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This is an old article (Caleb and Patrica King’s Club Mysterio Raves), that I had posted on my 1st blog and I was not going to re-post it on my new blog until I came across Caleb Brundidge’s escapades in Uganda.

Caleb runs Club Mysterio within the Extreme Prophetic ministry where you dance Ekstasis Worship – it would seem this time round that one of his rave sessions sent him hurtling right out of his body landing slap bang in the middle of Uganda.  See article here:  Uganda’s New Apostolic Reformation Transformation Disaster

[This is the 1st article I wrote on Caleb back in the middle of 2008 – I’ve since added a few updates and extra notes in green below]

I honestly thought I had seen it all until I stumbled across this on Youtube.  I sat watching the 1st video, wondering when Jesus is coming back because I am getting to the point where I can’t take this occultism disguised as Christianity anymore.  But then I found the 2nd video.  I nearly died!   So in the first video we have Patricia King promoting a man called Caleb Brundidge who looks like a Rastafarian.

Caleb is supposed to be a Christian who has this organisation/company/whatever that hosts dance parties for ‘Christians’ called Club Mysterio.  In fact it’s nothing more than a Rave where instead of using the drug Ecstasy they get their kicks from a ‘holy spirit’ [in lower case] instead by ‘going outside of your mind’ through dance, I mean trance. And later out of your mind or maybe you have to be out of your mind to call yourself a Christian and accept something like this as being of God.

I have transcribed the entire 2 videos word for word for those who don’t have high bandwidth connections or bandwidth costs are too expensive.  But I URGE you to never the less VIEW BOTH videos for you have to see it to believe it!

patricia king - http://www.extremeprophetic.com

Ekstasis Worship

Patricia King;  supposed woman of God with a massive ministry called Extreme Prophetic who endorses Todd BentleyBob Jones Prophet along with her ‘agents’.  She along with many others is mentored by Bob Jones.  Bob Jones is nothing but a nut case – I honestly can’t find any better words for this man.

Worst of all practically every prophet in the New Apostolic Reformation looks up to him as being some kind of supernatural prophetic wonder – quite frankly he is nothing but a previously committed mental institution patient (no really..) who has constant trips to heaven, thinks the anointing of the Holy Spirit is in the Kidneys and plants his ‘marbles’ in his garden.  So as you can see we are dealing with some very ” special “ people here.)

Video 1:  Patricia King and Caleb Brundidge


[Emphasis added and notes in green by DTW]

Patricia King:  Have you ever heard the term Ekstasis Worship?  No? (she laughs) well many haven’t.  It’s a powerful word, a Greek word that means, well…you’ll find out in a little while…  [DTW note:  See Greek meaning at bottom of article]

I want to introduce to you Caleb Brundidge he is one of our itinerant ministries but also just a worshipper with so much passion.  In fact if you have been to any of our conferences you will see Caleb flagging and worshipping God and opening up the heavens and operating in a real breaker level anointing. [DTW note:  What the heck is a ‘breaker level’ anointing?  Oh who cares…it only gets worse from now on anyhow]  He is actually a DJ as well, leads a lot of Christian events and Weddings and High School events and things like that. So if you would ever like to know more about him he is on the itinerant page on our website.  But today he is going to tell you about Club Mysterio, [DTW note:  Why didn’t he just call it Club Mysticism and get it over and done with] and about the Ekstasis worship that takes place during those times of gathering together.  So it’s my privilege to introduce to you Caleb Brundidge.

