Mandela, Maitreya and a Rainbow Nation

Nelson Mandela, Maitreya and a Rainbow Nation

Mandela, Maitreya and South Africa a Rainbow Nation

I wrote the above article on the 5th April 2008 last year. I was not going to re-post this article until yesterday when I wrote the following article: “Transfiguration to Take Over Africa and Then the World”  When you read the two you will see why they are two pieces of a puzzle that fit together. (See link for other article below.)

You know for a long time I have thought that a ‘miracle’ of sorts did indeed happened in South Africa after Mandela was released from prison.  No civil war, no bloodshed, it was almost as though it was just another day (a tense one, yes) but peaceful and full of hope.  Since 1994 I have been pondering what happened back then;  was it God or was it something else?  My question was answered recently when I stumbled across this information.  I have known about Maitreya for a long time, I did not however know that he had shown himself to Nelson Mandela.

So while doing research on religious movements in South Africa, it became very apparent that once again South Africa will be something ‘special’ in the eyes of the rest of the world.

  1. We were the leaders and the country to learn from when it came to;  turning a very volatile situation into a peaceful situation;  Mandela was released from prison after serving 27 years with a spirit of forgiveness towards the National Party government who put him in prison.  Then a national vote took place and Mandela was peacefully voted in as president of South Africa (something like this is unheard of).
  2. Now our next big project that the rest of the world is going to learn from;  taking a one world religion / spiritual transformation and spreading it across Africa –  this will then spread to the rest of the world.  The rest of the world will look upon Africa with hopeful eyes, as Africa a hopless continent is radically transformed.

South Africa is called the Rainbow nation.

The rainbow—, bright, elusive, and heavenly—plays a magical, otherworldly part in most ancient and modern belief systems around the world. Again we see the myriad of human beliefs concerning the rainbow. The complex diversity of rainbow myth is far-reaching; its inherent similarities are also. Whether as a bridge to the heavens, a messenger to the gods, divine archer’s bow, or mystic intangible entity, the rainbow persists as a multifaceted lesson. Because while any particular idea (i.e. the rainbow) can be perceived in one way to one personsomeone else can picture that idea in a very different way. And while we may not be able to fully explain the workings of the world or the purpose of life—we cannot avoid exposing our deepest hopes and fears in the search for truth.

So the Rainbow in effect represents the many paths, the many religions, a myriad of human beliefs. The Rainbow is what bidges all faiths together.  In fact if you want to get really scientific “White light separates into different colours on entering the raindrop because red light is refracted by a lesser angle than blue light. On leaving the raindrop, the red rays have turned through a smaller angle than the blue rays, producing a rainbow.”  So White light [God] seperates into different colours [multiple faiths].

As one person perceives a rainbow in one way (i.e., as a person walks their path with it’s own lessons), others can view the rainbow from a different perspective (i.e., as they walk their different paths with it’s own lessons).  But no matter which path they take the paths all lead back to the same point.


Now I am going to focus on the miracle where Mandela is released from prison. F.W. de Klerk the president of South Africa at the time, gives the ANC the country of South Africa on a silver platter and everyone lives happily ever after.

Here are snippets from websites about Maitreya meeting Mandela:

This is taken from Share International by Benjamin Creme who a Maitreya’s channeler. However Maitreya is revealing himself more and more to individuals around the world, so Benjamin Creme’s might be out of a job soon.

