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Satanic clothing for children at Jet Stores

I received this via email:

Dear friends

Please pass on to as many people as you possibly can to stop this evil.

It was on a Thursday the 16th of December when I went to Westgate Mall to buy some clothes for the young ones. I was delighted to see the specials at Jet Stores and how cheap and packed the shelves were, I bought more for the same budget I put in place. Suddenly I saw this beautiful and attractive t-shirt for girls, pink and printed beautiful words like “Glamorous, Enchantment, Love and Kisses” with butterfly and some shoe on it, and we thought “the girls are gonna love it.”

When we got home, my fiancé read the little fine print underneath the beautiful writings and to her shock, the devil has planted his signal. The attached pictures are not that visible but when you step into Jet stores you can read for yourself…

The print reads:

“Enchanting: the production of certain wonderful effects by the aid of demons and supposed spirits, the use of magical arts, spells, or charms incantation,produced by the act, or the state of being enchanted, as to break an enchantment that invades the heart and senses, an influence or power which fascinates or highly delights in hell.”

The devil is at work people and he will try anything and everything so as to win souls. Please read the print on all things that you buy so as to avoid putting you and your children into things which could ultimately destroy them spiritually.  No one knows what spells have been cast on these little garments.  Worst, for unbelieving parents the attacks are directly at their children and they have no protection.

73 comments to Satanic clothing for children at Jet Stores

  • Anton

    Well people , this is what Jet stands for ….so why don’t we just avoid this storeS ….. put some darn effort into it ….. the buyer / designer or who ever passed this on in Jet stores …. they are the deceiving “in position” people … be careful this is only the start … first tattoos on your body and now the clothes …. people want to be sooooo cool ….and satan is useing them … poor “buggers”

  • sylesa

    Wow, that is shocking that clothing manufacturers would have printed such things on childrens clothing. Ridiculous.

  • Burning Lamp

    Who is the manufacturer for those who don’t have this particular chain of stores?

    Did the lady complain to the store? This is not something you would want to return, but burn. It is a shame that she paid money for it.

    Thanks for this article – hopefully this will send many parents to check the closets of their children. There is an all out attack to gain inroads into our children through music, education, you name it. We must pray over our children each and every day and even throughout the day.

    It seems every day or so one hears about a teacher who has molested children, is into porn,etc. Children are taking drugs to school, it is horrible.

  • Rudolph

    I’m struggling to make the connection here between a dictionary definition of Enchantment and the demon possession of a minor.


    The photos that where posted are a bit grainy and seem to have their corners cut off but I can’t seem to make out the word ‘Hell’ as you have quoted it above.

    I understand the the aforementioned T-shirts have a text definition of the word Enchantment.

    I posted my search results on this specific definition bellow for reference.

    Enchantment Meaning and Definition

    1. (n.) The act of enchanting; the production of certain wonderful effects by the aid of demons, or the agency of supposed spirits; the use of magic arts, spells, or charms; incantation.

    2. (n.) The effect produced by the act; the state of being enchanted; as, to break an enchantment.

    3. (n.) That which captivates the heart and senses; an influence or power which fascinates or highly delights.

    As I do not have access to such a T-shirt, so I am unable to confirm whether your quotation is accurate according to the definition.


    Even if your quotation is correctly quoted. Why should I as child of The Most High God fear anything scribbled on a t-shirt, bad clothing design or not?

    2 Timothy 4:18

    And the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve me unto his heavenly kingdom: to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

    Thus If I am to follow your advice and start my own private little Salem witch burning at my local Jet store, please respond so I know exactly why I should be quaking in my boots about a dictionary definition on a t-shirt.

  • Burning Lamp

    I tried to research and see what company puts these out. I wish the writer had been more specific. Jet Stores carries many different brands. After searching their site, I would NEVER patronize their stores. You can go to their site and look into the brands carried and the immoral messages they send.

    Then as I searched further it became clear that this shirt is just the tip of the iceberg. Harry Potter shirts and some just plain disgusting messages.

