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The Eternal God is Adaptable

Is God adaptable? In a sermon Stephan Joubert delivered on 10th July 2022 he said this in his introduction. Is God adaptable? We [need to] remind one another, from Hebrews 13:8, that “Jesus Christ [is] the same yesterday, and today,...

Roman Catholic Luciferian Fire 1

Roman Catholic Luciferian Fire

Received this from Ciel Botha this morning who received it from someone else (who claims to be a Christian) via Whatsapp. Look at this video, pause and stop to read the little motivational messages that will inspire your flesh for...

Roman Catholic Child Molesters/Priests 33

Roman Catholic Child Molesters/Priests

Years ago I read a book called Fear of the Collar – My Terrifying Childhood in Artane. About Patrick Touher’s life in an Artane Industrial School.  It was an education in cruelty and fear run by the Christian Brothers. The school...

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Born Again Christians Compared to Inquisitors of the Inquisitions

Born Again Christians are Now Compared to Inquisitors of the Inquisitions This is a very interesting article written shortly after my critique of the Amahoro Gathering where Brian McLaren graced everyone with his presence in South Africa in June 2009....