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Charlie HebdoCharlie Hebdo Attack in France

Charlie Hedbo terrorist attack – France is one of Islam’s greatest appeasers. France controlled several Islamic countries in the days of their African empire. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Guinea, Niger, Mauritania, Gambia Ivory Coast and Libya were all under French control.  For all its official rhetoric, France has done precious little to stem the growing tide of Jew-hatred and anti-Israelism that has gripped that country.

Mass emigration of French Jewry, prompted primarily by French Islamists, is met with muted response and inaction by French officials who appear either indifferent to their plight or at a loss to devise a coherent strategy to effectively deal with the phenomena.

Since the mid-1960s, the French, motivated partly out of greed, partly out of a need to needle the United States and partly out of genuine dislike for the Mideast’s only democracy, have done everything in their power to appease tyranny rather than fight it, to prop it up rather than obliterate it.

In May 1967 France was the first Western power to unilaterally impose an arms embargo on Israel at a precarious time when Israel was facing existential threats from its Arab neighbours. From Iraq to Algeria, frenzied Arab mobs stoked by their respective venal governments burned effigies of Jews in the streets to chants of Itbach al-Yahud, “slaughter the Jews!”

The world watched with feigned concern as hundreds of thousands of Arabs soldiers backed by modern Soviet T-55 tanks and Mig fighter jets converged on Israel’s borders. The French, chose to abandon and betray the Jewish State in a transparent effort to curry favour with the Muslim world. The French sold their morality for oil and a few Francs.

It has been rumoured that Nicolas Sarcozy  was funded by Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi in his presidential campaign.

France is a humanistic secular state. God has no legal place in France, and this is clearly demonstrated by Charlie Hebdo Magazine. The magazine was run by Atheist Activists and made a mockery of anyone’s religion which to their cost included Islam.

Not all French agree with the magazine’s methods and philosophy, but almost all of them are now rallying to the side of these spiritually perverse men who hate God with a venomous passion. The editor of the magazine  Stéphane “Charb” Charbonnier’s declared…

”I am not afraid of reprisals. I don’t have kids, I don’t have a wife, I don’t have a car, I don’t have credit. This may sound a bit pompous but I would prefer to die standing than to live on my knees.” Prophetic words? It turns out that “Charb” was standing up when he was shot and killed.

More importantly is what “Charb” meant by his comment.

What he meant was that he would never bow his knee to any god especially the God of the Bible. Unfortunately for him his humanistic atheistic pride WILL indeed one day bow before the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

It is terrible to fall into the hands of the Almighty God.

What is even more poetic is that the godless gang  at “Charlie” all came to a knowledge of the truth at the same time. All of them believe now.

What do I mean by that? I mean that they believe the same as the rich man of Lazarus fame does. It is destined for a man once to die; thereafter the judgement. These men, the terrorists included were not fans of the Living God of the Bible, but NOW they believe.

Too late to do anything about it except wait for the day of judgement of the wicked dead.

The media is touting the event as an attack on freedom. Mmm. In the secular humanistic atheist mind “freedom” is a relative term. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

There is only one place where we as humans can know true freedom, and that is in Christ.

The secular version of freedom is a Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) experience.

It makes one feel good for a while and it even dulls the pain, but in the end nothing has changed. We remain shackled to our weaknesses and our fears.

In Christianity we are taught and instructed to love our enemies; to pray for those who use us; to do good to those who are ugly to us.

In Islam there is no such sentiment and this was “Charlie’s” mistake. In mocking Christianity the magazine picked on a soft lumbering target. A target with a mindset of forgiveness, tolerance and restitution.

In the Quran however there is not a single verse of instruction to love anything. There are many verses that instruct the Muslim to make war and kill the “Infidel.”

The Western myth of the “Religion of Peace” is appeasement at best and in many cases it is treason.

Is it right to condone this mass murder? I think it depends who you are asking.

What these murderers did they did in obedience to the Quran. (This is an undisputable fact and I challenge you to check for yourself.)

Cf. Surah 2: 190 – 193

Surah 9: 5

Surah 9: 28, 29

Surah 9: 123

The above references are accompanied by many others in the Quran.  Do not believe the mealy mouth politicians who tell you otherwise, they have an agenda that does not include your safety or wellbeing.

Often the Crusaders are thrown into the argument to justify terror and murder.

