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Who were the Nephilim – written by Vernon Gray and critiqued by Tom Lessing VERNON GRAY In recent times there has been some controversy surrounding the origin of what the Bible calls the Nephilim. The verse in question here is...

Jacob Prasch – Chuck Missler – Demonic Nephilim 203

Jacob Prasch & Chuck Missler – Demonic Nephilim

Jacob Prasch and his friend Chuck Missler both teach the the same demonic Nephilim teaching that angels came down to earth and had sexual relations with human women who somehow miraculously gave birth to ginormous babies who grew to be...

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The Nephilim: Sons of God, Daughters of Men

The Biblical Truth of the Nephilim A while ago I posted an article on the Nephilim stating that I did not believe that the Nephilim were demonic offspring.  I then deleted the t is obvious, and not contestedarticle because I became...