Rick Warren to host ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair

 width=Understand the Times said; “A commentary regarding the coming great meeting with Tony Blair and Rick Warren, March 6, 2011, will be published soon on Lighthouse Trails’ website and written by Roger Oakland. For now, it can be said, this alliance is what it is.

Anyone with half a clue should be able to discern that there is no gospel in doing good, and that Rick Warren’s peace plan is the one found in the Bible regarding the last days that sets up the Antichrist. Warren and Blair both seem to be bent on working with the pope in order to establish the Kingdom along with Glen Beck, Sarah Palin and some in Calvary Chapel who believe that the American Founding Fathers were Christians and therefore America is a Christian nation.

Such nonsense is being promoted by people like David Barton who is toted by some as the savior of America.

Warren and Blair along with the President of Rwanda are on the same board to establish the first Purpose Drive nation. It will not be long now until they will be establishing the 666 plan to establish the New World Order, the One World Religion and the One World Economy.”

Saddleback’s Rick Warren to host ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair

By ERIKA I. RITCHIE | The Orange County Register  | 2/16/2011

LAKE FOREST — Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will appear with Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church in March, the mega church pastor announced to his church on Sunday.

“Write this down March 6,” Warren told his congregation. “We will hold the next Civil Forum and present the annual International PEACE medal, my guest will be former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Tony is a good friend of mine and he is coming to Saddleback.”

Warren said he will speak with Blair about the situation in Egypt, adding that Blair is the official envoy in the Middle East peace process, representing the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia.

Blair was prime minister for the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007.

“We’re going to take five letters of the Global PEACE Plan and the five global giants and talk about spiritual emptiness, corrupt leadership, extreme poverty, pandemic diseases, and illiteracy and education. These are the five problems the PEACE Plan is designed to [address],” Warren told his congregation.

“This will be a big, big thing,” Warren said.

Warren is expected to speak with Blair about the situation in Egypt and will also award the former Prime Minister with the International Medal of PEACE. The award is given to individuals who exemplify outstanding contributions toward alleviating the five global giants, Warren said.

The event will take part as the mega church’s 7th Civil Forum.

In November President George W. Bush sat down for a conversation on leadership with Warren during Saddleback Church’s 6th Civil Forum. The focus of that discussion was Bush’s memoirs “Decision Points.”

Saddleback launched its Civil Forum in 2008. The events feature world leaders who speak on pressing issues in the world in order to promote personal responsibility, social civility and spiritual maturity.

In 2008 Warren hosted Barack Obama and John McCain. The candidates answered questions on religious persecution, AIDS, abortion, marriage and stem cells.


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3 Responses

  1. Burning Lamp says:

    Rick Warren’s relationship with Tony Blair is nothing new – watchers have been sending out alerts about Warren sharing a spot on Blair’s foundation board with those of pagan and false religions. But it was like talking into the wind.

    Those who are still under the spell of Warren and his Purpose-Driven P.E.A.C.E. plan will be excited by this event.

    Those who have finally come out of their Warren-induced stupor will see this as further confirmation that they have been had by a slick salesman pulling a large bandwagon. They have a DUTY to come out and expose this wicked agenda but I wouldn’t advise anyone to hold their breath waiting for this to happen. Sadly, most simply cover their tracks and move on without cleaning up the mess they left behind.

  2. Vern says:

    And Tony has been making his Interfaith position even clearer recently:

    “Fifth, we must acknowledge that others have an equal path to salvation, even if it isn’t the one we choose for ourselves.”

    Tony Blair – Faith and Globalisation. Harvard Lecture series.

  3. Vern

    >> ……even if it isn’t the one we choose for ourselves.”

    Even if it isn’t the one we choose for ourselves? My goodness.

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