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The Christian Bully vs The False Teacher

The Christian Bully vs The False Teacher

False TeacherThe Christian Bully vs The False Teacher

Last week I received this article via email written by Rev. Guillaume Smit from…errr where is he from..oh here:  The Emerging Bracken.  I am posting this article because it shows us 1 of two things 1) That emergent’s are really upset that people have the audacity to question their ‘dialogue/beliefs’ 2) their congregation is waking up to what they are really being taugh and leaving….actually there is a 3rd one,  oh yes  3) the article was just very funny to read.

[DTW notes in green]

[Rev. Guillauame Smit is worried that those who expose false teaching (DTW – Waak en Bid, etc) are actually having an impact and people are beginning to question their ‘new breed’ of teaching.  This new teaching is one that opposes the Word of God and slanders the fundamentals of orthodox Christian teaching.

Just as a matter of interest Guillauame, the term New Breed was coined ages ago by the C. Peter Wagner, Rick Joyner, Paul Cain et al from the New Apostolic Reformation.  New Breed refers to a new breed of people taking dominion of this earth.  New Breed is also used in referrence to Joel’s Army.    So please change your title, it’s misleading.]


Posted by Guillaume Smit – 2009-08-24

A new breed of bully developed, thanks to the explosion in the internet. [Explosion of false teaching abounds and is leading people astray into the clutches of a false Christ?  The one where you can call yourself a ‘Pastor’ and preach anything and get away with it? Oh..I can go on, but let’s stop there otherwise I won’t have the time to be able to answer you sentence by sentence.]

These people call themselves Christian, but in practice they only resemble the vestiges of Pharisaical religion. [Since when was the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is about repentance of sin and being born again and having the Holy Spirit abide in you a pharisaical religion?  My how things have changed and so quickly within the last couple of years.  2 years ago, being born again was considered Christian, now it highly plausible that within the next few months that we will be hauled off to court because we resemble the vestiges of Pharisaical religion.]

These Christian Cyberbullies [You mean us, the ones who stand up for the Gospel of Jesus Christ] specialize  [Re: “specializing”  I should hope so, cos when you are a genuine Christian you adhere 100% to the scriptures] in attacking other Christian leaders, blogwriters and pastors who differ from their theological beliefs. [So we do differ?  Great, thanks for the confirmation.]

They launch scathing personal insults on these Christian leaders, on blogsites they set up themselves, [oh gosh, I forgot to ask you for permission] accusing these other Christians of adhering to a different gospel than themselves. [But you just said we differ?  And if you say we differ then who are we to argue].

They incessantly comb every word these other Christians utter or write and then quote them very selectively to ensure that their own readers only hear them saying what the Christian Cyberbully wants them to say.  [I don’t comb selectively, I take the entire article and then quote false teachers verbatim and point out the blatant error of their teaching.]

The myth that if you repeat a lie or a half-truth often enough, it becomes The Truth, is in action here.  [Nah, you just made that up right now didn’t you lol?  What a load of hoooieee.  A lie is a lie and the truth is the truth – even a half truth is a lie.  And there is ONLY ONE TRUTH and that is the Bible].

Mr/Mrs Christian Cyberbully wants everybody to believe that their opponents is teaching a different gospel than the accepted gospel. [But you do teach a different gospel, you said so above….And that’s Mrs to you Mr.]

In the mean time their opposition is mostly theological, [um…I’ll just keep quiet here, maybe chuckle just a little] as Mr/Mrs Christian Cyberbully normally adheres to a radically fundamentalistic view of Scripture, has no insight in developments in the area of biblical studies and, [But of course!!! We adhere to the FUNDAMENTALS OF SCRIPTURE where the new age theological’ists’ adheres to anything that opposes the Word of God].  [Re:- Insights? There are NEW insights in biblical studies?  Nooooooo, you kidding!!   This is such a pity, all those hundreds of years before us, people passed away never hearing these NEW insights that would have ultimately changed their beliefs. Thank the Lord they believed in Jesus Christ by FAITH ALONE.]

And more specifically, actually relish the thought of destroying another person’s integrity. [Yeah I know all about that, I had Emergent’s take my blog Discerning the World and try replicate it – they wrote what they call ‘satire’ about Jesus Christ, blasphemy under the guise of being metaphorical or poetic.  Actually I can see why you might be too scared to stand up against them; going against false teachers is serious stuff, even disagreeing with one you mentored can turn out to be rather disastrous – they get downright mean and nasty.]

