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God’s Will (According to Calvinism)

The following video is a telling example of the blasphemous atrocities of the Calvinists’ view of God’s will. They are attributing the works of Satan to God. (Matthew 12:31). Think carefully when you watch this video. It may convince you...

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Free Will Under Attack (Again?) – Part 2

Free will is permissible when Calvinists judge others’ beliefs but forbidden when others evaluate Calvinism in the light of Scripture. Calvinists are skilfull at discerning the Word of Faith Movement as being an idolatrous, blasphemous and God dishonouring teaching, and I...

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Free Will Under Attack (Again?) – Part 1

To be (free will) or not to be (no free will), now that aint such a tough question after all, is it? The question whether man has a free will to choose for or against God and decide for himself...