“Where peoples were oppressed and imprisoned for demanding their rights, their leaders incarcerated, their voices muzzled, Maitreya’s direct advice led to the liberation, not just of one man (as in the case of Nelson Mandela), but of a whole nation.” [1]
“If, just a few years ago, someone had said that Nelson Mandela, in prison for 27 years, a leader of an illegal organization (the ANC), would not only be released, but be elected President, the leader of a new society, ending for ever apartheid in South Africa, we would not have believed it possible.” [1]
“And yet that is what happened, against all expectations. Maitreya appeared to Nelson Mandela in his cell and inspired him to meet with President de Klerk and to create a new constitution in South Africa.” [1]
“The energies of Aquarius, synthesis and brotherhood, and Maitreya’s energy of Love have inspired men and women to bring about the changes in the world, which He forecast. In 1988, He forecast the release of Nelson Mandela and the process of détente in South Africa. Again in 1988, when Mrs. Thatcher was at the peak of her powers, Maitreya said that she would resign. In the same year, He stated that governments everywhere would have to give way to the “voice of the people”, a statement which found its most impressive proof in Eastern Europe. Furthermore, Maitreya forecast the cease-fire between Iran and Iraq; the withdrawal of foreign troops from Angola; the global rapproachement between guerrilla forces and national governments; the Armenian earthquake in 1988, and those in California and China in 1989; the internal problems of the Soviet Union; the establishment of peace in Lebanon. In 1988 He promised: “Many people will be healed from AIDS through the practice of prayer”. ” [2]

There are some world leaders and politicians who openly speak about meeting Maitreya.Among them are the former South African president Nelson Mandela, the president of South Korea and Nobel Laureate for Peace Kim Dae Jung, and American diplomat Wayne Peterson. Because of energies of extraordinary love and peace emanating from him, and due to his known image from the Christian religion, some have recognised him as the historic Christ. His name, as he himself says, is not important.” [3]

Wayne Peterson (an American Diplomat) tells how he heard Mandela himself mentioning at a conference in Washington DC that he met Maitreya, The Christ:

By Carol Bedrosian
Publisher and Editor of Spirit of Change Magazine  [4]

“In mid-December, I received an announcement about a new book called Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings: Experiences of an American Diplomat with Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom, with an invitation to interview the author. The book, by retired foreign service diplomat Wayne Peterson, tells the story of how he first met Maitreya, (whom he and others refer to as the Christ,) and the group of highly evolved spiritual beings called the Masters, who surround Maitreya and oversee the evolution of our planet. The book follows Peterson’s career in government service where he met many other highly-placed people who have had similar experiences of Maitreya and gives hope that the possibility of making our world a better place is more than just a dream. In fact, the book reports, many key leaders are already in place to enact change when the time is right. I strategically placed the letter within view to the side of my desk because I thought that maybe the time had arrived to give this teacher and his message a closer look”

Carol: You mentioned some high ranking public figures in the book. Can you name some of those people?

Wayne: There are a few people who have spoken out. I heard Nelson Mandela, myself, in Washington, DC talk about the Christ visiting him in his prison cell. When we look at the Soviet Union during the Cold War and wonder how that broke down, I think we have to look toward Mikhail Gorbachev who was the leader at that time. There is a certain friend of mine, who is also an important figure in Washington, that I gave a book to about Maitreya’s mission. Unfortunately, I can’t mention his name because that is one of the things that I promised I wouldn’t do. This man was invited to attend a meeting in Europe with a group of world leaders who got together to talk about Maitreya and our changing times because he had given a speech and included so much of Maitreya’s material out of the book that I had given him. The other world leaders recognized what he was saying and asked, “how did you get this information?” He said, “my friend Wayne insisted that I read this book” and they said, “ah-ha, you know about Maitreya.” They made it known to him that everyone around that table knew of Maitreya, even though they could not come out and use their names for fear of losing contact with the people that they represented. There was one man in the room, though, that stood up and said, “I don’t care if you use my name,” and that was Mikhail Gorbachev.

Carol: I understand that Maitreya appeared in quite a spectacular way in Africa.

Wayne: Yes, in Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa in 1988. It was carried on CNN and covered extremely well in this country with the headlines “Could this be Jesus Christ returned?” Certainly the 7,000 people in Nairobi that saw him believed it was. There could be a number of reasons why he appeared so publicly in Africa – of course Africa being the poorest continent. I think that was a sign that he was reaching out to the people that were probably suffering the most, not only from lack of trade, but lack of food as well. A lot of people starve in Africa, and then there is a huge refugee problem with the small tribal wars that have been going on in Africa. Maitreya said that it is Africans that would be the first people to come and support Him.”


