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Angus Buchan’s Family Day Shares RCC Conviction

Angus Buchan - Family Day

Evangelist Angus Buchan.

Angus Buchan will be holding a “Family Day” aimed at uniting churches.

The Roodepoort Northsides says:

“Family Day aimed at uniting churches

Famous evangelist Angus Buchan plans to unite churches at his upcoming big event.

Places of worship across Joburg are invited to participate in a multicultural and interdenominational Family Day event to be hosted by famous Christian evangelist, Angus Buchan, on Saturday, 14 October.

This event has been organised after many churches across the country have expressed the need for an event that will heal and strengthen families.

The programme is set to broadcast live on television, radio and digital platforms while local churches host their own similar events.


Vatican Fulfulls Biblical Prophecy (Rev 13, 17 and 18) – The False Prophet

Note:  Articles posted by DTW are not an endorsement of the author, their website, ministry or any links therein. Readers are cautioned to use discernment at all times and test everything by the Word of God.

Vatican Fulfills Prophecy

by Anton Bosch [Note:  Permission received to republish article in full.]

The Bible paints quite a clear picture of the major events that precede the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth. Many of the smaller details may be difficult to interpret but the major events concerning the world’s religious, economic and political future are clearly spelled out in Revelation 13, 17 and 18:

A world religious figure will rise to prominence. He unites all the world’s religions into one universal religion. This religious leader looks like a man of God. He performs miracles and even looks similar to Jesus Christ (Revelation 13:11; 5:6). But, he receives his power from the Antichrist and, ultimately from Satan. He is known as the False Prophet (Revelation 19:20).

A second figure comes on the scene. Whereas the first world leader is religious and unites all people under a single world religion, the second man is political and unites all the world’s people under a single world government. We commonly know him as the Antichrist. The Antichrist does not only unite the world under one political system, but he establishes a single world monetary system which abolishes all private or individual business transactions that are not part of the global system (Revelation 13:17).

C.S. Lewis – Narnia, Chronicles of Deception

C.S. Lewis - narniaC.S. Lewis’ Narnia – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader : Chronicles of Deception

Author: Olabode Ososami |  June 21st, 2010

It seems comical for lack of aptitude to apprehend the literary “Christian” master C.S. Lewis – even as we stampede theatres to watch the next Christmas holiday “Money Spinner” milking (in the same genre as Harry Potter and Christmas Carol) the occult fantasy cow – supposedly packaged as Christian allegory to transfixed congregations. My prediction that this will be another chart-buster does not qualify me as a prophet.

Clive Staples Lewis was born in Ireland, the younger of two sons who claimed to have been converted to Christianity in 1931 and was, as he put it: “A very ordinary layman of The Church of England.” Undoubtedly a literary genius who authored 40-plus exceptional books which included poems, novels, children’s books, science fiction, theology, literary criticisms, educational philosophy, and an autobiography.

I did see the trailer of “Narnia – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and with admittedly limited research/listening to related interviews and previews … the broad nice message of goodness over evil seemed inadequate to dispel my reservations. The strong inclination to spread the gospel of salvation by avoiding consecration and marketing the appeal of its other noble themes while also denying the Spirit is not new. What is novel (to me) is the

Mass Prayer to Atone for Mankind’s Sins

RomanCatholicChurch-PriestsPraying - prayerATONEMENT MASS PLANNED FOR SINS AGAINST LIFE

ROME, SEPT. 20, 2010 (

A Mass of Atonement (prayer) will be celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica in reparation for all sins against life, as part of a congress celebrating the 15th  The 5th World Prayer Congress for Life will take place Oct. 5-10 in Rome.

The Oct. 8 Mass, celebrated by Cardinal Angelo Comastri, archpriest of St. Peter’s Basilica, will allow participants to “bring the sins against life of individual nations to offer to God in reparation, according to the word of [the liturgy], ‘Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world,'” one of the organizers explained to ZENIT.

ZENIT spoke with Dietmar Fischer, director of Human Life International Austria, one of the organizing institutions of the congress, which is expected to draw 500 participants from over 50 countries.