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Joyce Meyer – “Look at Her Fruit”

Joyce Meyer – Let’s take a REAL GOOD LOOK at her ‘fruit’ Regarding Joyce Meyer and others, whenever genuinely concerned Christians warn others against false teachers and their false doctrines, the matter is usually put to rest with the adage...

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What is More Dangerous – Terrorism or Deception?

Terrorism or Deception – What is More Dangerous? The recent terrorist attacks in France have once again drawn the world’s attention to the fact that we are living in a very dangerous world. In fact, the understatement of the year would...

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Joyce Meyer Ministries Security Manager Commits Murder

[DTW note:     Moral of the story is-    Just because someone attends Church or even works at a Church does not make that person a Christian] Civil lawsuit over Columbia, Ill., murders names Joyce Meyer Ministries By Nicholas J.C. Pistor – 10/20/2009 from...