100 million a year. Hinn says only that the ministry pays him more than half a million dollars a year – but that income doesn’t include money from the sales of his books and his other private business ventures.

He says he plans to cut his salary in half, and eventually to receive no pay.  [DTW:  *bursts out laughing*]

That decision comes amid an ongoing probe of six evangelical ministers and their mega-churches by the Senate Finance Committee, headed by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa). Benny Hinn Ministries is one of the six.

Read rest of this VERY interesting story here at FOX NEWS:,2933,563103,00.html

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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

4 Responses

  1. Martin Horan says:

    God never called Benny Hinn, end of story!
    There are many quacks like him. He is a liar and a charlatan and those who follow him–tragically–are idolators. Whatever humans put before God is their god, no matter what is put before Him. That includes a church, religion, doctrine or a person in any shape or form.
    When people become mindless sheep–as harsh as that term sounds–they are ignoring or even rejecting 1 Thess 5:21 and 1 John 4:1.
    These are commands! They are not suggestions! These are orders simply because they are extremely important. That’s because they relate to our eternal destiny. We must not only heed those commands and act on them, we also need to be reminded of 2 Pet 1:20. And we must think on them often.
    To focus our minds on those Scriptures will help prevent us from becoming mindless sheep and idolators.
    People who follow Hinn or any of those other relgious charlatans are like Nazis. They cease to think for themselves to follow a mere fallible human being. They hand their mind over to such a person as they think it absolves them from any form of responsibily. It’s what the Nazis did and it’s what cult members, Calvinists, Catholics and those who slavishly follow the charlatans do. Giving over our minds in the erroneous belief that we are absolved from responsibilty can only lead to disaster. Worst of all it leads to spiritual disasater which will last for eternity.
    I can think of some excuses for the poor Africans I saw being mercilessly fleeced by the quack Reinhard Bonnke. These people were in abject povery and, like the abjectly poor anywhere, they would have had little or no education. So most would not have had any theological education either and therefore were likely to have little discernment. What I cannot understand is that so called Christians in the West fall for these tricks. We in the West are without excuse. Such Western “Christians” want to have their ears tickled [2 Tim 4:3-4]. They are ignoring or rejecting the above Scriptures. And for what? They are believing what they want to hear rather than allowing God’s Holy Word to teach us what we ought to believe. And 3 Tim 4:3 warns us of these people–both the “teachers” and their followers.
    One of the motives of such Western “Christians” can only be idolatry or the love of filthy lucre. For many, probably most, it will be both.
    The vulnerable people–such as the aforementioned poor Africans–make very rich pickings for these false Christians who fleece the flock [2 Pet 2:3]. God WILL deal with these people severely, as the second part of that Scripture clearly attests.
    Why aren’t these charlatans afraid?
    To my mind the reason is obvious. I agree with Dave Hunt’s statement that they surely do not believe in God. They are either atheists or they hold greatly distorted ideas of men’s own gods. They most certainly do not believe in the God of the Bible as He reveals Himself in His Own Word. If they did, they would obey Him. It is apparent that they do not obey Him.
    Jesus Christ lays it on the line. We are either for Him or against Him and if we do not gather with Him we scatter [Matt 12:30].
    We are commanded to contend for the faith once delivered. However, those who are enemies of God while pretending to be His friends (deceivers) are the first to go on the attack when exposed by those who do contend for the faith. Their deceived disciples take the same stance.
    Note Debs’ contending. And note how their claws come out against her.
    It’s power for the course. It’s something we have to except when we stand for the immutable Word of God.

  2. Sharon says:

    Amen Martin, Amen.

  3. stripes says:

    Pastor Benny Hinn is a true man of God.

    If you think he is fake. ask yourself if you are origenal.

    How many sick people have you healed?

    God is with Benny. You will always remain behind him IJMN….amen

  4. stripes wrote,

    Pastor Benny Hinn is a true man of God.

    Yes, especially when he makes the curse sign of allegiance to Satan, his master. His god is Satan.

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