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South Africa’s NAZI Plan to Exterminate the White Population

The Nazis’ Nuremberg Laws

This has come to my attention and I am horrified. I have been reduced to tears and I am now writing this article to let the world know of what is REALLY happening in South Africa.  This is not a political article, this is not a racist article, this is an article to try and SAVE PEOPLE FROM DYING.  My prayer is two fold, that the world takes notice of what is really happening in South Africa and secondly that people can donate money, food, clothes, resources to these people who are dying on your doorstep.  Lord Jesus, please help them.

A couple of websites have been opened up writing articles trying to bring to light the atrocities that are taking place in South Africa, I am going to add an extra dimension to these articles that none carry so far, a dimension of The New World Order.  It all stated here:

The Nazis’ Nuremberg Laws barred German Jews from public life; from jobs; from owning businesses, – land and -homes, revoked their German citizenship, and during the Nazi occupation of greater Europe, were used for the “final solution” the execution of 6-million people.

10/11/2010  AP – Picture: A portion of the original Nuremberg Laws on display at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. The laws, instituted by Adolf Hitler, revoked the citizenship of German Jews before the execution of 6 million people during the Holocaust. WASHINGTON — The laws signed by Adolf Hitler taking away the citizenship of German Jews before the Holocaust were placed on rare public display Wednesday at the National Archives. The Nuremberg Laws were turned over to the archives in August by The Huntington, a museum complex near Los Angeles where they were quietly deposited by Gen. George Patton at the end of World War II. The papers will be on display in a separate gallery from the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence through October 2010 only.  Tony Platt, a historian who has studied the laws and is currently researching in Berlin, said the laws offer lessons from what happened in Germany and from how the documents were hidden away in the United States for decades.  “They’re symbolically important because this was done in a public way and because Hitler actually signed these documents,” he said Wednesday. Nazi actions against the Jews began before the laws were signed in 1935 by Hitler – with earlier policies also barring Jews from jobs and occupations     and


Affirmitive Action

It started in 1994 the African National Congress led government chose to implement affirmative action legislation to correct previous imbalances (a policy known as Employment Equity). As such, all employers were compelled by law to employ previously disenfranchised groups (blacks, Indians, and Coloureds). A related, but distinct concept is Black Economic Empowerment.  Please read here (scroll down to South Africa) for more info.

When FW de Klerk (previous President of South Africa) released Nelson Mandela from prison (PLEASE READ: Mandela, Maitreya and a Rainbow Nation) he did so under orders from the “powers that be” that were slowly but surely putting the pieces of the puzzle together to form the New World Order.  The future of Africa would be a united Africa with no borders, that would fit into one of the 10 kingdoms of the New World Order (PLEASE READ:  10 Kingdoms – The Abolition of Sovereignty).

FW de Klerk said recently in a at Solidarity conference, July 15 2009  in a speech titled, “Affirmative Action and the Elusive Search for Equality.”

“The achievement of equality is one of the principle values on which the new South Africa was founded.  Despite this, we have made little progress during the past 15 years in achieving a more equal society.  Although the top quarter of the population have benefited greatly since 1994 more than half the population still live in abject poverty and almost a third are unemployed.  For the majority of South Africans the vision of equality and social justice expressed in the constitution remains something which lies in the future.

Our failure to effectively promote equality is not only a constitutional disappointment:  it is a threat to the long-term stability of our society….

“Within this framework, a central question is: What do we mean by equality?

Some regard it as an empty concept “with no substantive moral content of its own”.  Former Constitutional Court judge Laurie Ackermann links it to the “common and immeasurable human worth” of people.  In the Constitutional Court’s view equality of human dignity lies at the heart of the concepts of equality and non-discrimination.

The Constitution provides some guidance in helping to define equality:

  • in the first place it proclaims that “Everyone is equal before the law and has the right to equal protection and benefit of the law”.
  • Secondly, equality also requires that nobody should be subjected to unfair discrimination of any kind.”
  • Finally, Section 9.2 states that “Equality includes the full and equal enjoyment of all rights and freedoms set out in the Bill of Rights.

Does the requirement that everyone has a right to “full and equal enjoyment” of all these rights mean that everyone has a right to an equal amount of property;  equally large houses;  equal bank accounts;  and equally advanced education?  This would not appear to be the Constitution’s intention.  The requirement is for “access to adequate housing”, “sufficient food and water”, and “basic” education and “basic” adult education.”     



Afrikaner Extermination – Slow Genocide


The ANC Government’s anti-white hiring- and land-ownership laws, the so-called black-economic-empowerment laws, cause severe homelessness, hunger and poverty among Afrikaners which is even worse than it is for poor blacks: the ANC-regime provides government benefits to some 16-million poor blacks and feeds 12-million poor children in the schools – benefits which they deny to the Afrikaners. 800,000 of the 3-million Afrikaners now live in abject poverty because of the ANC-regime’s official laws barring them from most public life: including jobs. They are even denied public health care and the government’s food-stamps…

These increasingly desperate and malnourished internal refugees huddle together for their own safety in some 640 squatter camps countrywide – often living at former missionary stations, in discarded government buildings and around farm dams; while many poor Afrikaners also created small enclaves at public municipal parks or the discarded campsites of the Afrikaanse Taal and Kultuurvereniging, as was done in disputed Coronation Park in Krugersdorp.




“The ANC-regime now is planning to uproot some of the Afrikaner squatter camps by force and dump them in nearby black townships.  But Afrikaners greatly fear being dumped in these squatter camps – where the clearly already present animosity can very quickly turn into deadly violence.”



Afrikaners are rapidly changing from the ex-employers of millions of blacks and home-owners to desperately hungry internal refugees who cannot find safe refuge in their own country…

Pretoria, South Africa, 18 November 2010  – The ‘housing crisis’ for poor South Africans is taking a startling new turn. The ANC-regime is planning the forced-removals of poor Afrikaners to black townships, starting with Krugersdorp’s Coronation Park squatters.  However the black residents in the townships are up in arms about these plans: often violently opposed to having poor ‘Boers’ in their midst. A recent article in the Sowetan about the forced move received some hefty comments  — See article: (please note 286 comments of a very racist nature)

Moreover, the Afrikaners – greatly fearing for their safety —  also don’t want to be moved there and plan a protest march through Pretoria’s Main street on December 11,  2010.

There’s a massive backlog in the building of public houses for poor blacks – also because there are an annual million poor black people streaming across the wide-open borders from the rest of the continent who put heavy stresses on the country’s rapidly-dwindling resources.