    Can you ask the person to be more specific as to who the manufacturer of the shirt is? They should have given this rather than the name of the mall which is insignicant. The REAL info needed is the source of the shirt.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    Unfortunately I have NO idea who sent the ORIGINAL email. I seemed to be the 5th generation receiver of this email. So I am guessing the sender is lost. Maybe we are lucky and they find the site and comment.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    1) If you are a genuine Christian you would feel violated having to wear clothing with such wording because of the HOLY SPIRIT THAT ABIDES IN YOU
    2) If you are a genuine Christian you would NOT put your kids in these clothes because… the Holy Spirit conviction about the situation.
    3) A genuine born again Christian abstains from ALL evil at ALL times and does not TEMPT God by wearing clothings that are clearly demonic in nature.

  • Rudolph


    If we are going to discuss this, please use scripture to substantiate your comments.

    I am somewhat of a fundamentalist by nature and cannot debate such a subject if I don’t have biblical scripture to keep it in context.

    To clarify your questions

    1) By what power will I be violated by wearing such a t-shirt and how could this take place when I have the Holy Spirit inside of me?

    Zechariah 4:4-6 ; 1 Thessalonians 5:23

    2) You claim that the Holy Spirit will convict me for wearing such a t-shirt, please explain what I would be convicted of.

    Matthew 6:25-32 ; Romans 8:3-4

    3) By what do you identify this to be “clearly demonic in nature”?

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    What’s your point? It seems you are all for children wearing clothes like this. And I am in no mood to argue. ALL I will say is this:

    Matthew 18:6 (Amp) 6 But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in and acknowledge and cleave to Me to stumble and sin [that is, who entices him or hinders him in right conduct or thought], it would be better (more expedient and profitable or advantageous) for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be sunk in the depth of the sea.

  • Michael

    If you think there is nothing wrong with this Rudolph I would question whether you are genuinely saved because genuine believers hate sin and have no flirtation with darkness.
    This is a classic example of quoting scripture totally out of context. These scriptures have got absolutely nothing in common with child who advertises blatant evil on a t-shirt.The child is probably unaware and impressionable and unsaved.The point is why is this so attractive to the unsaved world and why tempt God’s wrath and judgement and remember what Jesus warned about those who cause the little ones to stumble.

  • Rudolph

    As I thought.

    No matter. After I read through a few of your articles and comments I realized that your doctrine differs radically from my own beliefs and that to debate even a simple point with you would be a waste of my time.

    Matthew 12:20-28

  • Burning Lamp

    Rudolph, you are clearly NOT a fundamentalist who knows his scripture. If you were you would IMMEDIATELY be able to call from memory (led by the Holy Spirit) multitudes of Scriptures that CLEARLY speak against everything this shirt stands for.

    Even if you get only a portion of the words, that is enough. If the words (clearly visible in the picture), “aid of demons and supposed spirits, the use of magical arts, spells, or charms incantation” enough for you, may God help you!

    If you go to the website for Jet stores and look into the brands they carry and the messages they promote such as premarital sex, etc. you would know that the source is demonic and we are to have NOTHING to do with such things. And you should know that Satan is after the young – to put such a horrible thing on a child would be blasphemous!

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    >> After I read through a few of your articles and comments I realized that your doctrine differs radically from my own beliefs….

    I could have told you that from your first comment.

  • Henriette

    It is terrible that clothes such as this is sold, but it is not only Jet stores that sell clothes like this – you can go into any cloting store – woolworths, Edgards, Pep, Ackermans to name only a few and similar items will be for sale there.

    It is up to us as parents to look closely at what we dress our kids in. I do not buy things that I find offensive but to not buy from a store which is actually affordable (not all of us can shop at edgars or woolies) is stupid. The stores have buyers who source the clothing from factories and it is difficult to pinpoint which factory makes the item in question since many factories produce the items on contract and sew in the label of the brand/store that orders it. (I knew people with a clothing factory that made clothes for mr price and also for edgars and pep.)

