Uganda’s New Apostolic Reformation Transformation Disaster

Uganda - Africa MapWhat in Africa is going on here?

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009

[NEWS FLASH!!  Updated 3 Dec 2009 with some seriously scary info]

We have people called “The Family” also known as “The Fellowship”

We have Don Schmierer of Exodus International and the International Healing Foundation.

We have Scott Lively of Defend the Family- you can check out his story here:   Defending The Family

We have Caleb Brundidge (Sexual Reorientation Coach) for Extreme Prophetic ministries run by none other than Patricia King – Apostle/Prophetess in New Apostolic Reformation, big supporter of Todd Bentley and Rick Joyner, etc.   New Apostolic Reformation / International Coalition of Apostles headed by C. Peter Wagner.

Last year I wrote an article on Caleb Brundidge;  he is an itinerant for Extreme Prophetic and a DJ for what he called “Club Mysterio” that hosted Ekstasis Worship dances/raves with Patricia King.  My he has come far in his career since 2008.

We have Rick Warren author of Purpose Driven Life, etc, who has declared Uganda to be a “Purpose-Driven Nation“. Rick Warren also runs the Global P.E.A.C.E plan and is Barack Obama’s Christian adviser.

AOL News-  Politics Daily says:

“Warren’s main point man in Uganda was Martin Ssempa, a pastor who is a strong backer of the Anti-Homosexuality bill. Ssempa has appeared at Warren’s Saddleback Church, although Warren distanced himself from Ssempa’s views in October and said he had cut ties with him in 2007.

But in a statement to Newsweek on Sunday, Warren also declined to condemn the pending legislation that Ssempa and others back:

“The fundamental dignity of every person, our right to be free, and the freedom to make moral choices are gifts endowed by God, our creator,” Warren said. “However, it is not my personal calling as a pastor in America to comment or interfere in the political process of other nations.”
So 2 things here: Firstly Rick Warren speaks for God and lies by saying that having the choice to choose to be homosexual is a gift from God.  Secondly, if you do decided to go with God’s gift and someone wants to sentence you to death for it, he can’t speak on God’s behalf anymore.  Hmmm… ok I could write any entire article just on that entire comment of his, but I think it’s pretty self explanatory. Regarding not interfering in other nations, well… what exactly is his Global P.E.A.C.E plan then?
I feel like I have somehow landed in a twilight zone where I am being forced to watch re-runs of The Godfather movies.  In fact I feel like I have stumbled on something that I should not have.
Current leader of the Family’s inner-circle is Doug Coe.  Then we Senator James Inhofe who is so fond of Uganda, he has invited its leaders to become members of the not-so secret, secret society known as the Family.  Sen. Sam Brownback (KS),  Sen. Jim DeMint (SC), Sen. Chuck Grassley (IA), Sen. John Thune (SD),  Sen. Joe Pitts (PA), and several others.  It is a bipartisan organisation – Democratic members include Sen. Bill Nelson (FL), Sen. Mark Pryor (AR), Rep. Bart Stupak (MI). [1]
Since 1953, the group has led the National Prayer Breakfast at the White House, which is attended by the President and his Cabinet, along with dignitaries from across the globe.  The Family coined the term “prayer cell”, which is an “invisible believing group” who get together and talk with world leaders about what God wants them to do in their leadership capacity.  [1]
Yip, prayer cell and invisible believing group most definitely sounds like a word that someone in a secret but not-so-secret society could come up with.
The Fellowship are solely a group of men that get together and ‘pray’.  Sound familiar?  Promise Keepers, Mighty Men Conferences… Freemasons
Oh hold onto your hats people.  Was it not Sen. Chuck Grassley that started an investigation into the ministries of Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, and Paula and Randy White regarding the feathering of their own nests with ministry money?   Yes it was.  Oh boy…
Senator James Inhofe took David Bahati under his wing, making him a core member of the Family.  Bahati is the author of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill.   The Bill creates a new crime called “aggravated homosexuality” in Uganda and imposes automatic life imprisonment or the death penalty for its offence.  “Aggravated homosexuality” is defined by the Bill as sex with a disabled person, having HIV/AIDS, use of drugs or alcohol that leads to gay sex, knowing a gay person and not reporting it, or speaking positively about same-sex marriage. [2]
The Family believes in “Elite Fundamentalism” – that is, that Jesus had one true message for a core group of the elite and powerful, another for those in a somewhat “outer circle,” and the most common one known to the masses, who “couldn’t handle the truth.” [3]
The group’s founder, Abraham Vereide, claims God appeared to him one night in April 1935 and told him Christianity was focused on the wrong people – the poor, the suffering, the down and out –  and told Vereide to be a missionary to and for the elite and powerful; thus, the Family is dedicated to the cultivation of “King Men” who are chosen by God to use his “tools“, using King David as a model.  [4]
The Family’s main tenet is, “Jesus didn’t come to take sides, he came to take over.”  [5]
They are horribly confused; what their tenet should say is, “Satan didn’t come to take sides, he came to take over.”
So what do we have here in America and Uganda?  A bunch of anti-Christians thinking they are Christian, going around preaching a Christian message which is in no way Christian.  This of course ultimately leads to death and destruction.  Because that is what Satan is all about.  LIES.
Now, I wonder if C. Peter Wagner from Global Harvest Ministries is part of The Family  *plays scary organ music*.
What is happening in Uganda is unbelievable.  But what can you expect from a bunch of fake Christians, and their fake organisations, preaching a fake gospel and at the head of the family table sits a false Christ.
Having said all that there has been NO transformation in Uganda since ‘Purpose Driven Coup d’etat PTY Ltd.’ moved in there.
It’s all a facade.

