Kansas City Awakens to Revival at IHOP – RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

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Awakening Sweeps over Int’l House of Prayer

Paul Strand –  Tuesday, December 22, 2009

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Over the last decade the International House of Prayer, or IHOP as it’s usually called, has become a destination where worshippers lift non-stop praise and prayer up to God 24-hours a day. Now, there’s a new level of worship taking place at the ministry.

A series of miracle-filled meetings has been going on at the IHOP almost nightly since early November. As CBN News arrived to check out this move of the Holy Spirit, two young men were testifying about healings they had just experienced.

Jay Fridenmaker plays bass guitar in one of IHOP’s worship teams. He was so nearsighted that from the stage where he plays and these meetings take place, he’d never been able to see the big green digital clock on the other side of the auditorium.


“I’ve been asking the Lord for the last few days to heal my eyes,” Jay said. “A couple of people came over and prayed for me and my eyes…and now I can read things that are far away.” And he said the clock is now crystal clear.

Steve Moduno works with one of the other worship teams. Suffering with asthma since he was born, Steve has never been able to take deep breaths.

But he’d just been prayed for when CBN News showed up.

“Immediately I could breathe deeply.” We asked him to take a deep breath. He sucked in huge gulps of air. We said, “You were never able to do that before?” “No,” he replied, with a big, happy grin.

The ‘I Got Healed’ Gal

Rachel Beauchamp’s knee was so torn up she couldn’t run or dance for seven years. The Kansas City, Mo. resident confessed, “I’ve probably got prayed for – my knee – literally I’d say 900 times.”

At a recent renewal meeting, she wasn’t even praying for healing when it suddenly came for her damaged knee. She ran up on the stage, charging back and forth yelling, “I got healed! I got healed!” It was such a joyous, memorable moment, it earned Rachel a new title among people at IHOP: the ‘I got healed’ gal.

This move of the Lord in Kansas City began November 11 when Wes Hall’s 9 a.m. class at IHOP’s Bible school began to fill with a palpable presence of the Spirit.

15-Hour Holy Ghost Encounter

All other classes quickly moved in with Hall’s. Hundreds of Christians from across Kansas City – alerted by e-mails, texts and cell calls – started showing up for a Holy Ghost encounter that lasted 15 hours.

IHOP immediately began nightly six-hour renewal meetings and was soon sending it all out on a free, live webcast reaching 180 nations. Allen Hood, president of IHOP-University, described what God’s doing to His people in these meetings: “We’re getting healed. We’re experiencing His joy. We’re finding out He not only loves us, He likes us. He wants to use us. He wants to partner with us.”

For every physical healing, there appear to be dozens of spiritual ones – often leading to a total renewal of the recipient’s faith. It’s especially happening among the young people. “This generation is so broken,” said Hall, not just an IHOP-U instructor, but provost as well. “And the Lord is setting this young adult generation free of all kinds of brokenness and shame and addiction.”

‘Religion’ Knocked Right Out of Them

What’s interesting is how many long-time Christians here have had God knock the religion right out of them, but then replace it with a loving, intimate relationship with Him.

Anna Tullis, an IHOP student and almost lifelong Christian, felt tied up in knots over her religious spirit of perfectionism and performance: “I’ve grown up in a Christian home so I really knew how to perform and do what leadership wanted you to do…just knowing the system. And it had been so much bondage.”

She received prayer and deliverance at the renewal. “Afterwards I felt so light and so free. And like the freedom to be who the Lord called me to be instead of what everyone else was expecting of me. And it’s awesome!” Tullis exclaimed. “I’m just free from religion and like, my concept of God, which was totally messed up.”

IHOP-U president Hood explained, “A lot of our kids have grown up in religious contexts. They know what it means to look religious. But they’re finding out that God loves them, accepts them and is delivering them from performance.”

Twenty-seven-year-old Brent Steeno is another IHOP-U teacher. He was praying for students during the first day the renewal began, when he realized he himself had issues blocking his relationship with God.

Steeno asked for prayer and had a heavenly encounter: “I felt like Jesus was standing next to me and He just began to do surgery on my heart and removed self-hatred and insecurities and listening to the lies of the enemy.”

Igniter for the Nation?