    We cannot control what these shops sell but we can spread awareness to others and we just have to be careful what we buy. Maybe if enough of us do not buy these items and the shopss understand why we boicot an item then they will stop stocking stuff like this.

  • Rudolph

    @ Micheal and BL

    Like I said. A waste of time.

    Luke 6:6-11

    Mark 9:14-16

    Mark 9:38

    Matthew 7:1-5

    Matthew 23:25-28

  • Burning Lamp

    Rudolph, consider this verse.

    “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ Matthew 21-23 NKJV

  • Burning Lamp

    Henritte, unfortunately most parents do not take this responsiblity. Christian leaders fail to warn their flocks of such dangers in the world. Church youth leaders don’t teach modesty. As the world becomes darker, these companies will prosper as do other companies tha deal in merchandise that carries a wrong message or harms people.

    As individuals we can take a stand and be an example to our immediate circle of influence.

    If you go to the Jet store website and look into the brands they sell it is a real education and a trip to the seamy side of what is being offered to young people these days. There is an evil spirit behind it. One brand opens with a video of a young girl who wakes up in bed with a young man. Look at what is being “sold” as entertainment on TV and movies. Corruption abounds at every turn.

    Many teens do their own shopping – how many parents monitor this and set standards?

    You are right – Jet is not the only store – it is all about competition and if it sells they will make it.

  • Michael


    Luke 6:6-11

    Mark 9:14-16

    Mark 9:38

    Matthew 7:1-5

    Matthew 23:25-28

    What have these scriptures got to do with blatant evil…satanic occultic advertising on childrens clothing.
    You quote these verses out of context… because itis sadly so obvious that you do not understand how they imply and it is obvious that you have no idea whatsoever what you are commenting about.

  • Rudolph

    [EDITED by DTW: DELETED as Rudolph quotes verses out of context.]

  • sylesa

    jo reggelt mindenkinek! meg nincs hozzaszolas? any hungarians out there?

  • Cassie

    The devil is not at work here are you insane? This is just marketing there just trying to sell there clothes it has nothing to do with religion, do you honestly think the people selling it are going to care as long as a sucker has bought it and believes all the ridiculous crap said on the shirt. And if you see it as a problem ramming religion down children’s throats than bare in mind that you shouldn’t do the same. Children grow up to make there own choices and should not be forced to be against or with something just because there parents do or dont want them to.

  • Burning Lamp

    CAssie, you are the one with your head down a rat hole. What planet are you from? Have you ever read your Bible? The Bible has all kinds of verses pertaining to the proper training of children. Parents are responsible and accountable for teaching their children about Christ and instilling the right values in them.

    You are so naive it is incredible.

  • Michael

    Cassie, tragically it is obvious that you have never experienced Christs saving grace and have an unsaved point of view that is contrary to the Word Of God.
    The conditioning of the mind is an evil today and like propaganda that is used today to control the minds of the sheeplike masses with subtle cliches and slogans by politicians, so the minds of of children are under attack…please do not be so blind and ignorant. Furthermore children are won over by example…love, discipline, fairness and integrity and in the Christian context by the way we manifest this but it is not love to allow these lying subtleties and nonsense fantasies that seem so harmless to the degenerate heart of an unsaved soul that form a sort mindset to the adversion of the truth. We live in a world that is saturated in lies, deception and people today cannot tell what is fundamentality right from wrong . There is a blindness to evil and a mocking attitude to those who stand up for integrity. We have leaders that are criminals etc..etc. and there is contempt for decent ,tough law and order in society today and children are adverse to discipline today…we are becoming weak, selfish and indulgent today…there is no respect any more and more important real caring tough love is not understood today.
    But the scriptures predicted this as it is written in the last days men’s hearts will grow cold (indifferent) which is the opposite to love.

  • Burning Lamp

    Thank you Michael – my response was not seasoned with grace as was yours. Sadly, I think Cassie’s view is all too common in this world.

    I hope she comes to know the Lord.

