A Fascinating Interview with Barack Obama

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  1. Jemfishie says:

    For a christian, Obama sure has amazing knowledge, understanding and insight into the New Age Anti-Christ one World Religion. He has made it perfectly clear that any message, or Bible reference to the mention of sin in any way or form, be it asking for forgiveness or saying sorry, to our Lord Jesus Christ the one and only Son of the Living God, it totally and utterly unacceptable.

  2. alastairblake says:

    well doesnt this flow nicely with Benny Hinn’s statments (as seen in your article: Benny Hinn – Obama is a Good Man, a Christian Man )

  3. Martin Horan says:

    Thank you very much for this article on Obama. It’s a pity this article isn’t well-known to American Christians.
    However, Churchianity at large would probably think that this shows President Obama to be a true Christian. Thanks again, Debs.

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