Many local Christians who have been paying attention for years to prophetic words spoken over Kansas City are excited for what this move might mean not just for their area, but the nation.

Pastor Alan Koch of Christ Triumphant Church in nearby Lee’s Summit, Mo., recalled one prophecy he’d heard: “There would be an outpouring of God on the coasts, but it would come to the center. And when it would come to the center, it would ignite. And we’re hoping that this is that ignition.”

IHOP invited leaders of two longtime streams of revival to come to Kansas City to wed their efforts and also examine what this move of God might mean.

John and Carol Arnott have watched over a powerful renewal at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship for 15 years now. They like what they saw at the IHOP renewal.

Carol said, “They’re healing the sick and they’re preaching the gospel. And I believe as people start to come, it will be so contagious.”

John added, “This is going to go all over the world. And the earth is going to be a different place because of what God does here.”

Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church in Redding, Calif. has been seeing its own miracle-filled renewal for years. He advised IHOP to drink it up: “What these pools of refreshing are is they’re wave after wave of God’s goodness that we get to taste.”

Healings Every Night

IHOP founder Mike Bickle described what he’s seeing happen night after night: “The Lord is releasing His Spirit, mostly on young people, although it’s for all ages. And a lot of people are getting healed physically, just sovereignly. Healings every night.”

IHOP staffer Rachel Wagner received one of those healings recently. For about a year she and her doctor had been worried about a suspicious lump in her breast, but she couldn’t afford the tests that could tell if it was cancerous.

Wagner told CBN News, “I’d been praying ‘Lord, if you want to heal this, announce it from the platform,’ because it’s not something that you would normally hear on a microphone. And then Wes Hall said ‘God is removing a lump from someone’s breast, someone who’s been worrying about a lump in their breast, He’s dissolving it right now.’ And I was like ‘That’s me!’ So I ran to the bathroom and I checked and it was gone completely.”

The same day Wagner talked to CBN News, her doctor confirmed the lump has totally disappeared.

A Whole New Set of Teeth

The anointing for healing isn’t just happening here at these IHOP meetings. As they go out over the live webcast, individuals and groups elsewhere are watching, joining in and reporting their own wave of healings.

Pastor Dane Joneshill was visiting IHOP while others in his Searcy, Ark. church, including his co-pastor Taylor, were watching the webcast. One began to feel a strange sensation under her dentures – a whole new set of teeth growing in.

“She could just tangibly feel them with her fingers under her gums,” Pastor Joneshill said. “So she had Taylor put his finger in her mouth and feel all these bumps under the gums where these teeth were beginning to grow and push through the skin.”

Back at IHOP, the miracles just keep coming on. Kansas City resident Stephanie London fell seven stories five years ago.

“I broke my pelvis and ever since then, my right hip has been lower than my left,” Stephanie said. “During a prayer time I felt some really intense pain and some popping, and went and checked and my hips were even.”

The next week her chiropractor confirmed her total healing: “He said ‘I can tell you right now your hips are even, you have equal flexion in both sides, you’re balanced and I have never seen you like this.'”

Now those in Kansas City experiencing this rich move of God pray that it will spread from here in the core of the country out to the campuses and the coasts and everywhere people call upon Christ, wanting more of Him.

*Originally published December 18, 2009

 SEE VIDEO HERE:  http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2009/December/Awakening-Sweeps-over-Intl-House-of-Prayer-/

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50 Responses

  1. Chris

    You go there and spend a week! I have been there and I was delivered and encountered God big-time! It is people like you that sit on the sidelines and be a critic with a critical spirit! But then again! Jesus got persecuted for the things He did and the people he ministered to. You would have probably called him a fake too. Just like the Pharasee did! Love is kind! Not back biteing, slandering, and murmuring against ministries. Woe to you!!!!!

    Chris, take a long walk off a short plank. You say, “You would have probably called him a fake too” ??? Who do YOU THINK YOU ARE??? a little Jesus??

    Cheers, go play somewhere else. Your comments are no longer welcome and will be deleted.

  2. Grant says:


    God calls and we are to respond according to His Word if we are to be saved by His Grace. It is His Will that all people may come to know Him and be saved. If you have responded to His call, if you have truly believed and are repenting, then you will be forgiven and saved by His Grace. We will rejoice in your faith when you accept the Truth.

