T D Jakes To Produce New Film – Heaven Is For Real

T D jakes - heaven is for real

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Bishop T D Jakes To Produce New Film – Heaven Is For Real

by www.gospelconnoisseur.com, May 10, 2011

With the opening weekend success of his latest film, “Jumping The Broom,” Bishop T.D Jakes, along with Joe Roth, will produce the adaptation of the novel “Heaven Is For Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip To Heaven And Back,” which Sony Pictures acquired the screen rights to. The film is based on an adaptation of the novel with the same namesake by Todd Burpo, also a producer.

The synopsis reads: Todd Burpo is a small town Nebraska pastor whose four-year old son, Colton, nearly died during an emergency appendectomy operation. As he recovered, Colton began telling his family that he went to heaven, actually looking down at the doctors operating on him and his family praying in the waiting room. And he slowly began telling them details about his miscarried sister, and his long-dead grandfather, none of which he should have known about. He then revealed to his family what it was like during his visit in heaven, before he was sent back to his family. He’s now 11.

Joe Roth produced Alice in Wonderland, so we can expect a truckload of creativity from this particular film. “Heaven Is For Real” was brought in by Sony Pictures’ exec DeVon Franklin, a Christian minister who just published and has been promoting his inspirational book, “Produced By Faith: Navigating the Road to Success Without Compromising Your True Self.”



arrowPlease see here for DTW’s review of:  Heaven is For Real – This Story is Not

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  1. Maryann says:

    I would not listen to anything T.D. Jakes promotes. For one thing he does not believe in the Trinity. I guess he hasn’t heard that Burpo confessed that his story was a hoax. Brannon Howse mentioned it on his radio show and sent it out in his weekly email.

  2. Maryann

    >> I guess he hasn’t heard that Burpo confessed that his story was a hoax.

    Really? I must check this out because this is very important. Thank you for comment.

    I just went to check, apparently it was Alex Malarkey and the book: “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” who confessed it was a lie. http://www.christianpost.com/news/boy-who-claimed-he-visited-heaven-reads-bible-and-recants-story-lifeway-to-pull-book-from-stores-132646/

    Colton Burpo and dad still believe the ‘Heaven is for Real’ book to be 100% true and say they are not lying. So in other words, keep believing them and buying into their lies and oh yes..keep buying their book. *k-ching* http://www.inquisitr.com/1763420/heaven-is-for-real-under-attack-colton-burpo-talks-about-the-truth/

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