Wayne Petersons Book:   Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings: Experiences of an American Diplomat with Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom [5]

Wayne S Peterson Extraordinary Times Extraordinary BeingsAll major religions of the world are expecting him. Christians know him as the Christ. Jews are still awaiting the Messiah. Hindus anticipate the coming of Krishna. Muslims are expecting the Imam Mahdi. And Buddhists call him the Fifth (Maitreya) Buddha. The names are all different, but many believe they all refer to the same person: a world Teacher who is among us now, and is called Maitreya. But he does not come as a religious leader. He is here as a guide for people of all religions, all countries, all societies. In this age of crisis, he is here to inspire all of us to put down the sword of religious, social, and economic strife, and to seek justice based on sharing and global cooperation of the human family. His message is that of all great teachers of the ageless wisdom: peace, love, the golden rule.

Some very prominent world leaders and celebrities, and many others, are aware of Maitreya’s reappearance, but are not yet prepared to go public due to the possible effect on their professional reputations; however, many believe that itas just a matter of time before everyone will recognize that the world teacher is back, living among us

More quotes from Wayne Peterson:  [6]

“But as also Benjamin Creme is saying: Gorbatchev, Mikhail Gorbachev is one who doesn’t mind speaking about this topic and certainly Nelson Mandela. If journalists really went to these people and interviewed them on this, they would tell you quite a bit. Gorbatchev would have a lot to say about why the Soviet Union ended up extinct. He had a big role to play in that.”

Nelson Mandela already has said in public speeches that it was the Christ who came to him and helped him out of prison and to become the new leader of South Africa.”


Has Desmond Tutu met Maitreya?

Desmond Tutu wrote a book not so long ago called: God Has a Dream.  Amazingly enough a book review appears on one of Maitreya’s websites. [6]  It appeared on one of Maitreya’s websites because the ideas presented in Tutu’s book just happen to be Maitreya’s ideas as well:

God Has a Dream: A Vision of Hope for Our Time. Doubleday, 2004

Book review by Jos Kuyl    [Emphasis and notes in blue by DTW]

Desmond TutuFormer Archbishop of Cape Town Desmond Tutu (see picture), recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, writes with infectious good humour and solid belief in God and humanity. In God Has a Dream, his most soul-searching book, published on the 10th anniversary of South Africa’s democracy and the fall of apartheid, Tutu presents a vision of hope for our time. “All over this magnificent world God calls us to extend His Kingdom of peace and wholeness – of justice, of goodness, of compassion, of caring, of sharing, of laughter, of joy, and of reconciliation. God is transfiguring this world right at this very moment – through us, because God believes in us and because God loves us. What can separate us from God? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And as we share God’s love with our brothers and sisters, God’s other children, there is no tyrant that can resist us, no oppression that cannot be ended, no hunger that cannot be fed, no wound that cannot be healed, no hatred that cannot be turned to love, no dream that cannot be fulfilled.”  [DTW Note:   Solid belief in God?  What you mean is you have a solid belief in a god who opposes the Bible.  Secondly, if you actually opened your Bible you would have noticed the countless passages that state that no one can come to the Father except through Jesus Christ His only begotten Son.  So yes, unfortunately Desmond Tutu, you and everyone else who chooses a false Christ over Jesus Christ has been completely SEPARATED from God – until such a time as you humble yourself before God, believe in His Son Jesus Christ and REPENT of your SIN and are re-born by God’s Holy Spirit.]

He describes the non-violent transformation of the country into a multiracial democracy as miraculous, and the elections as a religious experience, a transfiguration experience; nobody could ever have dreamt that South Africa would become a beacon of hope.  [DTW Note:  Of course it’s miraculous, it’s even miraculous to those who have met Maitreya, like yourself.  A transfiguration experience?  Hmmm…]

Tutu shares his vision based on the Bible and his own observations and experiences – as both a man of God and the chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, set up by Nelson Mandela to prevent violence and revenge from derailing the transformation of South Africa [DTW Note:   You mean set up by Mandela with the help and guidance of Maitreya.]

Tutu’s convincing examples of transformation include Nelson Mandela: in his 27 years in prison he developed the wisdom to choose reconciliation instead of revenge. His suffering for the sake of others was crucial in making him a moral and political leader respected by all.   [DTW Note:   No, it’s  Maitreya’s supernatural spirit of forgiveness, transformation and reconciliation that was passed onto Mandela.]