Being a bully, Mr/Mrs Christian Cyberbully hides behind internet anonimity by not disclosing his/her identity, theological agenda or ecclesial loyalties.  [Identity:  Deborah.  FICA knows the rest of my details.    Theological agenda:  Stand up for the truth and Jesus Christ the Son of God and warn of people like you who lead people astray with false teachings.  Ecclesial loyalties:   My loyalty is to Jesus Christ the Son of God and to stand up for the truth no matter what.  If you have loyalty problems (to Jesus Christ the Son of God) then really, that is YOUR problem.]

Sometimes this crops up in their writings about other Christians and then you find out that they most often than not don’t form part of an acknowledged church group or congregation, [LOL, this is such a cliché, come now I am getting really bored of this one] choosing instead to “worship in a home group” or some or another cult or sect-like fringe group, this is the only place where they can control what is said, believed or taught. [Re:- ‘home group’:  Oh you have a problem with that do you? I bet if it was your home group it would be considered like super apostolically cool.  By the way, does that make Mormons and 7th Day Adventists Christian?  They have HUGEEEEEEEE churches.  You guys can’t stand the idea of people not being under your control because this opens you up to being questioned and of course the ‘little people’ can’t question those who have all the latest developments in the area of biblical studies.  You speak about control?  You are the one who is losing control because some people are waking up to the NEW AGE gospel you preach. They have access to the internet – they have brains, they can think, they can read the Word of God, they don’t need you to tell them what to think.  This is why we have the Holy Spirit who guides us into ALL TRUTH.  Are you writing this article because people are putting two and two together and seeing that the message taught at ‘church’ is NO LONGER Christian?  Must be otherwise you wouldn’t be writing this.]

The damage these Christian Cyberbullies inflict, is tremendous. [Oh like whatever, THE DAMAGE FALSE TEACHERS INFLICT IS HORRENDUS, TREMENDOUS, HORRIFIC, DISGUSTING, EVIL, and SATANIC, etc, etc, etc,. yes I am speaking to you Mr. New Age Minister.]

As these things go, they attract a multitude of readers who only want to hear the bad news about people. [No they want to hear the TRUTH that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ – The Holy Spirit is warning them and they have gone to search for the truth and realised they have been lied too.  They put 2 and 2 together and they got 4 when they studied the Bible for themselves, but when they put your version of 2 and 2 together they got 5 – that extra 1 came from all the NEW information throw in; contemplative prayer, meditation, spiritual enlighteninment…ah I don’t need to list this stuff, you know exactly what I am speak about.].

Their frequent quoting of Scripture hides the fact that they are only busy with slander in the worst possible form – just quote the incessant and unsolicited attack on God-loving Christians who try to reach this generation for Christ.  [Re:- “quoting scripture”.  I just had to put my eyes back into my sockets there.  Wow!  So, 1) The less scripture one quotes the more honest one is, 2) the less scripture one quotes the less slanderous one is – well golly I need to quote more scripture then.  If I posted a bible to you what would that mean? Would that like be the greatest slander of all slanders?]  [Re:- “God-loving”. Oh for crying out loud, which God, which Christ?  Do you not know after all your studying that the end times speaks of the world being led into the hands of the Man of Lawlessness away from Jesus Christ?  He comes clothed as an angel of Light – he presents himself as ‘Christ’ but he is not. Did you miss this class? Ah you were in the class where they were showing off the latest ground breaking news that all religions can in fact lead to the same God. So, in layman’s terms for the less educated (this excludes you so please just skip this sentence if you see fit);  If one is reaching a generation with the genuine gospel of Jesus Christ then it’s ok, but when one is reaching this generation with a false gospel then it’s NOT ok].

The Christian Cyberbully accuses other Christians of departing from biblical principles, while they negate the second most important command given by God – loving another as you would love yourself. [If one is departing from the Gospel then one needs to be told so that they can get back on track.  But if you and others don’t want too that’s your choice.  Just like your congregation has the CHOICE to see for themselves that you preach another message that OPPOSES the message of the Bible.  Remind me to not rely on you warning anyone that your church is on fire – let them burn, it’s the new one world love – fan those flames.]

I can easily quote a few other texts from the New Testament that underscores the primacy of this principle, but I won’t.  [Of course you won’t because if you quoted scripture it would be out of context based on lies of the new one world faith.  But most importantly if you quoted scripture you would be slanderous – hey you said it.  But you know what; I don’t care, cos I would just quote scripture right back at ya. Touché!]

