New World Order Airport with Occult Art

Freemason New World Order Airport - Occult Art

This is disturbing.  I can’t believe that they are blatant enough to put occult art like this out in the open for everyone to see.  Then again we are in a New Age where anything goes, except the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The main reason for showing this occult art not merely to show people that we are in the end times and there are horrors coming that the world has never seen before and thought would never happen; but because South Africa is depicted in these paintings.  I have stared at these occult art photos for a few days now and spotted a few things that others have not mentioned before.

Note: Many people have written articles about this, either for the wrong reasons, to try back up their strange beliefs like:  Serpent Seed teaching,  strange devices that can ward off demons, including other UFO type rubbish.  Some have even said the plants and animals are masonic symbols and the plants are supposed to be mind altering.  I don’t think so.

Some have written articles on this occult art knowing well that this this is NOT of God, that this is NOT Christian, that the Word of God tell us a different story to the one the world would like us to fall for.   They have tried their best to explain these occult art pictures, but there were things they did not understand.  I have tried to fill in some of the missing gaps.

What I will explain below is based on occult LIES.  The Truth of the matter is explained in the Bible clearly.  Satan will take scripture and use it for his own purposes.  He even tempted Jesus Christ the Son of God with his own version of the scripture, and Jesus promptly set him straight with, “It is written” – Because Jesus is the Word!   How much more will Satan use bible verses to try cheat us.  He will take half a story and make it seem like the full story.   He is the Father of Lies.

Another deception comes in where these occult prophetic art works are actually true in that what’s painted is happening right now – but of course it will, because just as these artworks are man made so are the stories depicted planned from the beginning by men to come true, guided by their master, their occult teacher Satan.

All Satan has done was to change the ending of the story to make himself seem victorious when he was in fact DEFEATED 2000+ years ago through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ the Son of God on the cross for our sin.  This does in no way mean that Satan can’t deceive anymore.   Of course he can and he has the entire world in his grasp right now squeezing the air right out of us.

Those who prefer to read other literature instead of the Word of God will only know half the story.  Why, because they choose wickedness over the truth that is spoken in the Bible.  Jesus Christ the Son of God is no longer the way, the truth and the life as per the new world biblical view, even though they will still say he is.  Technically their Christ is the way and the real Jesus Christ is no longer.  He has been replaced by men who want to be just like Him instead.   The world is now worshipping God’s creation (plants, animals and of course people) and NOT  the Creator.  Mankind is now the way, the truth and the life.

I am going to show the photos of this occult art and then list actual facts about these photos.  And then I am going to explain the occult meaning behind what these things really mean….

This is the Denver International Airport:

Airport from Distance New World Order Airport
  • More than an airport, it is literally a New-Age cathedral, full of occult symbolism and references to secret societies.
  • The art within this airport is all deliberate and reflects the ideals, beliefs, and goals of the already here One World Religion.
  • Everything in this airport has been planned from start to finish, there is nothing that is out of place – it’s all meant to be this way.
  • The cost to built the airport was astronomical.
  • Many contractors and affirmative action type building construction companies were used in the building of the airport.
  • No one knows the full scope of the project or the full layout and plans of the airport – except for those who paid for it to be built.
  • Suspicions of underground construction due to huge amounts of earth dumped from ‘nowhere’.
  • Enough fiber optic cable laid to stretch the entire length of the Nile river.
  • A fueling system that is capable of pumping 1000 gallons of jet fuel per minute.  Unheard of for commercial airports.
  • Granite imported from all over the world
  • The construction of an underground tunnel system.  These tunnels are not in use at the moment.

Occult Art – Horse of the Apocalypse at the Denver airport

Horse New World Order Airport - Occult art
  • A 32 foot high Fiberglas stallion with veins popping out of its whole body and demonic eyes that glow red is showcased on the grounds near the entrance of the airport.
  • This is not in any way a My Little Pony type sculpture.  The back side of this horse is downright disgusting.  I have not posted the photos.
  • The artist, Luis Jimenez sustained fatal injuries after a portion of the sculpture he was working fell on him and crushed him.
  • Many say this is the Pale horse of the Apocalypse. The fourth horse in the book of Revelation in the Bible called Death.
  • The horse ‘Death’ brings killing with weapons, hunger and plagues.
    • Are these things all man made;  hunger and plagues?  Think about it.

Revelation 6:7-8

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse; and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth”.

