Hindu Symbols In, Christian Symbols Out

hindu symbols - christian symbolsCambridge, Mass. Hindu Yoga Accepted While Christian Symbols Are Taken Down

MADISON, Wis., Sept. 30 /Christian Newswire/ —

The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts has pictures of yoga positions on parking ticket envelopes while Christian symbols are being taken down throughout the United States.

Forty thousand citations have been issued by Cambridge parking officers with yoga positions on the front of parking ticket envelopes. Instructions are given to show people how to do the yoga positions. Yoga is a ‘symbol’ of Hinduism.

Officials say the tickets are used to lead to a “peaceful exchange” between officers and the public. Cambridge officers hand out 340,000 parking tickets per year.

However, throughout the United States, Christian symbols are being removed from many public places. Schools, courthouses, and other public buildings have been forced to remove Christian symbols.

The ACLU and other atheist organizations have worked overtime to make sure Christian symbols are taken down. However, they are silent as yoga is propagated in our schools and public buildings, and now on parking tickets.

Yoga is a ‘symbol’ of Hinduism. Hindu leaders know this and they are pleased that yoga is making headway. Rajan Zed, Hindu statesmen, sent out a news release thanking Cambridge for their promotion of yoga.

Zed says “Yoga was based on a eightfold path to direct the practitioner from awareness of the external world to focus on the inner.” Swami Vivekananda brought yoga to the United States in 1893. About 16 million Americans now do yoga.

Some say that Christians can practice yoga, however, yoga is a spiritual exercise. It goes beyond normal stretching.

ChristianInvestigator.com President Steve McConkey says, “Yoga, being a symbol of Hinduism, is pushed by some Christians without realizing yoga promotes Hinduism, spiritually and symbolically.”

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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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  1. Moemsie says:

    Yes Deborah it is amazing how the Hindu belief system (as well as Buddhism) eased into the mainstream of our Western life! What is so sad is that only a few people are alert to the fact that yoga is a pure religious ritual! The yoking with the soul to the `oversoul`(the big nothing/nirvana the all/ Brahman)! Or as I understand it one`s willingness to be dissolved like a disprin into nothing (mass consciousness of being -zero!0 ?!

    The 12 yoga positions are the 12 worship positions to the Sun god! A Learner in my class quite proudly showed me her yoga book and she had all the children in knots-trying to teach them the positions-I told her that it were worship positions and a religious exercise and told her that most yoga books will insert info about some guru and some Hindu philosophy. She paged through her book and exclaimed that yes-in the back cover the Swami sits in his lotus position-and in the book the 12 positions are explained as the worship positions to the sun!

    I have a newspaper clipping from The Weekend post here in the Eastern Cape featuring an article by Anoop Kumar (SAT 11 April 2009) “…..2012 will be a great year of spiritual transformation or type of apocalypse -and as more and more people turn to yoga, meditation and spiritualism it is thought that this spiritual transformation of the the earth and its people might be well under way…. 2012 will herald a momentous shift in human consciousness”

    Truly perilous times

    The ramming of yoga and other `easternisms` down our throughts via the main stream media indicates the serious attempt to orchestrate the `delusion` on us all- and those of us who reject this `herding` of our consciousnesses will be not be`welcome` post 2012?

  2. Moemsie

    Absolutely correct you are. Regarding 2012 – yes they await a huge shift in consciousness across the whole world. I myself am excited because Jesus is just around the corner too ūüôā

  3. antonio says:


  4. mom4truth says:

    Thank you for sharing that article, Moemsie. There is a huge conversation right now about UFO’s and aliens making contact in 2012. It sounds utterly ridiculous to me, but the world is swallowing this new-age jargon hook, line, and sinker. I don’t believe God is confined to man-made timelines, but all of this talk about 2012 has me pretty sure the NWO is gearing up for a 2012 take-over, which excites me heart that our Lord and Savior might be here in the next year. Wow. “Maranatha’s” the word around our house!

    Antonio- you crack me up. You’re right, but you crack me up!

  5. mom4truth says:

    Excites ‘me’ heart? Now I sound like a pirate…

  6. nj-yogini says:

    An avid practitioner of yoga. A survivor of sexual abuse at age 5 and 13. Later confessed this a MY indescretion in the church. No one bothered to ask me my age in the confessional and I carried this burden for many years as MY shame. Without me telling ANYONE at the yoga studio, the instructors taught me to love my body and helped me to heal. So to any Christians against yoga, I can surely tell you that I will be forever grateful to my many teachers/angels in this life, including those beautiful people at the yoga studios across America where I’ve practiced.

    This Goddess now has a Beautiful Soul!

  7. nj-yongini

    So based on your logic, because the cult showed you love it makes what you are doing ok? Interesting.

  8. nj-yogini says:



  9. nj-yogini

    Which church did you go to? Were you catholic?

  10. nj-yogini says:

    Yes, Catholic.

    I’m grateful for the steps the church is taking these days, in many areas.

    A correction regarding the 12 yoga positions mentioned above, there are many more than 12 positions. Not sure if the dialogue is in reference to the actual pictures on the tickets or yoga in general.

    I’m really not here to debate or argue, merely share that there are many modes of healing, prayer, living, and worship. From a monotheistic perspective, the One God, is creator of all; aspects and methods of worship all return to the same One.

    Many churches are now sponsoring meditation and yoga on site these days.

  11. nj-yongini

    Just something that I think you should know. Roman Catholicism is NOT Christian. It is in fact a pagan religion that worships Mithra (Sun god), Mary (Isis) Queen of Heaven (Goddess of fertility) and her son Jesus or (Horus). Catholicism has long gone under the banner of Christianity yet they have murdered millions using the name of God and Jesus in vein.

  12. nj-yogini says:

    Hmmm…Your opinions are very scary. Cult inspired. Don’t bother posting more. You may be looking for words, God wrote them in my heart of Love.

    Don’t bother writing back; I’ll be out enjoying the Sun. You try living without it!

    Blessed Be.

  13. nj-yogini

    Do you see the irony. The church you despise so much (pagan) drove you to other pagan religions. You were never Christian. You can not oppose Catholicism as the Queen of Heaven has a HEART of LOVE as well. You can’t tell me I am wrong when you don’t know the truth – go research and then come back and tell me I am spinning wild stories.

    If you would like to know the REAL Jesus Christ of GENUINE Christianity then you will find Him here:

  14. john says:

    why western Christians afraid of yoga. yoga means union with one supreme being. in Indian philosophy,there is no division between soul, mind and body but these all work together and move towards to the supreme being. yoga helps people to control body and mind. it gives peace and helps people to reorganise the divine presence in us. I hope that in early centuries church assimilated many ancient Greek philosophers ideas as Christian ideas. so open our mind and heart, let knowledge come to us from every side. let Fresh air enter in us from every side.

  15. Tony Conrad says:

    In the end one has to go by the Word of God. We know that we can approach Jesus to get to God and that Jesus is the only way. One can argue all day about religion. The scripture says have you faith? Have it to yourself. Salvation comes throught the gospel and that is what we must spread.

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