Anglican Church Appoints New Archbishop in SA

Anglican Church Reverend Thabo Makgoba

Thabo Makgoba

Anglican Church Appoints New Archbishop in an Emerging World

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Anglican church appoints new Archbishop  – March 30, 2008, 18:30

The Anglican Church of South Africa has installed a new Archbishop. The new church leader, Reverend Thabo Makgoba, 48, is said to be the youngest person to be elected head of the 160-year-old Anglican Church in South Africa.

After his anointment by fellow bishops, including Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Makgoba pledged to work for peace, justice and reconciliation in a changing world.

(Interesting, I though the church was there to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we can see Jesus Christ has no part in the Anglican Church because all paths lead to the same god, hence their attention to reconciliation amongst all religions ‘in this changing world’ or should I say, Emerging World.)

President Thabo Mbeki was among the many church and political dignitaries who formally greeted the new Archbishop. Mbeki paid tribute to past Anglican leaders, and the church as whole, for their role in defeating apartheid.

“You have since your youth dedicated your life to the service of the people, first as part of a generation of brave young men and women, students who refused to submit to apartheid tyranny and later as a faith worker who clearly understood that part of the Lord’s calling is to help the poor.”

Elected late last year, he takes over from Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane. He has his job cut out for him, as he will be heading up a church with about four million members, in six Southern African countries.

(To do what? Make sure his members don’t accept Jesus Christ and continue to follow the False Christ? That seems to be pretty easy to accomplish in this day and age.)


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