Food-aid to destitute Afrikaners given in secret…

November 25 2010 – PRETORIA. A group of commercial farmers in Mpumalanga has to work in secret – just to send three eight-ton trucks with 24 tons of produce for tens of thousands of destitute Afrikaners in Hatfield, Claremont, Wolmer ( Pretoria ) and Coronation Park ( Krugersdorp ) this month. These impoverished working-class Afrikaner communities are being placed under heavy pressure by the ANC-mayors of Pretoria, Krugersdorp and other towns who want to forcibly move them to black squatter campswhere they will be away from public scrutiny and will be far too dangerous for charity workers from the Afrikaner community.

Poor Afrikaners denied most government benefits – even food-stamps:

This growing army of increasingly poor, working class Afrikaners also is consistently denied government food-aid, public housing and any other charity-benefits from the ANC-regime – and the (then-) ANC-mayor in Pretoria even sued two Afrikaner charity-workers for erecting small Wendy houses for these homeless, destitute families, ordering them demolished. The tens of thousands of homeless Afrikaner squatters have become internal refugees in the towns which were founded by their forebears – greater Pretoria, Krugersdorp, Vereeniging and elsewhere. The ANC-regime wants to ethnically-cleanse the poor Afrikaners from their home-towns by forcibly removing them to black townships – away from public scrutiny by the news media and Afrikaner charities such as Volkshulp 2000 and Helpende Hand

This month, black residents in the township of Kagiso  – opposed to the forced-removal plans by the council – even threatened to kill the impoverished Afrikaner families if they were moved into public housing: the black residents are mounting counter-campaigns against the plans.




In June 2010, Pretoria’s ANC-mayor lost a court order against two Afrikaner charity-workers when it overruled the council’s order to demolish prefabricated Wendy houses for all the ‘poor-white’ families. These Good Samaritans – Mrs Magda Stroebel and Mr Johan Brummer – were forced to appear in the local municipal court as if they were criminals for ‘ contravening the council’s bylaws.” However, the Freedom Front Plus party’s councillor in the West Moot area, Mr Philip van Staden, aided by legal counsel Roelof van der Merwe, won the case.    and



ANC anti-white laws similar to Nuremberg-laws:

  •  (Afrikaners are barred from public life by ANC-laws after 1994; the Jews of Europe were barred by Hitler’s laws from 1935 to 1945…)

At the end of 2008 a province-by-province census by Solidarity trade union’s charity Helpende Hand registered more than 800,000 impoverished, homeless Afrikaners – out of a total 3-million. Many young, better-educated Afrikaner/Boer families have emigrated to many countries off-continent: mostly to British commonwealth countries. Their grinding poverty is due only to the fact that ANC-regime’s official black-economic empowerment laws effectively bar all the so named ‘previously-advantaged whites’ from most public life — including jobs in the public- and private sector. A violence-driven campaign of terror was also mounted by the ANC-regime to force Afrikaners from civil-service jobs and from the South African commercial farms and smallholdings.



Fog of war” hides Afrikaner genocide:


“…In 1998 Nelson Mandela released 9,000 criminals who had less than six months left of their sentence as his 80th Birthday present to the Nation. Many of these criminals were extremely dangerous…murderers, rapists, hi-jackers, armed robbers…”

“Ever since then it is my belief that the current crime situation is a deliberate creation of the ANC …”

“I have also heard other people agreeing with me and coming to the same conclusions. The ANC wants this criminal wave to swamp South Africa…they want this cloud of criminality to hang over South Africa so that the world does not see what is really going on in South Africa.   Under this “fog of war”, genocide of whites can be perpetrated and be blamed on “ordinary crime” such as “botched hi-jackings” and “botched robberies…’



New World Order Ties:

The African Union is playing right into the hands of the New World Order. Or should we say the African Union is the brainchild of the New World Order.  Africans believe that they need to be ‘ONE’ again in order to achieve success.   However in order to achieve unity in diversity and this “NEW WORLD” they dream of, they need to remove the white man (or anything that will stand in their way).  The New World Order do not care what happens to anyone in each and every county in Africa, as long as their plan is achieved at the end of the day.

The GOAL is to have a people who are SUBMISSIVE  to them that will go along with their plans without question, the spirit of the African people is of an occult nature (traditional African religions) and therefore unites with the anti-Christ spirit of the New World Order.   (See here:  Jacob Zuma wants Cleansing Ceremony)  White people are mostly Christian and need to be exterminated.

Indians in South Africa are either Hindu’s or Muslims and are not barred from seeking work.  Yes there are many genuine Christian black people as well, but they are none the wiser as to what they ANC government is doing – hence this article.  Many so called Christian Blacks in South Africa, fall under Roman Catholicism, Anglicism, Methodism, and the Zionist ZCC, etc, and then there is a huge following of the false Word of Faith/Prosperity doctrine.




Two internationally-reknown German photographers – Suzanne Schleyer and Michael Stephan – together with local artist Stephan Erasmus are showing a stark array of 30 photographs of destitute Afrikaner-Boers from the Maranata and Eagles’ Nest squatter camp, posing in their “Sunday Best”: venue is Jozi Art lab Gallery,  4 November 2010 – 31 January 2011.  The exhibit is also scheduled to travel to international venues in Europe. The Bitter Fruit – Bittervrug exhibit portrays an uncomfortable reality of current day South Africa – aching so-named‘white’ poverty.

These dirt-poor Afrikaner people are steadily growing more and more destitute and malnourished and only a few private welfare organisations even dare to feed and provide housing them… Foreign-funded charities run by local ANC-government structures continue to ignore the plight of these destitute internal refugees – including the local Red Cross: which only helps ‘black‘  communities.


“The Afrikaners are starving” – pictures and reports in foreign news media:

  • Dutch, Flemish students visit Afrikaner squatter camp;
  • Foreign journalists increasingly interested in reporting on the growing ‘poor-white problem’

August 30 2010 — South Africa’s 3-million Afrikaners are in increasingly desperate straits, with some one-third of these working-class, unemployable white artisans now living in dismal squatter camps where they are denied government benefits, government food-aid and medical care –  and by law, are also denied access the job market…

Picture: Pretoria squatter camp resident Sarie Rossouw is slowly starving to death… Pretoria has more than 70 squatter camps housing unemployable working-class Afrikaners, and they are consistently denied government-issued food-stamps and survival-benefits from the ANC-regime.


