Satanic clothing for children at Jet Stores

I received this via email:

Dear friends

Please pass on to as many people as you possibly can to stop this evil.

It was on a Thursday the 16th of December when I went to Westgate Mall to buy some clothes for the young ones. I was delighted to see the specials at Jet Stores and how cheap and packed the shelves were, I bought more for the same budget I put in place. Suddenly I saw this beautiful and attractive t-shirt for girls, pink and printed beautiful words like “Glamorous, Enchantment, Love and Kisses” with butterfly and some shoe on it, and we thought “the girls are gonna love it.”

When we got home, my fiancé read the little fine print underneath the beautiful writings and to her shock, the devil has planted his signal. The attached pictures are not that visible but when you step into Jet stores you can read for yourself…

The print reads:

“Enchanting: the production of certain wonderful effects by the aid of demons and supposed spirits, the use of magical arts, spells, or charms incantation,produced by the act, or the state of being enchanted, as to break an enchantment that invades the heart and senses, an influence or power which fascinates or highly delights in hell.”

The devil is at work people and he will try anything and everything so as to win souls. Please read the print on all things that you buy so as to avoid putting you and your children into things which could ultimately destroy them spiritually.  No one knows what spells have been cast on these little garments.  Worst, for unbelieving parents the attacks are directly at their children and they have no protection.

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  1. Osito says:

    I wonder if it will bother RUDOLHP if he wear s a shirt that states “I AM AN IDIOT”

  2. Ben says:

    People who do not know the signs of Satanism think you are an idiot when you mention it to them, but what they do not realize that Satan is as real as Jesus. He too has his followers and are, as Christians are, known by their works and signs…People should educate themselves and accept that these things are as real as life itself. Jesus said that He saw Satan fall from heaven. That he is on this earth knowing his time is limited and that he will try to lead people away from God. Satan has done an extremely “good” job thus far. He certainly has many followers in very high places all over the globe…

    Now for my input on satanic signs… I saw a poster in Mr Price a few days ago. On the left two people covering one eye each. On the right a lady covering one eye (The single-eye shot represents Eye of Lucifer or Eye of Horus—in a pathetic attempt to duplicate Omniscience of God) and holding her hand in a sign suggesting 666. Next to her three people with mouths open as if shouting with joy, but that is not the main focus. Their tongues are very prominent. (The protruding tongue is a symbol of fertility, sexual and demonic power.) It is subtle, but a very suggestive poster. Go have a look. People with the proper knowledge will tell you immediately what it means…

  3. Ben

    Wow, that’s incredible… I will go have a look.

  4. Rudolph wrote:

    By what power will I be violated by wearing such a t-shirt and how could this take place when I have the Holy Spirit inside of me?

    If you have the Holy Spirit inside of you, you won’t wear rubbish like this and least of all allow your kids to wear it.

  5. Gia chapman says:

    I’m so thankful other are speaking out on these evils. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Oct 27,2014. I chose to go all natural to heal cancer out if my body. By Gods grace I’m healthy now. As I teseached why out water and food had chemicals in them and who was doing it and why I was astonished. I continued to research and spent hours and hours findng out about the illusion we are all living in. I have a story as well when it comes to these demonic signs on clothing and skateboards etc. Music, TV, electronics, they are all apart of mon controlling and they are all geared for out children especially. I’m a strong christian woman and would have never ever allowed these things in my home. I was under top of everything. Here’s the problem. I was asleep in a way. With six children and a very busy life I did not notive things that were right I front of me. I searched Twitter and taught my children about things right from wrong. We serve Christ and Christ alone and had rules in our home. This stuff is so sneaky yet right in out faces. It’s demonic and it brainwashes out children and adults into thinking it’s not that big if a deal. Satanic subliminal messages have been around for years right? That’s true but in this day and age its everywhere we turn and it’s not in records that are being played backwards its EVERYWHERE. I can’t even shop at a local store without illuminati sign all over the place. Toght in out faces on the clothing. My son was attacked by something and would not leave my side and got rid of the demonic skate brand stickers and boards on his room but like someone else said they like to come back and attack. As a believer I’m so thankful to know that God is in control. We don’t have to fear. We do need to make a stand and speak up. First not allow this stuff in our home. Not to allow these things to harm our children. But also to spread the word. I wish I would have known of these things. I was killing myself trying to protect my family. Now that my eyes are open its real simple. Stop buying into this filth. T.V., Clothing, video games, music etc. It’s not easy when you take things away that you’re older children are accustomed too but it’s worth it in the end. I’ve been called crazy several times. I’ve had a ton of opposition. I believe the road is narrow. The christian walk is narrow. We should look radically different than the world.

  6. Gia chapman says:

    How can I out a profile pin in. I don’t like that monster looking dude.

  7. Hi Gia

    You go to and you open and account and then you upload a pic you want to use, then you link your email address to the picture and bob’s your uncle everywhere you use that email address your gravatar pic will show up.

  8. Gia

    >> I’m so thankful other are speaking out on these evils. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Oct 27,2014. I chose to go all natural to heal cancer out if my body. By Gods grace I’m healthy now

    That is awesome 🙂

  9. Unknown says:

    Who cares -_-, its just clothing, clothing is clothing, would you rather be naked ?
    im sorry, but to be honest, most people love clothing like this…

  10. Unknown

    You would say that when you have the numbers 666 in your email address. And you want us to listen to what you say? I think not.

  11. sum1 says:

    Business is business. Clothes are clothes.

  12. sum1

    Yes, and Satan is Satan who wishes to take you to hell with him. Nice, isn’t it?

  13. ekofo ekanga says:

    Gillian wrote:

    Reading all these comments makes me so sad.. The majority of you are followers of Christ, yet you have allowed something like this to cause you to be less than loving to each other which is the one most important thing God asks of us.

    Where there is unity God commands a blessing (Psalm 133) and the enemy has won because he got believers to argue with each other on a platform for the world to see. Using scripture as arrows trying to prove your point. There is a time and place to debate doctrine, in a safe and loving environment, not on a public forum where unbelivers look at us and can’t say that we are known to be Christians because of our love for one another (John 13:35) because there is no love here, just proud people trying to prove their own theology.

    Please guys, don’t let the enemy sow discord amoungst us. We are fighting for the same thing.. Jesus to be famous. Lets put our energy there rather than arguing with each other.

    Be the light..

    I agree 100%

  14. ekofo ekanga

    Jesus Christ, Paul, and the other disciples debated and contended for the faith that was once delivered to the saints in the synagogues, in public places and in private. Paul rebuked Peter in the open and before everyone else when he failed to walk according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. According to you, the false teachers and prophets may say and do whatever they will in public to deceive and lead others astray whilst we are not supposed to refute and rebuke them in public because it is supposedly so unloving. Brethren can only dwell together in unity when truth and faithfulness to God’s doctrines are uppermost in their minds. Unity without truth is not unity. It is a false unity and of the devil.

    We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error. (1 John 4:6)

    You said:

    Please guys, don’t let the enemy sow discord amoungst us.

    God says:

    For first of all, when ye come together in the church, I hear that there be divisions among you; and I partly believe it. For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you. (1 Corinthians 11:18-19)

    You cannot and may not agree 100% with something that is not of God. By the way, what is it about saranic clothing for children at Jet Stores with which you agree 100%?

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