Latter Rain: Sons, Daughters Will Prophesy, But Not Yet…

Latter Rain: Your Sons and Your Daughters Will Prophesy, But Not Yet…

Your Sons and Your Daughters Will Prophesy - Latter RainActs 2:17:   17 “And it shall come to pass in the last days, said God, I will pour out of my Spirit on all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams”

Thank you to Let us Reason Ministries for giving me permission to post their article:

Are we seeing the Latter Rain that the book of Joel predicted?

There are three facets to keep in mind to have a correct interpretation of (Acts 2:17) which refers to (Joel 2,3).

  1. Time                   
  2. Place               
  3. Recipients

All three need to be accurate to determine if in fact it this outpouring has taken place.

  1. Time–   this occurs in the tribulation period near the end, so it is impossible for this to be happening now.
  2. Place–  It begins in Israel specifically Mt. Zion (Jerusalem).
  3. Recipients–   It is to the Jewish people primarily for them to be saved. If this is not taking place with all three elements then it has not happened as the Scripture records and it is not fulfilled prophecy.

Latter Rain Movement

Latter Rain adherents have a movement that believes in a last day’s revival unlike any other in history. This revival is for the church.  They incorrectly apply eschatological passages specifically for Israel to the church. The common mistake is taking the scripture in (Acts 2:17) which says: ‘God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh,’ to substantiate what is happening in the new revivals today. This is not the meaning of this verse and cannot be applied today for the above mentioned reasons.

If we go back to the book of (Joel 2:28-32), we find that the timing of these events are just before the great and dreadful Day of the Lord, which is the day he comes back (Armageddon). The location where this takes place is the land of Israel. The people being referred to are the Jews. Peter himself is in Jerusalem and speaking to the Jews at Pentecost. (Joel 3 states: ‘for behold in those days and in that time...’ It then goes on to speak of Armageddon and judgement). This is also mentioned earlier in (Joel 2:10-11). So we see that this is speaking specifically to the Jewish nation concerning a future event. What Peter is referring to in (Acts 2) does not include all of what is to happen in (Joel 2). It is partial fulfilment at Peters time and a complete fulfilment will be at a later date. There is a main similarity that Peter explains, to say this is what Joel spoke of- it has to do with the pouring out of the Spirit (a manifestation of the Spirit among the Jewish brethren).

We should also notice that Peter quotes Joel, mentioning that the sun is darkened and the moon is turned to blood-red: ‘Blood and pillars of smoke before the coming of the great and terrible Day of the Lord’. This is referring to a specific time – a future event. Those at Pentecost were experiencing a glimpse, a taste of what would happen by the Spirit at the end of the tribulation period, which would bring revival to Israel as a nation.

Book of Joel and the Latter Rain

All of the book of Joel is uniquely linked to the national salvation of the Jews preceding Christ’s return it is referring to the Tribulation period. In (Joel 2:23), we find the phrase ‘the latter rain’ that has been used and is still being ascribed to revival: ‘Be glad then you children of Zion and rejoice in the Lord your God, for He has given you the former rain faithfully and He will cause the rain to come down for you. The former rain and the latter rain is in September, the first month of the fall feast days (Joel 2:24). “The threshing floor shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil.’   The fall feast days begin in September in the Jewish calendar, it is a harvest time.

In (Joel 2:27), the phrase ‘former rain’ is used in the spring, and the ‘latter Rain’ denotes the autumn. Joel is saying that at this time, both of these rains will occur together. God will pour out His provisions on their crops, thereby giving Israel abundance and restoring the material blessings to their nation which will prove that God is with them again, and that their shame has been removed. The meaning conveyed here is physical rain needed to restore wheat, wine, and oil. What’s even more important is that the latter rain is in the first month. In Israel you have two rainy seasons called the former and later rain. At the end of the spring rain you had a harvest that was for grain, at the end of the Autumn season you had a harvest which was for fruit. But you also have a long hot summer in Israel. Israel basically has two seasons Israel is agriculturally reliant on its water supply because it doesn’t rain in summer. To understand this now spiritually. The former rain, the latter rain are two rains and they correspond to the 7 feast days given in (Lev 23). In the first portion, the former rain, 4 feasts of Israel were fulfilled in the spring season by Jesus’ first coming, the last feast was Pentecost. The last three feasts come after the summer season of planting. They will be completed by his 2nd coming, as He literally comes to earth to bring his kingdom and rule to the nations.

Latter Rain for Gentiles?

