Church Leaders Judging Israel – How convenient for them!

Church Leaders Judging Israel – How convenient for them!

[DTW note: Of course the World Council of Churches wants Israel to get out, because they want in…]

Israeli occupation a ‘sin against God’ says global churches’ leader

by Peter Kenny and Stephen Brown
Israeli occupation a 'sin against God' says global Church Leaders

The Rev. Samuel Kobia. Photo © Peter Williams/WCC

Geneva (ENI). The general secretary of the World Council of Churches has said that Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories should be declared a “sin against God”.

“Occupation along with the concomitant humiliation of a whole people for over six decades constitutes not just economic and political crimes but, like anti-Semitism, it is a sin against God,” said WCC general secretary the Rev. Samuel Kobia, in a report on 26 August to a meeting of the church grouping’s main governing body, its central committee.

He noted that at its founding assembly in Amsterdam in 1948, the WCC has declared that anti-Semitism is a “sin against God”. Kobia said, speaking to a revised version of his original text, “Are we ready to say that occupation is also a sin against God?” “Are we ready to say that occupation is also a sin against God?”

In his speech, Kobia, a Methodist from Kenya, referred to areas he visited during his tenure and noted the need for urgency in seeking peace for the Middle East region. “In the context of war and violence in the region, people are desperately searching for security for themselves and their families,” Kobia said.

He was giving his final report to the main governing body of the WCC as the grouping’s general secretary, before he steps down at the end of 2009. The 26 August to 2 September meeting of the WCC central committee will on 27 August elect a new general secretary.

Kobia was elected to a five-year term that began in 2004 and announced in February 2008 that for “personal reasons” he would not seek a second term.

The WCC groups 349 churches, principally Protestant, Anglican and Orthodox. The Roman Catholic Church does not belong to the WCC but has members on some of its committees.

Speaking to journalists after delivering his report, Kobia referred to the “dehumanisation” of both the occupied and the occupiers in the Palestinian territories. “The concern is not only for the victims but also the perpetrators,” he stated, referring to Israel.

Kobia recalled that former South African president Nelson Mandela had once said that a condemnation by the WCC of apartheid as “sin” had helped undermine the system of minority white rule.

In his report to the WCC governing body, Kobia said that the “the ongoing construction of Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories” needed to be seen “within the broader historical context of ethnic upheaval in Palestine which paved the way for the creation of the modern state of Israel”.

While he said Israelis recalled “The War of Independence” that led to the foundation of the State of Israel, for Palestinians the period would always be known as the “Nakba” or “catastrophe”. Many Palestinians would remember this as “a form of ‘ethnic cleansing’ that saw the largest forced migration in modern history”, Kobia said.

“It is estimated that no less than a million people were expelled from their homes at gunpoint, civilians were massacred, hundreds of Palestinian villages deliberately destroyed, mosques and churches profaned, and convents and schools vandalised.

“What in 1948 was described by Palestinians leaders as ‘racism and ghettoising the Palestinians in Haifa” has by the beginning of the 21st century in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza become a full-blown apartheid system complete with its brand of ‘Bantustans’,” argued Kobia, referring to the nominally black-ruled territories in South Africa during the apartheid era. [DTW comment: Yes, because if we South Africa can go through peaceful transition so can Israel and Palestine. South Africa is a blueprint. South Africa is the leader of the pack when it comes to transforming the rest of Africa and helping people understand that peace is possible. We are the perfect example!]

He said that hundreds of church-owned properties were at risk in current evictions of Palestinian families and demolition of their homes in East Jerusalem, and that the Israeli actions hobbled efforts by the new U.S. administration to reach out to the Middle East.

Kobia also referred to visiting Damascus with the heads of the Middle East Council of Churches and of the Christian Conference of Asia.

There they met, “Iraqi Christians who had been forced to leave their country simply because they were Christians and the occupation of their country was seen as a form of modern day Christian crusade”.

“This issue requires, at the least, close co-operation with churches in the receiving countries but, even more, a common commitment for peaceful solutions to the conflicts in the region,” asserted Kobia. “We must all play a part in finding solutions. The Middle East needs peace and needs it today, for tomorrow is too late.”

Source: © 1994 – 2009 Ecumenical News International.

