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William & Lawrie 21

William Branham and his False Christ

William Branham and Paulaseer Lawrie Mathukrishna One of the most amazing things about Jesus Christ’s end-time prediction in Matthew 24:24 is that millions of so-called Christians are doggedly following false prophets like William Branham and their false Christs despite his...

Holy Spirit Dove on Fire 299

Biblical Holy Spirit vs. Unholy Spirit of Fire

Holy Spirit vs. Filthy Spirit of Fire, the calling down of Fire from heaven over a congregation, or praying Fire over someone is the norm in the church today. It has come to  resemble the early heretic Gnostic churches. Religious...

DeonHockey 50

Deon Hockey – Bringing the Toronto Blessing ‘Fire Serpent’ to a Church Near You

Deon Hockey a South African pastor from Healing Ministries International is a Faith healer who has seen many a so called genuine healing take place under his hands.   Deon is affiliated with Pastor Steve Hill from the USA who started...