T D Jakes – 20 is 10 Carried Into a Double Dimension

T. D. Jakes

T D Jakes Prophesies that 2010 Will Be a Year of Double Portion

[DTW notes in green]

“Whenever God pulls back a bow, the arrow is going to go further than it’s ever gone before. I believe that the turning point is going to be 2010.

[DTW note:  God pulls back a bow?  JD Jakes, come now, you of all people should know that is Cupid and not God]

Dallas megachurch pastor and entrepreneur T D Jakes usually doesn’t make declarations or predictions for the new year.

[DTW note:  It  might be a good thing to try cut back next year.]

But the year 2010 is different.

In a video message, The Potter’s House pastor said he expects 2010 to be a year of “double portion.”

Considering the global economic slump that many have suffered through over the past year or so, Jakes sees light at the end of a tunnel.

[DTW note:  You must have suffered terribly, no money coming in, all those people out there ‘lacking faith’ too make it though the financial crisis – did you lack faith by any chance because your congregation did not pull through as expected?]

“The Bible is not mystical about loss. It’s just the modern day teachers that we have today that led us down the wrong path to thinking that there would be no challenges,” he noted. “The Bible has always been clear that there would be losses. But He promised to restore the years [of] cankerworms.”

[DTW note:  Oh that is just so hypocritical of you.  So you knew (prophetically) that there were going to be losses, yet you continued to ask your congregation for large amounts of money, placing them in more debt – what a lovely, caring  person you are.]

Alluding to a biblical passage in the Old Testament book of Joel, Jakes called 2009 a year when cankerworms, palmerworms and locusts ate into people’s resources, retirements and homes. But just as Joel prophesied in the Bible, Jakes believes God will restore in the new year what was taken away.

[DTW note:  I could allude to many verses in the bible that speak about false Christs, but I wont because you as a pastor should know those verses.  What I will ask you is how you managed to come to the conclusion that Joel 2 is speaking about the year 2009

Joel 2:25  25“Then I will make up to you for the years  That the swarming locust has eaten,  The creeping locust, the stripping locust and the gnawing locust,  My great army which I sent among you. 

Ok that is a difficult question for you to answer let’s move onto something easier….

If 2010 is going to bring double portions, let’s look at:

Joel 2:26-27   26“You will have plenty to eat and be satisfied And praise the name of the LORD your God, Who has dealt wondrously with you;   Then My people will never be put to shame.  27“Thus you will know that I am in the midst of Israel.  

Oh gosh, we have another problem, God is speaking to the Jews (Israel).  Unless you are Jewish TD Jakes… ok, I understand this is also a very very difficult question for you to answer, let’s move onto something even easier.

What does 2011 bring because if we go sequentially down the verses of Joel 2 we should now be at the part where:

Joel 2:28 says  28’… And your sons and daughters will prophesy, Your old men will dream dreams, Your young men will see visions’

Aren’t you a bit ahead of yourself here?  Prophesying and all.  Ok, let’s call it a prediction instead, we would not want to ‘allude’ to the fact that you are actually prophesying before the Bible said you could.  So intead you played Spin the Wheel of Bible Verses and forced Cupid to shoot of an arrow that landed on the book of Joel.  I wonder how many times you spun the wheel before you were happy with verses that ‘alluded’ to that rubbish you were going to coming up with to con your flock into more debt.

BUT WAIT, what about 2012:

 Joel 2:30-21 says  30“I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth,Blood, fire and columns of smoke. 31“The sun will be turned into darkness And the moon into blood Before the great and awesome day of the LORD comes. 

Well I hope your money is in Fort Knox TD Jakes and I hope you have managed to build yourself one seriously strong bunker under your house to save you from the GREAT and AWESOME day of the LORD when he comes to judge con-artists and false teachers.  But there is good news TD….

Joel 2: 32   32“And it will come about that whoever calls on the name of the LORD  Will be delivered;]



“When you look at 2010, I believe it is time for us … to look at the fact that we have been through enough things, been through enough turmoil that now we’re ready to move to the next level,” he declared, noting that 20 is “10 carried into a double dimension.”

