Rick Joyner – Dressed as a Knight of Malta

Doesn’t Rick Joyner (right) look just smashing in this Freemasonry Knight of Malta outfit.

Rick Joyner  -Knights Of Malta

“This Order, which at various times in the progress of its history received the names of Knights Hospitalers, Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Rhodes, and lastly, Knights of Malta, was one of the most important of the religious and military orders of knighthood which sprang into existence during the Crusades which were instituted for the recovery of the Holy Land. It owes its origin to the Hospitalers of Jerusalem, that wholly religious and charitable Order which was established at Jerusalem, in 1048, by pious merchants of Amalfi for the succor of poor and distressed Latin pilgrims…

“The Organization of the Order in its days of prosperity was very complicated, partaking of both a monarchial and a republican character. Over all presided a Grand Master, who, although invested with extensive powers, was still controlled by the legislative action of the General Chapter…”

“…There are now two bodies-one Catholic and the other Protestant, but each repudiates the other…”

“The degree of Knights of Malta is conferred in the United States as “an appendant Order” in a Commandery of Knights Templar. There is a ritual attached to the degree, but very few are in possession of it, and it is generally communicated after the candidate has been created a Knights Templar…”

Source:  An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences,” etc. by Albert G. Mackey, M.D., Thirty-Third Degree, Volume I, published by the Masonic History Company, Chicago, New York, & London, 1925, Volume One, pp. 392-95


Rick Joyner is from www.morningstarministries.org who helped run the demonic Lakeland Revival with Todd Bentley as the main attraction.  He is an Apostle and Prophet in the New Apostolic Reformation with C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, George Otis Jr, Lou Engle, Che Ahn, Patricia King, Stacy Campbell and hundreds more.

There are many more ministers/pastors who are Freemasons and/or belong to orders like the Knights of Malta,  like Benny Hinn for instance.

Who wants to play “Spot the Freemason?”


Green ArrowAngus Buchan and Rick Joyner preached together in 2012:  NAR Invasion of SA – Rick Joyner, Angus Buchan, Danie Slabbert, Nevil Norden @ Apostolic Prophetic Conference – July 2012 


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Deborah (Discerning the World)

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Yes, we do have many wolves in sheep’s clothing whom satan has put in the pulpit plus many who are freemasons and in the occult. Not only in the pulpit but in the congregations as well. However, pray for these people that God will remove them if they do not repent and live as Jesus Christ commands us to live. Sadly this has been from the earliest times in the Bible. Pray, do not judge, yes remove yourself from the church and find a Church where God’s Word is correctly preached, forgive and Bless these people – rather pray for God to help them recognise their sins and if they do not want to repent then ask God to remove them from the pulpit. But I once again encourage not to judge, do not gossip, forgive, love, pray and bless them


Rick Joyner’s reply:
Is The OSJ connected to the Masons?

No. Neither are there any secret vows or rituals in the OSJ. The OSJ is a true Christian order, and the vows for knighthood are commitments to be servants of Christ and no other god, as well as to Christian truth and principles. The eight pointed Maltese Cross was designed to represent the eight beatitudes of Christ which the knight was to wear on his heart at all times as a constant reminder of what was to be in his heart.

Because some believe that the origin of the Masons was the Knights Templer (Knights of the Temple), which also had its origin in the crusades at about the same time as the OSJ as well as a number of other orders, some have tried to assert that the Masons and OSJ are related. Actually, when the Templer knights were excommunicated for their secret vows and rituals that were considered to be witchcraft, they believed that the OSJ was behind their debacle, and some consider the OSJ to be the greatest enemy of the Masons to this day. However, most Masons, and members of the OSJ, are oblivious to this, as well as much of the rest of their history. I have also heard that in some countries Masons and the OSJ do work together for charitable causes that both are committed to, such as hospitals and medical relief.

Some have also concluded that they are related because the head of each is called a Grand Master. These are simply titles that were left over from the Middle Ages, and such guilt by random association is a symptom of paranoia which may be an even greater danger in the future than any wayward order. Should Christians give up their title as priests to the Lord because there are satanic priests? We don’t throw away our real money because someone finds a counterfeit, neither should we give up our vocabulary just because the enemy decides to use it.

