Dries Cronje – In and Out, Right or Wrong, Which one are you?


Dries Cronje – Your In and your Out…

Would you penalize me when I change a certain Bible verse very slightly? Yes? Ok! so here goes:

He who possesses the Truth has the only Truth; he who does not possess the only Truth of God does not have that Truth but a lie (1 John 5:12).

Should you feel you want to penalize me, I must remind you that Jesus once said I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me” (John 14:6).

Every born-again child of God who posseses the Son ought to be eternally thankful to the Lord that he/she has the ONLY Truth whilst the lives of those who do not possess Him are engulfed in lies. If this is true why do the members of e-church find it so difficult to distinguish between “in and out,” “right and wrong,” “the turth and a bunch of lies, ” and heaven and hell?” In a post  “Send me straight . . .”  by Dries Cronje (which has now been removed from the internet)  on Stephan Joubert’s e-church website  he laments the attitude of some followers of Christ as follows:

Some followers of Christ have an unfortunate outlook. They live with attitudes of:

  • I’m in, you’re out.
  • I’m right, you’re wrong.
  • I’ve got the truth, you only have a bunch of lies.
  • I am going to heaven, you’re going straight to hell!

This is very sad. See, Jesus, who became the Christ, was known to not have any of these attitudes towards others. In fact, He was way more keen on outsiders than his own nation’s main insiders, the Pharisees and Sadducees.

  • I can say with absolute assurance that if you are not IN Christ Jesus but OUT you are lost for all eternity and WILL go to hell if you do not repent and receive Him as your Saviour. Listen to this: “THEREFORE, [there is] now no condemnation (no adjudging guilty of wrong) for those who are IN Christ Jesus, (Romans 8:1). Only the eight people, Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives, were saved from the flood because they were IN the Ark.
  • I can say with absolute assurance that you are totally wrong when you believe you can enter through heaven’s gates while you have not yet entered through the strait gate. In this case I am right and you are wrong!
  • I can say with absolute assurance that you have a bunch of lies when you believe there are truths in other religions other than the Christian faith and that you can turn people into immediate friends of Jesus when you serve them. That is not merely a lie but an infamous lie.
  • I can say with absolute assurance that you are going straight to hell if you do not repent and begin to follow the Jesus of the Bible and not a counterfeit Christ who supposedly never sent people to hell. He will certainly judge you and send you to hell if you are not IN Him when He returns to judge the entire world.

Dries Cronje closes his post with these heartrending words:

How are we treating those who are different to us today? What is your attitude towards Muslims, gay people, porn stars and humanists?

Do they perhaps perceive you as a Pharisee?

Well, Dries, you ought to know what Jesus commanded his followers to do. You should love them so much, even to the extent that you do not care what they think or say of you as a Christian when you present them with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. You ought to know that only Christians are able to love people who are hostile to Jesus Christ and his Gospel with a godly love (the agape kind of love). Only those who possess Jesus Christ and are IN Him, possess his Holy Spirit who enables them to love even their worst enemies with the agape kind of love.

Whenever you withhold the Gospel from them by trying to be pragmatic in your approach to unbelievers and not distinguish between “in and out,” “right and wrong,” the truth and the lie,” and “heaven and hell” you do not love them. You do not love them at all.

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