    Just a few small points from your posting:

    You go there and spend a week

    We are told to move away from the world and those destitute of the true faith. Please see 2 Cor 6:14. It is unreasonable to even expect true Bible believing Christians to go there at all.

    I have been there and I was delivered and encountered God big-time

    Praise the Lord for His Almighty kindness and perfect love for delivering undeserving sinners who Believe in Him from an eternity in flames. When you truly have been delivered and saved by His Grace, it is because God decided to do so freely, it certainly is not because of you attending any gathering. God is omni-present, meaning He is everywhere, all the time. He certainly cannot be more present at a gathering than anywhere else. It is a blasphemous error to suggest that we as sinful weak people can summon God to any place or to do anything He has not predetermined and foreknown. God certainly cannot be somewhere specific as you say “big time”.

    It is people like you that sit on the sidelines…

    While sites such as this certainly have an overflowing schedule coping with your type of insensitivities and contending for the Truth of the Gospel, what is it that you do to that end?

    Love is kind! Not back biteing, slandering, and murmuring against ministries.

    When you accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Truth of the Christian Bible, you too will find it impossible to accept the terribly hatefulness against Jesus preached by the false gospels and their false gods. It will be your duty to not only murmur, but speak out most strongly against false ministries such as the one which is the topic of this blog, who back bite and slander the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  3. Burning Lamp says:

    Grant, thank you for the excellent exhortations. You hit the proverbial nail on the head. I hope that Chris takes it to heart. The delusion is astounding. And El Marie, thanks for heading that link off at the pass. One can’t be too careful these days.

  4. Craig says:


    You may remember me from Miriam’s site as I posted under “Lee” initially (my middle name), then “Craig” and for a time “Craig Lee.” In any case, I started a new blog with the impetus a recent YouTube video of Bill Johnson claiming Jesus was ‘born again.’ I bought one of his books and bit by bit deduced his Christology. I wasn’t sure where to post this; but, Johnson is pushing an “anointing” of the ‘Holy Spirit’ rather than Christ as IHOP is doing. So, I thought it could fit here.

    Here’s the link:


  5. Hi Craig

    Yes I remember 🙂 Thanks for the link. Does not Kenneth Copeland believe the same thing? That Jesus was born again?

    Oh I’ve got this monthly article called Bob’s News Desk where you can go and post a comment with links of your articles:

  6. Craig says:


    Yes, you are correct re: Copeland as this is the WoF belief; however, Johnson’s Christology and theology surrounding this may be a bit different. I recognize that hyper-charismatism has some WoF characteristics; however, there are other differences.

  7. Craig

    I have not read your article yet. I will get around too it asap. I’m having electricity problems, so I’ve hardly been online – verrryyyyyyyyyyy annoyning.

  8. Trent. says:

    Christ wasn’t kidding when he said narrow is the gate that leadth to salvation .

  9. Karie says:

    I was decieved and loved it until I felt God loved me enough only to show up at Bethel or IHop river church places. Lots of wonderful people and I love people. Lets be honest, I love being loved.
    I fell head long but was not shaking, jerking uncontrolably or barking lot a dog. I think the signs to watch out for are the manifestation of some kind of spirit that is spreading through these churches with power. It is so hard for me still to stay away as I loved the worship and dance. Bethel is so friendly and I believe others like myself are truely seeking the Lord. I just never gave much thought about the Apostate Church and the great falling away. Even the elect like myself will be decieved! I have started going to Bible Study Fellowship and now afraid to let anyone lay hands on me. Todd Bentley is here in our area this week and I do need prayer still for healing and believing this false annointing. I should not have read the testimones from the IHOP as I just feel drawn in and love it (all the excitement. Yes we love it and want to feel Good and need God so bad we are desperate. Look up Kundalini Warning.

  10. Karie

    >> …….. and I do need prayer still for healing and believing this false annointing.