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14 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    As I understand it the “World Council of Churches” is under direct authority of the Jesuit Superoir General and friends. The Jesuit and his friends (all under his control) is the “Harlot of Revelation”
    Rev 17:15 And he says to me, The waters which you saw, where the Harlot sits, are peoples and crowds and nations and tongues.

    So whatever the “World Council of Churches” say is directly orders from Jesuit (i.e satan voice)

    The Jesuit Superior General controls all high-level Freemasonry, including both (“Protestant”) Scottish Rite and (“Roman Catholic”) York Rite. The initial “G” in the center of the “Compass and the…
    The Jesuit Superior General controls all high-level Freemasonry, including both (“Protestant”) Scottish Rite and (“Roman Catholic”) York Rite. The initial “G” in the center of the “Compass and the Square” stands not only for sexual “Generation,” and “Gnosticism,” but for “Gesu.” Gesu is the name of the Jesuit Order’s largest and most powerful church in Rome. Thus, the Order controls Islam, Protestantism (the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches), Judaism, most Baptist Denominations and the Devil’s Papacy with the Egyptian-Luciferian Craft of Freemasonry.

  2. Mark says:

    I’ve been to Israel and seen “the wall”. The affairs of a secular Israeli state should not warrant such intense support from the West. I’m sure the motivation of such support on a political level is not motivated by a sense of religious duty.

    For both the Israeli’s and the Palestinians the only way to redemption is through the cross of Jesus Christ.

    Correct me if I’m wrong (please don’t flame me, I’m engaging).

  3. Mark

    This is a spiritual war – not flesh.
    Jewish race is God’s chosen race – the world wants them dead
    Jerusalem is God’s Holy Place – the world wants it for themselves

    God warned Israel to never give their HIS land away…but they’ve done a good job of disobeying him since beginning….so lets wait for the peace deal – It’s bible prophecy, it will happen so that Jesus will return to Judge. I pray for Israel and God’s chosen race that they ACCEPT Jesus Christ as their Messiah. The sooner the better!!

    And yes, the ONLY way is to get peope saved through Jesus Christ the Son of God, be born again of God’s Holy Spirit.

    Now the problem comes in…which Christ?

    1 The Christ of orthodox Christianity Gospel = repentance of sin, saved through Jesus Christ the Son of God, be born again of God’s Holy Spirit, Belief in Jesus Christ through FAITH.
    2 The Christ of the Emergents = throw away the bible and just follow some new type of ‘Jesus’ – have a dialogue about what/who/how/where/Jesus is/was/where and then you need to follow contemplative steps to hear gods voice)

    I full under #1 the good ol’ fundamentalist (as we are called no-a-days) Christian – Not #2 who questions what the Gospel is supposed to mean, where NO FAITH is involved.

  4. Mark Penrith says:

    Hi there,

    I have a less clouded understanding of where you’re coming from.

    Isn’t it true that God gave His chosen people the land. Fast forward to today and you have a nation is in apostasy. God said if they obeyed it’d go well, if they disobeyed it’d go poorly. The long and the short of it is that the nation of Israel cannot claim the benefits of the Abrahamic Covenant until they sort out their rebellion against God and His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. A time will come (and is soon coming) when they will turn their heart back to God and enjoy the richness and fullness of the Covenant, but until then they need to tow the line like any other people group in the world.

    Surely it’s not OK to wage a war against civilians or to repress a people group? And isn’t it OK for the people of the world to point that out?

  5. Mark

    >> Surely it’s not OK to wage a war against civilians or to repress a people group?

    We are born into a sinful world, death, murder, rape will happen because of every mans sin in their lives (no matter race, nationality etc, etc)

    >> And isn’t it OK for the people of the world to point that out?

    Who is the one pointing the finger? a world of men who live in sin!

    >> but until then they need to tow the line like any other people group in the world.

    Takes 2 to tango but Israel gets blamed for all the problems. War, conflict, etc is all caused because of sin. If the world was not in sin we would not have this problem, but the world is evil and choose wicked teachings and doctrines of demons over the Gospel of Jesus – so quite frankly, what do you expect? happiness while abiding in sin? No…never happen, ever.