The clock is now stopped and we are in the time of the Gentiles and it corresponds to the summer period on the Jewish calendar, the in between time of planting for the last harvest. It is a time of working and plowing the ground getting the land ready for the next harvest. The rain comes and stops, the rain comes in the beginning and in the end the 2nd rain is greater because it is both the former season and latter season together. Many Jews were saved in the beginning of the Church and many more will be saved in the end as (Romans 11) says. This is the spiritual application of former and latter of the two rains. It is the latter rain that is so abundant that it is like two seasons put together. This Spirit is poured out on Israel. On Pentecost three thousand were saved at this first harvest, after this he says (Joel 2:28), He pours out His Spirit on all flesh. What flesh? Specifically Israel’s for their salvation. The Spirit is poured out and all of Israel will be saved. In (Acts 2):  The words ‘your sons, your daughters, your old men, and your young men’ are all referring to the fact that God is speaking to Israel then and also in the future. When Peter quoted this, it was to the Jews who were there in Jerusalem for the Feast of Pentecost. The future fulfilment also refers to the Jews in Israel. This is not applied to the unsaved Gentiles but to all the flesh of Israel (Rom. 11:25).

(Zech 12:10):  “And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on Me whom they have pierced; they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son.

The timing of this event is in the tribulation (Joel 2:31) before the great and awesome day of the Lord. In (Rev 6:12) it relates this event with the sixth seal of the tribulation. (Joel 2:31) it is the remnant that calls upon his name.

(Joel 3:1) says “in those days” and “at that time.” This describes the time period which ends with Armageddon, as all the nations are gathered into the valley of Meggido for judgement. In (Joel 3:12-15) he enters into judgement which is found in (Rev 14:18). In (Joel 3:13) he puts in the sickle for the harvest (also found in Rev 19:15).  In (Joel 3:15) the sun and moon grow dark and the stars become dim (also found in Matt 24:29, Rev 6:12 ). It is in these days that the complete fulfilment will occur.

The only way one can apply this to any revival today in the church is to spiritualize or allegorize this passage, removing it from its intended context. Which is exactly what we find these teachers for the new revival doing, as they apply it to themselves. Joel’s book is about the tribulation period and Israel, so there is no justification for putting his prophecy as being fulfilled before the tribulation or toward the Church today.


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Deborah (Discerning the World)

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Francois Marais


I have continued reading about what I might have been involved in and it was wrong and could most definitely been demonic even. I will have to pray for forgiveness of those serious sins. And ask God to remove all curses that might have been brought upon me.

I am busy sorting my life out. Think I need to pray for these things (sins)first and then ask God to help me in the way forward. Dealing with my divorce, business, life etc.

I don’t believe that I will be excluded from heaven because of any sins that God might not want to forgive for there is nothing that God will not forgive.

And I plan to walk away from those sins. Wish smoking could be easy. I will have to ask God to help me with that one and all other sins yes. Still I do not think these sins will keep me out of Heaven but there are consequences of these sins and yes I want to make God happy or honor Him trough obedience.

Francois Marais

After reading this blog and the letusreason blog and thinking about the new age stuff and the whole charismatic movement and what it has done to me personally over the last 30 years I am very angry. i think i need a break from any religion. even if people tell me sweet things like i need a relationship with Jesus etc. sounds nice but a relationship is a two way thing. you talk and the other person talks. thats where the charismatics are one up on the others with all new and fancy stuff (Outside the Bible). It really has messed with my head and I now feel free like I have never felt in my life. The Charismatic Movement and there stuff is so way way more dangerous and destructive than what people realise. I will just be angry for a few more days and then I will be ok but no more dream books and funny new age stuff. Nothing! Thanks for your blog and the work you do!

Burning Lamp

Francois, it is ok to be angry at the error, a righteous anger because it tramples on God’s precious truth. But don’t stay there. Move on to discover the truth of the Word and the freedom you have in Christ. Read the good articles on this blog about true salvation, read a GOOD Bible translation and camp on that for awhile. Be assured of your salvation and rest in that. Trust the Lord to help you day by day through the challenges you are facing. Don’t try to take it all on at once – step by step He will lead you. Resist the enemy and he will flee. Thank God you have turned a corner and are headed in the right direction.



God has spoken to us through His Word and through His Son. You absolutely have to break from religion. On top of that I want to encourage you to do a couple of things. Consider it carefully and reject what is not right.

1. Feed on the Word. Just read it straight. No hidden meanings or secret messages.
2. Download a few sermons. Listen to it critically. If they pass the test, feed on it. If it does not, reject it and refuse to listen to a preacher who will not give you the Law and the Gospel. Remember, “faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” (Rom 10:17) You can try any of the sermons here – Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, pastor Cwirla and here – Faith Lutheran Church. You will hear the difference.
3. Once you have fought off starvation, listen to a few of Chris Rosebrough’s podcasts to learn discernment. Chris takes his time to go to the Bible, read it in context and explain what it means. You will be astounded at what is being taught out there.
4. Don’t let anybody take you captive again. The Bible is the sole authority. Cling to that and go it alone if you have to.
5. Let us know how you get on?

