Kobus van Rensburg – Attempt to Raise Superman from the Dead

 Kobus van Rensburg - superman

Kobus van Rensburg should have practiced what he preached.

The pastor and church go wild as they scream prayers, speak life and command God to bring Kobus ‘superman’ van Rensburg back down to earth from heaven.  Unfortunately the false gospel of Immortality while living on earth that Kobus van Rensburg preached has caught hold of many of his followers, and they just can’t seem to understand why Kobus died and is not immortal.  Surely he should have practiced what he preached.

So the next best thing is to try raise him from the dead, maybe that will appease their minds that what he taught them was the truth.  But Kobus van Rensburg is not coming back, and they can kick and scream prayers to heaven and command God until the cows come home.

I pray that there are some people in his congregation that wake up to the fact that Kobus was a false prophet who preached a false gospel.

Watch the video:

And now that he is Superman, instead of praying for him, his congregation can just wait for him to fly back home.

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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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  1. Ria says:

    I just watched this clip, but it made me feel sick. “The cows are home…but where is this false prophet??
    I cannot believe that people can behave like this. Just wondering: what is the Lord thinking of this bunch of “screamers”, “demanders”?? You know what —I feel shame. What is going to happen to this “church”? Is the son going to take over? Oh dear Lord, help those dear disillusioned people!!!!

  2. Johann van der Merwe says:

    What more will the false people come up with to load curses upon themselves, They forget the Gospel. Father we pray that You send workers into the field to edify the Body of Christ here on earth in Jesus Name, Amen.

  3. Robbie says:


    It is when they buy into the lie. “ye shall not surely die” and “ye shall be as gods”

  4. Johnny van der Merwe says:

    Time to get back to sound Biblical teaching using the 1953 AOV. Look at the signs of the times, the re-brith of Israel on 14 May 1948, God’s timepiece for Endtime Prophecy.

    The coming Bloodmoons in 2014/2015. The nearing of the Psalm 83 war.

    Johnny van der Merwe

  5. Johnny van der Merwe,

    Are you a Steve Cioccolanto fan?

    Saints are not advised to look out for signs. There are no signs for the Rapture. In any case, much of Cioccolanti’s predictions are based on pagan Zodiac signs.

  6. Martin Horan says:

    He is not alone in the Resurrection business. There’s a quack in England called Malcolm Heap who claims that he is going to raise Princess Diana from the dead and other deceased family members of those he’s fleecing.
    Ah well, reminds us of the times we’re in.

  7. Mark Holtman says:

    I only saw the gentleman once on TV. He had made a model of the Arc and 10 commandments and proceeded to smash them in to pieces in front of his congregation. I think that sums up his ministry.

  8. Daniel sini says:

    I love u all and what GOD IS DOING WITH U ALL.

  9. Daniel sini,

    Most of the times it is NOT God who is doing it all but Satan and most people are too blind to see his cunning devices. They have absolutely no discernment.

  10. Bev Sampson says:

    They stoned and killed God’s Prophets of old.
    You are so ignorant and blind.
    Try reading God’s word and discern with your
    Spirit what is truth.
    You will never know the truth with your carnal

  11. Bev Sampson says:

    You too will answer to God. What will you say to the creator.

  12. Bev Sampson,

    The prophecies of a true prophet of God always come out 100% according to God’s will. Kobus van Rensburg said that he was immortal and yet he died. They kept his coffin in his church for an unlimited time so that church members should pray for his resurrection. Nothing happened. They made a mockery of God and his Word. And you say he was a real prophet of God?

  13. Willie says:

    Its so sorry that You look past every good teaching that he gave,and only like to criticize him ons this one “false “teaching.wAKE UP AND SEE ALL THE GOOD THAT HE HAVE DONE!!!!!

  14. Dear Willie

    Please show us just one good thing he did? And don’t tell us he healed people because he didn’t.

    He never preached the gospel.
    He lied to people that he had a gift of healing.
    He taught that mankind was was immortal here on earth and would not die.
    His family was so convinced he would rise from the dead that they kept his coffin for 2 weeks in the church…waiting for him to come alive.
    It must have been the cryptonite someone put in his coffin that rendered his Superman powers useless.

    I can tell you the damage he has done:
    He preached a gospel of demons, lying to people telling them they will be immortal on earth forever (like the Highlander movie).
    He transferred demonic spirits onto people through laying on of hands.
    He never healed a single person and caused nothing but disillusionment among the people who went there to get healed.
    He filmed all his false healing sessions, throwing away crutches from the elderly and FORCING them walk on camera.
    He built an EMPIRE using the money that people gave him believing that if they gave their Prophet money that God would make them PROFIT.

  15. Ida Geyser says:


    This clip from Kobus van Rensburg caused a lot of division in our church.

    Those who did not like it and those who don’t believe he was a true prophet was shunned out of our AGS/AFM local church congregation by the Pastor Presiding.


    the video where Kobus destroys the replica of the Arc. Shocking and how bazaar. .

  16. Robbie says:


  17. Dear Ida

    Yes I have an article on this video. It’s amazing what people will ignore just to follow their false prophets.

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