    How does one get out of this world? We repent of our sin through Jesus Christ the Son of God, who died on the cross for all those who CHOOSE to believe. His blood washes away our sin presenting us before God spotless. Filled with the Holy Spirit. Being born again creates a new creature, you become a child of God, part of the spiritual church, the body of Christ.

    But today, repentance of sin is a taboo. And has been replaced with other methods of conneting one to God (or the false Christ)

    I am not sure what you are really trying to get at with your comment. How can you side with the Roman Catholic Church – the murderer of Saints as per Revelations. IF you are coming from an semi anti-semetic point of view then…you got the wrong blog for that.

    As for being clouded? No, my skies are crystal blue all the time with a mild south easter blowing just to keep things cool. When you are born again you have the Holy Spirit who leads you into all truth. He comforts you and councels you and will lead you into all understanding and remembrance of Jesus Christ the Son of God.

  6. Mark Penrith says:

    Hi there,

    No, the “clouded” comment was made of myself not of you. I didn’t understand where you were coming from at first.

    I’m not anti-semetic. That’s insulting. I believe that God, in His dealings with man, has leveled the playing field for a time. Jews and Gentiles, both equally depraved before a Holy God are both equally deserving of divine judgement.

    Uh, I’m done, nothing left to say. Interesting post.

  7. Mark


    You said: “I have a less clouded understanding of where you’re coming from.” therefore you are LESS clouded than me regardng the topic at hand

    You said: “Surely it’s not OK to wage a war against civilians or to repress a people group? And isn’t it OK for the people of the world to point that out?”

    How can you even ask such a question of Israel knowing fully well the Biblical situation on the matter? This is why I asked:…..”BUT if you are coming from an semi anti-semetic point of view then…you got the wrong blog for that”. I never said you WERE.

    But then again you came here to nitpick because you are part of or being overtaken by Emergent dialogue.

    This article is about Roman Catholicism (who are anti-semetic) pointing fingers at Israel. This is about Rome (who is the WHORE DRENCHED IN SAINTS BLOOD) saying that Israel is sinning against God.


  8. Michael Anthony says:

    The bible is as clear as daylight on the subject of Israel. The ‘age of the gentiles’ aka ‘the church age’ is almost over (from Christ’s resurrection to the time he comes back for his church). Then the time of Jacob’s trouble begins… God then deals directly with a distinct people, the apple of his eye; Israel. That would be the tribulation. After Revelation 3 the church is not mentioned again, but Israel is consistently in the picture and the central focus of the book. (It is not allegorical, it is literal, even the 144000, all the 12 tribes are implicitly mentioned)
    Israel may be a secular humanist society today but Romans 8,9 and 10 is perfectly clear, the remnant of Israel shall (eventually) be saved. Full stop, end of debate.
    Is it because Israel deserve it? Absolutely not! Is it because they are any better than anyone else? In fact the contrary is true…

    Here is the reason, Ezekiel 36:22

    22 Therefore say unto the house of Israel, thus saith the Lord GOD; I do not this for your sakes, O house of Israel, but for mine holy name’s sake, which ye have profaned among the heathen, whither ye went.

    The only way to interpret scripture is with scripture. There are three rules for interpretation – context, context and context and the best context is the whole counsel of God. Go read Ezekiel 37 – the rebirth of Irsael, a modern day miracle. But please read 36 and 38 as well. It leaves no doubt what the prophet was writing about.

    Romans 11:1
    1I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid. For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.

    This is not an allegorical or metaphorical Israel, it is a literal Israel. Why would Paul mention his tribe if he actually meant that the church is Israel. No tribes in the church.

    26And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, there shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:

    The bible is clear on the subject. I could go on and on. I personally struggle with the concept of anyone calling themselves Christian and being completely oblivious to clear prophecy and biblical teaching where ot comes to (literal) Irsael. They have swallowed replacement theology hook line and poison. How can anyone be Christian and not have an affinity for Israel? They will inherit the land forever!! (That would be…wait for it – the Land of Israel) Because God Almighty has made an everlasting covenant with them.
    Israel; that would be from where Christ rules during the Millennium. More specifically, Jerusalem, His holy city.

