Wars and Rumours of Wars

Wars and Rumours of WarsDiscerning the Times We Live In – Wars and Rumours of Wars

by Michael Anthony – 30 December 2009

Some say that what we call ‘peace’ is only that silent period whilst foes reload their weapons. Wars, like poverty and injustice will always be with us. We could be witnessing developments that are creating the conditions for major unrest and major wars. My primary reason for believing this is Jesus Christ’s warning of wars and rumours of wars (Matthew 24:6) as we draw nearer to the end. My secondary reason is how I read some of the evidence.

The extent of this financial crisis has not been fully revealed yet, I have heard from various sources that the dollar is being artificially sustained. Britain is reeling like a drunken sailor and Obama has been spending money like no ones business. Anybody that knows how the financial system really works is very concerned. If you have the bandwidth please watch these videos, there are animated so that anybody can follow the commentary. It is an extremely insightful but shocking expose of the monetary system.

The video is called  Money as Debt:

There is also a version 2 of this video To quote the video headline

‘It explores the baffling, fraudulent and destructive arithmetic of the monetary system that holds us hostage to a forever growing debt and how we might evolve beyond it into a New Era’.

You first need to understand how the monetary system really works for this article to make more sense. Obama and whoever he is working for are big adherents of ‘keynesian economics’, this is no secret. If you want to skip the Wikipedia definition

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keynesian_economics  just think of it as ‘spending your way out of trouble’, then when the system collapses introduce socialism. This is already happening, big government; the US government already controls a huge chunk of the US economy after bailing out the motor industry and banks. But forget that for a second, I listened to one highly respected economist Marc Faber http://www.marcfaberreport.com/ whose comments on one of his interviews made me think. He stated that one stimulus package will lead to the next one and in a few years time the real crisis will come. As the fiscal deficit goes up so does the interest on government debt. Then the government will try to inflate its way out of going completely bust, then they have no choice but to go to war. Sounds too dramatic? Hang on.

If you want a second opinion listen to Peter Schiff, http://peterschiffblog.blogspot.com/,

The man has an extremely good track record for predicting market and economic trends, he echoes the same sentiments as the previous guy although I don’t think he mentions war.

After the US stock market crash in 1929 and the proceeding economic depression of the early 1930’s about one third of all the money was taken out of circulation. There just was not enough money to go round and for the economy to recover. By the way, all that stimulus money – it has not been fully introduced into the system. When it is introduced everybody will feel the effects of hyperinflation.   The US emerged out of the Second World War as the most prosperous nation on the planet and went into its most prosperous decades just after that. Don’t you find it interesting that all of a sudden there was sufficient money to finance the military industrial complex? Yet many were starving, it’s understandable when you understand the monetary system. Then perhaps you may also understand how Hitler financed his war machine when his country was completely bankrupt. You will also understand the overall distrust of global bankers and cartels.

I am not alone in this thinking; this is the same alarming conclusion from European think tank LEAP/Europe 2020 on a bulletin in February 2010. There could be a lot of social unrest that could erupt into violent, armed struggles for survivals. Experts say it is necessary to institute social justice and fair commerce, to write off debts and reduce toxic emissions into the atmosphere. The experts foresee a state of “generalized every man for himself” in the countries worst stricken by the crisis. That panic would then conclude in logical confrontations, in other words, with partial civil wars. On a more immediate note, I personally am getting more worried about food inflation; this is guaranteed to happen in 2010, has anyone noticed this lately?

War is one big racket. Millions die but it also creates thousands and thousands of millionaires that profit from war. War creates new industries and propels existing ones. The profits for military industries are staggering. Many people see the military industrial complex as the real enemy, inciting wars that seem patriotic but really for personal gain. The upside is that new money is created out of thin air and the economy is kick-started again. Never mind that the money the government has to borrow to go to war is impossible to pay back. The US government is still trying to pay back the money they needed to finance the 2nd World War. That’s the people’s problem…their children and their children’s children will have an increasing tax burden, forever

I could go on about how Saudi Arabia is helping to keep the dollar from crashing, so long as the US protects it from its biggest enemy; Iran. If you understand the Shiite – Sunni conflict you don’t have to explore the facts much further. If Iran had two nuclear bombs their mathematics is simple; one for Israel and one for Saudi Arabia

The media is complicit in a lot of these conflicts. The leftist influenced media is obsessed with the two most solid democracies, the United States and Israel but not with the worst dictatorships on the planet. I leave you with peaceful chants from the religion of peace.

A rally in Jordan…

  • Speaker: “Allah is our goal.”
  • Crowds: “Allah is our goal.”
  • Speaker: “The Prophet Muhammad is our leader.”
  • Crowds: “The Prophet Muhammad is our leader.”
  • Speaker: “The Koran is our constitution.”
  • Crowds: “The Koran is our constitution.”
  • Speaker: “Jihad is our path.”
  • Crowds: “Jihad is our path.”
  • Speaker: “Death for the sake of Allah is our most exalted desire.”
  • Crowds: “Death for the sake of Allah is our most exalted desire.

Yes, that will certainly bring peace on earth and goodwill to men. A financial crisis in a world full of insane zealots and a biased global media is a recipe for peace, right?

For further reading http://www.truthout.org/022709F

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  1. Michael Anthony says:

    Here is a link


    I never get tired of listening to this guy – Gerald Celente. He is the top economic trends forecaster, anywhere. I have listened to him both Christian talk radio stations and secular media for quite a while now. This dude has been bang on the money. He just uses common sense and analyses the evidence. Guess what he is saying? This depression will be worse than the great depression…including a lot of civil unrest…and a lot of ears are popping up.

  2. Michael Anthony says:

    For all you prophecy buffs that beleive in the rise of an European Union [and the Antichrist rising out of the EU]…think twice. The EU is threatening to break up – Greece is in economic tatters, Ireland is next, probably Spain before that.

    Euro crash fears





  3. Michael Anthony says:

    Countdown With Ahmadinejad: Is Anyone Else Worried About Dying In Ten Days?

    Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, once asked a Holocaust Survivor if he had any words of wisdom the Minister should remember. Looking gravely at the Statesman, the old man warned:

    “When someone tells you they are going to exterminate you, believe them.”

  4. Michael Anthony says:

    Faith 2 Action (Christian Talk Radio) had Avi Lipkin on last week. He gave an excellent overview of the real cause for the economic crisis (price of oil was going insane), the mortgage meltdown was just the next domino to fall. His wife works for the Israeli government and listens [intercepts] in on conversations in high places. He told us that…no, it’s better you listen to it. Very interesting overview of the Middle East conflict and interesting views on the possible outcomes.


  5. Elmarie A says:

    Michael Anthony

    >>Countdown With Ahmadinejad: Is Anyone Else Worried About Dying In Ten Days?<<

    I get the feeling the world leaders look upon him as being, a rebellious teenager by sort of ignoring him. He has given me a very uneasy feeling from day one.

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