Caleb:  Hey there, thanks for inviting me into you computer, my name is Caleb Brundidge, and I am here to tell you a little bit about Ekstasis Worship and Club Mysterio.  Man ok, do this with me, think of Ecstasy? (silence)  WOW, did you feel that?  Did you feel that feeling?  [DTW note:  No, because Jesus Christ deliverers me from all evil]  Think of the ecstasy of God. (silence) oh woaah…(obvious faking as he shivers) oh WOW I almost can’t be still when I think about the ecstasy of God.  [DTW note:  Pffff…whatever]

Well you see, Ekstasis Worship, is going beyond the mindset, going beyond the mundane into the ECSTASY of God[DTW Note:  Beyond the mindset of scripture is what he means into a state of emotion so intense that a person is carried beyond rational thought and self-control, thereby so called experiencing a feeling of ecstasy]  But the ecstasy of God, as you felt that, as you thought about the ecstasy of God, you couldn’t sit still could you? [DTW note:  um…lol]  It was just like man, you know that I just can’t sit still when I think about the Ecstasy of God. And it makes me wanna dance, it makes me wanna move, it makes me wanna go into Ekstasis Worship.

So Ekstasis Worship is just going beyond the normal mindset of regular worship, and going to a place in your mind, body, soul and spirit;  into the eccstasssyyyy of God.  And experiencing Him like never before.  [DTW note:  This is 110% New Age Occultism, going into a trans-like state, going deep into your inner self and finding the god in you, your minds eye is opened to a new view of life and you experience ‘God’ like never before because you ARE god]  Being free to dance, to whirl around, like no one else is in the room with you, but you and God.  Can you just imagine that magnitude of freedom? [DTW note:  Have you experienced the magnitude of freedom that is Jesus Christ the Son of God?]  That is Ekstasis worship.

I know some of you are out there already feeling it, because so many times when I’ve talked about ecstasy and Ekstasis worship and people are like yessss I know what you’re feeling, I’m there with you, I love to dance and I love to move and I just love to show the freedom[DTW note:  Yes I’ve heard ‘E’ (Ecstasy) addicted Ravers say the same thing]

So very clearly, Club Mysterio – it’s a club where we come together and experience Ekstasis worship. Even in our prayer and our movement.  It’s about dancing – dancing your praise, dancing your worship, dancing your intercession, feeling it in your body, giving your body to God as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable, [DTW note:  Um…you can’t be serious?  I think he is serious!]  beginning to whirl and twirl. 

There’s a word that’s called Chule [sp?] and this word Chule [sp?] is one of the only movement words in dance with intercession so imagine going into intercession in Ekstasis worship, and you man, ahhh your whole body is feeling it and you can dance it. Cos sometimes there comes a time in prayer, and worship and praise – there are no words to express that emotion that’s bubbling up.  So you just begin to go forth with the whole entire body and feel it in dancing and releasing and things begin to happen.  [DTW  note:  Really?  I wonder like what for instance…]  

When you dance out your praise, when you dance out your prayers, you dance out your emotion and love for Jesus Christ something happens (snaps his fingers) not only in the spiritual but in the natural and in the force. [DTW Note:  What force?  Darth Vader’s Dark Force?]  Dance is a powerful tool of communication. [DTW  Note:  God understands all languages (He created them) you don’t need to dance, play charades, or musical chairs with Him in order to communicate. Besides how do you repent of your sin through dancing, especially when you have emptied your mind and then on top of that moved outside of your mind.  Or was it that you moved out of your mind hence it’s now empty?   Anyhow.  Repentance is the most powerful tool of communication with God through His Son Jesus Christ. Repentance brings you closer to God not dancing.  You can dance until the cows come home, you can stand on your tippy toes and twiddle your thumbs – unless your relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ is based on repentance of sin because of Holy Spirit conviction in your life – you are in trouble and no amount of “Lord of the Dance” is going to save you.]

Man! Dance sets you free! There is freedom in the dance [DTW  note:  That’s odd the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ the Son of God sets us free]  So we’re gonna show you a little clip from one of our times, uh one of our ‘flower’?? [could not make out what he said here] conferences where we did some Ekstasis worship.  Wild!  Crazy, there’s just spinning around, oh man!  What’s this, and if you just (Caleb gets all excited) get it in your mind, [DTW  note:  Get it? What’s ‘IT’?]  get excited and you say man I want this in my church or man I want this in my youth group, I want this for our college campus.  We can bring Club Mysterio, Ekstasis worship of God to you. Where ever you are!