  • ru

    Children live in a world of fairytales and magic and genies. I think adults because they understand evil and have experienced far worse in their lives and know more about good and bad they will read this and take it seriously and in adult context. my young nephews and nieces would not even understand that statement let alone start becoming bad or worshipping evil because of a t-shirt. if you teach your children well then you should never worry. and p.s i know witches in melbourne who openly practise and also own some of the most beautiful biggest brands in clothing and they put their spells on their labels to be successful, now if you are going to buy their labels and not know im not sure you will be working for the devil. if you go around trying to look for bad you will find it. just be good its enough!! do the best you can do and at the end of the day most people wear clothes made in china made by budhists, i wouldn’t think if you were christian you would now be a budhist advocate. besides fear of a t-shirt is a great sign your faith is not that strong to begin with. let children believe in pirates and santa and people need to educate themselves more and seriously grow up. there is more happening in the world far more important that a t-shirt. seriously??!!

  • Robbie

    Debs, does ignorance not mean “dumb on purpose”?

    Ru, if this is OK what is next?
    Do you think mocking God has a borderline and that it is OK to live on the edge?

    Is this what we call living a holy life?

    1Pe 1:14 As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance:
    1Pe 1:15 But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation;
    1Pe 1:16 Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am HOLY!!

  • Robbie

    Rudolph Blindness Prophesied – and this is context…

    Many Bible prophecies will reach their ultimate fulfillment at the end of the age, just prior to Jesus Christ’s return.

    Notice what Isaiah prophesied about the Israelites’ religious leaders, then and now: “The priest and the prophet have erred… They err in vision, they stumble in judgment” (Isaiah 28:7).
    Isaiah described Israel’s irresponsible leaders: “His watchmen are blind, they are all ignorant… they are shepherds who cannot understand” (Isaiah 56:10–11).

    The Israelite peoples and their religious leaders have become blind, because they have failed to follow the instructions in God’s word (Deuteronomy 28:15, 28).

    This theme runs throughout Scripture (Isaiah 6:9-10; Ezekiel 12:2; 13:1–23). The Apostle Paul explained that Satan actually blinds the minds of those who choose not to believe the Bible (2 Corinthians 4:3-4)

    Rudolph – I used a looking glass, but now I see…

  • Gillian

    Reading all these comments makes me so sad.. The majority of you are followers of Christ, yet you have allowed something like this to cause you to be less than loving to each other which is the one most important thing God asks of us.

    Where there is unity God commands a blessing (Psalm 133) and the enemy has won because he got believers to argue with each other on a platform for the world to see. Using scripture as arrows trying to prove your point. There is a time and place to debate doctrine, in a safe and loving environment, not on a public forum where unbelivers look at us and can’t say that we are known to be Christians because of our love for one another (John 13:35) because there is no love here, just proud people trying to prove their own theology.

    Please guys, don’t let the enemy sow discord amoungst us. We are fighting for the same thing.. Jesus to be famous. Lets put our energy there rather than arguing with each other.

    Be the light..

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Proud people? good grief, what nonsense.

    Thanks for the insult Gillian.

    Love the New Age ending…

    >> Be the light..


  • Cherece

    Well the Devil also used scriptures in the Bible to get Jesus on his side…. I am not saying that is what Rudolph did but Rudolph you have got to listen to all of what God tells us and not just some of it

    The point is that the Bible is not something to argue and fight over…give the person an explenation but dont get rude and uptight when he doesnt listen..once you explained it leave it to the Lord to work with his heart..God will show him the truth

  • Cherece

    I agree 100% with Gillian…
    Burning Lamp… i am very dissapointed in the way you handle things

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    The unity that Gillian speaks of is the same unity that is promoted by these people. ( Do you believe this is BIBLICAL unity?

    Burning Lamp is correct.

  • Gerhard

    I am also with Burning Lamp.

    We do not need Unity at that extent. Tolerance and respect to others opinion, as fruits of Love, is quite more important.

    Honesty and passion for the genuine Truth should be a core component of Christianity. And the quest for the Truth should not take place hidden from the world, quite the contrary!

