T D Jakes To Produce New Film – Heaven Is For Real

T D jakes - heaven is for real

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Bishop T D Jakes To Produce New Film – Heaven Is For Real

by www.gospelconnoisseur.com, May 10, 2011

With the opening weekend success of his latest film, “Jumping The Broom,” Bishop T.D Jakes, along with Joe Roth, will produce the adaptation of the novel “Heaven Is For Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip To Heaven And Back,” which Sony Pictures acquired the screen rights to. The film is based on an adaptation of the novel with the same namesake by Todd Burpo, also a producer.

The synopsis reads: Todd Burpo is a small town Nebraska pastor whose four-year old son, Colton, nearly died during an emergency appendectomy operation. As he recovered, Colton began telling his family that he went to heaven, actually looking down at the doctors operating on him and his family praying in the waiting room. And he slowly began telling them details about his miscarried sister, and his long-dead grandfather, none of which he should have known about. He then revealed to his family what it was like during his visit in heaven, before he was sent back to his family. He’s now 11.

Joe Roth produced Alice in Wonderland, so we can expect a truckload of creativity from this particular film. “Heaven Is For Real” was brought in by Sony Pictures’ exec DeVon Franklin, a Christian minister who just published and has been promoting his inspirational book, “Produced By Faith: Navigating the Road to Success Without Compromising Your True Self.”



arrowPlease see here for DTW’s review of:  Heaven is For Real – This Story is Not

32 Responses

  1. Simon says:

    I have know about your website for years and I can clearly see what you dont believe. What then do you believe? Apologetics is only part of the christian duty, exposition and Bible doctrine the learning and teaching of it the main.

  2. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    Read my blog and you will clearly see what I believe – the opposite to what I don’t.

  3. Simon says:

    In the words of Julius Malema its not “obvias”

  4. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    Julius Malema is not very smart, I am assuming you are.

  5. Simon says:

    Why thank you. that is the nicest anyone has been to me all day. Now tell me, since you do a fair amount of research I need to know some detail about a Theologian and author call Donald Whitney, he has written a book called called “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian life” It is my set book for Bible school and it seems from my research he is leaning towards Contemplative Prayer, aka, quotes Richard Foster, Dallas Willard and some other modern mystics. Would love interested in your take on his work, if I have to study I am going to have to be very thorough if I am going to refute his book in a Bible School classroom:)

  6. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    Are you trying to be funny? If you can see that this guy “Donald Whitney” is leaning towards Contemplative Prayer, aka, quotes Richard Foster then you have answered your own question. If you have to study his book you may as well study it for errors.

    What bible school are you going too?

  7. Burning Lamp says:

    Don Whitney is rather benevolent toward Foster, Willard and other contemplatives while distancing himself from them. He does not seem to grasp the biblical concept of clear separation.

    He does not have a doctrinal statement on his website, but he is a Calvinist.

    Simon, you seem quite sincere and that is why I am suggesting that you take another look at the Bible school you are attending. Explore the doctrine of Calvinism, TULIP and seek the Lord about it and His Word. Be very careful that you are not being indoctrinated into false doctrine.

    You can do you own research through your favorite search engine and not depend upon others. This is your responsiblity to do your homework. You need to settle this in your own mind. It is not productive to generate controversy by speaking out against a textbook that has been chosen by an instructor. Maybe you don’t belong in that class in the first place.
    Just sayin…………..

  8. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    >> Simon, you seem quite sincere and that is why I am suggesting that you take another look at the Bible school you are attending. Explore the doctrine of Calvinism, TULIP and seek the Lord about it and His Word. Be very careful that you are not being indoctrinated into false doctrine.

    Simon is a Calvinist.

    *ROTFL* – Sorry I just had to laugh, that was a classic. hahaha

  9. Burning Lamp says:

    Hope springs eternal! Simon came to the right place to get straightened out!!

  10. Kate Akele says:

    So, Jakes is taking his showmanship to the silver screen,eh? Good for him.*sarcasm*.
    *sigh* More poor souls are going to be filled with this spiritual poison. Lord, have mercy! Sheesh!

  11. Kate Akele says:

    One last comment- Mr. Slewfoot has definitely been busy! I just wish the Kendrick brothers will come up with something with an oomph to TKO this type of rubbish about to be filmed.
    By the way, ‘poor’ Choo Nam Thomas! She never got this type of publicity. O ma se o! (Translated- What a pity!)

  12. Burning Lamp says:

    Matt Crouch (TBN movie mogul) eat your heart out….you got trumped!!

    Since Christian movies are all the rage, this is bound to be a big draw. And it couldn’t be anything about making $$$ could it?

