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Scott Pruitt and His No-Pretrib Fallacies – Part 2


As a rule, it’s a very good thing to cross-refer to passages in the Old Testament when you want to emphasize and substantiate certain New Testament truths. However, you ought to make very sure that your cross references harmonize with the things you wish to verify, especially when your name is Scott Pruitt.

Scott Pruitt does indeed cross-refer to the Old Testament but seems to have missed the fact that his cross references miserably disprove his position on the Post-Tribulation Rapture. Let us now examine his cross reference with regard to his article “3 Reasons Why There Cannot Be A Pre-Tribulation Rapture,” in the light of Scripture. He tries very hard to substantiate his No-Pretrib diatribes in his second reason why there cannot be a Pre-Tribulation Rapture.


Scott Pruitt and His No-Pretrib Fallacies – Part 1


Scott Pruitt manages a blog called “No-Pretrib” which he ardently graces with one page after another filled with gross fallacies, some of which come very close to blasphemy.

How do I come to this conclusion? References to Satan as a liar are widespread in the Bible. However, there are those who unashamedly place Jesus Christ in the same category as Satan and brazenly insinuate that He is a liar which is closer to blasphemy than Satan is to his eternal perdition in the Lake of Fire.


Soaking – A Once Lost Art…



I usually do not mince words, especially when the subject has to do with man’s relationship with God and his eternal destiny. So, without any further ado, allow me to tell you upfront what soaking and all the other similar methods Christians adore practicing actually are and where it is leading the unsuspecting. We are commanded to love and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with all our heart, and with all our soul, and with all our strength, and with all our mind; . . . (Luke 10:27).

Why is it so important to love, worship and serve God with all our mind? The main reason is that our mind is what makes us what we are. (Proverbs 23:7).


The Calvinist Shredder – Jeremiah 1:5

The Calvinist Shredder Jeremiah 1:5The Calvinist Shredder – Jeremiah 1:5

Louis Mathys Ackermann

Louis Matthys Ackermann

Jeremiah 1:5  – In this edition of my series of short articles which was sparked by a friend, Louis Matthys Ackermann, and who has since unfriended himself on my Facebook page because I am an anti-Calvinist (some of my best friends in the Calvinist fold call me the Antichrist), I would like to focus on an Old Testament passage Jeremiah 1:5 the reformed theologians love to quote to validate their views on election and predestination.

Before we dig a little deeper into the meaning of Jeremiah 1:5, I would first like to remind our self-unfriended Facebook friend, Louis Ackermann , that Jesus was more of a gentleman than he could ever be. Why? Because he never unfriended one of his worst enemies. Listen to this, Mr. Ackermann, and learn from it. » PLEASE CONTINUE READING HERE »

The Calvinist Shredder – Psalm 139:16

The Calvinist Shredder Ps 139_16The Calvinist Shredder –  Psalm 139:16

The Calvinist Shredder – Whenever some of my “friends” contact me via my private message box on Facebook, doing their utmost to convert me to Calvinism, I see it as a golden opportunity to present them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not, I repeat NOT, the gospel of another Jesus. shredder

Louis Mathys Ackermann

Louis Matthys Ackermann

During my latest tête-à-tête with Loius Matthys Ackermann, someone I have known for quite some time on Facebook, sent me a list of Bible verses which he believes are ample proof that the doctrines of grace (Calvinism) are the warp and woof of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In point of fact, he accused me of “not knowing the Gospel that was created before the foundation of the world” and that “he was beginning to think that I, as an Arminian, was an ignoramus in regard to sound theology.” » PLEASE CONTINUE READING HERE »

Pre-Trib – Suppressing the Truth in Unrighteousness

Left Behind or led astray - Pre-TribPRE-TRIB:  SUPPRESSING THE TRUTH IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS  (UPDATED – See Addendum)

In this article, which is a follow-up of “PreTrib Rapture vs PostTrib Rapture” I aim to discuss the many questions I asked the No Pre-Trib crowd, Scott Pruitt among them, which by the way, they refused to answer and eventually summarily banned me from their blogs and YouTube channels.

Romans 1:18

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;  (KJV)

For [God does not overlook sin and] the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who in their wickedness suppress and stifle the truth,  (AMP) » PLEASE CONTINUE READING HERE »

Koinonia House – The Adoration of Mary

William P. Welty and Koinonia House - The Adoration of Mary Ten Test Questions for the World's Finest Woman

Mary: Ten Test Questions for the World’s Finest Woman Book by Dr. William Welty –

William P. Welty, Chuck Missler and Koinonia House – The Adoration of Mary

Koinonia House (Chuck Missler and William Welty) – An article was just released by William P. Welty from Koinonia House entitled “Maybe It’s Time You Met the World’s Finest Woman” from the May 02, 2016 eNews issue.

William P. Welty  is “a member of the Board of Directors of Koinonia House and has been asked to serve as Scholar in Residence on the faculty of the Koinonia Institute”[1].  In other words he and Chuck Missler are super duper big buddies.  In fact they are so close they even have a satellite network in outer space they built together called SWANSAT that does the United Nation’s bidding. (The United Nations is a Luciferian organisation).

When I received this article in my email from Koinonia House, I thought, “oh, ok, maybe they are just going to tell you the story about Mary as you would do for any biblical character”.  And then I started to read the article and I was shocked to say the least. I got to find that, no, they are not just telling you a historical story about Mary, they are in fact giving her adoration and they want you too as well.  Let me show you what I mean. » PLEASE CONTINUE READING HERE »

Margaret MacDonald’s Vision: Pre-Trib? Really?