The attacks of these Cyberbullies make them instruments of the devil himself, as they choose to attack Christians’ personhood, integrity – which for a Christian leader is rather important – and their ministries. [Yes, your business is more important than the souls you lead astray.  But then it shouldn’t be this way, because if you spoke the truth then…well…problem solved.  Secondly, anyone who teaches a message that opposes the gospel makes them an anti-Christ.  Thirdly you need to get your two faces in a row – you can’t call us Christian and instruments of the devil at the same time.  I am not two faced.  A spade is a spade and you are no brethren of mine for by your OWN admission we do not believe in the same thing].

They offer no alternatives because they thrive on their warped ideas only and have no open mind to engage in brotherly/sisterly conversations. You with the people they differ from. [Bible is a warped idea?  Errr…ok…anyhow… Oh here we go… the brethren/brother/sister comments again. I stand up for the Gospel and THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE.  You will present any alternative as long as it’s NOT the Gospel of Jesus Christ.] 

In this, the church is turning against itself, sowing discord and hate, typical things the devil uses to destroy churches, Christians and ministries.  [No, no, nooooo false teachers, wolves that have crept into the church; they sow discord by preaching a satanic gospel full of evil doctrines, they sow hate towards those who question their ‘new’ message but at the same time call then ‘brothers and sisters’ just to keep up the smoke screen.  The church is no longer Christian.  It has been destroyed, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been ripped to shreds, you and your fellow ‘ministers’ stand up in front of your people who trust you and pay you too and expect you to tell the truth. But you lie, you cheat them of the truth, you twist scripture and add NEW revelations, NEW ideas.  You add psychology and play games with their minds.  You tell stories instead, fables, you tickle your congregations ears with happy loving ideologies of coming world peace and prosperity and then use a verse here or there to try back it up knowing full well that no one will check to see if what you said is really true.  You sound so good behind the microphone, your message sounds so great, the pulpit elevates you.  Some of your flock nods their heads because they actually agree with your warped gospel, others nod because they are too scared to disagree.  They don’t want to be seen as being disrespectful to the all knowing pastor who has new insights into biblical studies.]

I am deeply saddened by this state of affairs. [You are saddened only by this?? Well now… I thought you would be saddened that false teaching, doctrine of demons has snuck into the church and people are being led one by one over the cliff.  Apparently not. What saddens you is that someone out there has the audacity to question the Emergent conversation.]

As Jesus told us in Matthew 5, I continuously choose to love my enemies, these Christian Cyberbullies included. But I have no fear of them, as they will ultimately destroy themselves. [Well great news I don’t fear you either but I do CARE (unlike you) that you are going to ultimately destroy your soul because you refuse to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have chosen wicked teaching instead.   The Apostles gave their lives; tortured in the most horrendous of ways so that we can have God’s written Word – Jesus Christ.  They loved their enemies too.  They loved so much that they told them to REPENT of their SINFUL WAYS. And because of this they were beaten, tortured, burned, unimaginable things took place.  But they carried on preaching the good news –  Repent of your sin and believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God and be born again through God’s Holy Spirit.  They would say it again;   if you accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God, who died on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice and His Blood washes away our sin for those WHO CHOOSE TO BELIEVE you will be saved. 

Warning someone of impending doom is called LOVE.  But your love is different to mine:  Your love involves a false ‘tickle tickle’ love.  Want a cup of coffee to go with that false teaching?  Real love hits home hard and says, STOP DOING THAT, STOP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING – Repent, Change your Ways, Accept Jesus Christ the Son of God into your life.  Stop following false teaching.  Your soul is at stake here.  Where you spend eternity is at stake. 

Some of Guillaume Smit’s  favorite reading list from his website:  The Emerging Bracken

  • HARRY POTTER – JK Rowling    (Witchcraft)
  • HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY – Douglas Adams    (Athiestic/We are God)
  • LORD OF THE RINGS – JRR Tolkien  (Witchcraft)
  • SMALL GODS – Terry Pratchett  (Witchcraft)
  • SOULTSUNAMI – Leonard Sweet  (Promonent Emergent New Age Occult Leader)
  • SUMMONED TO LEAD – Leonard Sweet (Promonent Emergent New Age Occult Leader)
  • THE SECRET MESSAGE OF JESUS – Brian McLaren (Emergent Leader who will be celebrating Ramadan on the 21 Aug 09)

my my…

12 comments to The Christian Bully vs The False Teacher

  • Roger Saner

    Oh my goodness, Lord of the Rings is WITCHCRAFT?!?! I had no idea! I mean, none whatsoever. I thought J.R.R. Tolkien was a Christian! I even heard he was part of a group with C.S. Lewis (his “Mere Christianity” was great, if not a litte hard to follow). I’ve read LOTR like 5 times, and watched the movies a few times (extended versions and everything). Aaaargh – to think that I’ve ingested witchcraft without even knowing it – what do I do now? I’ll now have to throw that out stuff out – can’t believe I was so polluted.