Also, even though the majority of Masons are only aware of three degrees (Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Mason) there is a secret society within some Masonic groups that recognize thirty-three degrees. Each of these degrees has a title, and the title given to the twenty-seventh degree is “Knight of Malta.” Some assert that this proves there is a relationship between them, but they also use other Christian titles for some of these degrees, none of which do I believe relate to the Christian use of it. I do not think that we should give up any of them just because some Masons use them.

As a Christian I am deeply alarmed by everything I have studied about the Masons. I do not know how any Christian can make the basic vow required for entry to the Masons. I have not, nor would I ever be a part of any secret society, or one that has secret rituals. The OSJ has neither. They do everything in the light, all of its vows and rituals are Christian, and are commitments to basic Christian doctrine.

There are some who claim to be the true OSJ that do at least have teachings that I believe to be in conflict with basic Christian truth, but we also have groups that claim to be the true Christian church that do as well. Should Christians stop calling themselves the church because some who are not true Christians call themselves the church? Again, I do not intend to let those with such flawed reasoning dictate what I do or do not do, as I am committed to walking by faith, not by fear.

Do I think that we need orders in Christianity?

Ideally no. I think that simply being a member of the body of Christ is the greatest honor that we can ever have on this earth. However, because of the present and historic weaknesses of the church in general, they have served a great purpose in creating spiritual advances, and will again do so for at least the near future.

Just as Count Zinzendorf, the true father of modern missions, created the Order of the Mustard Seed, which touched and inspired men like John Wesley to release a spiritual fire in the earth that created the First Great Awakening in America and Europe, I think that the church is in desperate need of groups who will join together to press beyond the state of modern Christianity as it is generally found in most of the world. Call these “elitist” groups if you want, but we need them to call all Christians to higher standards of faith and life. I make no apologies for my plans to start one (which I will explain later), and to assist the OSJ to accomplish its mandate. Such a thing will only be offensive to the lukewarm and the fearful, which in the midst of our present distress, I do not believe we have the time to care about offending.

For several years I have considered starting a special fellowship for those who will rise up to become true Christian knights of the Spirit. A year ago I was given a clear mandate from the Lord to do this, which He also showed me was given many years ago but I had not understood it as such. It is to be a fellowship of those who would walk in a manner worthy of their calling, never retreating before the enemies of the cross, or compromising their principles or integrity, intent on one mission—following the King, fighting His battles, and standing resolutely for His truth.

As a part of this program we are also called to start a similar fellowship for children and youth. I appreciate programs like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, but the church is in need of something that greatly surpasses these programs in preparing the coming generation for their purpose. What we are now starting is a program that takes children from eight years old and plants sound doctrine deep in their hearts, while raising them up to be true knights of the Spirit who will live their entire lives as such. If they are alone in a foreign land, they will conduct themselves as such—always ready to defend the truth, the poor, and the oppressed, representing our King in a manner worthy of His soldiers.

Recently I was given a little book of sermons by John G. Lake, one of the great Christian leaders of modern times. Lake not only had one of the most effective ministries in history, he seemed to be one of those rare souls who walked in a manner worthy of his calling to the end, never falling to the pride or other worldly seductions that trip up so many. He wrote shortly before he died in 1935:

“I am getting ready in my soul, not to preach the old message with the old fire, but the new message with the new fire—not only to ask men to be good and go to heaven when they die, but to be God-like in character, nature, substance, and being. God is priming our souls. He is going to send forth the living waters and call by experience the new order of Knights of the Morning Star into being and action.” (Spiritual Hunger and Other Sermons by John G. Lake, page 18. Published by Christ For The Nations, Inc.)
When I saw this I did take it as a prophecy whose time had come. I am looking for those who will devote themselves to true spiritual chivalry and nobility who will not only speak the truth, but will live it. We are seeking the fellowship of those who will live by the courage that it will take to resist the great darkness of our times that is rising from both within and without. I am looking for extreme Christians who will not hesitate to lay down their lives for the sake of the gospel. I am looking for those who will conduct themselves as the true nobility in the earth, sons and daughters of the King, even when they are alone with no one to see them but God. I am looking for those who will live with a zeal that burns away the chaff of lukewarmness that so grips modern Christianity, but do it without falling to the ultimate sin of pride, who will remain humble by being teachable, and who will consider it their duty to serve the poor and the oppressed until every captive has been set free.

Q. If the OSJ is not a secret order, why have so few Christians heard of it?

I think that few American Christians have heard of it, and we do tend to have the pride that if something does not start with us, or is not known by us, it must not be important.