[DTW note:  Wow, that’s impressive.  20 is 10 carried into a double portion.  2010 can also be 2+0+1+0 = 3 which might be a triple portion (which would mean that Cupid is just being extra generous).  Or,  20-10 = 10 which could allude to only a 10% ROI (for the bad people out there).  Or,  (2-0)*(1-0)=2.  Ok you got me, you must be right. 

Oh just by the way, the price of oil is expected to increase to $150+ per barrel this year – all these world issues we face – as prophesied in the BIBLE (you know, that book you have never read)]

“Whenever God pulls back a bow, the arrow is going to go further than it’s ever gone before,” he said. “I believe that the turning point is going to be 2010.

[DTW note:   I think Cupids arms on only so long and he can shoot only so far, pressing the guy to shoot further is just wrong and what I call Cupid abuse.]

“I believe because we have crossed this Jordan like Elijah and Elisha that we are now eligible to step into a double portion. Financially, yes. We need it; our country needs it; our world needs it. But beyond that, wisdom, inspiration, a new development of faith; I believe new ministries are going to burst wide open.”

[DTW note:   Like Elijah and Elisha crossed the river Jordan we are now eligible for a double portion?  Where oh where do you get this utter load of rubbish from?  I would sincerely love to know what book you read when you write stuff like this, or does it just ‘flow’ from your imagination.]

Tens of thousands are expected to ring in the new year with Jakes, who is often identified as a prosperity gospel preacher. The charismatic preacher recently announced a “historic Watch Night” service that will involve multi-site technology. Along with a New Year’s Eve service at The Potter’s House worship center in Dallas on West Kiest Boulevard, the megachurch will also be hosting the service in two other locations via satellite.

“Open your arms up to God and receive your blessing,” Jakes says in his invitation.

While optimistic for the new year, Jakes articulated that the year of blessing and restoration will come to those who are prepared and have a strategy in place and to those who have been dealt setbacks but refused to die.

[DTW note:  Refuse to die?  Where there others that did die?  Oh maybe it’s the setback that refused to die?]

There is a caveat, however.

“If no strategy is in place to propel yourself forward,” he said, “you won’t be prepared to move forward to the next dimension. If you’re planning to use all the struggle of 2009 to propel you for 2010, I believe you will be blessed.”

[DTW note:  Oh now you are saying that it’s actually got nothing to do with Cupid and his arrow going further than ever before.  It’s got to do with strategy and financial planning and consulting your financial adviser on how to invest.  Oh wait, I can already see your strategy, YOU are going to present yourself to your followers as their financial adviser.  How brilliant is that.  Cover all your bases.

But never the less, lets talk about all these dimensions.  Currently most of the world’s population live in the 3rd dimension.  I say ‘most’ because I hear a lot of people have moved into the 4th dimension already, closer to godhood.  And some with the paradigm shift that took place last year have already moved into the 5th dimension of complete godhood.  Now I am presuming you are at least in the 4th dimension already along with many other ministers like Joyce Meyer and Creflo Dollar.  What about Kenneth Copeland et al?

Do you get to look down on those still stuck in the 3rd dimension?  What do you think of those who will NOT under any circumstances move into this “new development of faith” you speak about.  You know fully well these people who refuse your wicked ideas are genuine Christians who love Jesus Christ the Son of God with all their heart and soul and adhere to the Word of God and do not follow after Satan’s lies.

Are we a hindrance to you and others moving into another dimension?  Do you feel it necessary that one day we need to be ‘removed’ from the picture in order that your occult teaching be spread further?  You know fully well that the entire world needs to believe as you do in order for your ‘heaven’ to come down to earth.  Any Resistance needs to be dealt with surely?

What happy days lie ahead for the world.  As the Man of Lawlessness (THE anti-Christ) makes mankind subservient to him.  Repent TD Jakes, humble yourself before Jesus Christ the SON OF GOD.  HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE YOU from your sin and the coming horrors.]

He noted, “I’ve been teaching our church to plan to be blessed. It’s not accidental; it’s not a mistake. There’s a strategy to it. Sow your seed now.”

[DTW:  No don’t, you are going to lose your money, TD Jakes will buy another set of vintage vehicles to stuff into his garage.  The only one getting double portions here is TD Jakes.]

The Potter’s House is one of the largest churches in the nation with more than 30,000 members. As the church states in its description, Jakes’ ministry rivals many corporations employing nearly 400 staff members.

