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Paul Benson – Bucket Full of Holes 16

Paul Benson – A Bottomless Bucket (Part 1)

A Critique of Paul Benson’s book, “A Bucket Full of Holes: Solid Proof The Pre-Trib Rapture Theory is False” Discerning The World regularly has to contend with comments of people who have a natural inborn animosity for the Pretribulation Rapture...

Margaret MacDonald’s vision 20

Margaret MacDonald’s Vision: Pre-Trib? Really?

Margaret MacDonald’s Vision: Pre-Trib? Really? I get a lot of emails and comments by people that believe there will be no pre-tribulation rapture and point me to the so called Pre-Trib vision by Margaret MacDonald that was made known by Dave MacPherson in...

Rapture 41

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture (Part 1)

Introduction Many Christians argue that the doctrine of the Rapture is not important because it has very little or nothing to do with one’s salvation. This is not entirely true. Although belief or non-belief in the doctrine of the Rapture...

FourHorsemen 177

Not Wrath, but Rapture – Will the Church Participate in the Great Tribulation?

There is an onslaught by Satan on snatching believers away from The Blessed Hope.  This onslaught is so intense that hardly anyone believes in a pre-tribulation rapture anymore, and if you do believe that Jesus would dare come and fetch...