One main reasons why the ANC-regime has mounted such a determined campaign this year to forcibly remove poor Afrikaner squatters from public scrutiny by dumping them in gigantic black squatter camps, is the  growing interest from abroad in this so-called ‘poor white’ problem. The ANC-regime has always been overly-concerned over the public image they create and spend many millions of Rands each year to pump out their propaganda overseas. And this growing scrutiny of the poor-Afrikaner community by the foreign news media creates very bad publicity indeed…

Dutch investigative journalist Saskia Vredeveld  and Australian photo-journalist Dean Saffron were only the latest of a long line of foreign journalists who have reported extensively from Afrikaner-poor camps this year.

Solidarity trade union’s charity Helping Hand said in a recent letter to SA President Jacob Zuma that without urgent government subsidies and food-aid, many Afrikaners will start dying of starvation and poverty-related diseases – very soon.

Reports of babies and elderly Afrikaners dying of malnutrition are already emerging this year, amongst others registered in great detail by Saskia Vredeveld in her documentary “Poor whites in South Africa”,  filmed in Coronation Park near Johannesburg and screened on Dutch IKON-TV earlier this year.

She recorded the details about the death of a newborn Afrikaner baby – from hunger, for instance: and also showed ANC-officials glumly investigating a local hospital’s refusal to admit poor Afrikaners which infectuous meningitis – who instead were sent back to their camp and infected many others.

In August, a group of Dutch and Flemish students also visited the  Eagle’ s Nest-squatter camp inPretoria North – which that month housed 100 poor residents. The Dutch-South African Society youth-exchange programme which organised the visit felt it was “important to expose foreign students to all realities of life in SA:” – including the large number of Afrikaners who are now falling into permanent poverty and destitution. The students experienced at first hand the reality of the  Afrikaners who have to survive without clean water, electricity or food-supplies each day.

This squatter camp’s hundred residents live in horrific circumstances in which they are exposed to the elements each day. The three-week visit by the Dutch-speaking students was sponsored by four universities; as well as the Afrikaner League, the Afrikaans Language- and Cultural society, the Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Associations, Solidarity and the Foundation for the Empowerment of Afrikaans.


“Defenceless elderly Afrikaners slowly starving to death…”

Pictures from the files of Helpende Hand and Volkshulp 2000…

Below: Sarie Rossouw lived with her husband Hennie in a Pretoria squatter camp and was badly malnourished, it was reported in August 2010. She was only visited once by a government-social worker this past year. They were denied benefits. Her frail husband Hennie, 70, tried to look after her as well as he can, but it was ‘difficult without health-care and no regular food supplies.” After their plight became known through this shocking photograph, the couple ‘s situation was addressed…

Solidarity wrote to Pres Zuma that sixty-three (63) percent of all the residents in Pretoria’s 77 white squatter camps and tent-towns – recorded in 2008/9 – were older than 60 years. By August 2010, some 2,100 cases of dire poverty amongst Afrikaner whites also were investigated in nearby Centurion by its Council for the Elderly. In Pretoria, an average 1,000 cases a month were reported of such ‘whites’ being abused and left uncared for, in dismal conditions.  Yet the government’s National Youth Development Agency (the former foreign-funded Umsobomvu Youth Fund) still ruled by November 2010 that ‘disability benefits are not granted  to impoverished, elderly Afrikaners.“

Afrikaner senior citizens find it increasingly difficult to live alone in their homes. General frailty, rising living expenses and vulnerability against crime are some of the reasons why they seek alternative accommodation. Old-age homes are only an option for those who receive a state pension, are frail and do not own property or have alternative sources of income. Senior citizens who receive a private pension, however small it may be, are not subsidised by the state and must pay the full unit cost in an old-age home, unless they are frail. The monthly unit cost could amount to  R4 000,00 to R5 000,00 per person. Many of these elderly frail people end up in squatter camps.


No food-stamps – not even to a blind, destitute white pensioner, Mrs Maria Schoeman, below:


Below: these squatter huts are occupied by whites – more than 96% are Afrikaans-speakers – writes Solidarity ‘s charity Helping Hand – which has 640 branches countrywide — to pres. Jacob Zuma. “Serious health problems are caused by the lack of water- and sanitation-services.”

For the first time since the 1930’s, poverty and homelessness has increased dramatically among white Afrikaans-speakers especially.  In greater Pretoria alone, there are more than 70 squatter camps for whites and countrywide, more than 640, housing more than 650,000 Afrikaners, reports charity. There are 3-million Afrikaners in South Africa.

Above: Jurie and Susan Austin live in a 2 X 2 m pump-house and beg on the streets to survive each day.

Above: Martin Venter and Gert van Vuuren live underneath this tree.

Above: Elsie Botha lives in this adapted water-tank.

Below: Australian photojournalist reports on Krugersdorp municipality’s attempt to forcibly-remove 400 Afrikaner squatter-camp residents to a black township:

source :


Afrikaner Extermination caused by “passive-aggressive” ANC policies:

“It is very clear that the ANC is practicing a policy of “passive aggression” against the people of this nation – they are slowly…very slowly strangling these people to death, by passively denying them the “basics of life”:

  • Access to jobs – (Active restriction – Legislation)
  • Access to food – (Passive,  due to job reservation)
  • Access to accommodation – (Passive, not providing adequate housing)
  • Access to health care – (Passive, as above)”

“… the ANC regime has managed to marginalize… “Afrikaners”, by introducing legislation to bar members of this group, from almost all economic activity, by means of racist job reservation legislation.

The effect of the above racist policy is an increase of 150%  in the number of abject poverty-stricken members in those communities – the estimated number of poor has reached a mind-boggling (conservative figure) of  600 000 out of population of  4 million. This, expressed as a percentage, amounts to 15% of the population.

At this rate, the ANC will keep on harming and impoverishing this specific community as follows:

  • 25% of all Afrikaners (1 084 556) will be destitute, seven years from now,
  • 50% of all Afrikaners (2 133 444) will be destitute, fifteen years from now,
  • 75% of all Afrikaners (3 256 302) will be destitute, twenty years from now,
  • 100%  of this group will be living in absolute squalor by 2034 – a mere twenty-three years from now”

Source:  Afrikaner extermination – The evil face of the ANC

also please read:  The Nazi extermination-strategy of the ANC

**** PLEASE READ ARTICLE on E-TOLL SYSTEM – A MEANS IN WHICH TO IMPOVERISH THE PEOPLE AND CONTROL ITS CITIZENS:    Let the Truth be Tolled – South African Sanral Highway and other Highways around the World


How to help the starving?

