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Charles Haddon Spurgeon – Is he a clairvoyant 13

Was Charles Haddon Spurgeon a Clairvoyant?

WAS CHARLES HADDON SPURGEON A CLAIRVOYANT? SANCTIFYING A CLAIRVOYANT Simon the sorcerer was much-admired as “the great power of God” until Peter exposed him as a fraud, charlatan and a demon inspired clairvoyant. (Acts 8:9-11). Like him many false apostles,...

CalvinistsBelieveJesusChristADismalFailure 19

Jesus Christ, a Dismal Failure?

Calvinists Claim that Jesus Christ, a Dismal Failure? I happened to come across this site this morning (not really, because I clicked on a link on another site and I was taken there) and could not help but smile again...