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The Third Way vs The Only Way

The Third Way vs The Only Way Dr. Guillaume Smit, an ordained minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, has a post on his blog, now named Theology, Mission and Ministry, from Scot McKnight’s website:  Third Way Preaching and Education. McKnight...

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12 Murdered because of ‘Hate Speech’?

Shooter under military guard From News 24-  2009-11-06 08:32 Fort Hood, Texas – An Army psychiatrist set to be shipped overseas opened fire at the Fort Hood, Texas Army post on Thursday, authorities said, a rampage that killed 12 people...

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Integral Spiritual Experience come New Years Eve 2009

Global Spirituality Event and Ken Wilber (The Author Rob Bell Loves!) So how does a supposed Christian minister of the Gospel [Rob Bell] end up promoting someone [Ken Wilbur] teaching doctrines of demons? (All spiritual paths lead to your highest...

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Guillaume Smit and the “Culture” of Islam?

Guillaume Smit and the “Culture” of Islam? Dear Rev. Guillaume Smit:   1)  Islam is not a culture.  But let’s say it was;  that means as per you, that Christianity is a culture too?  Hmmm… no wonder all you Ecumenical people can speak so...

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Guillaume Smit – The Christian Bully vs The False Teacher

  Act 1, Scene 2 Guillaume Smit’s response to my article after I responded to his article:  What does he do?  He whips out the LAW – Hate Speech is what we are doing he implies. But genuine Christians knew the day...

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The Christian Bully vs The False Teacher

The Christian Bully vs The False Teacher Last week I received this article via email written by Rev. Guillaume Smit from…errr where is he from..oh here:  The Emerging Bracken.  I am posting this article because it shows us 1 of two things...