  • Rich

    I too am disappointed and concerned. Deborah…I came across this blog and read a few of your posts. It seems you twist what people write. “Be the light”…come on, who actually took what she wrote the way you did. I took it in the context as the song most of learned as children.

    I would like to say a lot more about your comments but it wouldn’t change anything so I won’t bother.

    By the way, I wouldn’t let my daughter wear that shirt.

  • Robbie


    >>>The point is that the Bible is not something to argue and fight over<<<

    2Ti 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.

    2Ti 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
    2Ti 3:17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

    aye, Burning Lamp IS correct

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    I do not twist her words, BE THE LIGHT is a very NEW AGE TEACHING. You need to wake up.

  • TrueBeliever

    Lets not argue about this. A true Christian will see way ahead that this is the work of the Devil. God has given us a spirit that convicts and reminds.

    The devil is clearly at work with this T-SHIRT.. and the devil is also at work and he will even use the bible to rattle and confuse Christians…

    Overall… lets avoid the clothing manufacturer or designer.. stop arguing amongst ourselves… :)

  • Jacob Browning

    Does this mean we have to burn our dictionaries for containing satanic words? Seems to me we’re throwing out the baby with the bath water here.

    Some poor Chinese factory worker, that can’t speak more than two words of English, picks the wrong word from the dictionary, and now he’s the agent of satan.

  • Jack Atheist

    This is just ridiculous… A satanic t-shirt? Which might have some black magic curse on it? Come on, that crap doesn’t even exist.

    Secondly: If the devil existed and wanted to do harm to your children, do you really think he’d make it that obvious?

    But there’s no devil, and that is just a t-shirt…

  • Michael

    The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about…so Jack it is futile to debate with ignorance…if you are an antheist I am truly sorry for you.
    Proverbs 9:10…The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.

  • Burning Lamp

    Jack, just curious what you are doing here? You are welcome, but just doesn’t seem like a place where you would have an interest……..just sayin’

  • Arthur

    @Jack Atheist … but there’s no devil, and that is just a t-shirt…

    You are right on both accounts. What you believe has power over you. Some one in my ex church asked me if he can use the US Dollar or even have it in his house as it has the evil eye above the pyramid. Our church also did not like Harry Potter or the gummy bears. How can people be so superstitious in today’s scientific age.

  • Robbie

    … now why would i think of this?

    A religious women upon waking up each morning would open her front door stand on the porch and scream, “Praise the lord.”
    This infuriated her atheist neighbor who would always make sure to counter back, “there is no Lord.” One morning the atheist neighbor overheard his neighbor praying for food.

    Thinking it would be funny, he went and bought her all sorts of groceries and left them on her porch.
    The next morning the lady screamed, “praise the Lord, who gave me this food.” The neighbor laughing so hard he could barely get the words out screamed “it wasn’t the Lord, it was me.”
    The lady without missing a beat screamed “praise the Lord for not only giving me food but making the devil pay for it!!”

  • paul

    Whether you believe in Satan or not is irrelevant, they do. If you cannot see the effects of Satanism and witchcraft spells and curses in this planet, then you are spiritually blind as evidenced by the fact that you are an Atheist.

  • Ezekiel

    Just comes to show we are living in dangerous times. People are rejecting Christ because of worldly influences.

  • Shiyaam

    Symbols of the Illuminati

    Fascinated by symbolism and numerology, the globalist’s favorite tactic is to leave blueprints to their plans “hidden in plain view.” From messages delivered to the masses through the media and films to Time Warner’s all-seeing eye, we are repeatedly reminded by the illuminati themselves that they are controlling us and are omnipresent. World leaders from Clinton to Prince William have been photographed proudly flashing the sign of the devil. Architecture around the globe is laid out to represent their occult icons or structured based on occult numerology (like the pyramid Mitter and had constructed at the Louvre, which is made of 666 pieces of gold glass). The New World Order’s symbolism is everywhere and there are globalist fingerprints all over the September 11th attacks as well as the Madrid train bombing.