The Freemason Capstone in the Great Hall within the new world order airport

Free Mason Capstone New World Order Airport
  • Freemason symbols cover this marble stone.  Note the 5 lines that look like sun beams;  The 5 stems that branch off refer to the 5 Christs of each major religion.
  • A keypad fitted onto an extension of marble seems be written in Braille.  Or is this freemasonry code made to look like Braille – Masons have their own alphabet.
    • What is this trying to tell us:
      • Only those of the highest order will understand what it written on this pad.
      • Does this symbolize ultimate illumination:  that the blind will only see if they want to be enlightened?
  • Written under “March 1994” date it says “New World Airport Commission contributors…”
  • Time capsule apparently buried under the stone to be opened in 2094.

The 4 Occultic Art Prophetic Murals:

  • Divided into four walls, the art murals painted by Leo Tanguma are supposed to represent peace, harmony and nature.
  • Leo Tanguma art murals are typical Chicano art, politically charged and community oriented and downright blasphemous.

A) Peace and Harmony with Nature:

Occult Art #1 –

1stmural Sinister Sites The Denver New World Order Airport
  • There is a birth scene taking place here, a Satanic re-inactment of Jesus’ birth, but this time it’s the ANTICHRISTS
  • There are 3 children bringing 3 presents to the leopard? Or are they bring the gifts to the woman lying in the middle coffin who appears to have a halo around her head and is holding a baby who also has a halo?
  • One child’s present is a bird, but the label is GOLD
  • One child’s present is another smaller bird but the label is FRANKINCENSE
  • One child’s present is a penguin but the label is MYRRH
DIA1-1stMural-MainPicture-New World Order Airport - Occult art
  • Forests are on fire in the far background a city on fire as well?
  • City is polluted?
  • Animals are also in glass cages because they are becoming extinct.
  • Does mankind need to be destroyed in order to gain balance on earth?
  • Mayans drew a time line on stone tablets.  The time line ends in 2012 – many fear this date is the end of civilization, the end of mankind.   (note:  Strange how people manage to translate and understand stone tablets chiseled with little pictures but can’t read the Word of God correctly)
  • Notice the Mayan table is in the shape of Russia, with 2 heads chiseled out each breathing out what looks like different shaped stars (I don’t know what these stars mean)
DIA1-1stMural-MainPicture-3Coffins New World Order Airport
  • 3 open caskets are shown at the bottom of the painting:  2 dead girls from different cultures/races.
  • Left is an African woman, and on the right is a European / Jewish girl
  • Why are these women dead?  Are these cultures/races going to become extinct too?
  • Why are they all women?
  • Why does the African women look like she died of starvation or AIDS?
  • The European girl in the coffin on the right of the painting holds a Bible in her arms.
    • This represents those who are Bible believers and we will be identified this way
  • She also holds a yellow Juden star as well.
    • This is what the Nazi’s pinned to Jews to identify them during WWII.
  • Is her body resting on the Israeli flag?
  • This DOES represent the elimination of Jews and Christians.

B) Children of the World Dream of Peace

Occult art No.2 and No.3-

  • There are 2 paintings that actually run fluently together (#2 and #3), however they are shown as separate art murals at the airport.
  • There is no mistaking the ORDER that these ‘predictions’ will follow.
  • If I am not mistaken the Nazi painting appears before the happy world painting in the airport – if this is so, this is to deceive people into thinking the Nazi painting is history and not what is to come.
DIA1-2and3Murals-MainPicture New World Order Airport - Occult art

