Are Catholics Christian?

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The worlds first accurate poll on Catholicism

Even if you have no intention of reading this blog further I would really appreciate 5 seconds of your time to click either Yes or No and submit your answer.

The reason I only have 2 options is because I want an accurate statistic on Catholicism as a whole.  Roman Catholics, Catholics or Charismatic Catholics all stem from the same core doctrine.

If you are not sure, please vote Yes – Reason:  you are probably thinking that there are some Catholics who are Christian.  So please vote Yes in this case.

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45 Responses

  1. Paul

    Oh yes, Bunnytrails will take a zap at anyone if they get the chance, for BT is …. catholic.

  2. Burning Lamp says:

    Paul, thanks for taking up for me, but it was Cecilia who was corrected by BunnyTrails. BT as his name implies (one that he graciously took on during a light discussion) seems quite a gentle soul who doesn’t realize he has bought into a fake bill of goods. He has a sense of humor and I don’t believe is mean-spirited. He seems to be genuine and is willing to engage in discussion respectfully. I have promised him a discussion but have not been up to it and want to give it justice and represent the Lord adequately. BT is precious in the Lord’s sight and as long as he is willing to come around to visit here, it is a sign that he is willing to listen. I pray that is the case.

  3. Martin says:

    Why not hear it from the horse’s mouth. Alberto Rivera (ex-Jesuit priest) (Rev 18:4-5 NIV) Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins…

  4. Mitch says:

    As there are saved protestants there are saved Catholics. Catholicism believe in the Trinity, that Jesus is God, that Jesus died on the cross for us. They worship the triune God.

  5. Mitch

    No, unfortunately there is much more to Catholicism than just worshiping a Trinity of demon Gods that they call God, Jesus and Holy Spirit (false spirit of the anti-Christ) and then there is Mary – the Mother of God – God does not have a mother – This is Pagan. They pray to Mary (Idolatry), Jesus is actually Horus and their God is actually Mithra (Sun God).

    Please go and research why Catholicism is Pagan. You will be shocked to find the TRUTH – if you are interested in the truth, which I hope you are. You have all the information at your fingertips, google ‘Catholicism False’ and see what you get for starters.

    Mitch, do you love the TRUTH? or are you going to be one of those who “… will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” 2 Timothy 4:4

  6. Martin Horan says:

    I was “educated” at Catholic schools. So I know it from the inside. Most of our religious teaching was indoctrination. But when a person is indoctrinated they generally don’t know they have been indoctrinated. Otherwise they wouldn’t be indoctrinated!
    Having said that, I know a lot of kind, decent Catholics.
    The unfortunate thing is: being kind and decent doesn’t make anyone saved. Neither does sincerity. Hitler, Stalin, and Osama Bin Laden were all sincere man. Not one of them was saved.
    I notice that Deborah has a fair bit of knowledge on Catholicism. But sometimes we have to be careful where our knowledge comes from.
    Jack Chick was mentioned above. I don’t doubt Chick’s sincerity nor his truthfulness but he sometimes lacks objectivity.
    Dave Hunt is a great expert on Catholicism. His books stick to fact. So do his speeches (See him on YouTube.) He never gets antagonistic though his detractors are invariably antagonistic to him!
    Many of the greatest testimonies about the Catholic Church are from people who have come out of it. “Far From Rome, Near To God” (Published by Banner of Truth Trust) is a book containing fifty testimonies of former Roman Catholic Priests. So these statements are staight from the horses’ mouths. Whenever possible it’s best to deal with those who speak from experience as well as knowledge.
    Jean Plaidy’s “The Spanish Inquisition” is another book showing just one of the many atrocious parts of the Vatican’s wicked history. And I.A. Sadler’s “Mystery Babylon the Great” shows all the Baylonian roots of the Catholic Church. (It is worth trying to Google them on Amazon.) On the other hand, the problem with Hislop is that his writing’s too convoluted and his facts are often selected to fit his already held paradigm. And his points were not always correct.
    Two wonderful books are parts 1 and 2 of “ALPHA the unofficial guide” which I believe is a must for all Christians. They are written by Elizabeth McDonald & Dusty Peterson. They do not only deal with Catholicism but with all the other false religions and heresies which are preparing the world for the soon coming New World Order.
    It is my firm belief that every Christian home should have these books. The very reason I say so is because they show how many of these beliefs are now part of the theologies of many maistream churches.
    Jesus Himself warned us of how we should be aware of these end times and that we should let NO-ONE deceive us. The Lord spoke a lot about deception, especially in these end times.
    We have Calvinists and Catholics who do not believe we are in the End Times. It is almost laughable when we have Islam telling us we are!

  7. Martin

    >> I notice that Deborah has a fair bit of knowledge on Catholicism. But sometimes we have to be careful where our knowledge comes from. Jack Chick was mentioned above. I don’t doubt Chick’s sincerity nor his truthfulness but he sometimes lacks objectivity.

    Just a FYI, I would never mention Jack Chick. Cecilia mentioned Chick. The book I mentioned was by the Waldensians.