The problem with this line of argument is that the Crusaders were killing in disobedience to the Bible whereas the Muslims were doing the same in obedience to the Quran.

France’s duplicitous foreign policies when it came to appeasing two-bit Arab dictators only went from bad to worse.  They helped Saddam Hussein construct an atom bomb plant and supplied the tyrant with massive quantities of Mirage fighter jets, missiles, tanks and artillery. For those who need reminding, this is the same chap who paid lavish sums to the families of Palestinian homicide bombers, who threatened to “burn half of Israel” and employed chemical weapons against his own people.

Rather than fighting and combating Islamic terrorists, the French have a nasty habit of paying them off. They released frozen Iranian assets in exchange for cessation of Iranian-backed terror attacks against France and paid Palestinian groups protection money in an effort to spare their commercial airliners from the scourge of Palestinian skyjackings.

France’s abominable foreign policy reared its ugly head yet again when on December 30, it backed a Palestinian resolution at the UN Security Council that imposed dictates on Israel, compelling the Jewish State to withdraw to pre-1967 borders – borders which Israel’s former UN ambassador, Abba Ebban, perceptively termed “Auschwitz lines“- without addressing Israel’s security needs and territorial claims. The one-sided resolution also gave implicit recognition to the notion that millions of “Palestinian refugees” would be allowed to flood Israel, effectively ending the Jewish character of the state.

The Charlie Hebdo attack is a display of hatred.

Hatred for anyone who does not agree with Islam. On the other hand the victims hated just as much. In their zeal to mock God, they attacked the Catholic Church, Islam and anyone who believed in a god. Their hatred was matched with hatred, and the result is that the enemies of the God of the Bible are fighting and killing each other in a war of hatred and ignorance.

Ignorance because “Charlie” thought that the Catholic Church represents the God of the Bible, and that Allah is the same God as the God of the Bible.

Personally, I believe that the 12 killed in the “Charlie” attack are now believers in the redemptive plan of God through the blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross at Calvary.

All in all the world is in a humanistic mess and it is going to get much worse before it gets better.

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  1. Gerhard Bouwer says:

    Thank you for putting perspective on the matter.
    I believe all should have a right to freedom of speech. It can however be done without derogatory hate-filled provocation. Not everyone has the intellect, integrity,or unfortunately, a belief system that promotes such values.
    Sanity and sensitivity should prevail even with those who wish to educate by means of satire.

  2. Vernon says:

    Hi Gerhard,
    Freedom of speech is a prickly matter. For instance in this country it is hate speech to call someone the “K” word; but that same person is at liberty under the law to blaspheme my Lord and Saviour.So now what?
    So called freedom of speech is a worldly institution in mainly liberal countries who insist that freedom of expression is a human right. Problem is that when I tell them that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to salvation, I am accused of hate speech. I am entitled to an opinion provided my opinion does not clash with their opinion.
    Hope this is of some use.


  3. Robbie says:

    …and it will get better when He appears? 🙂

  4. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

    The supposedly peace loving majority of Islam would appear to be in ignorance of their own holy book and it would seem then that the only true followers of Islam are the ones committing these terrible acts.

  5. That’s a very good point Peter. The ones who are not following their Quran’s instructions are in fact infidels themselves.

  6. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

    The hypocrisy of the world is such that freedom of speech applies to some and not to others Watching the news is positively nauseating.

  7. Sheugnet says:

    Charlie Hebdo het wel een heilige koei om te beskerm, naamlik die Sioniste. Die skrywer van die artikel verwys duidelik ook daarna. Ek vra myself af: Wat staan ‘n ‘atiest actavist’ te wen deur elke godsdiens onder die son te bespot, maar een, nl. sionisme, te beskerm?

    Daar is ‘n rede vir sg. antisemitisme in Frankryk en die res van die wereld, net soos wat daar in die 1930’s rede voor was in Duitsland. Ons moet nie nou die punt mis en Frankryk as die aanvoerder van die euwel brandmerk nie. Kom ons krap ‘n bietjie dieper en vind die WARE aanvoerder van die haat.

    Dit wil al vir my voorkom of Frankryk opgestel word as ‘n volgende ‘antisemitise natsi-staat’. Die Sioniste glo vas aan die ‘verdeel en oorheers’ metode om in beheer van die wereld te bly. .. En soos gewoonlik is daar een of ander aandag-afleier soos Islam tans gebruik word …en Apartheid in ons geval gebruik was.