    Why don’t you just pray to Jesus Christ directly? 🙂 No you don’t need prayer. YOU are the one who needs to do the praying and asking Jesus for forgiveness for following false teaching. Forget about other men, why go to men when you have direct line to JESUS CHRIST. This is the fallicy of this 5 fold ministry rubbish. They want to drive a wedge between you and Jesus Christ by placing another man/woman there. NO NO NO NO NO NO! You want healing Karie, go to Jesus directly, you want deliverance from this false anointing, go to Jesus Christ directly and ask Him for forgiveness for all your sins (make a list of all the thing you did at this church that were unbiblical). Ask Jesus to remove them from you one by one. Ask Jesus to open your eyes to the truth, and let His Holy Spirit be your ONLY councellor.

    Any more questions just come ask the one who has been there, done that; got a goodie bag worth of stuff to prove it. All you need is Jesus Christ and yourself in the equation. Nothing else.

  11. Burning Lamp says:

    Karie, I would add only this to Deb’s excellent exhortation. Get into the Word of God. First, be sure of your salvation which is the bedrock and the foundation. You need to be assured of that. Then build upon that. Start fresh in the Word of God and ignore all the false teaching and Scripture twistin you have previously been under. God’s Word + prayer are all you need right now. Listen to only His voice until you have purged yourself from this error. Seek Him with all your heart and He will refresh you with the Truth.

  12. BL

    Thank you for mentioning the part about studying the Word, I forgot to type that part!!!!

  13. Battleghost says:

    It’s been over a year and a half since anyone has spoken a word here, but just want to let you know that people like me, are still researching about IHOP. Thank you for keeping this site up this long, I hope many more people find this site useful along with other discernment sites. Seeing the false teachings vs the true Word of God is making me more and more a believer. Kinda strange how faith works that way. I don’t think there is any other religion that has this much of an issue of false teachings as we have here in Christianity. Seeing the big picture this way makes me think more of why this is happening and how in-depth the arrogance of those that are misled have become so blinded by the falseness of “another gospel”. It goes back to the song from Petra. Rose colored stained glass windows. I think it was on the album More Power to ya or Not of this World, can’t remember. But I think even Petra was warning young people then about this. Go find that song and listen to it. Speaks alot about today, I think.

  14. Teddy says:

    Im on another planet. Just been tripping through your world and I watched 100s die of hunger. I saw millions die brutal deaths and billions were suffering. I looked at all the words you have written and wondered how much it helped even one person of these billions. The answer is….nothing. in 10 seconds time after you finish reading this you will have forgotten the billions of people suffering and hurting. Does it really matter what you believe? Your God who you claim defends you so much because you say he loves you – you have already been cast out and your God has never known you at all – ever. Your religion that you boast about is worthless and it is you who will be cast out into outer darkness and you will be in the lake of fire for ever and all your fire meetings mean nothing. You say im kidding? Im gonna make your day…what did your guru tell you or was he joking rolling around in laughter when he said…I was hungry…I was naked… your pretty religion is going to be worthless if you dont stop piling up riches. Go feed th hungry, clothe the naked, comfort the afflicted.

  15. Teddy,

    The Bible is so wonderful and you have just proved that it is 100% true.

    The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned. (1 Co 2:14)

    You say you’re on another planet? Are you evading your duty to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and comfort the afflicted on earth?

  16. Hans says:

    Teddy, if you were referring to Jesus Christ as a guru,I want to bring it under your attention that you are blaspheming against the most high God. If you are referring to some so-called Christians lack of love, as if a guru spoke those words to them, I have to agree with you that many who think themselves to be Christians will soon get a rude awakening, for the love of God is not in them.

  17. Neil Anthony Hughes says:

    There is only one God, and I believe in and follow his way.
    He is a light to this world!
    Thank you father that you gave your son to us as our redeemer and thank you Jesus, that you will be with us now and forever.

  18. Mercy Minder says:

    Dear fellow Christians and dear Christians caught up in IHOP and similar groups,

    The misunderstanding may also come from misunderstanding what God’s fire is all about, and misunderstanding what the fruit of the Spirit is all about.

    If the Christians caught up in all of this would start studying the burning bush, they would get to see that this was a holy fire that didn’t devour Moses but that also didn’t zap any particular strength into Moses.