  8. Jane says:

    Are Catholics Christian? Some are, some aren’t. A Christian is someone who has repented of their sins and asked Jesus into their heart. This is not dependent on denomination. I was raised Methodist and believed that Easter was the Easter bunny and Christmas was Santa Claus or Satan Claus as I like to call him. My family was involved in the occult and this influenced me. I was Catholic for 21 years. I believe that Marian apparitions are demonic and so is most of the church hierarchy expecially the papacy. However I live in the US and the presidency is as corrupt as the Catholic leadership. Our current president would make a good model for the Antichrist. And the pope could be the false prophet. The Catholic church leads people to convert to Catholicism and not lost souls to Jesus. However some aspects of the church do honor Jesus and not Mary such as Stations of the Cross. The church is a mixed bag. If you have never been to a Catholic Mass, Deborah, I suggest you go to one to be better informed and to discern the truth. One thing we need to remember, is that Satan is the enemy, not the Catholic church and its people. We can discern the truth in love and honesty. You can read more about my decision to leave the RCC on my blog as noted.

  9. Jane says:

    I believe that a person is a Christian if they have repented from their sins and asked Jesus to be Lord of their life. It is not dependent on denomination. Some Catholics are Christians and some are not. When I was a Catholic, I read my Bible every day, listened to Protestant tv and radio, and read Protestant books. The problem with Catholicism is not the basics of the faith but all the added idol worship, of Mary, the pope, angels and saints. I believe Marian apparitions are demonic. I believe the hierarchy of the church is corrupt. To read more about why I left the church see my blog as noted. I think it is important to remember that Satan is the enemy and not the Catholic people. Unfortunately there are some problems with Protestant clergy also, such as Rick Warren, Billy Graham, and Benny Hinn etc.

  10. Jane

    If a Christian is a GENUINE Christian they will immediately LEAVE the RCC. Until such time they are not genuinely Christian. They are nominal Christians, Christians by name only.

  11. Martin Horan says:

    Sorry, Deborah, I’ve just found this part of your site again. I’d actually forgotten what I wrote there back in January. So I will apologize to you now for quoting you wrongly. Sorry. But I don’t think I meant to say that you personally quoted Chick.
    The more I get on this blog, the more I see how sound your doctine is and therefore the more I love it.
    As to that last comment you wrote in June on Catholicism I concur 100%. I know you are a real sister in Christ and I sometimes wish my wife and I could be in South Africa to meet you. God bless.

  12. toddott says:

    There are many who claim that there are some true Christians within Catholicism. However, I can’t see how anyone indwelt with the Holy Spirit can by any means stay within a church whose teaching are exactly opposite of what the Bible teaches. The words are the same, but the meanings are different. The true Church is built on the Messiah, Son of the Living God, and the other is built on a man called Peter. Catholisicm is the worlds largest cult, Satan’s counterfeit of the true Church.
    And contrary to what Jane has said, the problem IS with the basics, which are anything but biblical. Reading the Bible and listening the Christian radio and TV and reading Christian books does not make a person a Christian. Believing and doing what the Bible says it what makes a Christian.
    The ecumenical movement will soon lead to Mystery Babylon, the unity of all religions, and the true Church will once again be persecuted and martyred.

  13. Adam says:

    Hi everyone. Ive been searching the internet for weeks and am so glad to find others that see what I see. I went to catholic grade school and high school. After that I spent my life getting absolutely wasted on drugs and heavy metal every day. I cant stress how much I did because I should not be alive. One time I was 2 seconds away from death. God led me through others to a nondenominational Christian church. I actually learned for the first time how to be saved and understood what Jesus did for us. I literally had the blinders ripped off. All this time I was putting my hand into the devil horns at concerts, having sex with multiple women and felt worthless. Being born again is the cure for addiction thank God. I would have been in hell and was literally 2 seconds away. I believe the literal word of God… the bible. Not one of the bibles that has been rewritten. I can no longer listen to heavy metal or wallow in sin… which leads me to my point. I am always at my best a cheap sinner like everyone else. But I strive to sin less to honor God because his mercy and Jesus sacrifice on the cross are so precious. I cant listen to heavy metal anymore because it is satanic to the core. I refuse to step foot in a Catholic church because it is satanic to the core. I got my family out of the Catholic church also. Anyone can see the many many things they do to spit in Gods face. I feel bad for the people that still go there. I do not hate the people. Theres joy in my heart with Jesus. Ive never fealt this way before. At first I told God “I almost wish I never saw this evil” but really its “God thank You for showing me this evil”. I know evil I lived it. Now with the guidence of the Holy Spirit I have to stay away from things like heavy metal and the catholic church. I do not hate their people… quite the opposite. But what can we done when they indoctrinate people? I guess spread the truth with love. Ah the devil has permeated society more than I ever imagined. And the battle between good and evil is real. I know Gods hatred of evil is the purest hate. Thats what people need to see. I stand in awe of an awesome God who is still on his throne

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