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Free Will

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAINT’S GROWTH IN HOLINESS AND SANCTIFICATION – GOD ONLY OR GOD AND MAN? I have heard it said on numerous occasions on the internet that those who adhere to the doctrine of free will (also...

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Jesus Christ, a Dismal Failure?

Calvinists Claim that Jesus Christ, a Dismal Failure? I happened to come across this site this morning (not really, because I clicked on a link on another site and I was taken there) and could not help but smile again...

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Free Will Under Attack (Again?) – Part 2

Free will is permissible when Calvinists judge others’ beliefs but forbidden when others evaluate Calvinism in the light of Scripture. Calvinists are skilfull at discerning the Word of Faith Movement as being an idolatrous, blasphemous and God dishonouring teaching, and I...