Soul Journey to Godhood

Soul Journey

I always thought the big question was, “What’s the meaning of Life”,  but now I see it’s changed to, “Who Am I?” what “Journey” must I take to figure out who I am?

It would seem Rick Warren really did get his “what’s your purpose” message across loud and clear.  The message especially landed on all the ears of every occultist out there;  “Go out guns blazing people, Pastor Rick Warren has finally authorized our passports to go out to all nations and preach Spiritual Transformation.”

So I came across this website the soul journey with an Affiliate program as well.  I think Rick Warren will be kicking himself that he didn’t think of that one, the affiliate program that is.  Anyhow this website is run by some very experienced occultists who will give you “a grounded and practical guided exploration of the bigger picture of who you really are”.

Now that is deep, sure beats the ‘meaning of life’ question.  Because once they tell you at the end of their program that you are a god, all of a sudden you realise that you can control life, instead of just wonder what it is all about.  You become a superhero, except you get to wear the latest fashion and are not forced to wear you underpants over your pants.

OK lets get more serious here, cos this is serious stuff.   You know the movie Independence Day where the aliens come by their thousands along with a huge mother ship and attempt to take over the world except they are foiled by Will Smith?  Well since Rick Warren sent off ominously shaped smoke signals over the horizon, Team Unity in Diversity have swarmed in via a giant vessel called the Emergent Enterprise and have literally taken over the world right under your nose.

The take over was subtle years ago,  but something happened again recently where more smoke signals where sent off over the horizon  and then the attack  intensified.  Now you can’t watch a single channel on TV without seeing some  program or another on New Age Spiritualism and everyone speak about their ‘journey’.  Why did no one notice? 

The bible says that in the end times people will be led astray with false teaching and doctrines of demons.  An apostasy will come first (people will fall away from their faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God by the millions) and then the Anti-Christ (the man of Lawlessness) will make himself known.  And dear readers he is here already on the world stage.

Now I get lots of comments and the one that surprises me endlessly is the one where people just outright refuse to pay any attention what-so-ever to Biblical end times prophecy.  It’s almost like they are wearing the biggest blinkers known to man.  They just can’t see the problem, they just can see what’s happening around them, everything is coming up roses as far as they are concerned.  They truly believe the lie that the world can be one big happy family.  They will still believe this when one of their close family member are being dragged off by the ‘religious’ police for speaking to someone about the real Jesus Christ of the Bible. 

They’ll shout out to a family member;  “Don’t worry, the imprisonment and possible torture will be for your own good, that way you can learn to love and build relationships –  mostly because you will be crammed really close together.”

So here are the 5 steps on realising your inner Christ consciousness, you inner-self, your godliness.  Find ‘Jesus’ inside of you and once you have mastered that then you can learn to find Jesus in other people too.  Contemplate, meditate, clear your mind and let that ‘holy’ spirit come show you that  inner light and help you bring it to the outside.

[Notes by DTW in green]

The 5 Levels of The Soul Journey enable you to: 

  1. Know yourself as a personality, soul and spirit.  (Find that god or inner-Christ in you.)
  2. Heal the personality so it is a suitable vehicle for soul expression. (Your soul journey involves; eating healthy, meditating, grow organic food, being vegetarian, stressing less etc, because you as a god need a healthy body to live in.)
  3. Develop soul consciousness so that you can become the soul that you are.  (Learn to master all the occult / mediation practices so that you will evolve into the god you were always meant to be.)
  4. Discover your uniqueness, purpose and service. (Once you realise just how much of a god you are, you can then go out with a purpose to help others find the ‘christ’ in them; while feeding the poor and providing a service to mankind, sorry I mean god-kind.)
  5. Learn how to support and coach others in their spiritual growth. (Now go out and recruit other gods; set up help-desks, workshops, courses and who could forget the affiliate programs to aid others in their spiritual transformation – help break open those cocoons.)

There is only one true journey, the soul journey. The journey is not about information and knowledge, positive mental attitude or basic awareness. Instead it is about trust, intuition, self-healing, creativity, expression, purpose, universal laws and spirituality. The journey is about becoming and expressing your essence.  Emphasis added] (Summarized:  Journey to find your inner god)

The source was removed from the internet

Now everyone is this world is going to move into this Divine expression of Oneness by using the Christ Template (I wish I was kidding – they have a template!!!) therefore becoming full Christlike beings. 

But I got a question, what of those who refuse to place themselves on the same level of God for they are genuine born again Christians who will never for one second contemplate something this blasphemous?    What will happen to us?   We need to be eradicated – that is their plan.

See this article to understand the word ‘journey’ really means: What Journey or Path are you on?

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