In fact I think there is MUCH MORE to this entire saga than meets the eye.

OK both my eyes have just popped out my head (like in the cartoons)…

[Updated 3 Dec 209. This article since posting it has been bothering me. The link I originally had to ‘The Family’ did not make sense. So I went and did more research. Apologies, the original link I had was for another ‘cult’ group called ‘The Family’:   Please ignore this one.

The real FAMILY raises eyebrows, makes hairs stand on end, and sends cold shivers down ones spine.

  • The Family or The Fellowship generally practises strict secrecy about its members or activities and as such, eschews publicity and asks its members not to speak about the group; some members have denied that the Fellowship exists. — (Getter, Lisa (September 27, 2002). “Showing Faith in Discretion”. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved July 24, 2009.)
  • Prominent evangelical and fundamentalist Christians, and the Family themselves, have described it as one of the most, or the most, politically well-connected fundamentalist organisation in the US.
  • The Family also has relationships with numerous non-US government leaders. Lindsay reports that the Family “has relationships with pretty much every world leader- good and bad- and there are not many organisations in the world that can claim that.” — (Belz, Emily; Pitts, Edward Lee (August 29, 2009). “All in the Family”. World Magazine. Retrieved August 14, 2009.)
  • Hillary Clinton described meeting the leader of the Fellowship in 1993: “Doug Coe, the longtime National Prayer Breakfast organizer, is a unique presence in Washington: a genuinely loving spiritual mentor and guide to anyone, regardless of party or faith, who wants to deepen his or her relationship to God.” — (Hillary Clinton, Living History, Simon & Schuster, 2003.)
  • In an interview in November 2009 with NPR, Jeff Sharlet alleged that The Fellowship’s influence was behind the recent proposed bill in Uganda calling for the death penalty for gays infected with AIDS. — (“The Secret Political Reach Of ‘The Family'”. NPR. November 24, 2009. Retrieved November 30, 2009.)

Fellowship House – 133 C Street SE, Washington, DC:

  • In 1980, the building was purchased by Youth with a Mission, Washington, D.C., Inc. (also known as Youth with a Mission National Christian Center, Inc.) YWAM
  • In March 1990, YWAM (which also owns the C Street Center) purchased a nearby property located at 2200 24th Street North for $580,000. — (2200 24th ST N”. Dept. of Real Estate Assessments. Arlington, Virginia. June 30, 2009. Retrieved August 30, 2009.)