  1. IMPORTANT! Spread the word out to the world about what is happening!
  2. Give what you can to Solidarity trade union’s charity Helping Hand.


Lord Jesus come quickly!  We are in the last days, when wickedness abounds – the build up to the Tribulation is on!

By the Grace of God go I…

For all new to this website, we are believe in a RAPTURE!

Please see all rapture articles here:


NOTE:  Please note that I reserve the right to be extra vigilant when moderating comments on this article – I will not tolerate ANY racism what so ever! 

42 comments to South Africa’s NAZI Plan to Exterminate the White Population

  • JJ

    The situation is far worse than one can imagine.
    On white farm murders, Dr. Gregory Stanton from Genocide Watch recently upgraded white farm murders in South Africa to stage 6 (preparation)on the stages of genocide. The final 2 stages are stage 7- extermination and stage 8 – denial.
    The ANC’s response to Dr Stanton :”We dont engage with racist organisations”. Dr Stanton classified the brutal, inhumane manner is which farmers are murdered as hate crimes, yet the ANC calls him a racist and tells the world it is just normal crime.

    The exact same trend happened in the Rwandan Genocide. The Tutsi’s was severely dehumanised. Just as the JEWS in Germany, the Tutsi’s were balmed for everything that went wrong, the Tutsi’s were called cockroaches etc. Now remember Malama calling Helen Zille a cockcroach all the while Jacob Zuma (ANC) sitting and laughing about it.

    And you are absolutely right, this is not a political thing. Black Christians not partaking in the ANC “rituals” are in just as much trouble. We all remember the necklacing that made Winney so famous. Also the zenofobia attacks that happened in South Africa.

    The USA is going down the same route as SA. It is such a well worked out plan. 90% of both Legal and illegal emigrants to the USA are African and Muslim. And offcourse along with this emigration trend comes crime, social grants etc. With Obama’s policies it is clear they are becoming a communist state just as South Africa. The same trend happening is the UK. Switzerland only now is waking up and is trying to put a hold on African and Muslim emigrants, but i dont think for long, international pressure is huge.

    South Africa was just the stepping stone for whats to come. Things are really happening fast.
    All we can do is to pray that the Lord Jesus will come quickly, and keep on warning people.


  • Paul

    This is not only an “Afrikanner” problem; it is a White genocide. There are as many English speaking people who are poor as there are Afrikanners.

    The problem is not only South African but international. There are 40 million Americans who are living in poverty.

    It is a NWO, worldwide genocide.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    I have found out that EACH COUNTRY is going to ELIMINATE their own people. So the NWO is behind it, but each country’s government will find a class or people to eliminate… each with it’s own thought out plans, but similar to SA.

    We had our guns removed from the citizens a while ago. Now America is looking at gun control and removing all guns from their citizens – they can’t control an armed nation.

    The same thing in America – bring the country to it’s knees but upliftings one class of people by downgrading another class of people (to dirt poor) – that they can then just eradicate.

    I have been telling people for a long time that South Africa is a blueprint for the rest of the world to follow so to say on ‘how to go about’ bringing about the NWO plans in each and every country – silently without the public knowing what is going on.

    1) Put in a government that is totally subservient to the NWO
    2) Put in Affirmative action controls to dehumanize the white population.
    3) Eradicate guns from the average man on the street and place them in the hands of the criminals.
    4) Bring in communism slowly but surely thought taxes, land reform, etc.
    5) Bring in a toll system that will impoverish the middle class and create a lock down on the city – will be nearly impossible to travel without being monitored. With the money they will build toll systems around the rest of the country to lock down those cities as well.
    6) Bring in the National Health Care aid to impoverish the middle class even more – the rich and not so rich will pay for the poor to have medical aid (blacks only – not whites).
    7) All health issues are graded with numbers (across the world it’s an international Medial ICD 10 code system) and you are logged into a Medical Database as having certain health problems. When the time comes they will start to deny people medical health there by eliminating them based on their ICD 10 codes.
    etc etc etc

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    The Islamization of Germany In 2012

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Since Zuma was re-elected as ‘president’ of the ANC he has become very racist lately and this is concerning…BBC News – South Africa’s Jacob Zuma in dog ownership row

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    Absolutely correct, it’s not an Afrikaner problem there are just as many English speak people in the same predicament.

  • JJ

    You are 100% correct.
    Take our education system (or lack thereof).SA Universities has become a communist breeding ground. Now more objectivity, our 1st and 2nd year students are “brainwashed” in communist doctrine, if i can put it that way. Also funding for whites are drying up, almost non existent in some cases. Yet Afrikaans schools has a 96% pass rate, why dont you want them in your Universities?

    Medical schools even have different qualification standards according to skin color. Blacks only need 50% in maths and science for University entrance into Medical school at some Universities, while whites MINIMUM requirements are 80%!!! In 10 years from now our kids will not be able to differentiate between a cat and a dog. One thing the ANC cannot afford is independent thinkers.

    The ANC is in the process of eliminating all funding from charities if the charity is not 100% black.

    They are also Jew haters
    With all the biblical warning against Jew hating nations, i am not sure where Angus Buchan’s plans will fit in. Yet millions are still flocking behind him.

    The new medical health care plan will even put guys like Benny Hinn and Kobus van Rensburg out of business.

    Now Zuma is talking about a 2nd transition, and this week about a cleansing ceremony. Now check Africa’s history to understand what they mean by “cleansing”. Look at Robert Mugabe and Idi Amin to understand “cleansing”

    The future of SA is easy to predict. Look at Zimbabwe. Despite all that Mugabe has done to the country, he is still hailed as a hero in Africa.
    Look at our major companies, Woolworths, SAA dont even allow white applicants anymore, which by the way is against the employment equity act, KFC in SA now went Halal, recently fired an employee for bringing non-halal food into the shop.

    I can go on all day. ALL Christians should be worried, no matter your skin color.
    Yet millions are following false teachers and does not recognise whats going on worldwide.
    How terrifying it must be if you dont know the Lord Jesus Christ, our only hope and yet many refuse to accept Him.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    I was speaking to my mom today and I realized something very crucial.

    When Hitler started to sort out the Jews from the German population he made people go back at least 6 generations to prove that they did not have any Jewish blood in them. That was his hatred for the Jew – to try wipe out every drop of Jewish blood that he could lay his hands on.

