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EJ Hill – Cataleptic Parables 2

EJ Hill – Cataleptic Parables

EJ Hill’s Cataleptic Parables EJ Hill, “the South African Theologian, Independent Nonconformist Christian Apologist, IT Consultant, Martial Artist (Emphasis added), Author, and former Charismatic/Pentecostal Pastor” [4] who is now a Reformed Charismatic, says that Jesus never told parables to convey literal,...

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Hell – What Does the Bible Say About It

After Desmond Tutu claimed  “I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place.”  –> Read here.    I thought it appropriate to publish this article...

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Lazarus’ resurrection, an analogy of regeneration? Never!

Lazarus’ resurrection – A Calvinist’s analogy of regeneration Calvinists often refer to Lazarus’ resurrection as an analogy of regeneration, not of the reprobate who have no chance of ever being saved because Jesus did not die for them on the cross,...

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The Intense Abhorrence of Apostasy

The Abhorrence of Apostasy One of the most amazing and awe-inspiring sections in the Bible is in Paul’s second letter to the Church in Thesslonica where he warns his brethren about the impending apostasy. “Let no one deceive or beguile...

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Sheep and Goats – Who are They?

Calvinists have an uncanny flair to misread, misinterpret and even misquote passages in Scripture with one thing in mind – to defend Calvin’s doctrines of grace. One of the passages they often use to substantiate their agenda is Matthew 25:31-46...

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Free Will Under Attack (Again?) – Part 2

Free will is permissible when Calvinists judge others’ beliefs but forbidden when others evaluate Calvinism in the light of Scripture. Calvinists are skilfull at discerning the Word of Faith Movement as being an idolatrous, blasphemous and God dishonouring teaching, and I...