The individualistic West, with its emphasis on achievement, can learn much from African ideas, says Tutu, especially ubuntu, a concept which recognizes that we are part of a larger group of humanity. Ubuntu is about compassion, hospitality and the capacity for sharing. The way to make the world a better place, he says, is to consider ourselves as equals, a family: active work on healing instead of seeking separation is the path he recommends to world leaders.  [DTW Note:   Indeed, Maitreya says so too; in fact Maitreya says Africa will be the first continent to accept him, but you know that already.]

The full participation of women in every aspect of society is needed, Tutu believes; unleashing the power of women has the potential to transform our world in extraordinary and many, as yet unimagined, ways.  [DTW Note:  Yip right on track with Maitreya’s thinking, click here for article on Muslim and Christian women to explore religious contributions to peace]

He also calls us to take action in the name of transformation, beginning by looking at ourselves and the people around us in a new way – which Tutu calls with ‘the eyes of the heart’- so that we are able to see the inner light shining through their outer forms and that will transform us all.  [DTW Note:   Maitreya also says the same thing.  Have you two been meeting more regularly for coffee or something?]


Rainbow Nation Peace Ritual: [8]

Rainbow Nation

Participants in Rainbow Nation Peace Ritual, St George’s Mall, Cape Town, February 3, 1990

The day after F W De Klerk’s landmark announcement that the African National Congress (ANC) and other political organisations would be unbanned and Nelson Mandela would be released from prison, a small group of Capetonians took to the streets in an act of guerrilla street theatre. The Rainbow Nation Peace Ritual as it eventually came to be known, was actually planned some ten days before the announcement by the Rainbow People’s Party and the ritual, march, celebration or carnival, call it what you will, involved children as well as innocent bystanders who were taken by surprise.

It lasted only for a couple of hours, beginning at the Old Townhouse in Greenmarket Square, Cape Town, proceeded down Shortmarket Street and ended up in St George’s Mall.

While the ideal of a new tribe of rainbow people was always a part of South African counter-culture, it was only after Archbishop Desmond Tutu officially “named” the Rainbow Nation, that the phrase became accepted across the board. However the fact remains, that on February 3, 1990, a cross-cultural mix of hippies, street kids, Rastas and artists, a veritable “band of modern merry pranksters” danced through the streets of Cape Town and invoked the goddess of peace and spirits of abundance to awaken and greet a new age of freedom.


Did President F.W De Klerk meet Maitreya?

How could he have not met Maitreya.  What/who convinced F.W. De Klerk to release Mandela just like that?  Two enemies suddently friends.   Impossible without some ‘divine’ intervention.


Please go read this article:  Amahoro – Transfiguration to Take Over Africa and Then the World

** Remember I wrote the above article on “Mandela, Maitreya and a Rainbow Nation” last year April 2008.  The link above is to an article I posted on the 10 June 2009 regarding the Amahoro Gathering that took place in Johannesburg and some other African countries.  The gathering spoke of the coming of The Christ and that South Africa will lead Africa and then the whole of Africa will play a major part in showing the rest of the world how to implement a One World Religion. 

Why Africa?  Remember, Maitreya said that it is Africans that would be the first people to come and support Him!

See article here which proves Nelson Mandela, Mbeki and Tutu are all Freemasons:


Wayne Peterson’s Book:
Please share:

Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

13 Responses

  1. Discerning The World says:

    10 JUNE 2009 ARTICLE: Transfiguration to Take Over Africa and Then the World:

  2. Discerning The World says:


    Thank you for your comment! It is frightening isn’t it. Absolutely frightening! This article I wrote last year April and when I posted it, I just felt it was the wrong time to put it online, but I published it anyhow. Even God uses those times when we don’t listen to Him for a good purpose.

