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Kobus van Rensburg – superman 17

Kobus van Rensburg – Attempt to Raise Superman from the Dead

Kobus van Rensburg should have practiced what he preached. The pastor and church go wild as they scream prayers, speak life and command God to bring Kobus ‘superman’ van Rensburg back down to earth from heaven.  Unfortunately the false gospel...

KobusVanRensburg-FalseProphet 81

Kobus van Rensburg and his Tower of Babel

It has come to DTW’s attention that Kobus van Rensburg from Spirit Word Ministries feels it absolutely necessary to pray for the entire area of Stilfontein on a regular basis.  Now this sounds normal to the unlearned, the problem is,...

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Kobus van Rensburg is Building a Little Empire

Kobus van Rensburg is building himself a little empire – WAS THIS FUNDED BY MINISTRY MONEY? I BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR IT WAS! www.spiritword.org.za   Body Active | Gym Keep yourself in shape. Have a great body and feel good about yourself...