  13. Simon says:

    Deborah, you make too many assumptions. Is there someone you have not “reviewed”? Maybe you should examine your own heat and see if you are in the faith. As for being a calvinist, you know if meaning that I entirely depend on God’s mercy to save me from a lost eternity by His divine choice then I guess I am a Calvinist. If you want to give me a label.
    But we still do not know what you are. A critic ? plenty of those around. I challenge you to find something good about any you so liberally critisize. Now I have to get back to grown up company , got to earn my money not blog all day.

    [EDITED by DTW – Interesting that you initially came here to attack me, it was ‘obvius‘ from your 1st comment. To answer your question – I am NOT a Calvinist, I am SAVED by GRACE, not ELECT by PRIDE – I am not labeling you Simon, you call yourself a Calvinist on your own blog)

  14. Burning Lamp says:

    Simon, do you take us for idiots? “Reformed and Renewed” is the name of your blog. You have labeled yourself and are obviously proud of it.

    Have fun as you tiptoe through the TULIP.

  15. Estelle says:

    Have any of you heard of the Stephen Baldwin testimony?
    Apparently he now has his own ministry, not really making movies anymore. He also said that he stopped drinking and stopped the drugs. It sounds to good to be true, especially with his family, but it would be good if it was true?

  16. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    Yes, he has been a ‘Christian’ for meany many years but from my studies it’s NAR or Calvinism (I can’t remember which one)

  17. Polly says:

    Estells, Stephen Baldwin is a “TBN” Christian, a Glenn Beck fan and although probably sincere, apparently has never been discipled and grounded in the faith. That is the problem with “celebrity Christians”. It is a mine field and is they are not properly grounded in the faith they make many missteps and the media is quick to point it out.

  18. starlight says:

    Polly, that’s true. I sometimes listen to their testimomies and I wonder about their foundation – solid rock or sinking sand? The 1st thing I ask myself is why are they still in showbizz and mixing with the celebrities. They’ll tell us they need to represent Christ to these people. My understanding of conversion is that we’re to come out from among them and be seperate. Yes, we need to tell them about the Lord and lead them to Christ if they’re willing but to continue in this lifestyle has many pitfalls. They’re all blending in very nicely and don’t want to give up their luxuries for the Name and sake of JC. A christian song title comes to mind: “I cannot offer anything that cost me nothing”

  19. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    >> Stephen Baldwin is a “TBN” Christian, a Glenn Beck fan

    Ah thanks so much, I knew someone would figure out which one he was, and Latter Rain/Word of Faith it is. Glenn Beck is a MORMON (This I find amazing, how he slipped into the church, without a sheep’s outfit on, just a plain wolf and everyone has accepted him as a Christian – unbelievable.)

  20. Marion says:

    Here’s a link where you can read about Stephen Baldwin showing up at one of his “events” to talk about a “new Jesus” and, where he calls God “Homey” in a memoir he wrote called “The Unusual Suspect.” http://www.salon.com/2006/10/09/baldwin/
    And, you’re right, he’s a dominionist, with ties to those in Lausanne, and the CNP.
    An interesting overview of his life since becoming a “Christian” can be found in wikipedia.
    Another link http://www.cbn.com/700club/guests/interviews/Stephen-Baldwin_111306.aspx tells how he and his wife “found Jesus”, through the “ministry” of their Brazilian nanny who, while back in Brazil, through a “vision” and “prophecy” was sent by “God” to them. His own words tell us of what “spirit” he is. (Sounds like seducing spirits found their man!)

  21. Robbie says:

    Right Polly and he’s been there for some time.

    NOV 2004 TBN news letter:

    Guests Stephen Baldwin and wife Kennya on Praise <>
    Actor Stephen Baldwin and his wife, Kennya, were guests on Praise with host Phil Munsey. Stephen, a member of the Baldwin brothers acting family, has appeared in over 60 films—including TBN’s own, “Six:The Mark Unleashed.” Stephen is now producing and directing “Livin’ It,” a documentary on Christians involved in extreme sports.

  22. Michael says:

    Yup…Deb’s you’re right…converted to the Church of Latter Day Saints

  23. Werner says:


    by http://www.wayoflife.org

    In the most recent Elephant Room conversation, which was held at First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, last month, Driscoll and friends gave prosperity gospel preacher T.D. Jakes a forum to smokescreen his compromise pertaining to the fundamental doctrine of the Trinity.

    Mr. Jakes, who is a master of facing two ways and for whom someone like Driscoll and MacDonald are pushovers, said on one hand that he has moved away from a Oneness, “Jesus Only” view to embrace the Trinity as “one God, three Persons.” But he hastened to say that he still “prefers” the term “manifestations,” believes that men on both sides of the issue are “saying the same thing,” and has fellowship with those on all sides.