Margaret MacDonald's visionMargaret MacDonald’s Vision: Pre-Trib? Really?

I get a lot of emails and comments by people that believe there will be no pre-tribulation rapture and point me to the so called Pre-Trib vision by Margaret MacDonald that was made known by Dave MacPherson in his book called “The Incredible Cover-up”, pp. 151-157. 1975

Wikipedia says this about Margaret MacDonald

“Margaret MacDonald was born in 1815 in Port Glasgow, Scotland and died around 1840.[1] She lived with her two older brothers, James and George, both of whom ran a shipping business.[1] Beginning in 1826 and through 1829, a few preachers in Scotland emphasized that the world’s problems could only be addressed through an outbreak of supernatural gifts from the Holy Spirit.[2] In response, Isabella and Mary Campbell of the parish of Rosneath manifested charismatic experiences such as speaking in tongues. Around 1830, miraculous healings were reported through James Campbell, first of his sister Margaret MacDonald and then of Mary Campbell (through James’s letter to Mary).[3] Shortly thereafter James and George MacDonald manifested the speaking and interpretations of tongues, and soon others followed suit in prayer meetings. These charismatic experiences garnered major national attention. Many came to see and investigate these events. Some, such as Edward Irving and Henry Drummond, regarded these events as genuine displays from the Holy Spirit. Others, including John Nelson Darby and Benjamin Wills Newton, whom the Brethren sent on their behalf to investigate, came to the conclusion that these displays were demonic.[4]


Pre-Trib Rapture vs Post-Trib Rapture

Left Behind or Led Astray: Pre-Trib Rapture vs Post-Trib Rapture

The Left Behind Movie starring Nicolas Cage (a Freemason) opened in theaters on October 3, 2014. To counter the false teaching of pre-tribulationism.



Pre-Trib Rapture vs Post-Trib Rapture:  Factions and divisions have always been commonplace among Christians. How do we know this? Paul himself wrote:

“For first of all, when ye come together in the church, I hear that there be divisions among you; and I partly believe it. For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.” (1 Corinthians 11:18-19)

Paul sincerely sought to foster a harmonious unity among the members of the church but knew that the perpetual presence of sin made it virtually impossible to unify the church under every single doctrine given to the church.

One of the doctrines that came under constant attack by false teachers was the imminent return of Jesus Christ at the Pre-Trib Rapture. Hence his serious warning against false teachers in 2 Thessalonians 2. » PLEASE CONTINUE READING HERE »

Orbital Hermeneutics by John MacArthur

Orbital Hermeneutics Election PredestinationOrbital Hermeneutics

Once your mind gets hooked or locked onto a central idea or theme in your view of life and the world, everything you say or do will orbit or circle that idea or theme, in much the same way satellites orbit the earth. Hence the title of this article “Orbital Hermeneutics.”

For instance, let’s assume you are a Calvinist and the earth in the picture on the left represents election/predestination/God’s sovereignty, the most common thing you would do then, is to make all your sermons or Gospel presentations circle your mindset of election, predestination and God’s sovereignty.

No matter what you preach to people, your mind will always predictably gravitate towards election, predestination and God’s sovereignty, albeit a warped idea of election, predestination and God’s sovereignty.

As may have been expected, this is precisely what John MacArthur does in his Amazing sermon on Election from Luke 4. » PLEASE CONTINUE READING HERE »

Double Belonging / Christian Buddhism

Dalai Lama & Rob Bell - Double Belonging / Christian BuddhismDouble Belonging or Christian Buddhism

Romans 14:8 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

“If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or we die, we belong to the Lord.”

The modernized version of Romans 14:8 sounds like this:

“If we live, we live to the Lord AND Buddha, and if we die, we die to the Lord AND Buddha. So then, whether we live or we die, we belong to the Lord AND Buddha”

One of the most dangerous and skewed peculiarities of the Emergent Church is its mistaken view of suffering. Though they may disagree with this statement and argue that their understanding of suffering is firmly based on what the Bible says about it, careful examination shows that their opinion of suffering is rooted in Buddhism or more precisely in “Christian Buddhism”. » PLEASE CONTINUE READING HERE »

The Tail Between the Legs Calvinists

Tail Between Legs Calvinists

The Tail Between the Legs Calvinists

The expression “running away with your tail between your legs” has become quite relevant lately during my discussion with a group of Calvinists who attacked the DRC’s decision to accept same sex relationships and marriages, and also to accept gays as fully ordained ministers.  As usual, the discussion on this blog ended in a cul de sac because a group of “tail between the legs” Calvinists did not have the guts to answer my penetrating questions.

It all started like this:

A sister in the Lord sent me the following video that I watched immediately.


Die Stert Tussen die Bene Calviniste

Tail Between Legs stert tussen bene Calviniste

Die Stert Tussen die Bene Calviniste

Die mooi Afrikaanse uitdrukking “om met die stert tussen die bene weg te hardloop” het onlangs baie handig te pas gekom in my gesprek met ‘n klompie Calviniste wat die NG Kerk se besluit om selfde-geslag verhoudings en huwelike in die kerk te aanvaar en “gay” predikante toe te laat om as volledig gelegitimeerde predikante te preek, hewig aangeval het. Die gesprek het op hierdie blog, soos gewoonlik op ‘n cul de sac uitgeloop omdat ‘n klomp “stert-tussen-die-bene-Calviniste” nie die ruggraat het om indringende vrae te beantwoord nie.

Dit het alles so begin. ‘n Suster in die Here het die volgende video aan my gestuur waarna ek sommer onmiddellik gekyk het.