    What is a common factor in a lot of white people in South Africa? They have Jewish blood in them. They are NOT Jewish themselves but if you look down 6 generation or more you will find a Jewish blood line. I for one have a Jewish grandfather.

    And as you stated Zuma and our current government are anti-semetic.

    Now look at the rest of the world; Europe for instance, let’s look at France. Islam has taking over and the people who will be dehumanized at the end of the day be the white French people. But it’s not just because of religion, it’s because the chances some of those white people having Jewish blood in them is very high.

    The NWO’s plan is to eliminate white people because 1) They are Christian (as in the case of South Africa and in the case of America for example 2) Many carry a Jewish blood line. SATAN hates Jews and anything remotely Jewish and wants it destroyed. Of course the NWO(Satan) does not care who get’s eliminated by accident – the more the merrier.

    Once the sorting begins and they have eliminated the whites, they will them turn on eachother… Those whites who believe they are doing Satans bidding at the upper levels of government etc, will find themselves at the bottom of the food chain sooner or later (because Satan’s plan is to kill everyone, the NWO just don’t understand this part of the plan)

    So the South African situation is as such, once they have eliminated the whites, they will them start to eliminate eachother – because tribal warfare is etched into the African man, and the NWO knows that if they push the right buttons they can get the people to fight and kill eachother.

    The United Nations Millenium Development Goals say that poverty needs to be eradicated by 2015 and it’s a non-negotiable. UN Millennium Declaration Development Goals – 2015 Deadline

  • John Chingford

    Hi Debs

    This article is horrifying. I had absolutely no idea what was going on in SA. I thought (as shown in the media) that SA had “grown” by throwing off its apartheid discriminations of blacks. I thought that SA were becoming a “freer” country. Just shows how the media control public opinion with false brainwashing – like with the media’s opposition to Israel.

    I am confused though by much of what has been said on this article. Are the NWO controlled by non whites? It would only make sense to rid the world of whites if the NWO were not white. However, I get the impression that the NWO are mostly white – aren’t they?

    Anyway, despite my confusion I will be praying for SA and specifically for You and muy other bros and sis’s in SA.

  • KObus

    Just remember

    satan wants to stop us from spreading the gospel, because as soon as the gospel has been spread all over the world then end will come.


    the fight is not against flesh and blood… Eph 6

    I am white and love my black christian brothers ans sisters.
    Rasicm is from satan, always remember that.

    Resist the devil
    Praise and worship God
    Pray always
    love all including your enemies.

    keep your eyes on Jesus always or you will sink into the water.

  • anon

    This is not oridnary crime, it is genocide. A specific population is being targeted: Just a few days ago my neighbour told me that her elderly parents, who were living on a farm at the Orange Free State border, were attacked a few weeks ago. The father was hacked to death with a panga, the mother was hacked in the face but survived. They stole R300 and an old cell phone……

    I am from a german background and grew up in Natal, and I also know of several german farming families that have been attacked/murdered there over the years.

    I have to say that seeing it in light of the NWO makes sense and truly exposes the evil behind it. The sad thing is that the blacks are being used as pawns in the game too……and it is very easy to incite hatred because many black people are discontent due to the lack of improvement in their economic situations. They are using apartheid and the white man as a scapegoat…..but once they have killed us all, will they be able to rise to the occassion and build a system that suddenly is able to adequately support 50million people? I don’t think so…..but then it will be too late…..who will they blame then?

  • anon

    There is an interesting book called “Pawns In The Game” by William Guy Carr, it was written in 1958 upon reflection of WW2. It also refers to the international control and manipulation of financial resources by the international world bankers through war etc. Just google it and you will find a free download link. It is actually very interesting.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    >> Are the NWO controlled by non whites?

    They are controlled by people with delusions of grandeur. Adolf Hitler wanted all Jews dead when he himself was 1/4 Jew. So go figure :)

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    >> The sad thing is that the blacks are being used as pawns in the game too

    Exactly… just pawns.. once they have done what they have needed to do now for the NWO, then the NWO with use tribal warfare to wipe each other out.

  • anon

    What also really bothers me is how the true South African history is not being taught anymore. The bushmen are the indigenous people of this land, the whites and blacks then colonised it. Most people in South Africa and overseas don’t know this and swallow the lies of the ANC.

    Racial stats of population growth is always overlooked (see wikipedia):
    1904:3,491,056 million bantu and 1,116,805 whites
    1960:10,928,000 million bantu and 3,080,000 whites
    2011:40,210,000 million bantu and 4,570,000 whites.

    Not all of the current 40million blacks have been victims of colonial oppression for 300 years. Yet this is what most south african blacks believe…and what the ANC uses as their justification for BEE and affirmative action. How can you now suddenly almost overnight fit 50million people into a system that wasn’t originally built for so many people? The maths doesn’t add up. It’s impossible! Obviously there will still be widespraed unemployment and poverty. Even if ALL possessions and money of the 4million whites is given to the 40million blacks, everyone will still be poor.

    Lastly: there are approx (?)5million registered tax payers in SA who are supporting almost 50million people. A large percentage of those tax payers are white….yet whites have no legal rights anymore in this country. Instead of the tax money being used to improve services for the poor, it is being used to support the lavish lifestyles of the ruling elite. Government fraud and corruption are rife with millions of rands of tax money being unaccounted for every year, yet they make apartheid and whites the scapegoat for EVERYTHING.

    Anyways, sorry for using the terms “white” and “black” but that is unfortunately what this topic is now about. I don’t mean to offend anyone. In Jesus we are all the same. BUT we are not one with the world/unbelievers. The Bible says: Galatians 3:28-29 28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

  • christine

    I just want to thank you all for this article ,i was always giving to the poor blacks and always on Christmas but since I saw this article i decided that no more anymore fromn now on i will rather look after the white and old people.Since the blacks are so rassists and do no want to share then they must look after each other and we will look as whites after each other.I am not a rassist at all but I will rather look after people like Tannie Sarie than giving anything further to the black people.Can I have the SqautterCamp names where Tannie Sarie is staying and the other two ladies on this photos please>My e mail adress can be published thanks..

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    >> The bushmen are the indigenous people of this land

    This is totally true, they are the real indigenous people of SA yet they fight for their right to be recognized. Their language is does not even form part of the 11 official languages.

    >> (?)5million registered tax payers in SA who are supporting almost 50million people. A large percentage of those tax payers are white….yet whites have no legal rights anymore in this country

    Yes this also boggles the mind.