    He issued no repentance that he admittedly preached Oneness heresy for years. In fact, he is still at least sympathetic to Oneness theology, still defends its unscriptural terminology (by the misuse of 1 Timothy 3:16, for example), still falsely claims that this doctrine is an issue of “seeing through a glass darkly” and thus no one has it right, and refuses to obey the Bible by separating from heretics.

    In fact, he’s not sure there are any heretics, and he’s far too busy promoting unity to worry much about them, even if they exist. Far from challenging Jakes in a serious way, a pathetically fawning Driscoll and MacDonald treated the man like a religious rock star. They were so busy praising him as a man of “courage and humility” that they gave him a pass on the aforementioned contradictions and didn’t challenge his sloppy biblical exegesis.

    So much for boldly unveiling the “elephants.”

  24. Estelle says:

    It’s sad about Stephen Baldwin, he does seem sincere, but unfortunately he’s stuck in a big trap with all the false teachers and probably doesn’t even know it.

  25. Derrick says:

    I do find it difficult to believe celebrities when they make a confession of faith. Because they are traditionally liberal, and often times they slip and fail, as do we all. All I know to do is pray that they are being true, and their motives are true. There is no way of knowing for sure, that is God’s business. As for our differences in denominations, we must be careful of what is being taught. As with MacArthur. Although I do not hold to central Calvinist beliefs, he is still very studied in the scriptures and provides great insights on them. Now there are things that I disagree with him on, as I do with other denominations of Christianity out there. Now my church does not belong to any denomination or convention. We are a bible church. We let the scriptures be the final say in everything that we do. If you had to figure where we are in the denominational sense, we are more like baptists than anything else. And, there are a few things that baptists do that we do not agree with. When I talk to people I use a few indicators to see if they are truly saved. Number 1, Do you believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and rose again on the third day? Number 2, have you accepted Him as your Lord and Savior? Lord meaning master of your life, where you put His will and word above everything else in the world. Number 3, are you serving and witnessing? Spurgeon said many years ago, and even MacArthur echoed it too, that if you are not witnessing then you are not saved. Our principle job is to share the good news of salvation to all people. Because that is the gift given to us. If we are not sharing that, then do we really have it? Number 4, do you believe in the trinity? This is a central doctrine that cannot be ignored. Lastly, do you have faith in all of the above? Do you know it to be true no matter what anyone thinks about it? Now, are we going to fail? Yes, we are all going to mess up everyday. Scripture teaches us that we are none righteous on our own. Except for the grace of God, we are all bound for hell. I know that I am no better than Stephen Baldwin, MacArthur, you Deborah, or any other person in this world. But I do pray that all of these people will just seek the Lord. Make Him your focus rather than religion. Because religion run by man and open to whoever that man is’ interpretation. I have a relationship that is determined by Christ. And when we make Him our focus, the things of this world that are being taught incorrectly are made known. And when we rebuke them, we must do it as Paul taught Timothy, with great patience and instruction. Realizing that we are no better than they are. Just my thoughts. God bless you and your defense of the Gospel Deborah!

    Encouraging Thoughts for Life

  26. A film “Heaven Is For Real” is a good story to watch for and read if ever there is a book launched. In this story you have, was very interesting but I don’t think so if this is really real upon a child going to heaven and sent back…But a nice story to watch.

  27. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    The book has been published, and it’s all satanic lies. see above for link to my REVIEW

  28. Truthful Conversation says:

    I found this blog which I read through, and I think he has some very interesting articles. As always, I am not necessarily condoning all articles as fact/truth on this blog.


  29. Mark Holtman says:

    I saw TD Jakes on a video clip when he was at Mega Fest.
    Check the video out on EX Ministries (EX TV)under the heading Mega Fest Revisited.
    He allowed a movie producer (of not so nice movies to be mild) lay hands on him after he received a donation of a million USD. The crowd went wild while a really butch woman on stage with them screamed give birth give birth.
    This is very scary stuff.

  30. Maryann says:

    I would not listen to anything T.D. Jakes promotes. For one thing he does not believe in the Trinity. I guess he hasn’t heard that Burpo confessed that his story was a hoax. Brannon Howse mentioned it on his radio show and sent it out in his weekly email.

  31. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    >> I guess he hasn’t heard that Burpo confessed that his story was a hoax.

    Really? I must check this out because this is very important. Thank you for comment.

    I just went to check, apparently it was Alex Malarkey and the book: “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” who confessed it was a lie. http://www.christianpost.com/news/boy-who-claimed-he-visited-heaven-reads-bible-and-recants-story-lifeway-to-pull-book-from-stores-132646/

    Colton Burpo and dad still believe the ‘Heaven is for Real’ book to be 100% true and say they are not lying. So in other words, keep believing them and buying into their lies and oh yes..keep buying their book. *k-ching* http://www.inquisitr.com/1763420/heaven-is-for-real-under-attack-colton-burpo-talks-about-the-truth/

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