Before I was knighted I thoroughly checked out the OSJ to be sure that there were not secret vows or rituals, which I am steadfastly against as I believe that anything that has to be done in secret is of darkness, and my resolution is to walk in the light. I found that there were many groups that claimed to be the true remnant of the OSJ, and many of these had fallen to weird, if not demonic, practices. I also studied the position that the Roman Catholic OSJ had taken when it was re-commissioned, declaring themselves to alone be the true order, which, in my opinion is the same erroneous position that they had taken when they declared themselves to be the only true church. From my research I concluded that the OSJ that had recommended me for investiture was in fact the one that had the greatest claim on this great title.

When I talked to the head of the Order about this he said very generously that the OSJ was now much like the church, divided into many different groups, some of which claimed to be the only valid one, but that he was committed to recognizing all who were true knights of the cross, as such. It is true that there are many weird groups on the fringe of the church that claim to be the true church who are now at best sects, and some of which have become cults. Should we stop calling ourselves the church because of them? Of course not. In fact these help purify the motives of those who are a part of the church, as do many of these strange groups who also claim to be knights of Malta.

I have many other things that I will be sharing about this in the future, but time prevents me from doing so now. However, you can be sure that we will be open and forthright about all that we do and why. I do appreciate people’s questions about it, though I do confess to not wanting to waste time with those who I feel are in the grip of invalid spiritual fears and paranoia. I do not expect everyone to agree with us, and do believe that just as almost all of Europe considered the OSJ “archaic relics from the past” until they rose up and saved Europe, we do not expect to be understood or appreciated by much of the church today. Honestly, that is not important to me anyway. I just want to know that I am being obedient to the King, Jesus.

Epic spiritual battles are now being fought. Great knights of the Spirit are now gathering, and are likewise vowing to never retreat before the enemies of the cross. They are taking their stand against the great powers of darkness that even now seem to be covering the earth, seeking to build their strongholds of deception and corruption in every nation and culture. Brave spiritual knights are gathering to take their stand against these hordes from hell. They are building their own strongholds on truth, honor, and true spiritual chivalry. Our fight will take no less courage, endurance, and focused vision to prevail. We would do well to review, and take courage from the great history of the Order of St. John.


Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

Rick Joyner wrote:

Do I think that we need orders in Christianity?

Ideally no. I think that simply being a member of the body of Christ is the greatest honor that we can ever have on this earth. However, because of the present and historic weaknesses of the church in general, they have served a great purpose in creating spiritual advances, and will again do so for at least the near future.

One of Rick Joyner’s generals who “served a great purpose in creating spiritual advances” was the heretic, William Branham.

Joyner sees William Branham exalted in heaven: During one of his visits to “heaven” Joyner believes he saw a minister he recognised from his childhood seated on “one of the thrones,” (p. 144), of highest honour next to Jesus’ throne. Joyner believes that “Jesus” told him that “I just wanted you to see him here… and understand the position he had with Me… He was a messenger to My last days church but the church could not hear him… his message … must be recovered,” (p. 145). Gods Generals says of Branham that “From a vision he insinuated, (though never formally acknowledged) that he was THE end –time messenger, and THE Laodicean prophet, who could reveal the seventh seal in the book of Revelation,” (p. 340). So both describe this man as a great spiritual messenger.

The scale of ministry matches: Branham was an extremely well known, (and controversial), healing evangelist. His meetings in South Africa in 1951, for example, drew “crowds estimated to be fifty thousand…Every bus in the city was put to work, and still people could not be transported to the Branham meetings,” (p. 331 of Gods Generals). This would fit Joyner’s view of this man having been “a great evangelist,” (p. 144)

Continue to read here.

William Saunders

I just wanted to mention that Pat Matriciana died on March 15, 2020. Pat was very connected to Chuck Missler for many years and was the only person (As far as I know) on both of Chuck’s boards.

I met with Pat in August 2015 after I had discovered the actual sourced article where Pat had admitted to being in the CIA. There were at the time many websites claiming he was in the CIA but never gave any info as to where they got that claim. Well we found it.

That’s why Pat wanted to meet me. He flew all the way across the country for that meeting.

When we met, he had two others with him and one was CIA as he showed me his card.

Anyway, on Pat’s Facebook page, his wife admits to Pat being a Knight of Malta.

We also have bombshell info on Chuck Missler and are awaiting the documented evidence.

Here is Pat Matriciana Facebook page –


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