    It was a fire that was designed to instill the desire to be holy and the desire to truly love God in people, not the desire to be powerful and definitely not the desire to be “transformed” into “know-it-alls” who can or would like to see into the future like witches and magicians do. And also, this fire was not designed to make people into small super-healers that travel the world proclaiming Christ’s healing power, while Christ never proclaimed Himself as a healer but always as the one witnessing and pointing to the Father who is in Heaven. Different focus! Wake up, dear Christians!

    Of course, God can heal and of course he does but according to HIS counsel and not ours. Let me tell you this: God can also allow Satan to perform healings, miracles and a multitude of wonders. He can allow him to send you visions and imaginations, prophecies and dreams. Remember that this is precisely how God interacted with the Egyptian magicians, and they where pretty powerful magicians but only because God let them have their way for a season…

    The Baal priests were powerful magicians (see stories in the Old Testament). No one should doubt that. But when God took their power away, they could not perform at all, could they? They could ask for fire to fall down from heaven but nothing happened because God took that “spiritistic toy” away from them. Their “fire” wouldn’t work for them anymore. These Baal priests loved that Satanic fire just as much as you IHOP-people and Todd Bentley followers love the so-called “fire of God”, which is NOT God’s fire but Baal’s fire. You love it too, you cherish it. It’s like a drug to you. You are addicted to this “fiery fruit”.

    Just like the Baal priests where. But then God withheld that fire from them that made them all madly in love with their “god” and sent his fire of judgement down on them instead.

    God is allowing Satan to pour his satanic fire into your veins and you think it’s God’s special blessing. Wicked deception! My heart cries out for you. Wake up!

    You are drinking from the cup of darkness and you are doing it at your own free will. God is not forcing you. He is letting you have your deception because you are or were yearning for it. You wanted to live by sight and not by faith. That’s why you got entangled in the Toronto blessing or any of the other manifestations of this false spirit right down to a false gift of speaking in tongues that praise Satan and not God. You didn’t study God’s Word dilently. He didn’t seek to be taught by the Holy Spirit but saught to see some “spirit” perform manifestations before you eyes instead.

    The fire you are receiving is the fire of Satan for God is hiding His face from you.
    The only fire you will get to experience from God will be His fire of judgement if you don’t get out of this place and remove yourself from the fake body of Christ.

    Please, wake up and get out of there. PLEASE!!! Take off that spiritual blindfold, which dark spirits have wrapped around your eyes! Get out and seek the living God who works in ways too wonderful for us to fathom. Who can give you that certainty of heart that you know, that you know that you know that you are saved and will see eternal salvation. And that certainty that you only need the quiet workings of the Holy Spirit, your Bible and faithful followers of Christ – and you will surely make it to the Heavenly Gate, for God does not break His promises. His covenant cannot be broken. He is faithful. He loves you!!!!

    Don’t seek healing, don’t seek power. Seek to honour and glorify God. Seek to witness the gospels of John, Mark, Matthew and Luke to people. Seek to witness Christ as a teacher and as Son of God and as God Himself to people. Don’t promote Christ as healer for he did not promote Himself in this way, although he healed so much. Don’t seek healings. Seek Christ’s nature. Seek God’s will. Seek God’s true glory and not the fake IHOP glory.

    Follow in Christ’s ways and leave the IHOP way immediately, for it is a wicked deception.

    For IHOP and many groups similar to them, faith in the silent and hidden workings of God have been replaced in faith in the tangible workings of Satan, for this is what Satan does. He always gives you fruit to eat. He gives you tangible things. You want a prayer answered?Okay, Satan will make it happen. If that is what it takes for you to leave your God and follow a counterfeit Christ, Satan will gladly perform for you. You can evoke the devil’s demons to dance to your tune so that he can make you dance to his. Don’t you see it? Don’t you? That’s the deception.

    God grows his tree of life inside of us. This is where our “faith tree” grows. But in the hearts of the deceived, another tree is growing. It is the tree of knowledge. Don’t you see this? Can’t you see the deception? You are eating from the snake’s tree over and over again. You are partaking of the snake’s “seed” over and over again. You are consenting to a marriage bond with the evil one and believe you are uniting with Christ. Wake up! You are Satan’s bride and not Christ’s. Don’t stay there. Get out.