Youth with a Mission YWAM:

  • YWAM’s founder Loren Cunningham, along with Bill Bright of Campus Crusade developed a strategy in 1975 for influencing what they felt were seven main segments or spheres of society and culture. One of these segments included fighting a spiritual “battle” to “take back”, or redeem, the “mountain of government.” — (Video (posted on January 29, 2008). “Reclaim 7 Mountains of Culture”)
  • Although the idea behind this teaching is to influence government through spiritual means, it has been the cause for some concern in the blogosphere. — (Wilson, Bruce, aka Troutfishing (July 11, 2009). “Ensign House Owned By Group Proposing Christian World Control Plot.” Daily Kos. Retrieved on July 12, 2009.)

New Apostolic Reformation: (Latter Rain / Manifest Sons of God movement):

  • C. Peter Wagner was on the YWAM “Board Of Reference” for the 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus and for the 30 Days Hindu Prayer Focus. — (
  • The Sentinel Group, led by George Otis, Jr., researched and published a book called Strongholds of the 10/40 Window (YWAM Publishing), which served as a guide for targeting our prayers. When we began we wondered if we might be able to help 1 million Christians to pray in one accord for the same nation on the same day during the month. However, when we finished, we found that 21 million had joined to fight the air war with powerful prayer!” — (“Praying Through The 10/40 Window IV: A Message From Peter Wagner”, posted 07/21/99]
  • Spiritual Warfare – A laity-driven attack on spiritual strongholds has been moving through the American church for over 20 years now. Spiritual/prayer warfare is sustained, offensive prayer aimed at repentance, restoration and reformation. The movement has recently matured and become better grounded. Key Leaders: Dr. C. Peter Wagner, Global Harvest Ministries; John Dawson, YWAM; Cindy Jacobs, Generals of Intercession; Francis Frangipane, River of Life. — (The Big Picture, David Bradshaw, James A. Rutz,


Controversial leadership model:

Fellowship leader Doug Coe is described as preaching a leadership model, and a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, comparable to the blind devotion that Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Chairman Mao, and Pol Pot demanded from their followers. [*]

In one videotaped 1989 lecture series, Coe said, “Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler were three men. Think of the immense power these three men had…But they bound themselves together in an agreement…Two years before they moved into Poland, these three men had…systematically a plan drawn out…to annihilate the entire Polish population and destroy by numbers every single house…every single building in Warsaw and then to start on the rest of Poland.” Coe adds that it worked; they killed six and a half million “Polish people.” Though he calls Nazis “these enemies of ours,” he compares their commitment to Jesus’ demands: “Jesus said, ‘You have to put me before other people. And you have to put me before yourself.’ Hitler, that was the demand to be in the Nazi party. You have to put the Nazi party and its objectives ahead of your own life and ahead of other people.” [*] [**]

Coe also compares Jesus’ teachings with the Red Guard during the Chinese Cultural Revolution:

I’ve seen pictures of young men in the Red Guard of China…they would bring in this young man’s mother and father, lay her on the table with a basket on the end, he would take an axe and cut her head off….They have to put the purposes of the Red Guard ahead of the mother-father-brother-sister — their own life! That was a covenant. A pledge. That was what Jesus said.[*][***]

David Kuo states that comparisons such as these aren’t representative of the picture Douglas Coe was trying to paint:

Kuo says Doug Coe wasn’t lauding Hitler’s actions. “What Doug is saying, it’s a metaphor. He is using Hitler as a metaphor. Jesus used that,” Kuo said. A metaphor for what? “Commitment,” Kuo answered. … [A] close friend told NBC News that Doug Coe invokes Hitler only to show the power of small groups — for good and bad. And, the friend said, Coe spends “99 percent” of his time during the sermons talking about the leadership model set by Jesus Christ. [*]

So my *scary organ music* was no co-incidence.

Actually I think I am going to be sick…


  • [*] Mitchell, Andrea; Popkin, Jim (April 3, 2008). “NBC News Exclusive: Political ties to a secretive religious group”. NBC News. . Retrieved July 20, 2009.
  • [**] Jeff Sharlet, The Family (Harper, 2008), p.254-5.
  • [***] Jeff Sharlet, The Family (Harper, 2008), p.255.
  • [1-5] from
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7 Responses

  1. BH says:

    If you follow the link to the registration of the C Street House you will see that the ownership has finally been updated.