  9. Michael Anthony says:

    …And what I actually meant to say is that when it comes to Israel it is not a case of Jews and Palestinians needing Salvation – that’s the obvious but missing the point – they’re all human, fallen, need to repent and put they trust in the finished work of the cross. Goes without saying. That’s not the point at all. When it comes to Israel God has already told us how he will deal with them.

    The point is that if Israel ceases to exist the whole bible, God, covenants etc are all lies. Without Israel there is no day of the Lord, literal fullfilment of Daniel’s prophecies or Revelation for that matter, or Zechariah for that matter. No millenium.
    Only a renmant of Israel is currently saved, there are over 1000 Messianic congregations worldwide. In the 70’s you could count the number of these on one hand. God has already instituted an incredible plan for the 144000 to evangelize the Jewish nation and until then (tribulation) more Jews will continue to come to salvation. There is a spiritual blindness, but in part only until then.

    May God bless Israel.

  10. Michael.

    Totally agree!!! Well said.

  11. anton says:

    Can every one perhaps give some comment on this very “uninformed” person , He sent me a mail totally criticizing The Jews and Israel … I would love for all to give some insight …. Here are the things he said about the Jews and Israel

    ….>>>>> Satan’s biggest lie called Israel, shows how you have all been duped by their Father of Lies. John 8:44, John 9:22, Rev 2:9, 1 John 4:3, 1 John 2:22. Yes, Israel died in 70 AD, forever. They still reject the SON and call him a deceiver and false Messiah , so God rejects this blasphemy and lie, that the Antichrist Zionists call Israel. Christians are confusing ancient, extinct biblical Israel with the modern Zionist counterfeit.1948 is no fulfillment of any ancient prophecy. It is simply the will of Antichrist Zionists to overthrow the verdict of God and Christ upon them in Matthew 24:2. Israel may well be as overthrown again as it was in 70 AD , and as it was in the Bar Kochba revolt in 135 AD.
    Zionism is essentially doomed to failure, for God is against those who are against his Son, and these people do not have God, no matter how much they claim to be chosen or have God, for those who deny the SON, do not have the FATHER , either. 1 John 2:22-23, John 14:6.Maybe its time you and so many others take some time to study this cult posing as biblical Judaism , before you judge and condemn. I and a few others have taken the time to study their teachings, and are appalled by what Christianity has been led to believe about this cult. Its time to open your own eyes , instead of following the blind.All their teachings they take from the Ramban, and Rashi, who lived and died 1000 years ago. Even if a Jew does not read the Talmud or is aware of the teachings of the sages, he or she is heavily influenced by the doctrines.
    Rashi’s explanation of the great Messianic prophecy in Daniel ch9 is utterly absurd, a totally inept and clumsy attempt to explain away and deny the Messiah’s time of arrival, prophesied by God and sent by his messenger Gabriel to Daniel . It is appalling that millions of Jews for 1000 years now have been led astray by this man. But he can get away with this kind of crude interpretation of prophecy, and twisting , because it all aligns with the Father of Lies, who hates this prophecy of Messiah’s exact time of arrival to the ancient Jewish people, for it proves Christ was the true Messiah and He was the fulfillment of this great prophecy , and of course, Satan and his synagogues of the antimessiah doesn’t like that.
    They are so blinded by their sages, that they would stagger through another 100000 years and 100 more holocausts, before they would ever come to their senses and admit and believe that the Jew who came to them 2000 years ago is their actual real Messiah, and believe on Him.

  12. anton,

    It is abundantly clear that this person is not saved. He believes in another Jesus, not the Jesus of the Bible. Don’t waste your time.

  13. anton says:

    thanx Tom .. I agree .. Think he is surely deceived !!

  14. anton

    Yip, this guy is in fact antisemitic and I am guessing will zig heil the antiChrist when he pops onto the scene and be the first to want to eradicate jews. I would not be surprised if this guy is a Calvinist – Calvinists tend to believe in amillenialism and believe that Jerusalem came to an end in 70AD and in fact the end times took place at the same time (they ignore a lot of biblical prophecy to come to this conclusion lol) they also believe that the antichrist is not a person (a man of lawlessness) but every evil person on this planet that is well….not Calvinist. These people don’t believe that Israel is God’s chosen people.

    >> I and a few others have taken the time to study their teachings,

    It’s a pity he didn’t take the time to study what the bible actually says.

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