Occult Art No.2 –

DIA1-2ndMural-MainPicture: New World Order Airport - Occult art
  • Children of the world, each dressed in their countries traditional costumes.
  • Some children are carrying weapons wrapped in their countries national flag.
  • They seem to be giving their weapons to a German boy dressed in a Bavarian costume.  (note:  I think this boy is used as symbolism for Assyria/Babylon and not Germany as such.)
  • This German boy is holding a hammer symbolising an iron fist.
  • Children are handing all their weapons over and the boy is pounding the weapons/swords into ploughshares on an anvil
    • The world is not working working for the common good of mankind:- socialism
      • Please see at at the end of this article for more shocking info on this topic with biblical scripture.
  • American, British and French children, et al, are all very happy to give their power/weapons over to the German boy (European One World Order)
  • Again this shows that the art murals are in the correct order, because during WWII these countries fought AGAINST Nazi rule, now they are joyfully running toward it.
  • This image shows the world willingly giving up their weapons and their national identity to a One World European government in the name of peace and the common good of the world as a whole.
    • This boy symbolises an organisation; a government who will run the world from Europe
      • Babylon. A One World Order, a One World Government and a One World Religion
    • At the head of this organisation sits; The man of Lawlessness (THE anti-Christ)
    • The broken monster at the bottom of the painting is nothing more than:
      • Those who oppose the false peace presented to the world by those running the One World Order.
      • The enemy has been crushed.  Jesus Christ the Son of God (the enemy) has been replaced by a new Christ (that can be found in all faiths)
      • Modernity has been replaced by Post-Modernity.
      • The Word of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been replace with a new gospel.
      • Negativity (the bible) has been replaced with positivity (any message that makes you feel good)
    • In other words The New World peace has shattered that hatred.
      • Hatred = Preaching the genuine Gospel of Jesus which is ALL about REPENTANCE OF SIN
      • Peace = Not speaking about REPENTANCE OF SIN and preaching anything else BUT the genuine Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Notice the two small doves sitting on the broken monster.  Notice how tiny the doves are?
    • Does this show us that this peace/love is actually fake and weak?
    • Are these doves placed there to make the world think that it was the world uniting under Christ (small tiny dove) that crushed the evil of this world?
  • The children are in a war ship.
    • This symbolises that the world wants no more war.  BUT this has a sinister double meaning as well:
    • The whole world is all in the same boat.   We are all headed into the clutches of coming horror.
  • But there is hope, a rainbow
    • Banners or pieces of ribbons at the base of the boat start to join together until it becomes a full rainbow that covers the whole world.
  • So the whole world is in the same boat – we are all in trouble.  But there is hope.
    • The Rainbow symbolises hope and a One World Religion.  But only for those who agree with the One World Order.
  • Please notice that South Africa is one of the countries singled out and our national flag is shown – we are handing our weapons over to the One World Order.
    • South Africa handed itself over in 1994 and sealed the deal in May with Zuma’s inauguration as president.
    • South Africa is going to lead the rest of Africa into transformation
  • The countries who have their national flags depicted are countries that seem to play a big part in the One World Religion.
  • Notice which countries flags are in the painting and notice which flags are joined with which flags.
    • For eg:  Pakistan and India
DIA1-2ndMural-MainPicture-Images New World Order Airport - Occult art

Occult Art No.3 –

DIA1-3rdMural-MainPicture New World Order Airport - Occult art
  • The rainbow flows effortlessly into the next art mural depicting unbelievable horror.
  • As the world lives in peace for a period of time – notice how quickly the rainbow dissimulates into next to nothing in the 3rd art mural.
  • In the previous painting the people of  the world watch the New World Order love the world.
  • A new monster has risen.
  • The monster that was hidden within the One World Order (Babylon), the Man of Lawlessness has been released
  • Notice the size of him.  He is gigantic.
  • Notice the Assyrian eagle on his Nazi military hat.
  • Notice the sword (scimitar) in the Nazi’s hand.  This is a sword commonly used in Freemason symbolism.
  • In this occult art mural there is only one dove and it appears bigger than the previous 2 doves from the previous art mural
  • The Man of Lawlessness is raping genuine Christianity with his sword.
  • This symbolises the main purpose of the Man of Lawlessness, to actually destroy genuine Christianity.
  • But he will take down everyone else in the process.  This entire deception is not about the people of this world, it’s about him (Satan) forcing the world to bow down to him.
  • There is an endless line of people being put to death.
  • Women holding dead limp babies sliding down a slide toward elimination.
  • Dead children seem to be sleeping on bricks.   But they are not sleeping they are dead.   There is no external trace of them having died by being crushed by falling buildings.
  • The Nazi is protected by a gas mask.
  • At the bottom left hand side of the art mural is a letter.   See below for zoomed in image of letter.
DIA1-3rdMural-MainPicture-Images New World Order Airport - Occult art
  • This letter at the bottom far right of the art mural is supposed to be a poem/letter written by Hama Herchenberg, a 14 years old, that died on December 18, 1943 in the Auschwitz Concentration camp.
  • I have searched for more info on this and can’t find anything to prove this letter actually exists.  Never the less, it’s disturbing!!

