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Who Is More Prone to False Teaching – a Black or a White man?

Is a black man or a white man more prone to false teaching?

It is often said that black people are more predisposed to false teaching because their culture is steeped in wizardry, shamanism, sorcery and witchcraft. Can it be true that this man – who claims to be a man of God and needs to test his faith because the Word of God says it is impossible to please God without faith – actually believes that he is pleasing God?

Some sangomas (witch doctors) in South Africa and more frequently in Africa (so it seems) are turning to Christianity because it is far easier to practice their wizardry in the Name of Jesus Christ and make stacks of money than it is to prance around in witch doctors garb and drink blood to summon their ancestors (demons disguised as their ancestors. Read more here).


Hipnose – Christelike Terapie of Duiwelse Okkultisme?

Hipnose – Christelike Terapie of Duiwelse Okkultisme?

Christene wat beoog of van plan is om ‘n psigiater of ‘n sielkindige te besoek, sou beter doen om ‘n sangoma of ‘n toordorkter wat langs hulle ingetrek het, te besoek. Hier volg die bewyse.

hipnoeDs. Jannie Pelser, hoofleraar van die Rant en Dal Gemeenskapskerk in Krugersdorp, weet blykbaar nie watter dwaalleringe en okkultiese praktyke hom en sy program, KRUISVRAE op die TV kanaal KRUISKYK, die beste pas nie. Eers was Wilco Roberts2dit die valse profeet, TB Joshua, wat sy ore gestreel het (2 Timoteus 4:3) en nou is dit hipnose wat sy kop begogel.

Sy kop is geswaai toe hy onlangs in ʼn onderhoud met twee sogenaamde Christin hipnoterapeute in sy program “KRUISVRAE” geleer het dat hipnoterapie kwansuis ʼn gawe van die Heilige Gees is.

Die twee ouens wat dit reg kon kry om die Heilige Gees en die Christendom met Hipnoterapie te vereenselwig, is Wilco Roberts, ʼn Pastorale hipnoterapeut van Zoe Terapie in die Kaapstad omgewing en Arno Stadler, ʼn lektor aan die Suid-Afrikaanse Instituut van Hipnose (SAIH).

Hy het ook sy eie praktyk. Miskien moes Ds. Jannie Pelser maar eerder n bietjie meer navorsing gedoen het voordat hy sommer so lukraak hipnoterapie as ‘n gawe van die Heilige Gees bestempel het. Dis gevaarlik, Jannie, sommer baie gevaarlik.

clip_image002Wee hulle wat sleg goed noem en goed sleg, wat die duisternis lig maak en die lig duisternis, wat bitter soet maak en soet bitter. (Jesaja 5:20)

Om u ‘n idee te gee hoe die Heilige Gees sy weg gevind het om die “heilige grond” van Hipnoterapie te betree, luister ons vir eers na Jannie Pelser se lofsang tot eer van hipnoterapie en hipnoterapeute.


An open letter to Pastor Jannie Pelser about T.B. Joshua

Bill Randles / Ds Jannie PelserAn open letter to Pastor Jannie Pelser about T.B. Joshua

Bill Randles answer to Ds. Jannie Pelser

‘…One of the most alarming aspects of Joshua’s ministry that I raised is Transubstantiation, the heretical teaching that Joshua has power to transform water into the Blood of Jesus. This magical ritual demeans the true teaching of the precious blood, which Christ offered unto God for our salvation’.

Dear Jannie, thank you for your letter and the concern that comes across in it for fairness as well as for the Berean spirit.


Since yours is an open letter, I ask you to consider disseminating this reply as widely as possible. I believe that it is a healthy thing to discuss these things openly.

First of all I have not “found T.B. Joshua” guilty of anything! There is nothing personal about this criticism, the fact is, he has a public ministry which is affecting thousands and perhaps millions of people around the world, therefore we are duty bound to be Bereans and examine these claims and practices in the light of the Bible.

As a matter of fact I was very careful to note that Joshua does not seem to be about money, I said in my talk that Joshua gives money away to the poor and seems to be a very humble and giving person. I don’t think it fair of you to imply that I have become “instrument(s) of strife and division”.

I do not claim to have gone to Nigeria to see Joshua, I believe that it is possible to make judgements based on what the Prophet teaches, as well as on the basis of the videos which the Synagogue itself releases and endorses. As far as your criticism that the videos we used were outdated, and that the Prophet has progressed since then, my reply would be that these are currently being distributed by the Synagogue.