Go onto our website xpmedia.com (Extreme Prophetic) and book us….

The video resembles a RAVE!  With Caleb on the turn tables playing trance music (specific style of Rave music) and Patricia King on the stage dancing.  There is a huge crowd of ‘Christians’ losing their minds as Patricia encourages them.   But wait, only during the clip of the Rave does Caleb really explain what Ekstasis worship is…hold onto your horses people this is a mind blower with regards to what God commands us to do!  Caleb says the EXACT opposite!

Caleb says:  “This generation is hungry, hungry, for the mysteries of God, this generation wants to experience God in a way, in an abandoned way, like never before.  [DTW note:  An abandoned way?  *scratches head*]

They long to relieve their passion for God.  When we’re making decrees and praising God, the music and your jumping and your dancing and your moving around – well the words that we’re speaking becomes one at a cellular level in your body, and it’s not like your learning, it’s part of who you are, IT’S NO LONGER THAT YOU HAVE TO STUDY THE WORD but when you’re inside of an infused atmosphere with dancing and your body is moving, and the word is coming and the music – IT becomes part of you[DTW  note:  What word?  Oh your words…sorry.  Ok seriously, what they are saying is this:   You become the Word, you become the Gospel.  A mystical infusion takes place at DNA level where you become Christ, you find your inner self, your inner god (as I said above)…no seriously]  See Patricia King on stage (5:54min and 6:04)  [DTW note:  So ‘IT’ being the ‘word’ becomes part of you.  This is Emergent Church talk – Contemplative Spirituality, Mysticism, Meditation – spiritual awakening to a New Age of Enlightenment, etc, etc, etc]

It’s the rhythm and the sound and the repetitiveness of the music – the word is spinning into your body, not just your mind, not just your soul, but the whole mind, body and soul.  [DTW Note:  And you don’t have to check the Word of God to see if this ‘word’ is true, just accept it, it’s not like you’re going to learn anything anyway. Before you know it your mind will be devoid of any valid reasoning and logic.] 

Ekstasis worship is worship that you go outside of your mind, and just release yourself into abandoned worship with God, but going into the ecstasy of God.  [DTW note:  One you’ve lost your mind, in the sense that you would start to loose common sense as the Word of God is replaced with a new idea, a new way of thinking that opposes the Gospel.  During this process it’s like your mind is being re-programed;  throw out the old Biblical stuff and replace it with New Age Spirituality and you end up abandoning Jesus Christ the Son of God for a false Christ who now resides in you as if are the ‘word’.]


2nd Video – New Agers dancing Ekstasis Dance

[Emphasis in italics and underlining by Deborah]

Female (Luna) speaking:  We are Ekstasis Dance. (shows many rings of people holding hands dancing around in a circle)  The name Ekstasis has the meaning ‘moving beyond ones self‘.  (shows 2 people on a stage in Hindu prayer pose – people start to dance like at a rave)

Male (Solas) speaking:  I am Solas, and I’m with Ekstasis Dance. At events I perform as a DJ, and guide the workshop with music.  (people back dancing in circles again)

Female speaking:  Using the process of Kundalini dance, which has been created by Loala and Tyra. (sp?)  Bringing the power back to ourselves [DTW  note:  You should attend Patricia and Caleb’s Ekstasis worships, you can contact her, her email address is below]

Male speaking:  The music takes people deeper.

Female speaking:  Altered states through (?not sure what is said here?), through movement, through repetitive rhythms.

Male speaking:  And in that state of Holiness you can bring yourself to a new state of realisation.

Female:  Stacey’s dance has been leading trans-formative experiences at festivals and gathering for the past 8 years.  [DTW note:  So this is nothing new Patricia, this probably goes back to before Jesus walked the earth and worships like this were common place in pagan temples.]