C) Peace and Harmony with Nature:

Occult Art No.4 –

DIA1-4thMural: New World Order Airport - Occult art
  • The 4th art mural shows what the end of all the horror is going to lead too.  Heaven on Earth.
  • Once you have removed those who disagree with you, those who stand against you, you are left with those who bowed down to the Nazi (the Man of Lawlessness)
  • The idea is that in order to bring mother earth back into harmony, you have to balance mankind with nature.  At the moment the world is well past over populated.
  • As we can see the extinct animals and plants have returned to earth.  They did not supernaturally return they were recreated using stored DNA.
  • The leopard that was dead in the previous picture is now alive in this picture and has 2 cubs, the cubs however have human faces? Why? I don’t know. They appear to be watching over the whole scene.
  • The bright shiny plant in the middle:
    • many have written that this plant is a genetically modified plant that draws people to it.  This is not a genetically modified plant.
    • This plant is the god within (Christ).  Mankind transcended to god level within themselves.
    • As gods we they now have dominion over the earth.
    • This plant is the Lotus flower
    • This plant now depicts bright rainbow colours again.
    • The rainbow has returned after most of the world is slaughtered for a good cause.
    • White light emanates from the plant.
    • Notice an even smaller dove within the plant.   Again symbolizing false hope.
  • There is a Native child behind the lotus flower.  Is this child supposed to represent a Jesus like figure (the Christ). Of course this is not Jesus Christ – this scene represents the Last Supper.  There are 12 disciples (children) around the table/altar – 1 little girl facing away (representative of Judas?)
  • Is that a Sun disk around this Child’s head?
  • Some children are missing arms and legs, why?
New World Order Airport - Occult art

1st painting: What is currently happening in the world right now as I type this:  Global warning, saving the earth, saving the animals, etc, etc,.  We have to save the world for our children.   While this message is being shouted across the globe there is something sinister working in the background.  The world’s attention has been drawn away from what is really happening.  At the same time we are being taught about our inner light, our inner god – New Age Spiritualism.  We are being taught how to meditate and hear gods voice.

2nd painting: While the world is concentrating on saving the planet, the Man of Lawlessness and his ‘order’ are bringing all the countries of the world together.  They are right now handing their power over to the One World Order.  Some countries have already handed themselves over completely, like South Africa.  Others are slowly being sucked in.  All countries will be happy to be ruled by a One World government.  All religions will be happy to find common ground.  All humans will love one another under false pretenses. They have no idea what’s really coming.

3rd painting: Shock, horror. What was wonderful and peaceful and tranquil suddenly turns into a nightmare.  The Man of Lawlessness who told everyone that this world can live in harmony – bring heaven to earth,  is suddenly telling everyone that the only real way this can be achieved is to remove those who oppose his plans.  You can’t bring balance to the scales unless you remove a tremendous amount of weight.  It also depends which side of the scale you want to be on.

The Nazi wants you to own down to him.  He is God.  Worship him or die.  The world starts to run for their lives, but there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.   The entire world is against you;  your family, your friends turn you in.  They love the ideal of heaven on earth, they do not love you. And again the world is faced with the same decision they had to make before all this horror started – Believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God, repent of your sin and be born again by God’s Holy Spirit.  But still people will reject the ONLY other choice available to them.

4th painting: This is a complete load of rubbish.  This is deception at its finest.  Mankind will not reign on this earth as little gods.  There is no restoration of the earth as occultists love to believe based on their plans.   All who opposed the real Jesus Christ (the dove) in painting No.3 will find themselves on their knees pleading for mercy after JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD returns to JUDGE the WICKED.

Regarding painting No.3  Satan would love to believe, as would his followers that their perverted act against the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit (the molesting of the Dove) and the persecution of the Saints represents the total, final, and actual destruction of Jesus Christ.   Jesus Christ defeated Satan on the Cross, those who truly believe in Jesus Christ the son of God who are born again and washed spotless by the blood of Jesus will not perish in a 2nd death (hell).

The Swastika Runway:

The aerial view of the runway of the DIA airport is shaped like a swastika.   No surprise really considering the artwork inside the airport.

runways 300x300 Sinister Sites The Denver New World Order Airport

Gargoyles (demons) adorn art the walls:

DIA1-2xGargoyles New World Order Airport - Occult art

Mother Earth, Gaia, Queen of Heaven, etc:

DIA1-MotherGaia New World Order Airport
  • The image in the middle definitely represents Mother Earth, Gaia, Holy Mother.
  • Humans, plants and animals are all connected.
  • The middle part (the transparent part) within Mother Earth is a deeper symbolic meaning of the Tree of Life.
    • The 5 stems that branch off refer to the 5 Christs of each major religion.
    • They branch off on the 6th Chakra (Third Eye)
  • The light at the back is the sun representing Sun God, Ra.  Remember the Native boy in the 4th painting with the sun disk at the top of his head?
  • The little alien heads above represent humans ascending to a higher level, becoming little gods within creation.
  • The stars above are placed that way for a purpose, this is not a normal star arrangement but occult astrology.
    • Notice the 2 bright stars – one on the left and one on the right of the painting – in a direct line from one another?  Ignore the other bright-ish star(s) at the top right hand side.  The one just below it is the one that’s important to occultists.