Source:    The Christian Post


I would like a single bacon and egg burger with cheese and because this is the year of double portions, I would like a double bacon and egg burger with 2 slices of cheese for free please.  Thank you.


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Deborah (Discerning the World)

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14 Responses

  1. Elmarie A says:

    Well said Deborah !!!!

  2. Michael Anthony says:


    Can you post my article on rumours of wars; if people knew how bad the financial crisis really is they would think twice about believing such ignorance. God can bless and preserve his children through all this but have to be good and wise stewards. We should be warning Christians from the pulpit on how to be wise, prudent and careful with their money – not this…

    On that article there are links to how the money system really works – all you have to do is watch those and sit back in shock and horror. Then you will realise that it is not IF but WHEN the whole money system completely crashes.

    I think we underestimate how much the restrainer (2 Thess 2 ) is really restraining right now.

  3. Madelein W says:

    Money, money, money!! How can people still follow and support these people??? They make it seem so wonderful, promising people all this worldly wealth. Where is that in the Bible?? God gives us our DAILY BREAD. What did Jesus say to the rich young man?.. sell all you have and come follow me. Why?.. his wealth was keeping him from following Jesus. Jesus did not say.. come follow me and I will give you even more!!! Worldly wealth is exactly that – worldly. What we do for Christ is what will last for eternity. God promises to bless us yes, but mainly with spiritual blessings that will draw us closer to Him. NOT overloading us with worldly things, that will distract our attention away from Him.

  4. lesedi marvellous says:

    Why are you always critisizing other people. Is it from you to jugde other people. It seems that you assumed the task of God of passing judgements to other people. Are u sure yourself that what you are doing is good in the eyes of God. I dont know your motives. The time will come for all people to be judged, then u will know the truth about you and other people u r judging.

  5. lesedi

    Can you read? If so, do you believe the nonsense he wrote? If you believe it, please find scripture to back up that what TD Jackes says is biblibal?

  6. Robbie says:

    *Why are you always criticizing other people. Is it from you to judge other people*


    The gift of discernment is for more than just a couple of true Christians. Spiritual PRIDE and blindness are keeping it wrapped up for many.

    *It seems that you assumed the task of God of passing judgements to other people*.

    Gods Word states clearly: Wisdom of Solomon
    Pro 31:8 Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.
    Pro 31:9 Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.

    We have to investigate all spirits whether from God and If we find them NOT scriptural, we must expose them like Paul did.
    1Tim 1:20 Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme.

    It is our GODLY duty to warn others against false doctrine:

    Eze 33:6 – But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.

    Eze 3:17 Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.

    you Notice the instruction from God here Lesedi?

    Vula mehlo ntombazane… u Jesu e kona duze…

  7. Burning Lamp says:

    lesedi – This blog is about testing the spirits which the Bible instructs us to do. It is not about judging people. Sounds to me like you make idols out of people like so many do and fall for false doctrines and teachings. No man is above scrutiny.

  8. Robbie says:

    I wonder how many times you’ve repeated the previous similar post Debs, Elmarie, Celia, Amanda …

    I am sure you have a standby copy just to paste? he he he

  9. Robbie says:

    oops… daai tannie met die kwaai ogies se naam is verkeerd gespel!! Cecilia…

  10. dsdf says:

    testing the spirit, not judging others. Testing and leaving the rest to God

  11. dsdf

    lol. You clearly don’t understand what you are talking about. Let’s not go by what your mind think. We will go by what God thinks, and what HE SAYS about the matter. And this is where we turn to the Bible; this is what GOD says about judging, He says and that we can judge! See here: As Christians We Must Judge Righteously and Do Not Tolerate Wicked People and we must Mark Them Which Cause Division and we go about judging righteously by Testing the Spirits – True Spiritual Discernment

  12. Caudie Grissom says:

    I disagree completely with most of your editorial comments and your general references to Pastor Jakes’ sermons. You’ve paid really close attention to someone you have such disdain for.

  13. Caudie Grissom, You have every right to disagree but the only legitimate way to verify your disagreements falls flat because you do not substantiate them from Scripture. So, try again. We have no disdain for TD Jakes. We have disdain for his false teachings. Ando so should you.

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