    >> Anyways, sorry for using the terms “white” and “black” but that is unfortunately what this topic is now about

    It’s not racist. If the census can differentiate instead of look as everyone as one, then we can to when it comes to stats.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    Contact Soladarities helping hand charity

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    This Animal Farm story is shockingly ‘true’ in every sense of the word… that is communism for you.

  • Michael

    George Orwell’s Animal Farm is exactly what’s happening to SA…the pigs are taking over…”all animals are equal but some are more equal than others”

  • Michael

    We can see the shifts and moves already…

    The original commandments are:

    1.Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
    2.Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
    3.No animal shall wear clothes.
    4.No animal shall sleep in a bed.
    5.No animal shall drink alcohol.
    6.No animal shall kill any other animal.
    7.All animals are equal.

    Later, Napoleon and his pigs secretly revise some commandments to clear them of accusations of law-breaking (such as “No animal shall drink alcohol” having “to excess” appended to it and “No animal shall sleep in a bed” with “with sheets” added to it). The changed commandments are as follows, with the changes bolded:

    4 No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.
    5 No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.
    6 No animal shall kill any other animal without cause.
    Eventually these are replaced with the maxims, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”, and “Four legs good, two legs better!” as the pigs become more human. This is an ironic twist to the original purpose of the Seven Commandments, which were supposed to keep order within Animal Farm by uniting the animals together against the humans, and prevent animals from following the humans’ evil habits

  • Michael

    The Afrikaaners are just scapegoats and pawns in South Africa, more will added later, all whites, then opposing blacks.

    Although Orwell’s model was based mainly at Soviet rule, the satire can be applied to totalitarian rule in general which will include communism and extreme socialism. The argument that authoritarian rule is the opposite is not necessary true (indeed there are hidden similarities) and it is indeed a paradox.

    In Russia today we have the complete opposite evil as opposed to the USSR. There is extreme wealth by the oligarch’s that own the oil,steel and armament industries…Moscow has more billionaires I read, and can believe, than New York. Communist bosses are now the biggest and most ruthless capitalists (a lot of them criminals and referred as “Russian mafia”.

    The political cycle revolves.

    SA is steps behind and communism is not dead and in Africa dictatorships are rife.

    Putin himself was a KGB boss and has been rated as the most powerful leader in the world…

    Putin Tops List of World’s Most Influential Politicians
    04 January 2013 | Issue 5047
    The Moscow Times

    President Vladimir Putin came out on top in leading U.S. magazine Foreign Policy’s ranking of the most influential politicians in the world, which appeared in the latest issue of the magazine and hit newsstands Friday.

    The No. 1 spot in the ranking was intentionally left empty by the author, Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer, who attributed the move to the fact that today’s globalized world has no single leader and that “everyone is waiting for someone else to shoulder responsibility for the world’s toughest and most dangerous challenges,” RIA-Novosti cited the publication as saying.

    As for Putin, the article said: “He isn’t as popular as he used to be, and his country has no Soviet-scale clout or influence, but no one on the planet has consolidated more domestic and regional power.”

    Third on the list is U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. German Chancellor Angela Merkel came in fourth, followed by U.S. President Barack Obama in fifth place.

    Despite the apparent global scale of the ranking, however, the magazine noted that all the figures included in the list are more concerned with national and regional issues than global ones.

  • Johnie Gibbs

    This is a never-ending orgy of killing which has not stopped after 1994 when the hegemony of South Africa was taken over by one of the most murderous terrorist gangs in the world. Of the more than 4000 farmers slaughtered in their homesteads with their kin and their workers, more than 3,000 were murdered since 1994. the more than 4000 farmers killed since 1994 more than 3000 has been killed since 2004, these killings are also not just normal crime as indicated by the government, with normal crime you don’t get killed for a cellphone, you don’t throw oil over people and burn them with hot Irons, you don’t have people throwing boiling water down a old ladies through and the list goes on these killings are racially motivated hate crimes.

  • Martin Horan

    I have never heard any of this stuff on the mainline news, whether BBC, ITA or any of the US news stations. If it’s been on any of them I’ve never seen it.
    I have heard occasional similar things from people who have lived in South Africa but never in the details given above, Debs. But it’s no surprise: South Africa and Israel are continually condemned by the world’s media. As the world’s media has only ever been willing to give the Arab viewpoint in the Middle East, it has only been willing to give the Tutu-Mandela alliance viewpoint on South Africa.
    The world’s media is liberal and actually anti-democracy. Liberals are great deceivers. That’s how Satan works. His angels and his servants–like Tutu and other Anglicans and ecumenists–appear as angels of light.
    It is common knowledge among the NWO proponents (and well-informed Christians) of Mandela’s claim to have been visited by Maitreya when in his prison cell; and Tutu knows of and agrees with Mandela’s stance.
    So there is an open-and-shut case of Tutu being a part of the Great Apostasy. He never condemned Mandela’s terrorism and yet he condemns Israel for defending herself and does not condemn the “Palestinians” use of using children as suicide bombers.
    We should not expect ecumenists in religion to be any different from liberals in politics. They are pretty much the same thing. It was the liberals in Britain who, prior to World War II, claimed that Hitler was a man of peace. Lloyd George publicly claimed that Hitler was a man of peace, despite the fact that Hitler had already published Mein Kampf. The liberals in the German Churches were quiet about what Hitler was doing to the Jews.
    Liberals, like ecumenists, claim that they are totally inclusive–unless you disagree with their policies. Then their fangs and nails come out. In fact, they shout “fascist” the loudest when anyone disagrees with them. This is how devious they are. You only have to listen to Tutu’s belligerent statements when dealing with anyone who disagrees with him.
    You can be sure that Tutu will not condemn what is happening in South Africa today. He is in total agreement with the media and political moghuls who cover up the South African debacle. He is one of the deceivers of which the Bible constantly warns us Christians. The problem is, ecumenists cannot see it. That should tell us clearly where they are in prophecy!
    The Bible itself tells us the the deceived are as bad as the deceivers [1 Tim 3:13].
    At least, with fascists and open communists–both of which see liberals as useful dupes–you know where you stand. With liberals you never do. And it is the same with ecumenists: You know where you stand with Catholics, Calivinists, Orangemen, Moslems, and any cultists, but you never know where you stand with ecumenists. They are as slippery as the Prince of Darkness himself, claiming bad is good and good is bad but moving even those boundaries when it suits what they’re trying to put over people.
    Liberals use political terms with the sole purpose to confuse the masses, while the liberals themselves know what their terms realy mean among themselves–a trick secret societies have used for centuries. Ecumenists do the same with Christian terms.
    Even the ecumenical use of the words “Christian” and “evengelical” do not mean the same thing as a true Bible-believing Christian or evangelical would use those words. To an ecumenist “Christian” and “evangelical” is used in the in the same sense as Billy Graham would use terms like “Jesus” and “God”; that is, in a different way from a Bible-believing Christian.
    South Africa today, like Israel, Jews in general, and Bible-believing Christians are never going to get a proper press this side of Armageddon. What is going on in South Africa is what is about to follow–and has already begun to follow–in the former (especially Protestant) European nations. These crimes against South Africans (and Israelis) are actually racist. Racism does not come from one race. It is a sin among all races. It is satanic blindness indeed when people who are racists think they are doing humanity a favour. That Nazis thought they were by persecutiong and slaughtering Jews.
    Tutu and Mandela have the same mentality of those churches in Europe which openly backed–Hitler because it is mentality allied to the same demonic Nazi spirit.
    Anon is right to compare this evil in South Africa with Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. As Michael so rightly says, “The pigs have taken over.” The situation also reminds me a bit of Orwell’s “1984” where we are scrutinized by Big Brother. That’s because for the world at large, there is no escape.
    Of course we Christians know that there is, and that escape is Jesus Christ. But the powers that be are hinding that from the masses. Sadly, apostate Christianity–or Churchianity–are helping those powers that be to keep it hidden. And Tutu is clearly one of those apostates. It he weren’t he would be loudly condming them. So would Billy Graham be if he too was not an apostate and a deceiver.