Elmarie A

Francois Marais

The Charismatic Movement and there stuff is so way way more dangerous and destructive than what people realise. I will just be angry for a few more days and then I will be ok but no more dream books and funny new age stuff. Nothing! Thanks for your blog and the work you do!

The deceipt has crawled into just about all denominations. One cannot attend any church with safety any longer.

Burning Lamp

Amanda, isn’t Chris Rosborough a Calvinist? Is it wise to direct someone who is trying to sort out their spiritual life to someone who is following false doctrine themselves? Just wondering…………..

Burning Lamp

Roger Oakland has been inactive ever since his accident in Canada that left him with serious injury bleeding on the brain. I think it has been about a year. Last I heard he still has impaired vision and is homebound. I would withhold any comments about Roger at this time and allow him to heal.

He does have a DVD on his site with several speakers including Missler. I doubt if Roger has knowledge of Missler’s dive into darkness. I wouldn’t judge Roger on this basis until he is back into circulation and gets up to speed on all the info. Roger is a courageous defender of the faith and I can’t see him going along with this if he was well.

Burning Lamp

We sure do need to have Roger back in the saddle. May we all agree that the Lord will retore him to health and use him mightily again. He truly is a living sacrifice. He wore himself down physically with all his travels and was at the farm to refresh as he loved to do the farm work. His assistant has had serious health problems as well but has been able to at least keep the website going.

Francois Marais

thanks to everyone for your concerns and advice. I am not so angry anymore. Will read this stuff posted above and recommended further reading etc. Will report follow up.



Peter, you are welcome to make comments. However, we only except the Bible as authoritative. Extra-Biblical revelation to support a position will not be posted. Admin.


So I agree that we are to read the word of God literally and not try to find some cosmic meaning in it. So if I read the bible literally that what does mark 16:17,18 say? what about John 14:12? Its funny how when it comes to anything else we are to read the bible literally except those particular verses. Jesus himself said these things, and we know he cannot lie so please explain it to me. Who was Jesus referring to in these verses?

Martin Horan

Thanks for posting the above article regarding prophesying, Deborah.
I’ve listened to personal prophecies from people and was dubious on hearing them. I’ve seen through time that they haven’t materialized. But even if they had done it’s still not proof in itself as being of God. The Bible tells us that sometimes false prophets can “prophesy” correctly. Flukes do happen.
Sometimes I was stuck when when people would quote Acts 2:17 to back their position. I knew somehow that it was being quoted out of context but couldn’t prove it. Dave Hunt’s been a great help in getting me to see how these false prophets and false preachers work. In the past I did fall for some of their stuff. So I know how convincing they can be.
But as the above article dealt particularly with Act 2:17 it was a real eye-opener for me.
So thanks so much for putting on that teaching from the Let Us Reason Ministries on your blog.
It’s excellent. It’s hit the nail on the head. Now I know how to stop those “sins and wonders” merchants in their tracks.
Thank you again.


If the ‘latter rain’ people could just read the Bible clearly. The kingdom was being presented as in Acts 2 to Israel.It was to last from AD 30 when Christ was presented to Israel and end in 70 AD when Israel rejected,finally,Jesus as the Messiah and God’s Only Son.Forty years the number of testing! This was fufilled by Micah in 7:15 as your ‘coming out of Egypt’ or 40 years. Or that God would show them ‘miracles’which He did through the Apostles-30 AD to 70 AD 40 years and the destruction of Jerusalem.
Now ALL will be ‘fulfilled’ which word Peter does NOT use in quoting Joel in Acts 2 during the 1,000 year Reign of Christ on earth.Mighty healings and raising the dead,etc.,will be daily events by God’s people during this glorious Reign.See Isa.

LF Humire

[deleted – I’ve given you the CORRECT BIBLICAL interpretation of scripture, I did not want you to come back with the most bizarre twisted version to date]


Good job Deborah!


Please explain this. Just a small excerpt, it’s a 16 year old UNSAVED boy who had an open vision of what is to come.

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)


Having seen and heard that you are the one who knows how to discern between “arguing” and “contending for the faith,” I will leave it to you to tell us whether an UNSAVED kid can be inspired by God’s Spirit to foretell the future. Would you do that for us, please?



I think I am confused about part of your interpretation of Acts+Joel:
– Let’s assume the Joel passage is intended for a specific time, place and people, ie just before the coming Tribulation, in Israel, for the Jews.

How then, was it correct for Peter to refer to it at the time of Pentecost, “as a glimpse, a taste,” even though Pentecost was clearly NOT just before the Tribulation?

If it *was* correct for Peter, why can it not be correct to see the Lord accomplishing a simpler glimpse and taste today? (Let’s assume the same place and people to keep things simple. :-D )

Thank you for your scriptural, prayerful thoughts!

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