    Favorite Illuminati Symbol: The All-Seeing Eye. New World Order Currency: The all-seeing-eye on the dollar bill. Below the illuminati pyramid/eye symbol are the words: “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” which can be translated as: “A new order of the ages”

    The Serpent promised Adam and Eve that their eyes would “be opened” if they ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The key word in this passage is eyes, which in Hebrew can be translated “knowledge.” Opened can be translated “broadened.” What the Serpent promised Adam and Eve was that knowledge would be broadened if they ate of the forbidden fruit.

    But the most foreboding aspect of this Scripture emerges from the fact that the Hebrew word for “eyes” is not plural, but singular. What the Serpent actually told Adam and Eve was that their “eye” would be broadened by knowledge.

    The “eye” that Scripture wants us to consider is not the physical organ of sight, but the eye of the mind or the soul. This singular “eye” is called the “third eye” of clairvoyance in the Hindu religion, the eye of Osiris in Egypt, and the All-Seeing Eye in Freemasonry. (SOURCE: John Daniel, Scarlet and the Beast , Vol. III, pp. 6-7)

    The all-seeing eye is the elite’s favorite symbol. It represents the eye of Lucifer, seeing all and is usually atop a pyramid, the symbol for a top-down command and control system of compartmentalization.

    Below are just some examples of the all-seeing eye hidden in plain view from the US and UK government and in corporate logos:

    US and UK Government Examples of the All-Seeing Eye

    This absurdly in-your-face example of illuminati symbolism (and intent) is the logo for a new Orwellian DARPA division, “Total Information Awareness.” When the logo and the office became public, outrage led to DARPA’s saying they were canceling the project.

    of course, the project is still in force, just under different guises.

    The logo depicts the all-seeing eye at the top of a pyramid beaming down on the globe.

    yes, this poster is real and was put out by the UK government. It could have been a 1940’s movie poster for 1984, but this image was distributed across London to publicize London Transport’s increased use of CCTV on buses.

    The art is reminiscent of the propaganda posters of WWII or of totalitarian regimes, and portrays multiple all-seeing eyes stylized along the lines of the eye of Osiris below the words, “Secure beneath the watchful eyes.”

    The all-seeing-eye on the dollar bill, which Americans see every time they make a cash transaction. Below the illuminati pyramid/eye symbol are the words: “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” which can be translated as: ‘ A new order of the ages”



  • 5th Prince

    [deleted – I don’t accept comments from Satan]

  • NM

    the word says watch & pray, watch for wat such things that are happening, pray for wat? the spirit of discernment, to understand and b able to discern the spirits….

  • SPN

    Having gone through all the comments, it is clear as day light that prophesies are being fulfilled whether we like it or not all people won’t believe. The devil also seek those who are going with him to eternal destruction. We have to expel an immoral brother as Apostle Paul commanded. We are living at the end times and we cannot relent as the devil means business, we have to harness our strength in Christ, and rebuke the devil he will flee from us. As Christians we have the Anointing an he doesn’t, we are given the “Rhema” and we must believe it, we can not afford to take sides with the oblivious lot because they are chose to be clueless in the ways of God and the Bible; yet there is still hope for them, God loves every individual as long as you are still alive, until the momentyou slip into hell, He cares, He believes that you can at any moment change your mind and come to His Grace, so stop defending the enemy for he cares for none. The 666 mark of the beast is prophesied and indisputable that it will be. We are Christians are npt astonished we must only be precautious and teach our children to be vigilant!

  • Hanelie

    I want to share from my own experience as briefly as I can, about this invasion of Satanic symbols. Many churches argue that symbols and items have no power. I don’t want to ascribe power to things that don’t have it either. But, I won’t host or wear one of the enemy’s symbols. And, I won’t open doors in my life or home for him to wreak havoc by being ignorant in this regard.

    When my daughter was 8-years old, she was troubled by headaches (with no apparent cause). I consulted various physicians, but they also found nothing. At the same time, she started to see things in her room at night: people or images floating above her bed.