    When Amanda (super sleuth extraordinaire) emailed me a link to the Amahoro gathering, I was shocked!! I jumped up and ran over to my husband and told him to read it. He read it and then said to me, ‘Remember that article you wrote last year about South Africa/Africa playing a major part in the One World Religion?’ and I said…’Yes…I know…when I wrote that back then I was hoping I was wrong, but I knew I wasn’t. I just wasn’t sure if anyone would actually believe that what the Holy Spirit had shown me via research was legitimate.” Now I can prove it!

    Chris, the Gospel of Jesus Christ no longer exists, it has been wiped out COMPLETELY, eclipsed by a new gospel. I would love to believe too that all these people are having serious delusions of grandeur, but alas it’s not. The Anti-Christ is here, we have already seen him on tv, he has just not come out and told us who he really is. But that is going to happen soon…

    Re: the threats. Thanks for the comfort. Last year when I originally deleted my blog I was in such a state because I had not really come to terms with the ‘occupational hazard’ of speaking the truth. After A long break and meeting some wonderful born-again Christians who are now too standing up strong for Jesus YAY!! At least I don’t feel like a lonely bread crumb being eye’d out by big black birds anymore lol – now there are other bread crumbs with me hahha. Ok the birds have tripled since, but it’s ok. lol.

    Last year it did not quiteeeee sink in for me how bad things were out there. But God has shown me that there is noooothing to worry about. He is our strength. If He is for us, then who? (no one!!) can be against us.

    I was thinking, we should all make a prison buddy list, when they drag us off we can show them our lists and request we are all lodged together (might be a bit cramped but at least it will be good company).

    Oh gosh, one has to keep a sense of humour about these things cos crying does not help one bit. I’ve done that…I know….it does not help. It just gives you a sinus headache.

  3. I am very thankful that your blog is back.

    Amanda has been emailing me and pointing me some of your posts and now I am suffering from information overload.

    The information that you are posting is about Africa is absolutely frightening. This post in particular has me praying that these men are suffering from delusions rather than actually communicating with the false christ Maitreya.

    I’ve been covering the collapse (apostasy) of Christianity in America and now from your posts it is becoming painfully clear this is a world wide collapse of Christianity.

    Regarding the threats that you’ve received: that is the occupational hazard that all of us face when we expose false doctrine and proclaim the truth. Don’t let it get to you. I can guarantee that we will be thrown in prison and potentially martyred before this is all over. The worst is still to come and it is racing toward us like a run away train.

  4. Amanda says:

    Twilight Zone Think Along Episode

    Chris Rosebrough gallantly devoted 2h40min on his program Fighting for the Faith on Pirate Christian Radio critiqing and comparing the teachings given at the Amahoro conference, to what Maitreya has supposedly channeled through Benjamin Crème. Many thanks to him for his service to the Body of Christ. I don’t know of any Dutch Reformed theologian in South Africa that will have the backbone to think this through, let alone rebuke our young emerging enthusiasts or warning the flock. The sheep will simply have to spread Chris’s warning themselves and then preach repentance and the forgiveness of sin in the name of Jesus Christ. Chris has invited feedback on the program to try and answer the question: “What is this?”

    One thing is for sure. It is not Christianity! I would say it is an all out attack to destroy Christianity by using the plight of the poor as an excuse to change Christian theology. They are comfortable talking about the narrative that has a beginning and an end and being ready to move beyond Christianity: Questions to Brian McLaren about his talk – The African Reformation

    Methodist preacher, Paul Verryn, talking on the reformation of the church said:

    It is completely unacceptable, completely unacceptable, that we have the disparity between the rich and the poor that we do have in this country. And the country is 80, 90% religious. If you happen to be a Muslim, then you will know that if that’s what is happening in a country, it is a sign, or it is a warning that god will cleanse you. So that the disparity cannot continue. And it will not continue. And I stand very humbly before you today and I want to say to you, if we don’t reform, if we don’t move the economics of this nation in another direction, we are in for bad weather. Very, very bad weather. And I know that. I am telling you if I had to end up on the streets, and I could end up on the streets, I am going to organize, I am going to organize a revolution. We’ll try to begin with being peaceful, but if we can’t, we will have to do it in another way.