  • AriseMyLove

    I suppose he’s talking about Rick Joyner, then, who threatened Lee Grady in anger, when Grady dared to state that attempting to “restore” an unrepentant sinner like Todd Bentley was “greasy grace.”

    But DTW, you know, I only last week realized the reason the NAR has such sway over it’s cult leaders…

    (who are Sadducees, btw, “they know not the scripture and they believe not the power of God…” lol)

    … yeah, the New Apostolic Reformation thugs have and had a FINANCIAL stake in Lakeland, in every “convention”, “revival” etc…

    If you are unlucky enough to become an “Apostle” under Peter Wagner, then guess what?

    It is a pyramid scheme, a Ponzi scheme of monies owed to those “Apostles” above you and from those below you from your “take” whatever your financial flow is about!

    I had no idea why the Richard Riccardellis and Lee Gradys and Steven Strangs of the world, WHO KNOW BETTER, were to hooked into the NAR.

    Money money money money… MONEY!

    It’s a PONZI SCHEME in the name of Jesus.

    This is part of why I was APPALLED at Todd Bentley’s offhand remark back in 2005… “I have paid intercessors…”

    This is a ponzi scheme of the Great Whore, who wants to people to pay for the Gospel.

    May God have mercy.

  • AriseMyLove

    P.S. The NAR and the writer of this article are “Revival Bullies”…

    Like Rick Joyner… who threatens people if they don’t believe.

    Or a pastor under Che Ahn who said, quote, “Anyone who does not believe in the signs and wonders of Lakeland is in DANGER OF BLASPHEMING THE HOLY SPIRIT”.

    The Elijah Listers of the NAR are REVIVAL BULLIES.

    They are afraid of the internet because we take them on like good Bereans.

    And they have already destroyed themselves in the eyes of Almighty God. They are blessed to have people on the internet attempting to call them on their sin.

    Better now than at the Judgment Seat, Mr. Guillaume Smit.

    Feel free to post your biblical objections, Mr. Smit, not your emotional blather and straw man arguments.

    What wimpy balderdash from this so called “man” of God, Guillaume Smit.

  • AdMo

    Guillaume Smit has been informed of this article. He has been requested to come and bully the bully here.

  • Sarah

    Great job, Deborah! Anybody that just look at “HARRY POTTER” not to even mention “favorite” has some WIDE DOORS OPEN, for attack from enemy! And so the stream just flow from the leader to the people. People need to learn and learn fast, to submit under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and He is a jealous God (ps: He is not jealous of you…hope Oprah reads this… He is jealous of your TIME and ATTENTION (just like a Bride and Bridegroom)

  • AriseMyLove

    Should Christians Dialogue with Apostates? from here:

    Sometimes Fellowship Is Better Than A Fight. Sometimes Not.

    Published August 21st, 2009
    by Editor in American “Christianity”

    A discussion concerning a subject which will be critical in our generation in this Vintage Pyromaniacs post:

    “The futility of crying “Peace, Peace,” when there is no peace… In one sense it is sad that the history of the church is so marred by doctrinal conflicts, but in another sense that is precisely what the apostles anticipated. Even while the New Testament was still being written, the church was contending with serious heresies and dangerous false teachers who seemed to spring up everywhere.

    This was so much a universal problem that Paul made it one of the qualifications of every elder that he be strong in doctrine and able to refute those who contradict (Titus 1:9). So the church has always been beset by heretics and false teachings, and church history is full of the evidence of this.

    Obviously, then, we who love the truth cannot automatically shy away from every fight over doctrine. Especially in an era like ours when virtually every doctrine is deemed up for grabs, Christians need to be willing and prepared to contend earnestly for the faith…”

    The above quote and article should better inform us when dealing with Apostates like Smit and the NAR.

  • Discerning the World


    That’s it.

    I had that entire argument with another emergent where he quoted 1 Tim 6 in an attempt in try say something (err) and explained that we are to flee from people who speak other teachings, not to dialogue, which is opposite to what emergents teach, with those who refuse to see the truth and are there to do nothing but cause division.