    At the time, I was (foolishly) allowing her to watch Wizards of the Waverly Place, even though everything about it bothered me – the content, the witchcraft, the occult symbols (how foolish can you get?!).

    One afternoon, a friend of hers asked her how she, as a Jesus-child, could watch this. A series of God-inspired events followed: during one of these, she heard someone read Deut. 18:11, turned to me and said, “But, then I can no longer watch this!”. And that was that. When paying closer attention to my kids’ toys and clothes, I came across many occult symbols. They got rid of it all without any encouragement. Satan immediately tried to hook us with fear, but we fought it with Eph. 6: 10-20.

    A month or two later, I suddenly realized that the head aches had disappeared and she was sleeping through the night (for the first time since birth!). Both my kids are taking a strong stand in this regard in school, choosing not to read certain books or attend certain outings. Both have had a hard time as result.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    Yes, tv, toys, all sorts of things can bring demonic activity onto kids. I know, as kids my brother was plagued by strange things all because he watched He Man and Thunder Cats, etc. My mom had to get rid of all that stuff before the ‘things’ in his room left. But it was not plain sailing either. They tried to come back. I also took a stand at school when I was very young against all evil things, and was the laughing stock of the school. Please I ask that you watch your kids closely as they grow up… I ended up rebelling as a teenager, even though I knew the truth about Jesus and I had experienced demonic stuff first hand, I still went off the rails.

  • Hanelie

    ^^ Thank you for that advice, Deborah. I needed to hear that today; it’s an area I have neglected a bit recently. One of my “fears” is that they would stop speaking for Christ as a result.

  • Paul (Continue in His Word)


    You wrote:
    >>When paying closer attention to my kids’ toys and clothes, I came across many occult symbols. They got rid of it all without any encouragement.

    Have you got rid of the most dangerous toy in you home as well? I mean the TV set. When you sit your kids in front of the TV set, you have decided to loose them. In fact, you have lost them already. I pray for you that your eyes will be opened and you will throw that devil’s tool out the door. More than anything else, the TV receptor is the window through which the devil gets access into believers homes.
    I don’t want to be unkind or hypocritical, but its time we tell each other the plain truth, because the time is short. I too used to have a TV set in our home, though we never had cable TV. We used to use it to let our kids watch cartoons and some kids programs, but we’ve got rid of it altogether. The filth is simply too much, and there is almost nothing on TV that is not permeated with Hollywood trash. TV is a family killer.

    Please read this parody of Psalm 23

    Channel 23
    By Michael Pearl

    A modern Psalm taken from “The New International Unchristian Perversion.”
    “The TV is my shepherd, I shall not want anything else. It maketh me to lie down on the sofa. It leadeth me away from the Scripture. It destroys my soul. It leadeth me in the paths of sex and violence for the sponsors sake, Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will enjoy the evil, for blood and sex they excite me. It’s cable and remote they comfort me. It prepares a commercial before me in the presence of my children. It anoints my head with humanism, My coveting runneth over. Surely laziness and ignorance shall follow my family all the days of our lives, and we shall dwell in the house watching TV forever.”

    But don’t worry parents, as you know the TV doesn’t have any influence on the children of parents who don’t want it to influence them. That’s why the sponsors only advertise products you have already decided to buy.


  • fefe

    Just wana throw it out there …
    NOTHING WRONG WITH TATTOOS like someone mentioned. Since when is it ok for “Christians” to judge ppl? !?
    I have over 20 tattoos & most of these so called “Christians”…not saying all, but most look at me in disgust..
    They judge based on nothing but my looks when they know absolutely nothing about me personality wise :'(


    I am a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN and Jesus says in his word to be carefull of Satan’s devices. This is clearly one of his workers and works. Abstain from all presence of EVIL. SATAN IS CLEARLY USING THIS COMPANY TO FURTHER HIS WORK.

    HOORAH FOR ALL JESUS’S PEOPLE!!! WE are not ignorant of his devices.