    You are making yourself one with darkness, thinking that you are sitting at God’s table. No. No. No! This is not God’s table. God’s tree of life is growing inside of each believer and this is where it grows into a strong tree. The fruit of the Spirit is of another nature, totally different to what is being communicated to you.

    The Holy Spirit does not party and excel in miracles like the spirit of IHOP does. He does not seek outward gain and outward recognition. He does not show Himself off. He stays in the backseat, for His whole purpose is to work out holiness in a Christian’s life and to minister to the Christian in such a way so that he would become a useful tool in the Creator’s hands; someone to be trusted to rescue others from eternal condemnation… Someone to be trusted to be sent to witness to people and to teach the TRUTH; away from the public eye and far removed from hype-and spectacle-seeking masses who follow flock together because of the miracles and not because of God.

    Get acquainted with God’s revealed mystery. This mystery is this: If you are a sanctified Christian, you are powerful in Christ indeed. The holier you are, the more God can use you in His kingdom. Maybe no one will notice that you are a strong tree in God’s “Garden Eden”. Maybe no one can see that. But God sees. Maybe you don’t see it. But God sees it.

    But the more you hop around in ecstatic prayer, wanting to evoke healings and wonders, the more you are getting to be a powerful tool in Satan’s hands, ready to be used to cast demons into people, believing you are praying “special anointings” over them… You are getting to be a witch doctor and you are dragging people into this so that they are going to be tormented by false spirits just like you are (even though you might not be realising it yet). If you wake up from this, be sure that these spirits will show their ugly faces and will not easily let you go. Wake up and get out now!
    Be warned, if you are not saved, your tree of knowledge is growing into a giant tree inside your heart and every day you stay in Satan’s fake paradise, you will find it harder to turn to God, for you are not his yet anyway. If you are not sure that you are saved, run away and ask God to send you a true witness and God will. For God wants to see you saved in the true Christ.
    If you are saved and got deceived, God will help you out, for he is FAITHFUL but you have to surrender to God. You have to allow God to show you the deception.

    The Holy Spirit seeks to promote Christ as Redeemer and Mediator and the Holy Spirit seeks to promote God the Father.The Holy Spirit does not promote Himself. The Holy Spirit sanctifies us. He helps us to be obedient in Christ. He helps us be in Christ instead of being “in the old Adam”. He is there to make us powerful witnesses of his Gospel. His Holy Spirit will talk us out of IHOP and other deceptive ministries. Ask God to talk to you.

    If God is your Saviour, the Holy Spirit wants to talk you out of IHOP because God loves you and wants you out of there.

    The burning bush helps us understand that God’s fire has two sides: One is judgement and the other is salvation via justification through Christ and this is 100% tied to God’s HOLINESS. Isn’t this a truly wonderful message? God’s fire at pentecost sought to bring God’s power to the disciples but hat power is embedded, that is, totally tied up with God’s working of sanctification in our lives. God’s power is not to be had without it. It is the empowerment of being able to be like Christ. We will never reach perfection.That’s not the point. But every minute that we are in Christ rather than in “our old Adam” is a bright moment for God’s kingdom. As a Christian, we want to be collectors of many such “bright moments”. We want to crucify our flesh. We want to put on the crucified Christ and live in his resurrection day by day. If our old Adam is seeking signs and wonders, Christ cannot abide in us. You are quenching the Holy Spirit… Exactly the opposite of what you want to be doing for you are being deceived into believing that you making room for the “spirit of god” while the only spirit that you are being conditioned for are the spirits of darkness.
    The true power of the Holy Spirit is totally different to the one promoted by IHOP. Look hard, think hard, pray hard! Rebuke the false spirits! Get away from this evil place! Dark angels are hovering around you. You need to be saved from this. This will endanger your eternal destination. You have to be sure, yes totally certain, that you have been saved in the Christ of John the Baptist, Mark, Matthew and Luke and not in the IHOP Christ. Otherwise, you might not be saved at all.

    Moses had to take off his shoes for he was standing on holy ground when Moses encountered God in this instance where he discovered the burning bush. If sin were not an issue, Moses would have been able to keep them on. Think about that!