Swords to ploughshares

Here is a sculpture that sits on the UN grounds in New York.  The sculpture is called: Swords to ploughshares and is a concept in which military weapons or technologies are converted for peaceful civilian applications.

New World Order Airport - Occult art

The United Nations garden contains several sculptures and statues that have been donated by different countries. This one is called “Let Us Beat Swords into Ploughshares” and was a gift from the then Soviet Union presented in 1959. Made by Evgeniy Vuchetich, the bronze statue represents the figure of a man holding a hammer in one hand and, in the other, a sword which he is making into a ploughshare, symbolizing man’s desire to put an end to war and convert the means of destruction into creative tools for the benefit of all mankind

The NWO have even gone so far as to find scripture to back up parts of their plan.

Isaiah 2:4  /  Micah 4:3: “He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.”

Heal The World by Michael Jackson (1991)Create a world with no fearTogether we’ll cry happy tearsSee the nations turnTheir swords into ploughshares


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18 Responses

  1. mom4truth says:

    Well, I live outside of Denver and fly out of there all the time. I am onto the NWO and STILL have never noticed all of this. I guess it’s because I’m always rushing to the gate. Guess I’ll be finding a new airport! Frightening. Thanks for posting this info- whether people want to believe it or not, this is really happening. I’m waiting, Jesus, to hear, “Come up hither!” Maranatha!

  2. Discerning the World says:


    Please can you do me a fav and when you go there again, take a stroll through the airport with your camera. There are some other things as well that I didn’t get to find decent photo’s of. There is a glass display of animal sculputres. On the marble floor are arranged jiant like giant suns being eclisped by small black suns. Also there is a big blue bear looking through one of the windows from the outside -so he is looking inside. I have a picture of that but didn’t post it cos I have no idea what that means. I am hoping a lot of this stuff is before you have to pass through the first check points, other wise you gonna need a ticket to get back. And then there is domestic anddddd foreign. I think there is tons of stuff that people have missed cos it either looks non-threatening or they think it’s just ‘modern’ art.

    I would love to go there myself, but can’t. Actually, wait, erase that thought…I think I’ve seen enough to give me many sleepless nights. It’s taken me 3 weeks to investigate and the stuff in here is legit. Apparently some of those mural have been painted over durning the last 9 years – a few things changed here and there. The artist has also been questioned repeatedly and he told reporters that he was given specific intructions on what to paint – also given $100k to pained them as well. But I could not really be bothered with this info because you just have to go look at this website and see other stuff he has pained and you will see the guy is evil.

    Apparently there was or still is a petition to get the horse removed – not sure what’s come of that. Probably nothing…the NWO always wins.

  3. mom4truth says:

    Sure thing. I have a friend who lives very close who is now investigating this in depth. As a matter of fact, he was part of the original construction crew and has verified many of the sketchy, behind-the-scenes action stories. I’ll see if he can photograph those things. You are right, there is a petition to have the horse removed…and then Denver went in and passed a bill that says “art” cannot be removed for 5 years so that people “have a chance to get used to it.” The evil horse has only been up for 2- so we have 3 years to simply “adjust” to it’s ominous presence. See ya on the camps, pal.

  4. I must say that horse is ugly. I almost burst out crying when I saw it lol. +/- 3 years to get used to it? Hmmm…. interesting.

    Yes, and those camps…I have not written about those yet just cos the info out there is just too all over the place and cos I am not from the USA I gotta rely on others info – double checking, cross checking and stuff. Anyhow, see what they can get. Even clearer pictures would be cool so I can zoom in more.

  5. mom4truth says:

    Deborah, I keep meaning to tell you that they officially took out the disgusting horse of the apocalypse from its perch at the entrance to the airport. Now they’ve put something so much more appealing:

    Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, eh?

  6. mom4truth

    Oh my word, so they erect a statue of Anubis in it’s place? I don’t believe it. Actually I do really.. kinda… sorta… mind blowing.