    YWAM (Youth With A Mission) operated a ministry out of the house in the 1980s, but around 1990 the house was sold. Unfortunately the paperwork was never filed correctly and YWAM has continued to be linked with the house because of the paperwork error despite having no link to the house or the activities in it.

  2. Bill Hutchison

    Ahhh ok, thank you for that update. I shall update the above article.

    Does YWAM have anything to do with Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven plans?

  3. LeahLB says:

    Excellent article! Thank you! You did a great job. I am immersed in this research and absolutely share your sense of nausea. These people view themselves above reproach and immune from judgement all the while quite busy in deciding who is or is not worthy of redemption. I often say that they need to quit asking WWJD? I don’t think they really want to know!

    BTW…I refer to them as “Phalse Prophets for Profit” (and that is profit of any kind…power, money, dominion).

    And Deborah, Rick Warren is tied to the ‘c’hristian web as tightly as any of these Phalse Prophets.


    this very interesting site ties Warren about every way a guy can be tied to ALL of these characters.

  4. Rangdrol says:

    I love that you did your homework! I am trying to see if the Presbyterian Renewal Network, an offshoot of the Pres. Church, USA, which has MANY other ogranizations, has had ANY connections to Martin Ssempa, David Bahati, MP, and any of those Ugandan goons.

    PRN director Paul Detterman seems to have his hands full running several organizations. They have an international ministry and when I click the link Uganda shows up, but the website is “coming soon”. I wonder if he has any connections to the Anti-Gay Bill (which was shelved this past January 2010). Please let me know if you find anything.

    Also, if you read Martin Ssempas website, you will see that he had the support, he claims, of over 200 evangelical US organizations! They even offer him and other Ugandan, Nigerian, etc. congregations money for their followers. Ssempa is just the saddest hateful person on earth.

    He says he attended a Biblical University in PA, but then his credits include a Ph.D. from the Harvard School of Public Health. I worked directly for the Commissioner of Health and Hospitals many years ago and got a chance to meet many of the SPH staff and organizers of a number of HIV/AIDS organizations, and it seems a great leap to think that any of those people would have endured a presence such as him, given their commitment to all people affected with HIV/AIDs. And not to mention his complete hatred for gay people.

    In any case, I read that Obama’s comments re the anti-gay bill were that it was “odious”. Ssempa wasn’t pleased. He stated that he would call for a million man march, not very original.

    Other reports stated that he lost his sister and brother to AIDs and that he blamed them for their promiscuity, so I don’t get the hatred bit, except that maybe he blames gays for HIV/AIDs, and maybe doesn’t know that the real cause, for the spread of the virus—consumption of the flesh of monkeys in the Congo—existed in his own continent.

    Scientists discovered the orgin of HIV from a lymph node that was obtained in 1960 at what is now known as Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. The researches found that the viral ancestor existed between 1902 and 1921.

    In any case, hope to hear from you if you make or hear of a connection between PRN and its offshoots and Paul Detterman.

  5. brian harvill says:

    To whom it may concern,

    Congratulate yourself on the cosequences of your actions. Jesus said the tongue is mightier that the sword and he was certainly correct. Now you have the results of your hatred. A man is dead. YOUR fault!

    Congratulate yourself and dream sweet dreams of how a man died in pain and alone all because of something that YOU did. I am sure that Jesus would be very proud of you.

    [EDITED by DTW: IF someone is dead which I doubt, you can blame Rick Warren]

  6. robert fairman says:

    I don’t see Jeff Sharlet’s book The Family – the Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, or the Book C Street The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy in your references. YOU MUST READ! I’m a part of the Prayer Breakfast Network in Bakersield, California. We had 1100 Business, Community, Church, Education, Public Sevices people at our breakfast 1 week ago. Many good bible believing people – but I dare say no one knows what we are doing. I’m involved but still don’t know why – probably because it’s so broad that it encompasses all of Evangelicalism and Americanism. I want to tell what I know – I’m a voice – whatever is done in secret shall be revealed and shouted from the housetops and brought to the light.

  7. robert

    Do you want to write an article for me?

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