  8. Sheugnet

    Jy is duidelik ’n anti-Semiet wat die Jode haat. Kom ek herinner jou aan wat God oor jou te sê het.

    En Ek sal jou ‘n groot nasie maak en jou seën en jou naam so groot maak, dat jy ‘n seën sal wees. En Ek sal seën diegene wat jou seën, en hom vervloek wat jou vervloek; en in jou sal al die geslagte van die aarde geseën word. (Gen 12:2-3).

    As jy die Jode haat, haat jy die seën wat uit hulle voorgekom het, en dit is die ewige saligheid in Christus Jesus.

    En moet aseblief nie met jou mites oor die Khazars begin nie. Dis al lankal verkeerd bewys.

    Lees hier as dit nie vir jou te veel moeite is nie.

  9. Peter says:


  10. Edmund says:


  11. Sheugnet says:

    Sheugnet skryf:

    Jy maak aannames oor my karakter terwyl jy my gladnie ken nie. Dit is karakterskending.

    Jy beskuldig my van karakterskending terywl jy die karakter van God gruwelik laster en skend deur te sê Hy is ‘n leuenaar? As Hy sê Hy maak die Jode tot ‘n groot nasie, dan maak Hy dit tot ‘n groot nasie want Hy is nie ‘n leuenaar nie. Dit was mense soos Hitler wat hulle uitgeroei sodat hulle met ten minste 6 miljoen verminder het. Lees eerder jou Bybel as ‘n klomp boeke wat vir jou ‘n klomp leuens die kop inprent.

    Die res is uitgevee.

  12. Martin Horan says:

    Charlie Hebdo published scathing comments ridiculing Jews and Christians. No Jews or Christians killed anyone for saying so.
    There has always been an undercurrent of anti-Semitism in France. The Dreyfus case showed that. Give Zola his due, he publicly attacked it. He uncovered anti-Semitism in high places in France. Not surprising as France still has a Catholic mentality. (I say so as a former Catholic so I understand the grip Catholicism holds on Catholics who never go near a church.) But, by and largely, the French are usually tolerant of others.
    I was brought up in a part of Scotland where very few people had contact with Jews so Scotland tended not to be anti-Jewish. (It was a Protestant country when I was a child. And there was more antipathy to Catholics than Jews.) Catholicism tends to hold the Jews totally responsible for crucifying Christ–though we’re all responisible.
    I can recall, I think it was in the late 1960s or very early 1970s, when the Israelis ordered a gun boat from the French and the French decided not to give them it. So the Israelis parachuted in stormtroopers and took it and sailed it to Israel. At that time Britain (I think Harold Wilson was our Prime Minister at the time–a Christian and a personal friend of Golda Meir), like America, was pro-Israel and our media actually cheered the Israelis on (changed days!). French pride must have been hurt–at least in their government. Perhaps that’s another reason they do not like Israel. Whatever the “reason” it will backfire on them [Genesis 12:2-3 & 27:29; Romans 11.] We need only to look at the Arab world to see these things come to pass right now.

  13. Modimaclac says:

    The drawings Charlie Hebdo published mocking Jesus were far worse than anything they published on Mohammed, or even the Pope. As you say, the cartoonists and the people massacred with them all became “believers” at the same, unfortunately too late for their belief to save them.
    What is ironic is that, after their death, these out and out atheists were drawn by other cartoonists sitting on clouds in heaven, still doing satirical drawings ! Funny how people expect everyone to go to heaven… even if they say they don’t believe in it…

  14. Martin Horan says:

    A footnote to what I said earlier:
    The above article by Vernon Gray is spot on. Incisive and true. There was a time in Britain, and probably the US, when we had journalists who could write with the same calibre as Mr Gray. Not now. Mr Gray’s above article puts to shame anything I’ve read about the Charlie Hebdo attack in the British press. Few of our journalists have the bravery to write the facts about Islam. There is one British journalist I think of who comes near to it and that’s Peter Hitchens. The rest are too scared to offend Islam. For one thing they likely be accused of Islamophobia if they tried. They are likely to be as much afraid of British laws as they are of Islamic reprisals.
    Well done, Vernon Gray.

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