Illuminati Clothing at your Favorite Fashion Outlet

 Illuminati Clothing collageIlluminati Clothing at your Favorite Fashion Outlet in South Africa

So I was doing my shopping the other day here in South Africa (where I live) and walked past a clothing outlet called Factorie that sells the latest fashionable clothes to youngsters.

And as I walked past my eyeballs saw a manikin dressed in Illuminati clothing in the window.  I rubbed by eyes and had to do a double take to make sure I was seeing correctly.  And sure as nuts there it was… (see pictures below)

factorie-illuminati clothing

Picture 1

factorie-illuminati jewellery triangles

Picture 2

The (picture 1) shows us the ‘All Seeing Eye’ printed on a long sleeve shirt. The (second picture – picture 2) is a pendant of 2 triangles overlapping one another, this represents ‘divine change’ – as per occultism when humans look inward and find their god within they become more divine.

If you go to Factorie’s website you get the following below;  I have circled in red the girl wearing the “All Seeing Eye” long sleeve shirt and I have circled the S’s that are styled in a font that is known as the ‘satanic S’, the style also represents a lightening bolt and means ‘the destroyer’.

factorie fashion

The fashion industry are starting off small by inserting these satanic symbols onto everyday youngsters clothing.  However, it’s going to become more and more prevalent to the point that one day soon, everything in the fashion industry will be blatantly satanic.

If you go and do a search for Illuminati Clothing on Google you will get a shock at the number of online clothing outlets selling satanic clothing – it is now fashionable today to wear inverted crosses, pentagrams, the number 666, triangles and the All Seeing Eye, etc, etc.

Here are some online stores selling Illuminati clothing

And of course we have the music industry to help push this satanic clothing onto their millions and millions of listeners who all want to mimic their favourite pop star.

Below is a collage I made of some of the T-shirt prints that are out there that are becoming fashionable and acceptable to wear. It is interesting to note that the group called ‘Anonymous’ who portray themselves as anti New World Order are in fact pro New World Order and are trying to usher in the antiChrist through chaos.

 Illuminati Clothing collage

Jesus please come soon!  See here:  Rapture

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Deborah (Discerning the World)

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