    The fire of IHOP, the healings – everything about this fake spirit that masquerades as “holy spirit” introduces you to Satan’s fire. The fire of spiritistic desires, the fire of divination, the fire of the magicians and witches, the fire of wordly gain, of worldy – yet “spiritualized” worldy power, worldy healing, wordly “sanctification”, which seeks to make you into a mini-god beside the Almighty God, while building up your old Adam into a huge biest and leaving no room for your spirit to abide in Christ. That is the danger you are in.

    The fire of this spirit has got Satan written all over all its various manifestations. Don’t you know that Satan can heal? That he can perform miracles? That he can let teeth grow, and perform wonders, miracles? Don’t you know that he will send hte false prophet who will die and will come to life again. Satan is a copy cat. He copies God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. And people see that things are moving and wonderful miracles are taking place and believe them to be from God.

    Same applies to the speaking of tongues. If you’d know your master’s voice, you’d listen to Him and get out of there FAST. But you know another master’s voice – and this master is not God but the dark princes, fallen angels. Dear deceived Christians, you are deceived. You are worshipping Baal.

    Your God has not got anything in common with the God of the Bible – only your Christian terminology has. That’s the only common factor. The meanings of the words you are using have changed. There are filled with different meanings. They seek to glorify the powers in the deep and not the Holy God of Abraham and of the Apostles. Remember the warnings in the book of revelation. You are flocking around a false shepherd. He is not crowned with a crown of thorns but with jewels and with magical powers. This is the “god” you are following.

    Ever wondered why Christians are flocking around their “fiery Christ and Holy Spirit” while the secular worlds flocks around all kinds of fires, as well (just look at the pop/ rock culture and all the many fiery contexts in music videos, etc.). It’s all Satan’s fire. The same thing. Satan is a fiery serpent. Didn’t you know that?
    God never promoted his fire. Never. His fire is mentioned in connection with judgement. The fire of pentecost was a manifestation of God’s sanctifying power, not of miracle working powers, although God in his graciousness allowed people to be healed. The focus is different. It is the spirit that you need to know. Know God’s voice. Don’t follow the voice of the serpent! Don’t inhale his breath! Do not ask to for the impartation of the Holy Spirit for the true Spirit of God resides in you by God’s will and not yours. Whatever wants to enter you, is not of God. Never is. God is a quiet resident inside your heart. Satan comes with music, drums, manifestations and spectacular performances. A cunning show master, ready to steal your soul. Please, dear Father God in Heaven, open the eyes of the deceived and set them free.
    In Christ’s name and in your sure and certain will I pray. Amen.

  19. Mercy Minder says:

    Dear Teddy, you wrote some pretty straight-forward things and believe the Word of God: God cares for the afflicted. He always has. Yes, blame people and go right ahead and blame Christians, too. We are all to be blamed. We are sinners and this this world is in an awful mess. Christ is hte only SAVIOUR and he cares about you and your sense of righteousness. He loves that about you – for sure. What God doesn’t love about you is your fallen nature, your own sin and your sinfulness that you can’t cut out just like you can’t get rid of your shadow. You are stuck with your personal “dirt”, your failings and your pride and sin. You need Christ. He needs to save you. In case you should drop by here again, I thought it would be the only loving thing to point out to you. Yes, we have to feed the hungry – but YOU need the Bread of Life and there is only ONE in the world that can give it to you – for it is Christ Himself. He wants to give HIMSELF to you. Read all four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and ask God to reveal Himself to you. He will in His own unique way. How – I don’t know for this is your salvation story with God and not mine. Be saved and know that you know that you are. If we rescue everyone from starvation, we have done a great thing and we are showing God’s love when we work toward that end. But if we love people into the Kingdom of God by professing and proclaiming God, we help them to gain eternal life… I want to do both: help the starving in this world and point to Jesus, who is the only God-man and man-God who can get us to Heaven and who will provide eternal salvation – eternal life to His saved children. May God touch your heart and make you tremble in fear of God while at the same time making you rejoice in his wonderful gift of eternal salvation. TAke your filth, your sind and your pride to the cross of Christ. Aks Jesus to be your saviour and your Lord. Believe in the one true Trinitarian God who is only one. Be born again in the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. And trust my advice: Study your Bible diligently and never let your “old Adam” grow into a biest that cannot be tamed. Offer yourself up as living sacrifice and follow Christ.

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