    It looks to me that we, the rainbow people, have found a pot full ‘gospels’. Verryn says:

    The question is how do we get there. How do we in actual fact make sense of the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor? And you and I know that good news to the poor is a healthy bath, a good plate of food, security and reasonable warmth on cold days like this. So our gospel in actual fact, I think, starts with some very practical stuff.

    You might wonder what the good news to the rich might be. Prof. Stephan Joubert of the University of Pretoria has already delivered that in a sermon he preached at Mosaik meditation community, or church, if they like 2009-04-07 [my translation]:

    This is the message of Easter, that when you get in touch with Jesus, what you can do, do it.

    But what you can do, you must do for Jesus. And you must do it until it pushes you into the red. Until it takes you to the point of no return…

    Jesus reminds us of this woman. Maybe this is the pinnacle. Not His great teaching on the end times. Not His great parable of the farmer and the vineyard. Not his parable of the girls with the oil in their lamps and those that did not have oil. Maybe not His parable of His return about the sheep and the goats. This simple deed in the inner circle, the woman that gave it all, that poured out her life on the feet of Jesus, maybe that is the gospel.

    He has another gospel on his webpage:

    Religion is not just about God and you in isolation from the rest of his creation. God is the creator of the entire universe, and his creation is in ruins. Fresh water, coal and other natural resources will most definitely run out soon if we use them up at a rate faster than they can replenish themselves. By the way, researchers tell us that this is already happening all around the globe. Each person on earth has a carbon footprint. We produce carbon emissions directly or indirectly, which have a combined negative short and long term effect on our environment. But the gospel (=good news) is that we have the capacity to make a difference.

    This is shocking! Please go and listen carefully to Chris’s critique. While you are there, consider supporting his vital ministry of providing “a daily dose of Biblical discernment.”

  5. Frank Talk says:


    Note by DTW: If you can’t be serious (as per your split personality in the link below) Roger / Frank then I will remove your posts…

  6. Discerning The World says:


    Thank you Chris!! And thank you Amanda 🙂

  7. Roger says:

    I’m being quite serious, DTW – as for my split personality, I’m praying for it.

    My comment which you removed said: after Dietrich Bonhoeffer met Hitler, he was asked afterwards what the experience was like. He answered: “I saw Jesus in him.”

    In other words, Bonhoeffer loved his enemy so much he was able to see Jesus in him.

    I offer that as a counterpoint to this post.

  8. Discerning The World says:


    Hmmm you’re actually lucky I like you Roger cos Cobus van Wyngaard (your friend in all things emerging) would never let me post anything as remotely intelligent as what you said above… (I only removed your post above cos you were playing silly games)

    In fact I can’t comment on Cobus’ blog at all, I think he has a delete comment button he set up especially for me labelled:

    ‘Arrgghhhhh automatically delete this womans comment as fast as possible – she quotes scripture!!!’

    Ahhh just gotta love the love…lol

  9. Pete Mc says:

    There has been speculation after Creme’s announcement that the Meitreya has appeared in a T.V interview recently (Although not in his own name)that it is Raj Patel. Patel referenced about this link on his blog post “Call me Brian”.

    I think Creme is mostly regarded as a raving nutcase, always going on about secret signs and special stars, all of which are supposed to signal the imminent arrival of the World Teacher.

    I was saddened when I found out that Mandela is a follower of Meitreya. His profile is on the “New Group of World Servers” website along with Michael Moore, Bono and others.

    God bless

  10. Pete Mc

    Yip Creme is a raving nutcase, then again you have to be when you are completely and utterly deceived. And of course Maitreya would not use his name aka Satan. He has many many many names, I think ‘Raj’ could be one of them lol. Or Buddha, Krishna, Isa Mahadi, the Roman Catholic Eucharist Christ who is called Jesus (but is not Jesus Christ the Son of God), Lucifer, Apollo, Horus, Ra, Mary Queen of Heaven, Isis, Sananda, gosh it’s endless really.

    Occult lies are occult lies, we do not believe them. However Satan does exist that we do know because we follow the Word of God strictly and obey God’s commandments – and as born again Christians we know what is coming and we also know how the end is going to turn out. Well we know ‘Maitreya’ was defeated when God kicked him out of Heaven and then just to make sure Satan got the message God sent His Only Son as a sacrifice for mankind that those who believe in Him will be saved. But still he tries, and tries, he knows his time is almost up. Has he appeared on TV? I have no doubt – you just have to watch the news.