    Bluecifer’s New Buddy: God of the dead arrives at DIA

    DENVER – As if a 30-foot tall blue horse with glowing red eyes wasn’t startling enough, travelers at Denver International Airport are now being greeted by a new Behemoth.

    On Wednesday, workers erected a 26-foot tall, seven-ton replica of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, adjacent to the main terminal. The statue is here to promote the upcoming King Tut exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.

    According to one web site, Anubis is the “jackal-god of mummification,” and “assisted in the rites by which a dead man was admitted to the underworld.”

    While art enthusiasts are excited about the statue, some air travelers aren’t sure if they feel more or less secure with Anubis looking in.

    “If it’s the god of death, I wouldn’t exactly be putting it in front of the airport,” said passenger Keith Mears.

    For Josh Meyers, it wasn’t very reassuring either.

    “I don’t like flying to begin with,” he said. “It’s kind of weird, especially being at an airport. Bad voodoo.”

    “Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs” opens June 29th at the Denver Art Museum.

    The statue stands just a short distance from DIA’s other towering work of art: the controversial ‘Mustang’ by Luis Jimenez who died in 2006 when a large piece of ‘Mustang’ fell on him in his studio.

    ‘Mustang’ has earned the nicknames “Bluecifer,” “Satan’s Steed,” and “Blue Devil Horse.”


    This is one seriously sick place this.

  7. rich yeblenca says:

    “Now we see coming into view a NEW WORLD ORDER…” Paraphrase from daddy Bush’s speech in the early 90s. Blind guides only lead the entire group into the ditch. Thus we have no leadership in the so called church. They preach a distracting message of gobble dee gook while the very core is rapidly being burned and dismantled in preparation for the coming one world order and anti-christ.

    Maybe when they are required to bow to anti-christ they will realize their folly. Oh…..but then it will be wayyy to late now won’t it?

  8. Lime says:

    Got news for you people the horse of death is alive and well, it was never moved. As for the painting in the main term that was painted over, wow its still there too. Get your shit together people. Time is short.

  9. Lime so the paintings in the main terminal were painted over? do you know with what?

  10. Burning Lamp says:

    Lime, please watch your language. It has no place on a Christian blog, and is offensive. Do you normally talk this way? Check into what the Bible says about unclean speech.

  11. noonewantstolisten says:

    I cry when I think of what’s to come. I don’t have a religion but I am still a good person who tries to make things right. (I only mentioned that because I see this is a Christian blog now.) Why are people in such denial even if you show them mountains of proof? They think it’s something to laugh at. That is some really really disturbing stuff to put it lightly.

  12. Wow,
    When I wrote my book “The Spirit of Prophecy” I was simply following what the bible itself says. I came to the conclusion that when Jesus spoke about “wars and rumours of wars” he was referring to a pseudo or decoy Tribulation period. Now I see that the NWO has a plan to bring forward a decoy Tribulation to convince the world that after it will come a time for “peace and safety”, the “kingdom of God on earth”!
    I believe you are correct in your assessment of these paintings. They have their own Tribulation in the works, but it will only be after this that the real Antichrist will arise, and God’s Tribulation will begin!

  13. noonewantstolisten

    I pray you find Jesus Christ and turn your life over to Him before the end comes. Why not be a good person who tries to makes things right who has the power of Jesus Christ and does a better job at being good 😉

  14. UpanAdam says:

    Does anyone have a take on the OTHER boy in the second mural? Hes Asian and holding ONLY one sword rather than others whom have all swords wrapped in their countries flag. I do see an Asian flag in the mural however, I believe there is something to this..
    He seems to me helping the ‘lawless one’ destroy the sword. Also being on the right side of this boy, a “right hand man” perhaps…

  15. Sharon says:

    There is also massive building going on under the airport…the new Capitol of the USA under the NWO? Only time will tell. Even so…..come Lord Jesus!

  16. ci says:

    Origin and foundation of freemasonry being The Noahide 7 commandments – Rainbow covenent and Universal faith agenda, Bless you all in Jesus’ Holy and precious name.

  17. Dear ci :hi:

    Thank you so much for this incredible info, I never quite understood it, but over the last few weeks I’ve realised how the Hebrew Roots Movement is nothing but Phariseeism as these Rabbi’s turn their attention to Christians and try convert them to ‘Gnosticism’.

    I am going to use the youtube video you supplied and write an article on it and link to to some other articles I have on DTW.

    Thank you!!

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