  • Lang Hendrik

    Google Fema – that is where the facts relating to modern day genocide and extermination occurs in our countries – at the behest of the NWO .

    [Edited by DTW: See my article: Depopulation, Concentration Camps, Coffins and Guillotines But we should be looking for Jesus’ return BEFORE the tribulation starts..]

  • anon

    I am not sure if website links are allowed…if not I will understand why this post is not published.

    On 12January 2013 COSATU recommended forced land redistribution in SA.

    Furthermore, Zuma recently said that due to the vast economic disparity between blacks and whites reconciliation hasn’t happened yet … and this will be addressed during the 2nd phase of the South African Revolution:

    And at the next link you can read all about what the “2nd phase of the South African (communistic) Revolution” actually is:

    Zuma also said that the “willing seller, willing buyer technique has been a flop ans a new strategy is required.

    This does not bode well for South Africa…….

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Thanks Anon, this is excellent info… because it shows how Communism is moving in fast and furious in SA

  • arthur

    As scary and uncertain as the sitution in South Africa gets – I always try really hard to remember that everything is unfolding and happening according to God’s plan.

  • anon

    It is interesting to note that in January 2013 Zuma sent SANDF troops to the Central African Republic to protect dictator Bozize…….all financed by the SA tax payer! Yet there is no protection for SA’s farmers and food supply….

  • Michael

    Zuma is as crooked and dishonest as they come…an animal farm character to the the T…it stands out a mile but masses (especially us Saffas) are blind and as thick as two bricks…they even forget his bedfellow Shaik (birds of a feather) who became the scapegoat and took the rap…then if that was not enough his suspect rape charges against a young woman…who incidentally had nothing to gain by lying.
    MacCauley and Buchan wanting to get a connection going there and attempting to fraternise and have meetings etc…

    Zuma is an embarrassment to SA…nowhere in the world could this man get a job other than a labourer but here he leads a country.

    Cannot comprehend such folly?????

  • Ann

    This kind of thing would be acceptable if the face were Black. The outrage is that the people involved are white.

    The outrage should be that any person is being starved to death.

    Let’s work on the probably of starvation on global level.

    Forward the pictures of both Blacks and whites to the Clinton foundation and Bill Gates foundation to see if they are willing to do something about it, since they have billions of donor dollars available for use.

    [Edited by DTW – Bill Gates and Bill Clinton are part of the NWO and want 92% of the worlds population removed from earth – only the elite survive – wake up Ann]

  • Hester

    I first read an article about the genocide in SA and posted something on my fb. And now to read this here is just confirmation of what I felt is happening. It seems like the whole world is turning a blind eye. I asked the question the other day if anyone has picked up on Zuma’s speech at the closing ceremony of Mangaung. He finished off with in the words of…..

    (cant remember the name) let us embrace the unity of our people, let us embrace the vision of ….(again name) and so he goes on and then he finished off with “and let us embrace the guerilla tactics of Nkonto Izizwe.

    Why??? Why would you want to embrace guerilla tactics if you are supposed to unite a nation?? I went and looked up the meaning of guerilla tactics (wikipidea) and the hair in the back of neck stood up!!

    I have lots of family members who are farmers and when I posted my initial post, I was challenged about whether I believe there is a genocide taking place and I said yes and for this person to ask my Niece and she will tell of what is happening in the farming communities. The only reason I knew of all these killings is because my niece is part of the Boere Krisis Aksie (BKA) and they post whenever there was a murder / attack. Well, my niece came back and explained that when they were attacked on their farm on the 19th October 1997, within 5km of their farm, their were 49 similar attacks. Does this sound like innocent break ins or does this sound orchestrated ?

    Any surprise that the ANC is offended by the FNB ad?? No, because truth will always hurt.

    All I can say is, that we need not fear those who can kill the body but to fear those who can kill the body and the soul.

    My prayer is for protection of our farmers (especially the elderly) who are being slaughtered, can give you many heart rendering pictures, but I also pray for those who are being used as pawns, because if the only knew Jesus Christ, they would not be doing this.

    I am sorry if this is loooonnnggg, but, this is something that is really close to my heart as I just realise the demise of what could be a beautiful country, if we had a Christfilled president.

  • Hester

    Well Deborah here is your final answer on this issues!!

    Jacob Zuma sings “Kill the Boer” at ANC Centenery Celebrations in Bloemfontein, South Africa – Published on Mar 14, 2012

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    My goodness I never heard that… but I believe you.

    There is much evil in this world, and with the plans of the NWO and the coming African Union (soon they will remove all borders in Africa) everything is being set in place nicely for the rise of the anti-Christ. And Africans are playing right into his (their) hands. The riots are becoming more and more frequent and more and more intense. And notice how the DA actually don’t say anything about anything that is worthwhile! If the DA were to come into power they would still lead SA right into the hands of the anti-Christ – the pathway to the end would just be less violent, less sooner.

