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The falling away 7

The Falling Away from Christianity

Answering a comment on “the falling away“: Lou said; “Tom, one great deserves another great; the great falling away deserves the great tribulation. Some wrongfully claim that the “falling away” in II Thess. 2 is the pretrib rapture! Yes, the...

Corrie ten Boom-The Rapture-Part3 1

The Rapture: The Corrie ten Boom Trump Card (#3)

The Corrie ten Boom trump card is a dismal failure I find it extremely distasteful when the anti-Pretribulation devotees use frail mortal beings to defend their hopelessly failing and ailing war on the Pretribulation Rapture. Corrie ten Boom is not,...

EJ Hill 29

EJ Hill: The Other Side of Hillside

EJ Hill: The Other Side of Hillside is not what you think… What if “Christians” (among them staunch Calvinists – EJ Hill) who have always thought and believed they were treading the right path on the right side of the hill suddenly realized...