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Iris Scanning To Secure an Entire Mexican City

Iris Scanning Set To Secure City in Mexico, Then the World September 26th, 2010 by Aaron Saenz – singularityhub.com The million-plus citizens of Leon, Mexico are set to become the first example of a city secured through the power of biometric...

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RFID Tagging, Coming To A Child Near You

In the Debate Over RFID Tracking, Children are The Testing Ground RFID tags are already embedded in millions of products you buy…and your children could be next. In the ongoing debate over privacy and surveillance, Radio Frequency ID tags occupy...

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Chipped, Fingerprinted and Eyeballed

Chipped, Fingerprinted and Eyeballed One day, you will receive an option;  ‘Do you want to continue buying and selling?  If so, a microchip is available to be implanted in your right hand. Technology has even advanced to such a degree that a microchip...

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Was lost, but now I’m found – by Google

Where’s Jimmy? Just Google His Bar Code By Gene J. Koprowski – © 2010 FOX News Network, LLC Updated May 14, 2010 Scientists currently tag animals to study their behavior and protect the endangered, but some futurists wonder whether all humans...

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Smart Cards on their way SA

See DTW article: You can drive, but you won’t get very far! on the exact same subject regarding Smart Cards that was posted last year and updated today (15 Apr 2010).  Contains new info on microchip, South Africa’s new Toll system...

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Smart Cards – You can drive, but you won’t get very far!

It’s coming folks.  The day where people are going to be tagged like cattle is almost upon us.  The Word of God says that you are NOT to accept this Mark… Revelation 13:16   [AMP]  16 Also he compels all [alike], both...