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The occult Enneagram 7

Enneagram Your Waning Marriage

Introduction The Enneagram – Are you and your spouse always at loggerheads? Are you constantly fighting, bickering, and calling each other ugly names? Stop right there and don’t despair. Beth McCord and her husband Jeff McCord have found a brand-new...

Chakras 82

7 Colours of the Rainbow and the 7 Chakras

How the Rainbow, Chakras/Tree of Life have infiltrated Christianity Energy centres of the soul.  Each Chakra has it’s own function and their own unique powers. There are actually more than 7 Chakras (a total of 13 in all), These 7 Chakras are...

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7 Colours of the Rainbow and the Labyrinth

7 Colours of the Rainbow and the Labyrinth What does the Rainbow mean in New Age Spirituality: “The experience of seeing the colours of the rainbow, when the sun is shining and it has been raining, is one we all...