Roman Catholic Luciferian Fire

Received this from Ciel Botha this morning who received it from someone else (who claims to be a Christian) via Whatsapp. Look at this video, pause and stop to read the little motivational messages that will inspire your flesh for a moment but leave you spiritually devoid of any biblical truth.

Motivational speaking (by preachers be they Catholic, or Christian) only lasts for as long as the emotion it creates or that which is already in you. It will always leave you empty.

Contemporary Christian Music

Listen to the beautiful emotional song (performed by Matt Redman  and co-written with Jonas Myrin – the song won two Grammy Awards for “Best Contemporary Christian Music Song” and “Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance“) This song has been added to a Roman Catholic video and is being used to convey a Roman Catholic message about the Eucharist Christ.

Now if there was no pictures attached to this video, one would be fooled into thinking this was a Christian song. Contemporary Christian Music creates a fleshly emotion in you that will only last so long and again will leave you spiritually devoid of any biblical truth.

Roman Catholic Androgynous ‘god’

Now I want you to take note – do you see the pictures of the fire burning on the ‘immaculate heart’ centered within the false Jesus and Mary Queen of Heaven? Together (Jesus and Mary) are the androgynous male/female god (baphomet or Lucifer).

Luciferian Fire

The fire that is called down on the church is the ‘fire of Lucifer’ – it sets you on fire, it sets your heart on fire for ‘Christ’ or Antichrist.

The reason why the church now spends ALL its time calling down fire on its congregation, making sure you have an ENCOUNTER with the ‘Luciferian Fire’ is because without this ‘unholy fire / kundalini spirit’ one will not want to unite with the One World Religion. In order for UNITY to take place everyone needs to have the same Luciferian fire spirit directing your MIND…in the same direction, on the same broad path…to Rome.


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Deborah (Discerning the World)

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  1. Rafael says:


    Is extensively know looking at bibliographical references that eastern culture, specifically at countries such as India and Nepal, exist’s the presence of Yogi’s and many of them are demons pre-incarnated or cast of legions that took control of a human body. Incidentally, not a long time ago, Nepal had been the principal destiny of Blavatsky during her nomad early days, the period that culminated at the encounter of luciferian doctrine that resulted at the writing of many secret books. In the case of Hinduism, how can we track the origin of Kundalini as a luciferian doctrine? Can you please contribute more deeply with your studies and point of views about the Kundalini subject? Thank you.

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