    In fact the whole world follows Maitreya if they are not born again.

    Even our clothing has dawned in a new age and emerged. I saw a Puma advert on the side of the road today and if it was not for ABS, EBD, traction control, and all those fancy gadgets in my car; I might have hit the car in front of me as I turned my head back just to make sure I read the sign correctly. On the way back I checked the sign again and yip it was still the same. Unfortunately.

  11. Martin Horan says:

    I have just got onto this post and I thank Deborah sincerely for reminding me how to get onto it.
    The now deceased Creme was crackers but we must remember that he was demon influenced and not just a harmless nut. He was a very dangerous one when it comes to spiritual deception.
    So are Mandela and Tutu. (Dr Cathy Burns deals with them in her insightful, objective and thoroughly researched book “Billy Graham and his friends.” For those who make gods of men–religious people have a proclivity for that kind of idolatry–it’s not nice reading. But it is a must for Christians in these times of widespread deceit.)
    People believe Mandela and Tutu brought peace to Africa. But where did the peace come from? The devil gives peace whenever it suits him [Dan 10:19] and, as that Scripture warns, his peace will be the destruction of many.
    Jesus Himself tells us that He did not come to bring peace but a sword. That’s because His word divides truth from lies and righteousness from evil. You’re on one side or the other. There is no compromise with the Word of God. It preaches the opposite of ecumenism.
    It would do us well to remember that prior to Germany invading Poland, the British Prime Minister, Chamberlain, believed Hitler wanted peace. Lloyd George openly called Hitler a man of peace–and this was after he’d already written and published “Mein Kampf”! Ghandi–another who the world’s leaders called a man of peace–supported Hitler and ignored the Holocaust.
    And Hitler actually did bring peace to Germany first. It was not of God though. It allowed Hitler to build his Nazi party and his powerful war machine.
    Is this Maitreya, then, THE anti-Christ? If not, he is certainly AN anti-Christ; and yet Mandela claims he appeared to him in his cell and told him that there was to be no bloodshed. And we are supposed to believe that this peace of this anti-Christ is from God!
    I have heard Mandela and Tutu called good men. Yet both of these men openly support the “Palestinian” so-called struggle–in spite of the fact that God tells us in His Word “Jacob I have loved and Esau I have hated.” (God wasn’t talking of the individuals but their descendants–because those individuals never fought with each other in wars!)
    Neither Mandela nor Tutu have condemned the pathological Moslem terrorism in the world or of the using of children as suicide bombers by Arafat. They never demanded that he stop those things. Yet Tutu has condemned Israel several times. Why? Quite simply because she has the temerity to defend herself against the murderous nations hell bent on her annihilation who surround her.
    Luther claimed, “The world wants to be deceived.” On that point, I agree with him. The Bible warns of the universal deception that would be rife in these End Times.
    I wish I’d come over the above article by Deborah when it first came out. But it’s better late than never.
    I hope God continues to bless this site.

  12. Martin

    As you say, better late than never…. 😛

    Here are some more articles on Mandela and his elevated ‘godliness’

    Nelson Mandela as Jesus Christ:

    ANC likens Madiba to Moses:

  13. Danielle Mpofu says:

    I cry at the blindness of multitudes, at all these things you are saying which are all true. I cry for my country Zimbabwe for people can not discern that it is what it is today by design . The Jesuits is in control ,who said in a speech in 2005 t(Iam a Jesuits and I stand by its principles) Mugabe the Jesuits said that. Read the history of Jesuits.the information is right there on our fingertips and people don’t seem to care finding out. I cried a lot when they said all that about Mandela and all.
    What consoles me is Isaiah chapter 6, God was seated on the throne, high and lifted up,and His train filled the temple. He was sitting.He was not pacing up and down or wringing his hands , no, He was saddled on the sovereign throne.He is in charge .HALLELLUAH. He is in charge .

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