Male:  We lead people through a journey that I feel is a natural state of being.


Alternative spellings:  ecstasis      Greek (ecstasis, displacement, cession, trance)     Noun:  ekstasis (plural: ekstases)

  1. (mysticism and philosophy)  The state of being beside one’s self or rapt out of one’s self.

Related terms:  ecstasy          From:  http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ekstasis


After having to undergo CPR during the 2nd video it really did come as no surprise that Ekstasis is linked to Kundalini arousal.  So I didn’t find it at all surprising to learn while googling that Ekstasis is also linked to Quantum healing techniques. The Elijah list has a whole series on Quantum teachings – See below on Matrix Energetics Quantum Transformation & Healing and spot the difference between a faith healers church service and Dr. Richard Bartlett.

The only real different between the two is a church service has more people and at the best of times the manifestations are more bizarre.  They say it’s mind over matter, I say…the mind is not one bit powerful except for the normal (but incredible) functions God gave you.  I am not speaking about people who have had head injuries and experience abnormalities either.  We are talking about supernatural phenomenon where Satan can take your mind and turn it into his playground, because you allow him too all through disobedience to God’s Word. Satan can give you power over others, give you delusions of grandeur that you can obtain godhood, make you feel excited and happy, even make you feel loved – all lies with consequences, he can hypnotise you to make you think you are healed from ailments when you are not, can even make you think you are the one bending the spoon.


I have emailed this article to Patricia King at Extreme Prophetic with the link to this site so she can comment – eagerly awaiting her response.

Emailed to:  info[at]extremeprophetic.com

Please see this article I wrote on your endorsement of Ekstasis Worship with Caleb.  I find it highly disturbing that a supposed ‘woman of God’ like yourself can support and teach and encourage such blatant occult New Age teachings.  I would honestly love to know how you came to the conclusion that this is Godly and where in the Word of God does God tell us to do any of this and where in the Word of God does God encourage us to ‘move outside of our minds’ when He CLEARLY tells us to remain IN CONTROL at all times?  I wont even mention the fact that studying the Word of God is imperative lest we be led astray with false teachings like this – yet your pal Caleb says, ‘It’s no longer that you have to study the Word’  because ‘we’ tell you what to think. I could quote tons of scripture to support that this is NOT of God.  But seeing that you are a minister, one would assume you know all these verses already.
You are encouraged to comment under this article.  (placed link to this article)
Well they can’t say they never got my email:
Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 3:09 AM (41 minutes ago)
Thank You for contacting Extreme Prophetic. Your needs and requests are important to us and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Due to the overwhelming amount of e-mail we receive, it may take us a few days. Thanks for your understanding.
Patricia and the Extreme Prophetic Team
A reply from Extreme Prophetic from a lady by the name of Ruth:
Dear Deborah,  thank you for sharing your concerns with us.  We acknowledge them.
Extreme Prophetic Television
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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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  1. Barland says:

    Hi Deborah

    Thx for this article.
    I have a nagging question about “House Music”. I know that it is not related to this article, but the phenomenon of house music is very worrying. The music has all the same type of beats and rhythm. Young people are also addicted to the music as they are to tech toys (Blackberry).
    Do you or any of the community have anything on this type of music?
    Could you please reply soonest or find someone that has a ministry exposing this music in SA.
    God bless you

  2. Barland

    I know that drugs plays a big part in the rave and house music scene. If it’s not drugs then I do know that DJ’s mix music that works on a persons heart rate. They know how to lower the heart rate and bring it up through different types of dance music putting the person into a type of trance like state. Also of course the music needs to be good music otherwise people wont be interested in listening to it in the first place. Then there are the flashing lights and lazers that help put the person into a type of trance like state as well. I know people also get addicted to dancing and partying – the dancing becomes a type of drug. This type of music has been around for donkeys of years, it’s nothing new.

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