    I said to someone a while ago, as they asked me who do you vote for when all parties are non Christian? I chuckled and said, well you either don’t vote or you vote for the party who is going to lead you to the end game in the least violent manner. Everyone who is not a Christian is working for the anti-Christ and are playing right into his hands, it just depends how you are going to get there.

    All we can do is PRAY, Jesus will look after us.

    Now hows this for another question..

    Zuma is spending R248,000,000 on upgrading his presidential house copious amounts of security and an underground BUNKER! What does he and his family need an underground BUNKER for?

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    Zuma’s statement against white people loving dogs and cleaning them was not an entirely batty statement. Everyone though he was a bit mad when he said it and everyone is still probably wondering why he made such a comment inciting hatred against DOGS. —

    Well Muslims believe dogs are totally unpure and disgusting and is in fact a major sin to keep a dog unless you have permission for hunting purposes..

    “Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen said in Sharh Riyaadh al-Saaliheen, 4/241:

    With regard to keeping dogs, this is haraam and is in fact a major sin, because the one who keeps a dog, except those for which an exception has been made, will have two qiraats deducted from his reward every day.

    It is by the wisdom of Allaah that like calls to like and evil calls to evil. It is said that the kaafirs, Jews, Christians and communists in the east and the west all keep dogs, Allaah forbid. Each one takes his dog with him and cleans it every day with soap and other cleansing agents. But even if he were to clean it with the water of all the seas in the world and all the soap in the world, it would never become pure! Because its impurity is inherent, and inherent impurity cannot be cleansed except by destroying it and erasing it altogether.

    But this is by the wisdom of Allaah, and the wisdom of Allaah is that like calls to like and evil calls to Shaytaan because this kufr of theirs is by the inspiration of the Shaytaan and the command of the Shaytaan, for the Shaytaan enjoins evil, immorality, kufr and misguidance. So they are slaves to the Shaytaan and to their whims and desires, and they are also evil and love vile things. We ask Allaah to guide us and them. End quote. —”

    Zuma’s statement is inline with Islamist thinking as Islam forms a major part of the ANC government.

  • Hester

    Gosh, I am gobbedsmacked!! And today, 28 Jan, another farmer has been shot. He is in critical condition, so I ask for prayers for his family and him. He is Gert van Wyk of Bapsfontein. I also dare anyone to tell me they heard it over the news.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    You wont hear about it on SABC or E-NEWS as they are government controlled. And only want the public to know what THEY WANT you to know or not know.

  • Hanelie

    This is horrifying and terribly sad and it should reduce us to tears. Indeed, this is not limited to one ethnic/language group. We should be very, very careful and search our own hearts – speaking of and to myself – not be more horrified by this than by the similar suffering (despite supposed government support) of other ethnic/language groups (who don’t look so much like me). It is probably natural, but not godly (1 Peter 2:6).

    I have two questions:

    1. Is this – also the fact that some Bible believing Christian South Africans did not even know about these conditions – a charge against the real (body of Christ) and institutional (systems and doctrines) church? The early church looked not only after their own poor, but was known for even looking after others. Where are we? I was very much cut to the heart by a statement in the biography of Rees Howells in which it is said that God said to Rees never to ask Him (God) to help people when it was withing Rees’ power to do so. I was in such a situation yesterday – as I was about to pray: “Father, please help these people” He gently reminded me that he had empowered me to do just that. Furthermore, when Rees worked with the tramps, he only ate what they ate so as to identify with them when interceding for them. I often have to ask myself how ready I am to do that? And, it immediately brings to mind James – what is faith without works?

    2. So, that brings me to the second question – and this one is not about the poverty, but the bigger NWO issue – what are we as Bible believing Christians to do?

  • Paul (Continue in His Word)

    Thanks for being the voice of those who don’t have a voice, albeit a little voice. Thank you for letting some of us know this dark hideous and hidden side of post-apartheid South Africa.
    I share your heart cry. We know that one of the goals of the NWO is to bring the world population to half a billion (the elite and the fit) and keep it at that level or below. They will do everything to accomplish it.

    I found this article on on how the USA agenda to wipe out the Black population of America as well.

    ABORTION DESTROYING BLACKS IN AMERICA (Friday Church News Notes, November 23, 2012,,, 866-295-4143) – The following is excerpted from “White People Don’t Like Abortion,”, Nov. 12, 2012: “Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger believed in using abortion to rid the world of the ‘unfit.’ In Sanger’s world, the unfit included blacks and she hoped they would be eliminated with the help of her organization. As she wrote in her autobiography, Sanger founded Planned Parenthood in 1916 ‘to stop the multiplication of the unfit.’ This, she boasted, would be ‘the most important and greatest step towards race betterment.’ While she oversaw the mass murder of black babies, Sanger cynically recruited minority activists to front her death racket. She conspired with eugenics financier and businessman Clarence Gamble to ‘hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities’ to sell their genocidal policies as community health and welfare services. Outright murder wouldn’t sell. But wrapping it under the egalitarian cloak of ‘women’s health’–and adorning it with the moral authority of black churches–would. Sanger and Gamble called their deadly campaign ‘The Negro Project.’ … Planned Parenthood receives $500 million from the government each year and funded millions of dollars worth of advertisements this year to get Barack Obama reelected. Sanger’s dream is coming true today as Planned Parenthood clinics are purposely placed in minority neighborhoods to target pregnant women. Fast forward: Five decades and 16 million aborted black babies later, Planned Parenthood’s insidious agenda has migrated from inner-city ‘birth control bureaus’ to public school-based health clinics to the White House–forcibly funded with taxpayer dollars just as Sanger championed. … 28 percent of the black race has been wiped out by abortion. More than 1400 black babies are aborted every day. Though blacks make up 12% of the population, they make up 36% of abortions.

  • anon

    Starving to death is only one of the things happening.

    Latest was the farmer that was cut up and cooked on the stove of his own home after being killed.
    Old farmers are killed and found in their freezers, a child was drowned in boiling bath water.
    Just to name a few things.

  • Hester

    Debbie, I know SA’s are not really interested in hearing this, but I thought I will just share a link with you showing the killings and rapings in the past 150 days. This does not include the 20year old which was shot in her head for her cellphone. She died and would have turned 21 this weekend. My heart is breaking and I am angry. I can only look up and pray our redemption is near. Here’s the very reliable link:

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