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John Piper – Oh those ‘Secondary Separation Issues’!

I’ve been looking for an example in the bible of this thing called ‘Secondary Separation issues’ that John Piper is now actually bulling his followers with.  And I can’t find one. You see, no where in the bible did Jesus...

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John Piper – Accepting One Mountain with All the Others

You don’t have to give up Buddha, Krisha, Allah, etc., to follow the Cosmic Christ if you listen to John Piper. If you just believe in the Cosmic Christ then you will go to heaven.   If you just embrace the Cosmic Christ...

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John Piper – Taking Leave and Asks for Forgiveness

I saw this article and just had to post it.  John Piper!!  Please tell us soon as to what you are asking forgiveness for.  I understand 30 years of ministry can take it’s toll and your deeds and character flaws are...