    The only reason I allows comments is because they expose themselves and it saves us time. The longer I gets them to comment and spill the beans the more people out there who want to know the truth will hear it first hand from the liars themselves. They think we don’t get it, we do, we are already on next months news. They are still dawdling on last months news. There is nothing new they could say, because the Bible has exposed them from the beginning.

    We warn, we contend and we stand up for Jesus. They slap up in the name of love, the call us brothers and sisters and evil at the same time – they have two faces. They speak out against judging by judging us. They say we are full of hatred as they hate us with false loving words. They pat each other on the backs constantly making sure they are constantly seen as accepting of anything that might come their way.

    Did they nod or shake their heads when the pastor out of the blue said that homosexuality is ok? Keep and eye on them if they disagreed. Maybe invite them over for dinner later under the disguise of friendship – trying build that relationship, smother them with sugar and honey. No one can resist it.

    Except those who clearly know that it’s a false sweetner – that Aspartame (is poisonous over time) and takes just like sugar.

    *whistles Coca-Cola Open Happiness tune* (See article on 7 Colours of the Rainbow and 7 Chakras)

    PS, I have reason for mentioning that song. I don’t just say stuff for nothing ;)

  • Discerning the World


    >> He is a jealous God (ps: He is not jealous of you…hope Oprah reads this…

    Yes, I remember that… She said she sat in church and heard the pastor say that God was a jealous God and she said something to the effect of, ‘jealous of me?’…

    In a new age context I can understand. It’s very difficult to be jealous of yourself or Obama for that matter.

  • AriseMyLove

    Dear DTW, it is an odd issue, whether or not we are to dialogue with proven Apostates after they refuse correction, but I suppose I figure that the internet is the “marketplace of ideas” and not so much an online church or fellowship. If the NARbots cannot defend their faith online, they would have not fared any better in Paul’s day in the marketplace of ideas where Gnostics, Sophists, greek philosophers, pagan myth makers, Judaizers, Pharisees and fallen Christians like Alexander the coopersmith were constantly hanging around.

    That’s another point I’d like to correct or snatch back from the NAR — the “marketplace”. The NAR’s false doctrine of the repression of the five fold ministry states that we are to go and “take the marketplace”

    But this is a subtle twist on the original meaning. The NAR teaches we are to take the economic “marketplace” but idea of the Biblical marketplace was the marketplace of ideas.

    The NARbots are so ill informed they did not know that false teachers of say, Platonic thought, would CHARGE MONEY to become their disciples. This is why there was such healthy debate in the “marketplace” in Biblical times. It was selling philosophies for cash. The Disciples had their work cut out for them in the marketplace of ideas!

    This also explains Simon the Magician attempting to “buy” the gift of the Holy Spirit from Peter. Simony is the sin. It is interesting that Simony flourishes in NAR covens with their phony ideas of having paid intercessors etc.

    DTW, tell us about the CocaCola song

  • Discerning the World


    That’s very interesting! Also thinking about it, taking the marketplace for them has OTHER evil undertones as well. The NAR’s ‘taking the marketplace’ is exactly the same but just different wording for the NEW financial global market. Capitalism replaced with a new kind of socialism.

    Wonder if they paid for market place intercessors back then? hehe.

    To be honest if Guillaume Smit is reading this (which I think he has or still is) he might not know what the NAR is…hmm…oh well.

    Oh coca cola tune article is coming soon! I’ve got so much to write about with 2 hands and 0.5 of a brain cell. The other half blew it’s little fuse last week. Things are just not working out as well as what I would have hoped lol.

  • Sidwell

    Know Jesus and be closed to Him because false teachers and prophets have come. I care about my intimate knowledge of True Christ. I have met many false prophets and they led many astray.If you have relationship with Christ you will know them. Watch, the devil is out to call true man of God devils and false teachers,prophets true man of God. So be alert and wise people. Put your trust in Christ not men. amen

  • Sherry B.

    I’m VERY suspicious of anyone who prefaces their name with the title “Reverend” or “Rev”, because I have found them to ne anything but when it comes to Jesus Christ of Nazereth and His Holy Word. Sigh…I believe that the apostasy is complete, and now every true Believer in Jesus Christ MUST carefully filter everything through the Word of God, and not allow the garbage of the apostates to enter the gateway of their minds.

    These THIEVES come to steal and or destroy the faith given once for all in the Gospel, and to try to make true Christians stumble. Stand on His Holy Word, and the “stumblers” will fall. Good job, Deborah.

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The Christian Bully vs The False Teacher

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