  • Osito

    I wonder if it will bother RUDOLHP if he wear s a shirt that states “I AM AN IDIOT”

  • Ben

    People who do not know the signs of Satanism think you are an idiot when you mention it to them, but what they do not realize that Satan is as real as Jesus. He too has his followers and are, as Christians are, known by their works and signs…People should educate themselves and accept that these things are as real as life itself. Jesus said that He saw Satan fall from heaven. That he is on this earth knowing his time is limited and that he will try to lead people away from God. Satan has done an extremely “good” job thus far. He certainly has many followers in very high places all over the globe…

    Now for my input on satanic signs… I saw a poster in Mr Price a few days ago. On the left two people covering one eye each. On the right a lady covering one eye (The single-eye shot represents Eye of Lucifer or Eye of Horus—in a pathetic attempt to duplicate Omniscience of God) and holding her hand in a sign suggesting 666. Next to her three people with mouths open as if shouting with joy, but that is not the main focus. Their tongues are very prominent. (The protruding tongue is a symbol of fertility, sexual and demonic power.) It is subtle, but a very suggestive poster. Go have a look. People with the proper knowledge will tell you immediately what it means…

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    Wow, that’s incredible… I will go have a look.

  • Rudolph wrote:

    By what power will I be violated by wearing such a t-shirt and how could this take place when I have the Holy Spirit inside of me?

    If you have the Holy Spirit inside of you, you won’t wear rubbish like this and least of all allow your kids to wear it.

  • Gia chapman

    I’m so thankful other are speaking out on these evils. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Oct 27,2014. I chose to go all natural to heal cancer out if my body. By Gods grace I’m healthy now. As I teseached why out water and food had chemicals in them and who was doing it and why I was astonished. I continued to research and spent hours and hours findng out about the illusion we are all living in. I have a story as well when it comes to these demonic signs on clothing and skateboards etc. Music, TV, electronics, they are all apart of mon controlling and they are all geared for out children especially. I’m a strong christian woman and would have never ever allowed these things in my home. I was under top of everything. Here’s the problem. I was asleep in a way. With six children and a very busy life I did not notive things that were right I front of me. I searched Twitter and taught my children about things right from wrong. We serve Christ and Christ alone and had rules in our home. This stuff is so sneaky yet right in out faces. It’s demonic and it brainwashes out children and adults into thinking it’s not that big if a deal. Satanic subliminal messages have been around for years right? That’s true but in this day and age its everywhere we turn and it’s not in records that are being played backwards its EVERYWHERE. I can’t even shop at a local store without illuminati sign all over the place. Toght in out faces on the clothing. My son was attacked by something and would not leave my side and got rid of the demonic skate brand stickers and boards on his room but like someone else said they like to come back and attack. As a believer I’m so thankful to know that God is in control. We don’t have to fear. We do need to make a stand and speak up. First not allow this stuff in our home. Not to allow these things to harm our children. But also to spread the word. I wish I would have known of these things. I was killing myself trying to protect my family. Now that my eyes are open its real simple. Stop buying into this filth. T.V., Clothing, video games, music etc. It’s not easy when you take things away that you’re older children are accustomed too but it’s worth it in the end. I’ve been called crazy several times. I’ve had a ton of opposition. I believe the road is narrow. The christian walk is narrow. We should look radically different than the world.

  • Gia chapman

    How can I out a profile pin in. I don’t like that monster looking dude.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Hi Gia

    You go to and you open and account and then you upload a pic you want to use, then you link your email address to the picture and bob’s your uncle everywhere you use that email address your gravatar pic will show up.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    >> I’m so thankful other are speaking out on these evils. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Oct 27,2014. I chose to go all natural to heal cancer out if my body. By Gods grace I’m healthy now

    That is awesome :)

  • Unknown

    Who cares -_-, its just clothing, clothing is clothing, would you rather be naked ?
    im sorry, but to be honest, most people love clothing like this…

  • Unknown

    You would say that when you have the numbers 666 in your email address. And you want us to listen to what you say? I think not.

  • Business is business. Clothes are clothes.

  • sum1

    Yes, and Satan is Satan who wishes to take you to hell with him. Nice, isn’t it?

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